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    As always, excellent job Kondzio! :obey: surprise! surprise! Russia is doing well in reception. :thumbsup:

    The match is already on Laola..."luckily" it was not the knee, she landed with her left foot on Thinkaow's foot in block and twisted her ankle, just when she was lying there afterwards her knee seemed to be in a strange angle but she definitely injured her ankle. Wearing mid cut shoes might have prevented some damage, but you never know with ankle injuries. They're always super painful when they happen, but when the ligaments are not severely damaged the player can be back already the next day, but with torn ligaments she could be out for 6 weeks. Russia better hope that she'll be ready for ECH :S

    Zaryazhko injured and will miss three weeks

    European Championship
    Middle blocker of the Russian national team, Irina Zaryazhko will be forced to miss three weeks because of an ankle injury. Damage to the volleyball "Uralochka" received in Bangkok, in the end of the first batch of today's preliminary round of "Grand Prix" Thailand - Russia (2:3).

    From the playing hall 21-year-old athlete was taken to the clinic of Thailand's capital, where she underwent MRI of the ankle. On examination diagnosed severe damage caused by the bad landing on one foot. In this case, the ligaments and bones were left intact. In the hotel volleyball returned with plaster langetkoy on the injured leg.

    That night, the Russian team will fly from Bangkok to Moscow. By training on the collection for the start of September 6 Euro 2013 Women's National team will begin August 22 in Novogorske. (Andrew ANFINOGENTOV)

    no bondar :obey: :heart:

    Yeap, and saddest part that's all so true :S

    Here the team and Bernardinho has a lot of "haters" because of their bad and arrogant attitudes over the years.....

    And the hard criticism over them, specially over Bruninho/Bernardinho is back. Of course, not from the media, but from THE FANS.

    OIC, that's sad. :( :win: i do hope Bernardinho can change that.

    Ok so I read the comments on the Brazilian Yahoo and was surprised that many of the commenters are actually siding with Spirik and told Rezende to suck it up :lol: . Chupa Rezende hehe :lol: They're also saying Rezende started it 'all' and that Rezende shouldnt favor his son and use William instead. And that Dante is 'old', Russia is better nowadays, calling someone mentally ill is a serious offense, the Rezendes only know how to pose and nothing more :rolll: , there are better players in Brazil not being selected.

    kabayan, OUCH! :lol: