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    Well, I will just leave this pic full of love. It's Douglas Souza with his boyfriend. They've been together for a couple of years now.

    I hope we have more gay players in Brazilian NT and overall playing volleyball in top teams and NTs.

    Well, I would like to apologize for my behavior towards Joana :heart: and some other users. I think I might have exaggerated. So I'm sorry. However I still think that sometimes this forum can be really mean to South Americans, Asians, and other non-European people.

    Regarding rbdfabio/pope/whatever, I'm not making any comments because I just don't care about him.

    Sorry for all the off topic and let's go back to the volleyball couple discussion.

    I hope Matthias thinks I'm one of the users with some brain left <3


    How come such an international forum could be xenophobic?🤔

    I think you misunderstood Joana, she just referred to the discussion in the other thread with a funny way.

    It was not in a funny way. She cleared wanted to have some fight. She knew that. But now she can't handle her own dicussion. There was no need to compare Maja to Fernanda Venturini, because the subjects were very very very much different

    You can't have 2 liberos at the Olympics. Brait would be an OH, so she could only enter for three rotations per set. I don't think this would have given us the gold medal.

    I think Natalia was important in London. She did very well in the tie break against China.

    So let me ask you a question. You get annoyed by her fans getting mad, when she gets cut, but you get mad when she declines the invitation. Do you think a person who gets called to play in the NT, HAS to play?

    I dont think ANYONE should be obligated to play in the NT. What I said is that I'm tired of this unecessary drama.

    Of course, I wish she would come back to the NT, however this drama has been around for 3 years now, and really the fans in Brazil get too passionate about this and keep saying that she should always deny the invitation as a revange to Zé Roberto. That's what I think is stupid. If she is the best libero, why would people want her out? Don't they want to win??! If this drama keeps going on and on, then it's the best to just put a definite end to this, that's my point.

    Uhm. I just found it funny that he trashed two famous setters within a couple of days. Nothing more, nothing less. And please, I was the one attacking Venturini? :rolll::rolll::rolll: Jesus Christ. And you have the nerve to talk to someone about reading comprehension.

    There really is no point in posting on this trainwreck on a board anymore.

    You know you only said that because he is a Brazilian. This forum is xenophobic since as far as I remember.

    Yes, but is she more disgusting than Ognjenović? :dance6:




    is this comparison?

    I mean...did you even think about what you said? Or even read yourself?

    I simply do not see any relation between both subjects. Your main goal here was to attack a Brazilian player because saishuu was talking about Maja before. Sorry, no one likes Fernanda Venturini, so we just don't care that you or anyone find her disgusting. On the other hand, you care a lot about anyone talking about any Serbian player, because they are probably perfect to your eyes, right?

    At least she was ALWAYS a classy player inside the court and won so many awards...did you know that she was elected one of the best 4 players in the 20th century?!

    I'm sick of this "Zé deserves do have Brait out".

    Do people REALLY cheer for the NT or they only want things to get messed up because of pride, fanatism, and whatever?

    Camila Brait was cut two times because there was a better libero than her at the time. That's it.

    I wish she would never get called again, I'm tired of her drama, and tired of her fans also.

    I think any team would be helped by Gabi. I mean what better options are there for an OH who has brilliant passing/defence and can also score some points as well?

    I guess I think this current generation of players is just weaker. I miss the classic all-around OHs, such as Gozde, Sokolova, Jaqueline, Logan Tom, also Larson and Piccinini at their prime... :)