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    What an annoying arrogance by the referee! He called that Stigrot interfered with the Chinese set, and since there is no challenge for that, Koslowski challenged net touch. The video clearly showed that Stigrot didn't touch the ball nor Ding's hand, so the referee's call was wrong, but since Ding didn't touch the net, it was a lost challenge and the referee stayed with his initial call and made a total fool of himself :wall::wall::wall:

    Totally agree. This is similar situation as in men's VNL last week. Referee doesn't feel any shame that he made wrong decision. Honestly, this kind of challenge should be allowed as well. If not, referees should be punished for their wrong calls.

    oh maybe they are just trying to play with their A team altogether, warming up for the next cycle before Tokyo. will there be VNL next year?

    It would be good for them play together before Olympic qualies. They play with Italy and they have no time to waste (btw.IMO this game will be the most entertaining :D).

    Do you remember how Nawrocki was yelling at Nowicka during the last edition of VNL, when Nowicka was playing against Dominican Republic ? It was something like this: ' Play to Malwina !!!!!!!!!!! I thaught Marlena to play to Malwina ! I will learn you either!!! '

    I didn't watch this game too carefully. This coach is ridiculous. He, his reactions, subbs and Grajber are the same level.

    I can;t believe what Witkowska is going on the court. Maybe Alagierska wasn't too productive, but she was not so defective as Witkowska is.

    If we consider 2/10 in attack as a good performance then I am done (she had some nice saves though)...:what: Nowicka and Mędrzyk were pretty good

    :lol: exactly. Also her poor reception gave such big lead to Japan at the beginning of 1st set.

    She started to play quite decent from 2nd set. But still her first touch leads first action into poor solutions.

    Nowicka makes me headache setting everything to Smarzek.

    I hate moments like happened during match France-USA. Ball after Patch spike touched net and block, referee whistled and gave point to France so USA took challenge... and this challenge was shown from the backcourt perspective instead of 1st referee perspective. Of course 1st referee doesn’t behave smart and didn’t ask for replay from different point of view because he is paid for waving his hands only, no matter which side... :down:

    But the worst referee of this edition of VNL goes so far to Takeshi Eshida after yesterday’s 9 mistakes and many own interpretation which made everyone headache. Even Polish press wrote about him today.

    Worst Refrees ever since i'm watching the volleyball games. I think he missjudged like 7-8 balls against poland because he was affected by the audience, Also someone needs to control Mousavi everytime he plays against Poland. He wants to explode whenever the conditions are against his will. Overall it was a good game, Poland with his B team (which i think most of them are from Junior world's champion team) did a great performance.

    Polish media also described situation with referees. Polish team asked 11 times for challenge and was right 8 times. Quite a lot.

    Also this team is rather C team. Only 2 MBs are from B roster, rest is C, starting libero even D.

    For the final 2 weeks Serbia has only 1 player from the WCH (Aleksic). And weeks 2 and 4 they had only 4.

    I wonder how much they had to pay ?

    I’m inquisitive as well, but unfortunately they didn’t say how much is the fee. They said only that wealthy federations can allow themselves for this kind of move.

    Whaaaat? Really? So many people would like to be Italian. If I would have to resign if my Polish citizenship the only place I could live would be Italy. Italia! The most loved county and nation by Polonia :D despite we consider Italians as lazy people... xD