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    I think that SESC has a better start seven and less options than Praia.

    Minas is improving, and for the level of Superliga i think that everything its open.

    Minas, Osasco and SESI can surprise Praia and Rio.

    I totally disagree. SESI is a mess and the other two are just too weak.

    But let's see.

    Sportv 2 will broadcast the matches with Brazilian teams and I believe (hope!) they will broadcast the semifinals and final match even without Praia or Minas. I think you can easily find a pirate streaming from this tv channel on the web.

    Today Minas and Novara had training together...

    Did they played any friendly set?

    So strange to see Sheilla, Thaisa with Brakocevic after so many years :love:

    You didn't watch WCH last year? Thaisa was there.

    I don't know about Minas x Novara but Praia Clube and Eczasibasi had a friendly match last night. I couldn't find the result yet.

    how is she doing there? with her height she might be having a good time blocking there :rolll: but Japan has always been a very good defensive team

    She was good in the beginning but I saw a few stats lately and it doesn't look like she is playing that good as I would expect. Foluke was better.

    Speaking of old, do you think Thaisa will make it to Tokyo? She has been playing amazing so far in this tournament. And let's face it, she seems liek the best MBs of the league so far. And Juciely. Juciely is just timeless.

    Not only I think Thaisa will be in Tokyo but also I think she NEEDS to be there. She is our best MB right now.

    Roberta is a good setter, it's just her sets to the middles that are questionable. Her connection with Tandara in the NT is amazing to watch.

    Btw, what happened between Ellen and Fabiola during the 4th set? There was some misunderstanding of some sort? And the coaches got the yellow cards?

    Ellen spiked and Fabiola blocked but someone on Osasco covered the ball. Then Ellen spiked again and the ball touched Fabiola's arms and went out. Then Ellen screamed at Fabiola (I couldn't see what she said), but of course she provoked Fabiola for not being able to block her. Fabiola got mad and complained to the referee.

    Roberta was amazing back when she grabbed the starting spot from Courtney Thompson back then. However, she has been awful playing with her middles, not just Bia in particular. I think it goes both way. Sometimes Roberta's sets are too low and most of the times Bia just doesn't seem to be interested in hitting the ball hard. But Bia played well with Macris on the NT this year.

    Well, if that's the case then good for her. She is not the best attacker and her receiving can be a liability. So far Gabi & Natalia can carry the OHs tasks with Amanda as backup. The problem is Brazil is lacking on good OHs right now. Would't be surprised if Garay or Jaque made it to Tokyo.

    I think Garay will be back. Zé Roberto loves the "old" ladies and some of them clearly want to play only OGs and WCHs. That's Garay's case.

    Regarding Roberta, I do not think she is sooo bad right now. I think she had a pretty good match last night actually, but Jaqueline can't kill the balls and Ellen was a huge mess in the tie break.

    Ugh watching Drussyla was a disaster. Dunno what happened to her but at this rate, Amanda is going to Tokyo as the last OH.

    Drussyla said Tokyo is not on her list of priorities. She said she still has pain from her last injury and that she wants to focus on getting her shape back. I also think she is out of Tokyo, which almost makes it certain that Garay will be back once again to simply do nothing as in 2018...

    Ugh watching Drussyla was a disaster. Dunno what happened to her but at this rate, Amanda is going to Tokyo as the last OH.

    I don't understand why Bia never attacks the ball hard. She is always tipping. Is Roberta that awful of a setter to the middles and slides? Mara seems a bit tamed this season compared to last season with Macris.

    Roberta is not the best player when it comes to playing with the middles, however I can't understand why the slide attack with Bia hasn't improved after almost 3 years of playing together both in the NT and in clubs...and also they are a couple LOL I wonder if they don't discuss this issue and try to make it better

    SESC x Osasco is the biggest rivalry we have, but i'm already tired to see SESC.. We already had two men games (SESC x Campinas, SESC x Cruzeiro) and three women games (SESC x SESI, SESC x Flamengo, SESC x Barueri) :wall:

    Okay, they are huge, i get it, but it would be so nice to see, i don't know, more Praia or Minas games, we had just one each, Praia x Sao Caetano, Minas x Flamengo, i think...

    And today Sportv will broadcast Sesc x Minas (male).

    Too many games from Sesc...I hope they change a little bit from now on