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    So I watched a video on Kazan's official YT channel and it seems Verbov will retire after CL this season (he is now 38). Explains why he is not on the wide roster either. Huge loss for Russia as he is still far and away their best libero

    Verbow will coach of Russian B NT.

    Match schedule of group D (Gdańsk):

    Friday, 9 August

    17:00 Poland – Tunisia

    20:30 France – Slovenia

    Saturday, 10 August

    15:00 Poland – France

    18:30 Slovenia – Tunisia

    Sunday, 11 August

    12:00 France – Tunisia

    15:00 Poland – Slovenia

    I have a feeling everyone will prioritize VNL. It's the last tournament before Leon enters the international arena. Might as well win this than win nothing at all. :lol:


    I would like to...

    Kasia Skorupa gave very exhaustive interview (for the first time that she gave such interview) related to her private life. This interview is aftermath of her well-known picture with Paola Egonu. Not everyone who is close to sport/volleyball knew this fact, so it was shocking for some people in Poland.

    Going back to the business, Kasia said one thing that shocked me, I will quote it (sorry, I used google translator, because there is too many to write):

    What is this discrimination?

    I can not say that because I would have trouble. This is discrimination in itself, I just have fears about it.

    Are you the only volleyball-lesbian in Poland?

    Certainly not. I know a lot of girls who are homosexual, but they will not admit it. They do not decide to talk about it because of discrimination. They know that then there will be unpleasant consequences, so they assume that it is better not to say something. I do not criticize it because I know that feeling. This is the individual case of each person.

    What are the unpleasant consequences?

    Financial and image losses that the sponsor will withdraw, will eventually throw you out of the club. The way will be found. I know people who can not say about their homosexuality because they are afraid of losing their place in their national representations. There is an agent in the volleyball who announced that he would prepare a list of lesbians and bisexuals. I ask for what purpose ?! It is pathology. Discrimination, after all, does not only include athletes, but also ordinary people. I have a friend who works in a corporation. Because he has a homophobe boss, he hides his orientation, because if the boss found out, he would let her go.

    I would like to start this topic finally as I'm realy courious what will happen during this year, as one big thing will happen.

    Of course, starting from 24th July, Wilfredo Leon will be allowed to play for Polish NT. It means his absence only at VNL.

    As Poland defented World champion title, it give really big relief to me, as nobody will say that Poland won anyting thanks to Leon. But will we win anything?

    As for the all of the NTs, Olympic qualification is the most important, then European Champs, and World Cup at the end. There will be two national teams this summer as World Cup start right after European Champ and there is big possibility that B team will play at WC.

    My roster for 2019:

    Setters: Drzyzga, Kędzierski, Komenda, Łomacz

    Opps: Kurek, Konarski, Kaczmarek, Muzaj

    MBs: Kochanowski, Nowakowski, Bieniek, Lemański, Kłos

    OHs: Kubiak, Szalpuk, Śliwka, Leon, Mika, Kwolek, Bednorz

    Libero: Zatorski, Wojtaszek, Popiwczak

    I can't see place for Damian Schultz. He was good when he had good coach at the club. Now in Resovia he is playing very average and this level won't provide any success at world courts. Also he was not impressive at WCH18 so I can easily forget him.

    Fight for MB spots will be very interesting. For this summer Karol Klos will return and he has chances. Lemański is decent in PlusLiga, and may be useful in B team. Actually three main places for MB right now are Bieniek, Kochanowski and Nowakowski.

    Opps - Kurek and somebody else :D i cheer to Konarski

    Setters - Drzyzga is number one; I really don't like Łomacz as he is so so simple player. Time for sombody younger and more creative. But I appreciate Łomacz as team member, he is important person for Vital, so probably he will be 2nd setter.

    OHs - fight of the season. I see three certain spots for Kubiak, Szalpuk (if he will be healthy) and Leon. Then i have dig dream that Mika will be the 4th player. If not him, Śliwka will be useful with his smart behaviour. Bednorz plays really good season at Modena, but I have impression that Vital doesn't see him in his team. Especially comments after VNL about relaitons Bednorz-Vital gave me such impression. Kwolek actually is very young for this position and the weakest at the moment, but maybe in the future as Kubiak replacement. Difficult choice.

    Libero - Zatorski... and that's all.

    We won/succeed in many tournament in the past, but now for the very first time I see our NT as main favourite in the nearest future. I didn't have such impression before (despite succeses) as this is volleyball and everything can happen, but such strange certainity appeared - WCHs + Leon, Gosh!

    Well, the cheapest tickets to watch the games of eurovolley 2017 costed about 7 Euro, and teh cheapest ticket for the final game was about 15 Euro, so I wouldn't say they were that expensive. The only time I remember when PZPS went crazy was the World League 2016 finals.

    Are these prices for Polish NT? Because I meant that.

    In todays interview with Mirosław Przedpełski (Polish member of FIVB) says that procedure of nationality change takes 4 years, while only 2 passed after Camejo got Russian citizenship. Also Russians didn't apply to FIVB with all docs to allow him to play for Russia. They still don't have agreement from Cubian federation. Case shall be considered (by FIVB) on May.

    Looks like Micelli doesn't trust Eva Yaneva nor young OH - Basia Zakościelna.

    Agree with your opinion about Martyna. She would be just bench player. 8-10 years ago when polish league was really strong we had a lot of players with potential that decided to spend their careers on bench in the top polish and club earning a lot of money. But that's normal volley life and people's choices.

    Exactly, when i watch Medrzyk I have such impression. Imo she has potential and should leave polish league some time ago. Now she has good contact and average/weak shape. Also the same with Bednarek(-Kasza). All life in polish league and for last few seasons only bench players. What a waste of potential... girls should take example from Kasia Skowronska.