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    I seem to be the only one noticing Aleksiev is in the team for the European games, which makes it almost certain Bulgaria will play without him in the WL and that makes me ecstatic. Finally a coach grows some and decides it's time younger guys to show what they're capable of as starters.

    And it's evident the Bratoev twins were indeed troublesome, seeing as they're also in the European games list, especially given the Konstantinov said the WL will be a priority

    What an outstanding game from Trentino! Matey was just brilliant - please post more and more videos of his ace serves! Why, tell me oh, why are they not playing in the F4 of the CL?!

    The real difference was Zaytsev: excellent delivery of water bottles and superb pushing of the ball basket materilalised into a solid win.

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    Powsoff, your posts in this thread crack me up :lol: This gives a whole new meaning to this picture- architecture student and water carrier pose with volleyball players.

    But seriously, I"m out of the loop regarding Zaytsev - does he still need time to fully recover or Kruglov simply plays better?

    ravens#7, I know this isn't the proper place to ask, but as a fervent Sir Safety supporter, do you know who that young curly kid that Atanasijevic hugs every time is? He must be the son of someone important from the fanclub. Also about president Sirci - what is his profession outside volleyball - one Bulgarian commentator once said he's an actor, but that might have been a description about his behaviour in the hall.

    As for the match itself - great spiking % from both Atanasijevic and Fromm, but I also don't see Perugia advancing after the "hell" that is Lodz. I mean, they barely won after a fantastic performance, while Skra had clear problems with Tille and Marechal.

    Kaziyski scored 5 attacks in the tiebreak. He was poor in almost 4 sets. In the tiebreak we saw the difference between him and Atanasjevic, who is not ready to be a clutch player, despite great technicall skills.

    Disagree here, don't you remember Atanasijevic's brilliant play in the playoffs last season? Also that 3rd place match at Eurovolley 2013.

    I can say that it took Grbic half a season to finally understand Maruotti is useless, so there's still hope to see Barone a starter before the playoffs...

    I wish this season could be over soon: I'm tired about watching 3/4 players giving their souls on court and beside them Beretta and Maruotti, who look like children among professional players. And today Giovi isn't as bad as usual.

    I felt like strangling Maruotti after wasting the 2-point advantage in the 3rd...didn't watch the 4th, hoping Beretta would finally make an attack, but is it possible for a middle blocker to finish a match with 0 points in attack and 1 block... I seriously wonder why on earth Grbic hasn't benched him yet. On the bright side, Atanasijevic finally played a fantastic match!
    As for Giovi, I think he did great last season, especially during the playoffs and he's starting to play good these last few matches.

    Suspended means suspended. They didn't break cooperation. This club is going to be out of league in next season anyway (the last one), Santilli wants only help because this idea with 2 more clubs in this season is stupid and the best clubs are tired what causes some shameful loses, they need more rest. Suspended means Polish coach will come back to this club in next season because lower league awaits and Santilli will find better club, maybe in our league in next season.
    Częstochowa case needs also explanation. If you reading there is article about Bąkiewicz as a coach, but for now, he will be assistant, main coach will become Ryszard Bosek, olympic champion in past, president of this club in next season and they will cooperate. In this season this club means nothing, in past meant more, but in next season this club is going to have budget similar to Skra, Tauron energy firm is going to be new sponsor, Ryszard Bosek will take Kurek to this club, he is his manager, Kurek after this season with this poor playing in club and out of NT will have probably problems to find new club at similar level. That's their plan to take him and get some good other players.

    Thank you for the detailed answer. :thumbup:

    I have more questions though - are you sure that there will be relegated clubs? As far as I know, Plusliga is closed and no team can enter from the lower league. And I've also read that since the league president is in jail, all decisions are postponed and even though top clubs push for less teams, so far it's known that there will still be 14 teams next season.
    As for Bakiewicz - I read this article and this short one, but I understood that Bosek will only help him and it'll be Michal on the bench.
    It'll be good if Czestochowa becomes a strong club once again, I remember 6-7 years ago when they were always in the semifinals of the playoffs. Rzeszow managed to do it, now only Olsztyn is missing.

    Banimex suspended head coach, Damian Dacewicz. There's a rumour that Roberto Santili can be head coach.

    What does exactly "suspended" mean?
    I have already read reports that Santilli's position is official.

    And what do you think of Bakiewicz as Czestochowa's new coach?

    Hey guys,
    anyone has a good pics of Kurek and Matt Anderson's tats?
    Jeff Menzel seems to be a hell of crazy guy btw

    I entered this thred searching for Bartek's tattoo after seeing it tonight vs Latina :lol: It looks like a wolf head

    A quick search gave me this and this
    And a good picture here

    As Skra-Kielce wasn't televised, I guess it's hard to ask for your impressions on Rozalin Penchev from Kielce. His attacking stats look great and I'd love to see him a starter more often. I have huge hopes for him in that problematic for the Bulgarian NT position.

    You have to click in match from schedule, in You are interested - then click in tab Match and below You have some photos - there's an arrow and You can watch some photos ^^

    Dziękuję bardzo :thumbup:

    7) Last, he took a tourist instead of an extra useful or reliable player. Like a MB, for example. Nothing more to say about that, really.
    As a man of his word and with an honest, competent opinion, I would appreciate if he talks about some of his mistakes after the tournament ends. Or whether he thinks of them as mistakes.

    Yes, not taking another MB was a mistake, but honestly, given that Niki Nikolov is injured, who else was there? Krasimir Georgiev was maybe an option, but I understand how he was needed in the junior NT. (Another thing is whether he was indeed that necessary, given their result, which must have been expected by the staff).
    I would also love to see a brave journalist ask him tough questions about his choices. Konstantinov seems outspoken enough to admit his mistakes. ( or we win a medal and there's nothing to talk about :D )

    Look at the emphasized sentence. You said it yourself. What you've wrote, which is true, probably makes him our best MB, as a position, not our best blocker ;) It's his job to block, which he doesn't always do properly. He used to be much better in his first years with the NT. Especially in 2009 during the ECH. I mean in terms of blocking only, which is his basic role, after all.

    Yes, Yosifov is indeed out best option at the MB position , but I do think he's also out best blocker as well. He has a reasonable amount of kill blocks, plus softens many balls, which is also the main task of a MB. Just out of curiosity, who do you consider our best blocker? Sokolov? ;)

    @locainside I haven't watched any matches of Italy so far, that's why I find it baffling that Kovar and Parodi are doing so bad, I remember them from Macerata where they were superb. Didn't Kovar have a minor injury just before the WCh? Maybe that's the reason for his shaky play.
    As for Zaytsev, I also though Berruto took 3 opposites with that idea, but reading his comments here I don't think he has seriously thought about this option.

    What I'm really sorry to see is that Pavlov in this NT season is playing way below his standards. Lots of unforced errors. Tiredness?

    Milushev worked really well for Bulgaria. He is just as bad in the middle as Yosifov but what a serve! Also, Zhekov is by far the best setter that I saw to wear the Bul NT uniform. His serve was also always pretty tough too.

    I don't agree with you. Yosifov is our best blocker at the moment, has solid attack and has made numerous aces. Too bad he's out for the tournament ;( Milushev did serve great at the beginning, but made errors afterwards and as expected found it hard to attack. Let's pray our remaining middle blockers stay healthy. As for Konstantinov's gamble with only 2 MBs - I understand it, we need all the help in reception we can get and it's impossible to predict an injury like that will happen.

    Sivozhelez's presence is reception is felt, but I do think that Spirik can do a good job if he wakes up on the right foot. I also liked Ilinykh in attack yesterday, made some difficult balls, same for Savin, who doesn't seem under pressure as a newcomer. As for Pavlov, I agree with powsoff, he definitely seemed tired, even during the WL, but I guess it has something to do with his age and the fact that it's just his second year playing in the NT as well on top of the exhausting club season.

    Side note: Can anyone tell me where are the match galleries on the FIVB site? I can't find anything other than this
    There are some pictures on the main page, but not categorised for every match.

    IMHO this is not enough to beat Macerata or go on in Champions League. I just hope Grbic won't let Beretta play, because he is too weak even to play in A1. I don't like Maruotti and I think Vujevic is still a better choice. I'd take Della Lunga, which is a killer receiver, better than Maruotti. Macerata is still stronger on OHs, MBs and L. Parodi-Kovar is better than any combination for us, while there is no match on the MBs and Liberos. :( I hope Sunder can make surprises!

    You're right, but in my (probably a bit clouded) judgment, it was Zaytsev and Paolucci's predictable passing that made the difference in the final. Perugia has a major improvement in De Cecco and a lot would be riding on Fromm's attacking power. I remember his brilliant match vs Russia at EuroVolley 2013, but haven't watched him last season. Maruotti isn't my favourite player either, but he's played decent in the WL so far. I would have liked if they had chosen Randazzo over him...Bit I don't see a reason why they couldn't play finals in Italy again, who knows what Modena is capable of and Trentino is still a question mark.