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    Happy Birthday to the best all around OH in the world.... USA's queen of volleyball Logan Tom! She today turns 32. Wish her all the best. Hope to see her in NT jersey again, USA needs her!

    I agree! She's really the best all around OH in the world! Happy Happy Birthday Logan Tom! :drink:

    At least with Brazilian league matches, there are usually replays on SporTV or youtube. ^^

    Unlike other leagues where no one uploads so I have to stay awake to be sure to watch the matches 8|

    i absolutely agree! :thumbsup:

    Does anyone have any news regarding the REAL progress of Logan's Physiotherapy and Rehab?
    It's been a month since her injury, that's enough time for her ankle to heal.

    Logan is still not in shape to play for sure. She was in the gym yesterday, and for what I could notice she is still not walking 100%. She did walk on her own around the gym and was not using any protection in the foot, but still she was caring about her foot a bit while walking and going up and down the stairs.

    This is the reason why i was hoping that the doctor of Unilever wont put her in a cast. Though it will help her sprained ankle to heal but it will just promote tightness and it might cause pain or discomfort for Logan when she's walking or going up and down the stairs. Its one of the disadvantages of putting a cast with a sprained ankle (Believe me I know cause I've handled athletes who have the same injury) Bad decision on the part of Unilever... Their Physio is missing something with Logan's treatment that is why Logan is still guarded when she's putting weight on her left ankle. :thumbdown:

    And this was not the first time that Logan injured her left ankle. she injured the same ankle during the 2007 World Cup match against Serbia, and the way she sprained her ankle was really worse - Lang Ping let her played that game and their Physio just taped her ankle for support. It didn't affect Logan's game throughout the tournament and she was even nominated for the MVP award. Its really a bad decision to put her in a cast, they should have let her use crutches instead.

    How I wish i was there to treat her myself and i will gladly do it for free. :(

    News about Logan, she made a x-ray that didn't notice any fracture, which is great. But she did torn her ligaments. She will rest completely this week with her foot immobilized and than she will start the recovering process. She will miss for sure the matches against SESI and Osasco. The theory is that she comes back for the quarter final or semifinal games in three to four weeks.

    Fiapo, Unilever physioterapist, said: "The foot has over 100 ligaments and, in any torn, we have some ligaments rupture. We can't affirm still how many of it rupture. It was not a light injury, but also it was not the worse of the injuries. She will spend this week resting and only then start the recovering. She is only imobilized so it forces her to make the rest. Dr Ney will avaliate a resonance this Monday and then we will have a better notion of the problem."

    Edit: After many exams Unilever doctors concluded there is no need for any surgery! ;) She will have to stay under treatment for the next weeks though.

    It's a good decision to immobilize Logan's ankle but I was hoping that they wont put her in a cast cause it would promote development of tightness of her left ankle muscles and might affect the rehabilitation and treatment. They should have done an MRI (resonance imaging) immediately after the injury. You cannot determine a torn ligament with an X-Ray - its a good thing though that they ruled out any evidence of fracture. Well, as for my experience, 3-4 weeks is enough for an ankle sprain to heal. And since I've been following the career of Logan since the Sydney Olympics, I know she will recover quickly, but the responsibility of her recovery will fall heavily on the Physiotherapist of Unilever - will have to wait for news about Logan's rehabilitation - their main goal is to help Logan regain her balance and her jumping ability without the recurrence of pain and swelling of her ankle.

    I haven't watch the game against Rio Do Sul, so I haven't seen how Logan was that day (will have to review the game to determine how bad the sprain was from a Physiotherapist's point of view). But if she was able to walk after the injury, it's a good sign. :)

    How I wish i was there to treat her myself. :whistle:

    Cuban outside hitter, Yusleyni Herrera, tore a ligament in her knee during Praia Clube's latest match against Campinas and will undergo surgery. Their hoping to have her back by the end of the season but it's a major blow to the club as she was leading the championship in scoring and performing quite well. Hope for a quick recovery!

    I agree. It's going to affect the season of Praia Clube. However, her recovery would still depend on the severity of the injury because you have a lot of ligaments in the knee. And if they're going to consider the health and wellness of Herrera, a torn ligament in the knee would require up to 4-6 months of aggressive rehabilitation. It will be a big task for the team's Physiotherapist to get her into shape if their goal is to have her back by the end of the season. It might be risky for the trainers of the team if they're going to hasten the rehabilitation period of her injury. In addition, they have to re-train the balance and proprioception of the affected knee, and Herrera should undergo vigorous jumping and plyometric training to have her back into her competitive form.

    Hi! Welcome to the forum! :drink:

    I'm sure you're going to enjoy your stay here!

    I'm also supporting Rabita Baku this year. I think they have a great line-up and a competitive roster this season! :drink:

    Good to hear that Unilever won! Though I didn't have the chance the watch the game against Praia Club.

    Question: How did Logan injure her knee? I'm hoping that its not that serious.

    Hawaii is in the tournament, but the NCAA felt that their schedule was not strong enough even with their conference win to be a host in the first and second round, they were last year. They moved from the Mountain West Conference to the Big West Conference, which was a big drop in the strength of teams in the Conference. They are in the same conference as Long Beach State now.

    Hawaii was 18-0 in the conference, but Long Beach was a distant 13-5 at 2nd in the conference (18-11, overall), so there was only 1 bid for their conference.

    Now i get it! Thanks for the info. Appreciate it! :drink: