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    Where did you watch a replay, if I may ask? I've been unable to find any replays

    At the same channel where live was broadcasted. You can rewind live stream to the start of a day.

    I check now and seems it’s not available any longer as the day is over.

    I won't agree with you :D IMO Szlagowska was much better than Piasecka today. Szlago was great in blocking. If I am not mistaken she score 3 points by a block. Great in serving. In addition, she worked really well in defence. Plus, her reception was good during the whole game.

    Piasecka was having hard time in passing and her spiking was meh. She doesn't look for the best solution, just spiking the ball, and something which really annoys me, from the out of system balls she tries to tip instead of killing the ball.

    Anyway, I hope both of them will join the team in Spała next week.

    That is really awkward for me because everything what you wrote about Szlagowska and Piasecka matches completely but contrary to both girls, in my eyes.
    I watched replay after match was done and remember that Piasecka did 2 blocks in a row in 2nd set and added one more later. Also she was really solid in passing while Szlagowska was struggling. Anyway it’s nice to push out which girl is better. My dream is that one one them would take Fedusio’s spot and another (only when injured) Czyrna’s. Otherwise I cross my fingers for both.

    Szlagowska is so great today :super:(and good during the whole tournament)

    She deserves to take Czyrniańska's spot in NT.

    I really love Szlagowska but Piasecka is much better today. She is more stable, especially in reception and overall has bigger potential in attack. And want her to join NT so badly. I really hope that we go male's team direction - many good OHs and hard to choose only 4.

    bad for Wenerska that after being Top 3 setter in the VNL she will be now completely benched

    I don’t want to praise our players too much but have to be honest on this case, Wenerska was number 1 of VNL.

    It’s great that we have so good 2 setters.

    Wolosz was superb in the 1st set

    Wolosz (being best setter) is always kind of difficult topic on this forum so I avoid commenting her but have to say she was like a magician in the 1st set.

    As I saw Czyrna doesn’t wear knee pads and didn’t warm up so it seems true that she has some problems. And as we left with 3 OHs Smarzek is needed as OH.

    Hope Szlagowska and Piasecka will join NT asap.

    I read that Czyrna has some problems with stomach muscles. Also other girls are having minor injuries after VNL.

    enjoying the married life (aka nowhere near a volleyball court as far as we know)

    Thanks for the answer. So she is not suffering any injury? I read that year ago she had problems with knee but no further info.

    Maybe ridculous but in last season she have more point of Brakocewic, Łukasik, Czyrnianska, Piasecka ,etc

    How you want to compare scored points while each team has different style and Czyrniańska or Piasecka were not even in the starting lineups for some matches(?). Also today Czyrniańska, Piasecka and Łukasik are over Drużkowska in NT so maybe don't go this way.

    I shared my opinion about her technique and don't see her growing in the future while other have such chance, that's my opinion.

    Drużkowska is ridiculous with her powerless left hand. I have impression that she forced herself to play as leftie too be more useful while she has much power and technique in the right hand.

    Poland lost after leading 2:0 and 10:6 in the tie-break. I have theory that whenever we have a polish coach things like this happen all the time.


    And here are the words of Polish coach after the game:

    We played as equals. We are now facing a match against Taiwan, it's a completely different team, different volleyball. It's a well-rounded team. Now we have no choice but to quickly reset our heads and play our game tomorrow to advance to the quarter-finals. We did not close the match against Brazil, but I remain optimistic, Brazil is the medalist of the previous universiade

    Yes, they are medalists, they are better so we couldn’t win. Polish old-school.

    For some time, Polish women's volleyball was not at the universiade, so we were drawn from the last basket, and Brazil is the medalist of the previous edition

    So just let’s be happy Polish team is there.🤡