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    1 - When, where and why did you start to play volleyball? That's something you have ever dreamed of?

    I started to play at school, incentived by my family, because I was tall. I really liked it, and started to stand out [among the other girls], then I started playing in Mackenzie. After that, I was selected to play for my state (Minas Gerais) team, and later I got to play in the Brazilian youth team. Becoming a profe
    ssional player was something that came naturally...

    2 - You went to play in Italy at a very young age. Why? Do you consider that experience to be essential in your carreer as a player?

    I went [to Italy] because I thought that the proposal was very good, both financially and for my professional growth, after all I went to play in the best volleyball league of the world!

    3 - You returned to Brazil for the season 2008/2009. What was the reason?
    I came back because I had a good finantial proposal and because I wanted to be close to my family. The best players of the world are [playing] in Italy, and here in Brazil it [the league] started to grow strong in the last two years.

    4 - In the previous league (2008/2009) it was expected that São Caetano could reach the league finals, but didn't make through the semis. Do you believe that this year the team has potential to reach the championship's finals?

    [Yes], I believe. I think that we aren't in the best shape yet as a group, but we will improve.

    5 - Tournaments like the World Cup and the World Championship are played away from home and you play many games in a row. How do you keep fit to endure the marathon of matches?

    We prepare ourselves during the whole year to play championships like that. And our coaching staff knows what to do so we can be in good physical shape during the championships.

    6 - The Brazilian national team was, in general, mocked by many people for losing decisive matches. Did you believe that Brazil could become Olympic champion?

    I was sure [we would win].

    7 - What is, in your opinion, the differential of Brazilian national team compared to others?

    Our training, with ball and the physical [part].

    8 What are your next goals?

    This year my goals are winning the Brazilian league (Superliga) and the World Championship.

    Picture: thanks to AP

    | think that popularity also comes with achievements. Not the main factor, but I think it helps...
    For example, when Gustavo Kuerten (tennis player) started winning tournaments, many children started playing tennis because Kuerten was their new idol. It is probably happening now with athletism (Usein Bolt) and will happen with other sports too.

    And also the rule is simple: if the team wins, they get air time, otherwise, most likely they won't get any air time at all.

    I already heard that maybe some USA channels start broadcasting volleyball matches. Not certain, but they showed interest after USA got the silver medal in Beijing. The only problem is, they win silver at OG and lose almost everything else :lol: :lol: :lol: But no matter what I support this team and would wake up in the middle of the night to watch them, no doubts :heart: !

    Really funny video from Holland: How does she do that?? I've tried it thousand times but............

    hahahahahaha the best one!!Never managed to it either :whistle:

    Brazilian Girls (Renatinha, Fabiana, Paula, Sassá, Carol G. and Fabi) singing in a talk show...

    I didn't know the song either (shame on me!!)! Sassa looks very embarassed but in the end she did great! And also they sing well :)

    Mari from Brasil dancing in 1997, before volley :super:

    Wow!! Mari was huge... had to stand behind everyone because of her height!! ahha I was always on the front, due to my (short) height too :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Anyway there are so many good videos here haha Just to end my (useless) post, wanted to say that when Anja Spasojevic finishes her career she can go singing! :mirror:

    Logan already played in Japanese league last season, and I think the term "comeback" isn't really appropriate for Kirillova either, and in my opinion she showed last season in Dinamo that she still is totally capable to play on a high level.

    But Logan was signed to a team when she decided to go to the beach, in the middle of the season! That's why I wondered if this time is for real :gone:

    Just a little curiosity about second friendly match between Serbia and Italy:

    Eleonora Lo Bianco made her debut for serbian NT!!!! :) At the beginning of fourth set serbian setter Ana Antonijevic had to leave the court due to pain in her tendon and Maja Ognjenovic couldn't replace her because of pain in her back .So Lo Bianco passed over to serbian side and played a set for Serbia.

    Now I know what we will do if Maja doesn't improve her game.We will take Leo! :lol:
    Terzic already said that next time she will get serbian passport! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    haha so nice!! It was something we don't get to see everyday! Is there any video of that?

    I like Ognjenovic! I think she's a great setter, sometimes she does some mistakes :whistle: but still good!

    Hey Joana, did you record Germany x China??
    it was an amazing match :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Made my night worth!! :flower:

    Thanks everyone who posted the matches! I couldn't stay awake all nights,so I am watching it now :D And thanks Marieke for the game Germany x Netherlands, everybody said it was great and I am looking forward to watch it :D

    when the groups were chosen nobody knew that USA would come to gp with te team, if they had come with the team "A" Germany would has 3 great opponents Brasil (2X) USA(2X) Netherlands(1X) whe can't say that the Germany was in the most weak group..And still had Dominican that played very badly in this gp....So we can't say what group is strong and what is weak in the beginning of the competition

    I honestly expected that from USA. They did the same thing 4 years ago, because it is a great opportunity to test players, especially when you don't have a professional league at your own country. Also, most veterans take this time to rest or recover from injuries, because playing many years non-stop makes you need to stop at one point.

    Most teams aren't playing with their main players, which was expected and probably for the same reason USA didn't take their main team to the WGP.

    And I don't think that being in a hard group is a problem, even if they didn't classify they did good matches and also got more experience.

    Yeah but shouldn't there be written formula somwhere on FIVB site. Some regulationsabout the drawing :?:

    Well, I think it should...
    In fact, I never really looked for it on the site, because it is very confuse and I don't have patience! But it should be there. Unless there are no rules at all :lol:

    I thought the groups were chosen by draw... and now I think it isn't (after this year's GP), after all there sooo many "coincidences" about the group formation :lol: . Don't forget that in Brazilian's pool there was three teams from America and only one from Europe (I thought it was going to be something like "BRA-USA-PUR-DOM"... and it was almost it!)

    Maybe they just pick the groups based on other things... being "home distance" (or maybe $$$ ?) one of them, for example.

    :lol: yeah Thaisa hid her husband so well. Everybody felt surprised that she is gonna marry.Congrats to her. :dance4:

    Oh. :roll: I know Marcelle and Andre Heller. But I don't know they are a couple. Are they married? This photo:

    And Marcelle is pregnant with their first child! :flower:

    Margareta Kozuch and Felix Koslowski (assistent coach from Germany)

    hehe Felix ( :cheesy: ) and Kozuch.... they are a beautiful couple! And both are very lucky to have each other... :lol:

    Stusi, if you are trying to access with Firefox, try to use Internet Explorer...
    I don't know why, but I can never access Pesaro's photo gallery with firefox here, only with IE ;)

    yeah! it is a funny name. :lol:

    I think her parents didn't really thought about the future when they chose this name... makes me remind of one movie where the main character was Gaylord Fuck :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I used to like Angelina Grün's service...When she was inspired, she'd make a big mess on the other team...

    hehe what I heard about Walsh/May was actually that :)
    And Kerri is already pregnant, which is cute :D

    I think Tom should decide, either beach or court... I think things are pretty easy for her, because she can do whatever she wants for 3 years and then in the last the coach just calls her back because there isn't other player for her position with the same quality.

    I totally agree with BVB, I don't know what Tom thinks or not, but I'm quite certain Nancy's absence wasn't related to any kind of thing like this. First because I doubt Lang Ping would just accept such behavior, and second because I doubt Nancy was faking a surgery :lol: :lol:
    Anyway, even if McCutcheon asks her, I think she won't be back. I think it's time for getting new players to replace the older ones, but in my opinion it's important to have a transition time, older and younger players on court together so they can learn how to handle things.