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    Leon got Polish citizenship in 2015 and he had to wait 4 years to play for Poland. 2 years grace period will start after Cuban federation will send to Serbian all Vargas papers and will let her be Serbian player. Citizenship doesn’t change anything at all yet.

    I always like her

    I saw she was in nt some time and she return for OQ in 2016 but after she wasn't considered

    She has very good coach now in club and she started to use her potential. I always liked her power in attack, plus her spiking height makes her potential to be really good player.

    For me, yesterdays match was very good picture how much Górecka is talented. She is phenomenal in reception and she thinks what to do in attack. She and Fedusio can be defensive duo for years. And both are very good in offensive as well. Adding Wołosz, Smarzek Alagierska and Kowalewska to this group makes it very tough opponent for each team. I'm happy that we finally can forget about Grajber in NT and Mędrzyk can feel very endangered.

    Also I'm waiting for Drużkowska and Orzoł. There will be very tight as in men's NT.

    I feel that big times for Polish NT are coming, but our very slow coach can destroy this potential and that's only worry.

    Citizenship doesn't change anything.

    A player has to change it's homeland volleyball federation to be its player. To do this you need to have citizenship at first.

    So Brakocević would have to take her volleyball licence from Serbian VF, transfer it to Italian VF and after 2 years suspension she would be able to play for Italian NT.

    So it's really complicated to play for another NT. All this citizenship cases are done only for national leagues purposes - most of the leagues accepts dual citizenship and players are counted as national players in each country. This is allowed in Italy, but f.e. not in Poland - you need to be able to play in NT, only then you are counted as national player.

    Now another question: who is the youngest volleyball player who attended to OG and who is youngest player won a medal in OG.

    I'm guessing one of the Cubans? Or Artamanova? She was 17 when she attended her first OG

    Regla Torres was only 17 in Barcelona 1992. I guess she was the youngest player and medalist.

    and don't forget the legendary beauty of Neslihan. that woman's eyes are mesmerizing.

    I remember when I was watching with my sister (who doesn’t know anything about volley) medal ceremony of WCH 2010 and Nesli got some individual award there and was called. And when my sister saw her, she said “what a pretty girl”.
    She was kind of ambassador of volleyball - great player and beautiful woman. People always want to watch such combo.

    Aleksandra Rasińska oficially in Rzeszów ;) It will be a great challenge for her.

    This is very good information as this girl is very talented and I see her as sub for Smarzek (Stysiak and Lukasik as OHs).
    She needs to loose on weight and having such good coach as Antiga may help her to progress during this season a lot.

    I know that players like trainings with him, because they are interesting and not boring. But he got lost in being a coach - becouse of his... personal problems and he started "being" Nawrocki too much ;) A change of scenery will be good for him and Budowlani

    Good coach needs to have character and charisma. He doesn't have any of these. When I was listening to his time-outs I got really demotivated.

    Nawrocki is way better than him. But this is only MO ;)

    I really love thrillers and crime books and my favourite is ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terrey Hayes. It’s quite thick book (Over 700 pages) but action in there is really high quality so recommend it to everyone who likes criminal stories.