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    busse and metcalf, maybe? can't recall which years metcalfe was in the NT...

    come to think of it, glass also didn't have many years in the NT, did she?

    She joined the team in 2007 and was a starter that year and in 2008. I think she was back to training at the NT in the following years but got cut in the major championships (WC 11 and OG 12).

    sidney, do you remember the fight when CUB players physically punched a BRA male coach? that must have been in the GP too, decades ago...

    No I dont...was it in 96?! The players beated each other in the finals of the GP that year. The GP was played after the Olympics. Brazil beat Cuba during the final four and there was a huge fight just like there was at the Olympics

    yeah, beijing was the last hurrah for the legendary CUB dynasty. they won their group beating US and CHN, only to self-destruct. i can't imagine that that 2008 BRA team would be afraid of CUB then...

    dang, i can't find the US x ITA QF from 2008 anymore... used to be on YT...

    There is only the tie break now...I also remember that the entire thing was on YT

    memorable performance by Berg.

    well, they lost to CUB in pool play, but CUB self-destructed starting in the semis and bronze medal match. santos, best server of OG, put every ball into the net...

    the 2008 US team was really a good one, but they really needed an overpowering OPP (haneef was ok, but ogonna and willoughby as her backups didn't add much either) and a good libero...

    I love the semifinal between CUB and the US. The US had such a nice game there...and I was happy because we the Brazilians were scared to face CUB in the final match lol

    yeah, watching those matches after the fact, i recall ITA finished 2nd in their group (after that humiliation by BRA -- aguero was blocked so many times), which under the old rules meant they'd face CHN (3rd in the other pool) in the QFs, but fivb instituted the drawing of lots for 2-3, so they ended up facing the US and it was an epic battle... on the other hand, would they have preferred to face CHN instead, at home?????

    bogdan, thanks for that. i'd forgotten i watched that video long time ago. it's too bad we can't find the whole match. my goodness, brayelin was on the bench back then. she was 15!

    I think they were happy about facing the US, because the US was not one of the main contenders to the title. It was really impressive that they beat not only ITA but also Cuba.

    I'm not sure where this specific rumor came from but Hande herself said in a live instagram video that she got an offer fom Brazil last season

    i think ITA was ranked #2 in the world in beijing and should have been in the final 4 but then...

    ITA went to Beijing without Del Core and Aguero missed the first matches and played really bad especially against Brazil because her mom had just passed away. I think ITA was simply unlucky in 2008. And they lost to the US in a tie breaker in the quarter finals

    how is so?

    And Plummer is nowhere to be seen on the list. Bad season?

    She socres a lot because she gets many balls. She is the only hitter in her team. That's it. Her great season on Italy is based simply on number of points, which I don't trust at all.

    They still have Bia although she didnt had a great season. Any good MB available? How is Osasco finance next season?

    I forgot the main part: Tandara will probably play there, so they have a lot of money and could invest better...Jaqueline and Brait are also very expensive.

    Camila Paracatu will play there as MB along with Bia, I'm not sure if they will hire another MB.

    is Plummer staying in Monza? how do you think she did last season?

    i hope she will be okay. With Natalia one to injury and now her, Tokyo 2021 is gonna be a rough ride. do you know Osasco roster for next season?

    So far, we know that Osasco will probably keep Roberta and Brait and hire Naiane (S) and Tainara (OH), who will probably be a starter with Jaqueline.

    The two foreigners will leave as well as Mara,