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    Tandara will once again be overused especially because Osasco's MBs will probably be awful and Luizomar does not have any good tactics. I think this will be the end of Tandara's career. Too many injuries, too many seasons being overused by most teams and at 33 years old I don't see how she can go back to her old shape. She managed her career so badly, could have gone to Italy or Turkey a few years ago.

    Italy winning WC in 2011 with Costagrande MVP was unexpected. I don't remember what really happened but I think we all believed that the US would get that title.

    Yes, that was sad. Brazil could have had Paula and Mari duo again at the WCH 2010 but both of them got injuried. I think we could have beaten Russia with the full roster.

    Mari was already dead about that time at only 27-28 years old...this tournament made it clear that she should be out of the NT

    Her 2010 injury killed her career. She had many other injuries but that one was awful.

    This is a bit nonsense from her considering she is the current main OPP in the US NT and she plays as OPP in the clubs (winning titles and MVP awards in both club and NT)... I mean...weird...

    She does like international guys :lol:

    Couple of years ago she was with a Brazilian soccer player (she even has the Brazilian flag in spoken languages) and was even rumored to go play in Brazil (Minas if I remember correctly) to stay close to him.

    Really?! What's his name? I never knew about that.

    I know that Gibbmeyer dated Thiago Alves (Brazilian OH - silver medal in London) for many years and now she's dating another Brazilian guy but I don't know if he is an athlete. Also, Robin De Kruijf used to date Levi Cabral (Brazilian OH who plays in France).

    Well American players have proved times and again they don't put too much effort in learning the language of the country they play in.. It's obviously not shade, and there are exceptions like Logan, who speaks perfect Italian and Portuguese..

    Logan does speak Portuguese indeed. She played in Brazil in early 2000s and probably learned at that time, but I think she lost it (forgot most of it) by the time she came back (in 2012). She refused to speak in Portuguese everytime she was interviewed during that season.

    I never thought she was this amazing setter. I think she won the MVP in Athens especially because she blocked a lot, just like Juma in the U23 championship (lol kidding)

    Hooker actually speaks the language. She posts in Portuguese in her Instagram and answers comments in the same language. There are also videos of her speaking during match interviews and such.

    I've never seen any of these videos. Her posts are awful and google-translated with several amateur errors, it's very easy to realize that being a Brazilian. Dobriana's posts are much better and she actually did a live yesterday in which she spoke Portuguese very well. PS: I'm not comparing the two of them, just commenting.