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    I didn’t see that anybody pasted here links with Roberto Mogentale and Magdalena Stysiak statements, so in a shortcut: Stysiak contract expired on 3rd December (and she played 4 extra matches after her contract expired). Nobody from Chemik was interested about extending contact with her.

    Also this isn’t true that she wanted 50% raise and I agree that such info shouldn’t be published. Also this case was controlled by lawyers and everything is according to law.

    I knew something was up when they didn't announce the host during the FIVB Congress recently, like with men's tournament. I wonder what it means. Not enough interest? Too much interest? Inadequate bids? I guess it could be really anything.

    Thanks a lot, great read! I'm glad you had so much fun. :)

    I'm very surprised to hear about the old arenas and medal matches not being broadcast in Japan.

    I have impression, or just knowledge after WCH2014 that WCH are expensive tournament (FIVB wants to earn more and more). Japanese cost summary after WCH 2018 gives some hints for the potential host, that it’s not cheap. So host finding may not be easy.

    But I would not have anything against WCH2022 in Poland :)

    good maybe today Szczecin can be lost the match against Katowice? what do you think?

    good information? :down:

    I have no doubts that despite players don’t get salary a lot of professionalism stayed with them. Also win could be “warm” goodbye.

    Today’s match between Stocznia Szczecin and GKS Katowice may be the last one with Stocznia’s roster as it is. From the beginning of the season players got only one salary and main sponsor withdrew his promised support (Orlen). Bartosz Kurek can leave club already today and he has a lot of offers.

    What!?:what:it is so unfair. Polish NT is better than many other in top 25. Unfortunately bad policy (of polish fed and FIVB) gives effect in such bad place.

    Ps. World league 13th place takes 22 points while WGP 13th gets 20 points:gone: as I thought. Money played the role.

    I've been checking some articles from German press from 2002-03 (at the time she had a German boyfriend and for a while lived in Germany). It sounds like there was damage due to exhaustion which made her miss 2001 and during WCH 2002 she had to put ice on the knee after every practice and match. She had a surgery afterwards but it didn't help much.

    Thanks for so comprehensive answer!

    I dont think Gioli was a starter in the 2004 GP. I clearly remember Barazza and Anzanello as the two MBs. Well, at least in the final round...

    It's true they didn't like each other...Bonitta has had many issues with other players too if I remember correctly.

    I checked intercontinental phase. Then she was starting.

    I don't know Matthias how to thank you.:drink:DO you know what knee kind of injury Torres had?

    Hi guys,

    Last time I watch a lot of 90's and 00's volleyball and a lot of questions appeared in my head. And druring last Women's WCH I read some user story about Barbara Ruzić, which was interesting to read and I would like to find similar stories about other players and maybe keep this kind of information in one thread. Gathering and verifying information is my aim. Hopefully it will be possible.

    Some time ago I was asking about Ana Moser and got even whole story of her career: Ana Moser: The Brazilian Fighter

    At the beginning I would like to ask about two absences of Athens 2004:

    - Simona Gioli - I heard somewhere that she was not liked by Bonitta and he was just malicious and just doesn't called her. Can anyone verify? (Quick check - she played as starting at WGP, so it is more interesting why she was missing)

    - Elena Godina - I remember that Andrzej Niemczyk sais that Karpol didn't like her and just decided to not take her to Athens.

    - Anastacia Belikova - just lost her place before tournament?

    - Raisa O'Farril - why she didn't go to Sydney? She was in the roster for WGP 2000 finals and after that lost place in a sport way?

    - Magaly Carvahal - after 1996 decided to retire with NT?

    - Regla Torres - 25 years, 3 Olympis gold medals, 3 World Cups, 2 WCH... she disappears for 2001 and is back again for 2002. Why she deiced to end with NT after that being 27 only?

    I will thankful for any answer.

    from the times she was playing for Dinamo Kazan ?

    No, in 2008. Officially, in Polish newspapers she was not fully recovered after injury. But I remember also interview with Barbolini when he decided to cut her - he said that there are many ambiguities around her, and he has to make a decision, so he cuts her.

    Actually anybody knows why Del Core didn’t play at WCH 2006? She played at WGP but what happened after that? I always had impresssion that Barbolini didn’t want her that time.