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    Brazilian Lucas Eduardo Loh (OH) from Vivo/Minas to ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Seems to be good transfer :thumbsup: any further opinions about him ?( I saw that he was with NT during WL ^^

    very promising, but very young. He could be part and starting six of a medium team in Brazil superleague, so I think it's a good transfer.
    Regarding the WL, I think he will be among the 12 players in the next matches because Mauricio is injuried, but he is not going to be used very often.

    Well, Natalia and Gabi are not going to be in the starting six at the World Champs so we don't need to worry this much about receiving, but when it comes to defense, it's going to be really hard and going to take a while until Brait reaches 50% of what Fabi did in the past ten years.

    I can't believe you're comparing Havlickova's weight with Suellen's weight... there's a HUGE difference there! There is no comparison...
    Suellen is libero but she is VERY slow due to her weight. She is not able to play in high level at the NT.

    Suellen, Vere, Michelle Daldegan, any youngster ?(

    Those don't believe they will play in the NT anymore. First of all, they're far from their best years, especially Michelle.
    Maybe another libero comes up in the following years. There is Tássia from Praia, which is a promising and young libero but needs to play better this year.
    By now, I would say Camila Brait and Leia will compete for a spot until the olympics.

    I can't believe this...this is really sad...we're so screwed.
    But all I have to do is to thank her for everything...what a player! Very special and very important for our NT in the past decade...

    because Mari's best years were in Osasco playing as OPP)

    Actually, Mari played as OH during half of the 03/04 season, including the finals. Paula was injuried and Erika and Mari were the OHs while Bia was the OPP. She was MVP that season, also receiving other awards. And during most of the following season (04/05) she also played as OH again until Paula got back during the playoffs...

    So Mari - Carcases OHs and Ivna as OPP? Poor Dani and Thaisa.. I think Molico NEEDS to sign a decent passer.. And Mari can play as OPP since I don't like Ivna.. That way Thaisa can be played too.. with a reception like that they can do nothing. On the other hand they have local players Samara and Gabi which are decent receivers and can come in to pass

    The press is saying Mari is going to be in the starting six as OPP and Ivna will be her backup. I don't know if they're just making assumptions or if Osasco managers are providing this information.
    Osasco really needs a foreigner OH...but I'd prefer Mari as OH so that she wouldn't have the responsability of scoring too much

    Brasilia's biggest problem is Elisangela and Jessica as OPPs
    It doesn't matter if you hire better setters or better middles and the OPPs are still really, really bad...
    I don't know what's on Leila's mind on keep insisting on Elisangela...

    So we have line-ups of two contenders. Anyone knows rosters of Brazil, Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico ?(

    I think Brazil will compete with its youth team, but I'm not sure yet

    Drussyla Andressa Felix Costa
    Thais Evellin Oliveira
    Lyara Batista Medeiros
    Ingrid Kazumi Koga Rizzatti
    Gabriela Candido da Silva
    Gabriela Martins Silva
    Karoline Tormena
    Lais Zurli Bittencourt Vasques
    Laiza Kelly Figueiredo Ferreira
    Lana Silva Conceiçao
    Lorenne Maria Geraldo
    Maiara Cristina Basso
    Priscila Kessia de Aquino Santos
    Sabrina de Jesus Machado

    For me there's only one surprise - Leia from Pinheitros is unknown for me and probably for wider audience which don't follow Brazilian league, another surprise can be only 4 OHs there, Tandara is Universal, though she has played mostly as OP recently...

    In Zé's mind, Tandara is Sheilla backup but I think he should and probably will try her as OH at some point.
    Yes, Leia is unknown, but she is a very good libero! After the performance of Camila Brait in Montreux (which I thought was awful), maybe Leia can be a surprise in some matches...