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    sure, so he can do his tricks, throw balls into the court when his team is in need. Such a shame this kind of a man can still in charge of Brazil NT and hired for a club team, disgusting. He should have been suspended a year at least.

    Now I just hope the worst for them.


    Yeah, they were one of the main teams in the league until I don't know, 2013/2014? I do like the way they're working now, however. It's really fun to see all the younger players having a real opportunity and growing year after year.

    Prior to that I guess

    Minas reminds me of Fakel in the Russian League. develops young guys internally to challenge the traditional powers

    Yes, but this is main due to lack of money. 10+ years ago Minas was one of the best teams in Brazil and won the league several times, having many NT players at those times.

    We should all just take Brazil and push it all the way to Europe :rolll::rolll: so Minas can take part (and maybe Praia)

    Tbh Volleyball CL should adapt a EuroLeague type of format already, its obvious this current way the sport is going nowhere.


    I feel very embarrassed by the way people in this forum talk about Brazil and Brazilian players... so much unnecessary shade. It's been like that since day 1.

    I dont think Scandicci is such a mess this year. You guys talk like they are one of the worst teams in Italy. I think they can reach the league's finals. As for CL, as long as the Turkish teams have so much money, they'll keeping winning it most of the time. We all know that.

    I know that Taubate hosted this. I'm talking about the south american championship in a few weeks. The amount of international club tournaments hosted in MG last few years is a bit ridiculous. Sada is usually the best ofc but they always have that extra advantage too.

    It doesn't matter who hosts the south american championship. Sada is the current superleague champions (I think they won in the past 4 or 5 seasons), so as long as they keep winning the league, they will have a spot there. And I don't think home is a major factor here. South american clubs are not as good as Brazilians. Bolivar will not play, for example.

    The hosts this year is Minas Tênis Clube. I don't know if you are Brazilian or not, but Minas is a state. Minas Tenis Clube obviously plays in Minas but their home is the capital of the state, and that's where the south american championship will be held in later this month. Sada's home is in the state of Minas, but not in the capital.

    Let me guess, hosted by F*cking Sada :rolleyes:

    Congrats Bolívar anyway. Hope they can repeat this in two weeks.

    It was actually hosted by Taubate (which ended up in 4th place). Sada finished in 6th place.

    The South American championship will have Sada and Minas to fight for the WCH spot.

    how stupid...then what is this tournament for?

    I did not know Praia will also play in the Women`s the SuperLiga went from Osasco & Sesc to Praia & Minas in every final.... kinda boring.

    Praia will play because they are the current league champions. Minas is the host.

    Well, they only played one national final against each other so far...the others were the state championship...I can't see why this is so boring.

    What in the world happened to them? I didn't watch the match, but the stats seems very weird. It looks like everyone did a decent job for a change... except for Haak. That's new.

    I gave up trying to understand this team. IMO Malinov is having a bad season. She needs to set to the middles more often.

    From what I saw from Alan Souza, he's no way close to Wallace's level. I don't know his jumping height, but it looks not impressive to me. And his spike speed is not fast too. I highly doubt he will be new OPP for Brazil's NT once Wallace quit. Maybe I am too harsh?

    Maybe you are. You don't need a new Wallace to be a good OPP. Wallace, Sheilla...those kinds of players only appear once in a lifetime.

    I really hope Brazil learned from Coach Ze's 2016 mistakes and preoare the youngsters early. I watched some of Alan's matches and he seems very good. He is tall and athletic. Hope he gets more time. Any prospect on setters? Or we'll be seeing Bruno & William until Tokyo?

    Unfortunately yes. Maybe after Tokyo Cachopa will join the NT along with Bruno.