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    Too bad there is not free stream anywhere. :(

    I guess Sloetjes is now in very tough position. She is starting Opp but she has very strong sub. If she won't open a match in a good way, coach will try Stysiak asap. There is not waiting for Sloetjes and her good play.

    This Is like pre-London Italy, when some players didn't want Piccinini to be part of the team because of their jelousy and asked to bring the naturalized Costagrande to take her off for good, but the president of the federation called Piccinini himself, because he was afraid no One would be watching women's volleyball without her. :gone:

    :lol: you made me happy a bit. But it's not as much as here.

    My God imagine if the world best setter, Wolosz, right now needs to call head coach Does He needs her help for NT:white:


    :call:"Excuse me, dear coach, sorry for wasting your time, but shall I appear at the nearest national camp?"

    Yesterday coach flew to Italy to talk with Wołosz.

    Honestly after the qualifications Nawrocki should just step down I guess. Can he do that considering there is an extension of contract?

    He can resign even today. :obey:

    Why someone would keep staying in a place when it was clearly and now publicly known that he is not wanted? Players are not happy with him, not only for results, for lots of other reasons which I think, players did the right thing.

    That one of the biggest things in this whole case. I call such person "shameless". Let's be honest - for Jacek Nawrocki coaching Polish National Team is the biggest challenge and the best job is his life. He got his chance in Skra Bełchatów and failed as much as possible and nobody wanted to hire him as a coach. If he will leave or get fired, nobody would hire him. Especially after this case.

    Now with his friend as federation president he is secured in each way.

    don’t know Polish Federation and the president at all, after seeing how they handled that racist from man team this summer, I don’t have any respect for their management. And now with this....

    In the last two days in Polish media published so many interviews with this man that I should make another topic to quote his words and give you imagine how much ridiculous and stupid he is. He is just stupid, because I can't believe that smart person can ignore another person (volleyball players in this case) so much.

    He was heavily criticized in yesterdays sport news by journalists. They called him even unprofessional.

    i can’t imagine the federation wants to keep this coach and lose the whole team!!!!!

    Hehe, with Polish President you can imagine unimaginable.

    I guess all girls will appear in January, but after that I guess most of them will quit.

    Interview with Joanna Wołosz:


    She says a lot of things that I knew from TV perspective.

    The most painful for her (and me) are federation President statement that she said who could be the new coach, she was angry/bad that she is not captain any loner, that players managers initiated this case.

    If you will get call for January's qualifications?

    I've been waiting for a call from the trainer since September. Last year I had to call Nawrocki and ask if he would call me. So again this lack of communication comes out. I'm bound by a contract, so if I get a call, I'll probably have to appear.

    Thank you for the answers! :flower:

    This was my impression, that PF President made another manipulation to make his theory truth.

    Stysiak issue is not an issue here. Polish Federation announced yesterday that it was an issue but it was mean manipulation.

    Stysiak was manipulated by coach that other girls are jealous because of her and tried to separate her from the rest of the team while the rest of the team of course didn’t know about that.

    After ECH all girls had honest discussion with Stysiak and then she told what coach said to her and the rest team denied all of the coach words. So she got a lot of support and relationship got better/good.

    Sorry , I will be gossiper.

    It's (almost) written there (and clarified in social media) that Błażej Kryszałowicz (NT coach assistant, Budowlani Łódź coach) had romance with Maria Stenzel while Milena Sadurek was expecting a child with him. All of the NT girls knew about it and coach knew and he didn't react. I think this shocks me the most as some players might not to want to play with each other anymore.

    In a short summary, Polish NT which was known during this season is not existing anymore. Everything ended today.

    Polish players gave their statement.

    As previous information were kind of bomb, this one is nuclear bomb.…zek-reprezentacji-polski/

    This was the only move girls could do and I love them for this.

    This is google translation:

    I have ask to Serbian friends.

    As you may know there is conflict between Polish players and coach. President of Polish Federation said yesterday such words:

    In the dispute between the players and the coach, the association stood firmly on the side of the coach. What if the volleyball players signed under the letter do not want to play in the squad?

    President: We are not going to force anyone. Don't you want to play in the frame? It's hard, there are a few young players who can get a chance. Maybe it needs to be done like in the women's team of Serbia, where a few years ago there was also a rebellion against coach Zoran Terzic. The association threatened volleyballers with the withdrawal of certificates and the rebellion was ended. Terzić is still leading the team with great success.

    Is it true? I heard about conflict between Terzić and Spasojević or Djerislo, but nothing like that. Can you confirm and give some details?

    The main culprit of this situation is President of Polish Federation. He ignores other people opinion of other people and thinks he is the smartest, while each of his interview shows that he should work rather in library.

    I need to clarify one thing!

    All of the girls except Stysiak and Stenzel signed letter to PZPS with request of coach change.

    During personal meetings with players case of Stysiak and Stenzel was raised. Some girl said that and this is completely different case.

    So situation on line NT - Polish Federation is fatal and it's impossible to see Poland at Tokyo.