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    FIVB decided to limit the number of players in rosters for VNL. Original idea was that each team would call only 14 players but after protests of almost all NT federations the number was increased to 18 players. On February the final decision will be made.

    I mean, with Piccinini, Italy never passed the quarter finals. They should know better not to call her:gone:

    In 2012 she was sub only and it wasn’t her fault that Italy failed with Korea. Whole team lost it.

    congrats to Turkey, of course I am sad, that only 1 ball and Poland could go to Tokyo, but Turkey just just fought their way back in that 4 was not about luck like in that 2003 ECH semifinal against Russia :whistle:

    It was group stage. Sorry I had to write this :D

    I think if russian athletes participate under the Olympic flag , Serpentine system ranking may change , What do u think about that?

    It would be really weird that Olympic qualification was grabbed by, lets say 6th world ranked team, but they will play as the lastest one...

    I read a lot of complains about Dijkema but I want to say that she played phenomenal under Guidetti coaching. Her sets were really great, she always had some solution and was brilliant in defence.
    Meijners - after match Pol-Ned I was surprised that she played whole match while she was IMO she weakest link but Polish players said that she was the most problematic for them and they had to watch her all the time. She tv perspective might be a bit different than the real one ;)

    according to wiki %2,34 of netherlands population is turks. in eurovision song contest, when turkey was one of the competitor, netherlands were giving 10 or 12 points to turkey. i mean turks in netherlans are dominant about these kind of nationalistic issues. so today probably there will be many turkish supporters and will dominate the atmosphere of the hall.. not as same with ankara but close i think..

    Polish journalist informed that hosts were selling the tickets as one for both semifinals. There is no split between Netherlands-Germany and Poland-Turkey match and that Dutches bought all tickets very quick, actually it was not possible to get it.

    But if somebody who has the ticket decides to go home after 1st semi, can return the ticket to the ticket office (it will be sales again) or just pass the ticket for free (or sell) to anyone by his own.

    Unfortunately I think Poland would beat anyone in this tournament... but not Turkey. They have some mental block and play much worse when facing them :(

    Even tho I think it’s much easier to win against Turkey in semi than in the final.

    Also Turkish girls needs to find confidence after yesterday with Belgium. And I think they will find this confidence and they’ll win but I really hope in Polish girls as they have some argues.

    Actually I do want this to repeat ^^ At least in terms of who is going to win in the end...

    You know man... I have such feeling. It will be repeat of that tournament, especially considering German good games.
    If not my Polish girls, I hope you will grab the spot.

    Tomorrow Poland will be able to choose semifinal opponent. Match Belgium-Turkey will be played before Poland’s match, so if Turkey will win, Poland to avoid them in semi will have to loose 0:3 as having worse set ratio than Netherlands.
    But I doubt it will happen as history taught us that choosing opponent won’t be profitable - in 2004 Poland lost for purpose semi match against... Azerbaijan to play semi with Turkey...

    So tomorrow matches will be very interesting.