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    I get you now :thumbup:Do you think she was playing as OPP yesterday just to get some court time, or Ze is actually thinking about it as an option for the WCH?

    Im confused about whats on Ze's mind...Ive always defended him but right now I think he is completely lost.

    I just hope Rosamaria or Natalia goes to WCH as backup OPP. No Thaisa in that position please. It would be a mess.

    I think the starting OH duo will be Garay/Gabi but somehow for me the best OH duo is Garay/Drussyla. It looks like Drussyla is still in recover.

    I'm aware of that. Maybe there is a miscommunication here. What I'm trying to say is that this was never meant to be something regular. She played as OPP sub yesterday but this was never a role she practiced before on the NT. Spiking from the backrow as a middle blocker is one thing. Playing as OPP and regularly spiking from the back is another thing.

    I am pretty sure it was more than “a few times in special occasions”. I even remember she prepared to spike from the back row, she attacked even when it wasn’t even a set, just a high defense bal. it seemed it was something that trained back at the time.

    Sorry, but you are wrong. I follow Brazilian NT since way before Thaisa's first appearence and I dont remember any of that. I think she practiced that only "for fun" and perhaps she spiked from the backrow only a few times when she was on position 1.

    did thaisa get any sets? she used to hit from backrow like the cubans did so she might not be bad as OPP. also an MB as OPP allows for all sorts of combination plays with the MB.

    I dont think she used to hit from backrow...she probably did that a couple of times in special ocasions. It was never "a thing". She got 3 or 4 sets and scored 2 times, I believe. Nothing special. She didn't block anything either, but she showed much more attitude and willing than Bia today.

    If Megan Cortney can do at least a decent job as libero.. I would go with her as a libero, and Robinson as OH for the WCH.. if things go bad, Kelsey can always step in..

    But since Robinson hasn't played as OH for quite some time, and she's not here.. I imagine her spot as Libero is locked

    She is injuried. I think she was planned to be here in Brazil, because she said in instagram something like "I'm sorry I can't make it to Brazil I have a concussion".

    1st friendly match between USA and Brazil just started. First spike was from Lowe and it was out...

    Brazil with





    Pretty much the main team from VNL except from Suelen who is recovering from an injury

    USA with





    Micha is soooo bad, I'm shocked.

    thank you.. I would appreciate it, if someone posts them before the games

    1. 12/08 – 10h – Brasil x Estados Unidos – Brasília (TV Globo)
    2. 14/08 – 19h – Brasil x Estados Unidos – Uberaba (SporTV)
    3. 16/08 – 20h – Brasil x Estados Unidos – Uberaba (SporTV)
    4. 18/08 – 19h30 – Brasil x Estados Unidos – Rio de Janeiro (SporTV)

    I would guess that TV Globo has a free streaming service on their website because it's a free channel in Brazil but I'm not sure about it.

    Sportv is a cable channel and you need an account to stream it. But I know that there are several pirate links out there, you just need to search them on google or youtube a few minutes before each match. If I find them, I will post them here.

    The times I posted above are Brazilian standard times, we are now 1 hour ahead of New York and 4 hours behind the UK.

    I hope Ze doesn't pull this stunt. Brazil is an olympic quad late from changing its players. Amanda is just a redundancy with Fe Garay at this point and we're not even sure if Natalia can return to her previous form and as much as I don't like to use "old" but Amanda is 30 years old. I couldn't see any more improvement she can have at that age if there's anything she could offer to have space for Tokyo Olympics.

    She was the main OH during the entire VNL. The only one who hasn't benched this year. I do agree though that she is not essential to the team, but neither is Rosamaria.

    I cant find the 2018 thread, but it is confirmed that Brazil will have two teams this year: Minas (south american champions) and Praia (wild card). There are three spots left, I guess theyll probably give to Eczasibasi, Moscow and Conegliano