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    I expect that Janusz will get his chance and will become the 1st setter, Drzyzga can support him if needed and it's hard to find valuable 2nd option to replace Drzyzga. Janusz would be at the last Olympics if not his neck injury.

    I want to get rid of Kubiak, anyway not treat him as a saint, he should have the same chances as the others - Semeniuk, Śliwka, Fornal or Bednorz. All of these 4 are better than Kubiak and we still have Leon.

    Opp is a bit tricky. I love Kurek and wish he will be healthy to play. Muzaj plays very good lately and maybe he will be valuable player for NT as well?

    He was coaching Belgian women's beach volleyball couples, but that's all. I'm curious about him with working with women. Anyway he is a good coach and it is a good choice IMO but it could be risky. Anyway it's an upgrade for German NT and good luck.

    You mean Wołosz?

    No, I mean Skorupa.

    She is still active player and keeps very high level. I guess she ignored NT because of week level of coaching so if she will feel healthy maybe she will join the new team? Skorupa-Wolosz duo would be a dream come true.

    Stefano Lavarini is offically the new coach of Polish NT team!

    I'm almost sure it means Poland will finally get out of the stagnation after so many years.

    I'm quite sure Stefano will be able to get all of the best players for WCH 2022 but I want to go even further - is he able to convince Skorupa to come back.

    Damn, that is good. I think that it may be from the song actually about 2 minutes in.

    This is really good. Italian music is always really good.

    I have perfect hearing :lol: and this Imoco used other version that I think I like much more...

    So still I would be thankful if anyone one knows Imoco version.

    Anyway thanks brahmin ;)

    Anybody knows the name of the mix/cover of 'Mi Fai Impazzire' used by Imoco in this post? ^^

    I was curious as to whether Julia Orzol, currently starting for Wisconsin and about to start in the NCAA championship final, is talented enough to play in the Polish league and does she have a future for the Polish national team. And if so how far are the future?

    She is my biggest hope for NT. I can't understand why she doesn't play in Tauron Liga yet. Less talented girls got their chances being much younger.

    Here is a trailer about the pains of professional Belgian athletes.

    H. Rousseaux, V. Courtois and Freya Aelbrecht describes psychological violence used by Vande Broek.

    "Emotional abuse is something that happened to our group. I am very afraid to talk about it. I am still afraid. I think not only me. I am glad that now I have the courage to do it" - H. Rousseaux

    All communication with the volleyball players was to be based on screams and screams:

    "It was" divide and rule "using the fear of the group." - Freya

    "After losing the semi-final at the European Championships in 2013, we were verbally abused for two hours. We were all too fat, it was derogatory. Many players cried for an hour" - Freya

    "I had to force myself to enjoy this medal at the European Championship" - Helene Rousseaux

    So maybe it's better for him to stay in TauronLiga and prepare such talent for Santarelli :D

    Anyway yes, he does a great job.

    Szczygłowska is the best libero with Stenzel at the moment.

    But yesterday I didn't like a few choices by Wenerska. Bajema was very poor yesterday and she got crucial balls which were waisted by her. Developres could close it in 4 sets.