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    Kochanowki is a great MB but he has way too many service errors. How on earth you’d serve out of bound that much on your own set point. Then it was Simon’s turn to serve...:gone:

    Fully agree. His service is awful after he changed place of service. When he was serving from the middle of the court he was game changer, now he is just bad server and has repeats the same errors.

    Italy has applied to Fivb to host the Women's vnl (i'm not sure if it include the finals)

    I heard last week that FIVB changed mind and there won't be "bubble system", but tournaments in 4 places. It was said by polish journalists and they said very playful, that FIVB still changes its ideas. So maybe Italy applied for one of these tournaments.

    I don’t watch Polish League, maybe that is why it was a surprise for me lol.

    congrats, I will try to watch it later and make sure to watch second match.

    Sure, I fully understand.

    For Polish media and fans this is premature final. Who will win this battle, will win whole games, but cups are always different story and you can loose against the weakest team.

    While many of us were busy with Scandicci vs Conegliano, Kozle win against Lube. Wow.

    It’s not a surprise 😆

    For sure for me who watches Polish league everyday and see what ZAKSA plays. 😉

    Zartorski was phenomenal as well as Toniutti and Semeniuk 👏

    Maybe some polish users could help us to know if her bad performance is due to something outside vball.

    As some users tracked down, probably she is getting divorce. This may be the reason, because any single sorrow can destroy your performance and here you have whole package.

    I am shocked Kąkolewska plays slide attack so often and it really looks quite well :what:

    Yes, but comparing her to Polańska (as both have the same height) Polańska spikes the ball at 3m height while Kąkolewska 2.5m so she has to improve her body work to play on side (IMO).

    But anyway it's nice to see her trying.

    Skorupa has problems with wrists, she is in France right now consulting with a specialist. She may be out for the rest of the season :white:

    In Budowlani Nowicka’s injury seems to be more serious they thought,

    Luckily Skorupa is training normally with her team and will play tomorrow during Polish Cup.

    And about Nowicka injury - I have nothing against that Poreda will lead Budowalni during the next games. This girl is my big hope for now. She still has to learn a lot, but her possibilities are impressive. After training with the team for 1 month, her connection with MBs is really good, that is really good sign.

    No no no

    Since she arrived to Italy that her play is awful

    In italy her game has been so mediocre ...i don't know why a big team as novara hired her

    Happily they fired her

    She was not soo bad in Bergamo. I thought that she was one of best players there.

    Developeres worked quite hard to loose this game. Lazić played even weaker than Grajber. Fidon would be better if she’d loose on weight a bit. Kiera van Ryk played really great today.