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    I'm sorry to hear all that about Brazil!
    I think that the most important thing is the mental/psychological condition. Maybe they are not united in this period. Maybe some players had a disagreement with others?
    Look at what happened to Poland last year with the disagreements in the team. This year with the same players and new coach (+Swieniewicz) are completely a different team.

    I think you're wrong.
    After first match in China, Swiniewicz said, that Bonitta didn't make anything... only said to Polish players that they can beat Italian team. And that once time, it wasn't any tactical preparation.

    Poland will play in Ankara. I don't know many teams will qualificate. I know it's really unfair, but we should (Poles) be happy.
    In this article is wrote, that Bonitta can do everything in Ankara and Poland will host ones of the tournaments.

    Maybe in 2008 will play 5 teams from Europe and 3 from Asia, because Asia is weak. Only China and Japan...

    But look, in Asia hadn't been qualifications, never! (and in 2008 we have got only China and Japan) So maybe 6 countries from Europe...? Really I don't know.

    POLAND in WGP 2008!!!!
    Here is article, but in Polish:

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    Poland can meet them at ECH.

    Mariusz. Poland will meet with Netherlands in 2nd round, for sure! Poland, Serbia and Netherlands will be fighting for a two semi-places. ;)

    And I agree, that today's match betwen Poland and Russia wasn't important for Bonitta. And i think it isn't bad method. The is testing young players for ECH, and it is good lessons for Bednarek or Kaczorowska for future.


    Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata (ASYSTEL Novara)

    Mariola Zenik (MUSZYNIANKA Muszyna)

    Eleonora Dziękiewicz (WINIARY Kalisz)

    Izabela Bełcik (MUSZYNIANKA Muszyna)

    Magdalena Śliwa (WISŁA Kraków)

    Anna Podolec (BALAKOVSKA)

    Małgorzata Glinka (MURCIA)

    Dorota Świeniewicz (ICARO Alaro)

    Agnieszka Bednarek (FARMUTIL Piła)

    Joanna Mirek (MUSZYNIANKA Muszyna)

    Zuzanna Efimienko (SMS Sosnowiec)

    Milena Sadurek (ALUPROF Bielsko-Biała)

    Milena Rosner (FOPPAPEDRETTI Bergamo)

    Maria Liktoras (DYNAMO Moskwa)

    Agata Sawicka (WINIARY Kalisz)

    Joanna Frąckowiak (AZS AWF Poznań)

    Berenika Tomsia (GEDANIA Gdańsk)

    Klaudia Kaczorowska (FARMUTIL Piła)

    Agnieszka Kosmatka (FARMUTIL Piła)

    Dominika Leśniewicz (CENTROSTAL Bydgoszcz)

    Joanna Staniucha-Szczurek (ALUPROF Bielsko-Biała)

    A few changes.
    I'm so suprised, that here aren't Frątczak and Bamber... :(