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    What!?:what:it is so unfair. Polish NT is better than many other in top 25. Unfortunately bad policy (of polish fed and FIVB) gives effect in such bad place.

    Ps. World league 13th place takes 22 points while WGP 13th gets 20 points:gone: as I thought. Money played the role.

    I've been checking some articles from German press from 2002-03 (at the time she had a German boyfriend and for a while lived in Germany). It sounds like there was damage due to exhaustion which made her miss 2001 and during WCH 2002 she had to put ice on the knee after every practice and match. She had a surgery afterwards but it didn't help much.

    Thanks for so comprehensive answer!

    I dont think Gioli was a starter in the 2004 GP. I clearly remember Barazza and Anzanello as the two MBs. Well, at least in the final round...

    It's true they didn't like each other...Bonitta has had many issues with other players too if I remember correctly.

    I checked intercontinental phase. Then she was starting.

    I don't know Matthias how to thank you.:drink:DO you know what knee kind of injury Torres had?

    Hi guys,

    Last time I watch a lot of 90's and 00's volleyball and a lot of questions appeared in my head. And druring last Women's WCH I read some user story about Barbara Ruzić, which was interesting to read and I would like to find similar stories about other players and maybe keep this kind of information in one thread. Gathering and verifying information is my aim. Hopefully it will be possible.

    Some time ago I was asking about Ana Moser and got even whole story of her career: Ana Moser: The Brazilian Fighter

    At the beginning I would like to ask about two absences of Athens 2004:

    - Simona Gioli - I heard somewhere that she was not liked by Bonitta and he was just malicious and just doesn't called her. Can anyone verify? (Quick check - she played as starting at WGP, so it is more interesting why she was missing)

    - Elena Godina - I remember that Andrzej Niemczyk sais that Karpol didn't like her and just decided to not take her to Athens.

    - Anastacia Belikova - just lost her place before tournament?

    - Raisa O'Farril - why she didn't go to Sydney? She was in the roster for WGP 2000 finals and after that lost place in a sport way?

    - Magaly Carvahal - after 1996 decided to retire with NT?

    - Regla Torres - 25 years, 3 Olympis gold medals, 3 World Cups, 2 WCH... she disappears for 2001 and is back again for 2002. Why she deiced to end with NT after that being 27 only?

    I will thankful for any answer.

    from the times she was playing for Dinamo Kazan ?

    No, in 2008. Officially, in Polish newspapers she was not fully recovered after injury. But I remember also interview with Barbolini when he decided to cut her - he said that there are many ambiguities around her, and he has to make a decision, so he cuts her.

    Actually anybody knows why Del Core didn’t play at WCH 2006? She played at WGP but what happened after that? I always had impresssion that Barbolini didn’t want her that time.

    I think you mean this video:

    They shoot it nust before London 2012..

    Thank you very much!

    That video was quite terrible in my opinion. Made with no good taste at all, and it reminds me of the very bad atmosphere inside the Italian NT group during that period.

    Barbolini had completely lost the control of the team, with veterans Gioli, Lo Bianco, Del Core and Costagrande basically taking his place and deciding who had to play starter and who had to stay in bench (and who had to stay at home). There was a huge gap between the veterans (the starters) and the backups (very young and submissive), as if they were two separate teams.

    I remembr when Gioli all of a sudden became Opposite:aww:but after trying all summer of course they realized it didn't work so Carolina Costagrande took her place a few weeks before London2012, despite she had never played in that role in her career before.... we played the Olympics without a real OPP and got kicked out by South Korea.

    That was the last match of Barbolini as head coach of Italy NT.

    I have the same feelings. It was well known what was going on inside Italian NT and such behaviours destroyed possibility of this team to gain olympic medal. Interesting is purpose of this video :)

    Some yeras ago there was a video with Italian NT singing a song and playing on instruments. Actually many of that times players were in this video (I remember for sure Del Core and Lo Bianco). They were wearing NT jerseys as far as I remember. Do you have link tot his video?

    Big big congratulations for Serbia! I was cheering for this team (especially after they stopped to chew gums during matches :lol:). Match agaist Brazil showed to me that this team will make big result and here it is. With Bosković Serbia will win a lot in the future.

    It is possible that Poland will have to face Serbia during the first tournament and Italy will have France in their group. As a consequence one of the four teams will not qualify for the OG.

    I'm quite sure that ranking will suit to not to let two strong teams play in the same group. Maybe VNL winner will get 100 points this time :lol:

    Hey guys, did you hear anything about Giba working in some club in Poland, or maybe for the Polish federation? Cause he posted in his insta stories today that he is moving to Poland. He just flew out of Brazil...and I saw that he will play an All Star Game there, but no one moves to another country just for one game.... did you guys hear anything?

    Cause here everything seems really suspisious....he and Pirv are in a legal battle because of their kids pension. Giba didnt pay the pension the state determined he should for a few months, and for that Justice even released a order of prison against him (here that is something really serious and justice act very fast so dads can provide for their children), after that, he paid everything he owned so he wouldnt end up in jail of course. But he released a statment saying he didnt have the means to pay everything it was settled anymore and that he missed his kids and that Pirv wouldnt let him stay much with them...and so on....

    But now he decides to live in another country? ?( I dont know what to think, but it does feels suspisious, a lot of people here thinking he might be escaping everything...and of course his image is not as clean as once was around here, cause of all the pension problem, so maybe he might find a better job there dont know... do you guys have any info about a possible job for him there?

    Yes, he moved to Poland. He was Polsat Sport (Polish private sport channel) expert during Men's WCH.

    Here is an article that he his volleyball program "Gibinha" starts in Poland (also exists in Brazi) - he wants to protect kids from overweight. He had chosen Poland as volleyball is popular in our country.…chce-ratowac-nasze-dzieci

    LMAO, "buts" and "otherwises", sure, let's give them all the champions, because USA should have won them all:roll: And I'm pretty sure World Champion is a bigger achievement than the Olympic silver medal:wavy:

    "Should" because they have possibilities they are not using. Don't know what's faunny here. But as you wish. And you can show facts as you wish comparing WCH gold to Olympic silver.

    Volleyball is very teaching sport. During many years everyone should learn that field verified 'papers'. Simple example - last Men's WCH.

    So expressing opinion as the only right shout not fit to volleyball fan.

    I will repeat Hooker didn't play in NT since 2012. Nobody knows how she should look a like today after 6 more years playing at the highest international level.

    Oh, please. It's 2018, and there's still people calling for Hooker, what has she won for USA anyway? Don't tell me Grand Prix:roll: Let alone her level has dropped since like 2012, she'e a mediocre OP at best now.:roll:

    Don't agree at all. USA team (for me) as top class team was born in 2010. Those girls lost WCH, but it was not a big problem as a really great team appeared which could win everyting one by one and it was their first year in such roster. Unfortunately they lost, somehow, olympic final. Otherwise they won eveyrthing, and olympic silver is also achievement.

    But going back to Hooker. She didn't get chance after 2012. Take a look what happened with Kurek. A few month ago many user, coaches and commentator were sending him for retirement, while now his glory will shine for all of the rest of his days. Why? Because coach didn't close his eyes when he was sellecting the team. That is the difference why Poland was able to defeat their gold and USA not.

    USA won a lot during last years, and I'm not sure about that. I think that the missing Hooker is a serious sin.

    Maybe the problem is in good setter? Glass was the best in the world, now Lloyd is only good or average. I see tension on her face when she plays.

    How long Kiraly contact is valid?

    Can't believe that talent of Destinee Hooker is wasting so much in NT area.