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    They could win with Arago but if they can win with Cuneo playing as if they were like first: before and second: after riding on rollercoaster ?

    Well, if they keep this misery going, they won't win. But I'm far from panicking yet. Clearly there's some kind of crisis floating around, but I believe the guys will be much more focused & motivated for Cuneo.

    Kowal killed me. He's like Smuda, sometimes. If you know what I mean. Without changes.


    He said somewhere that for now he intends to use all of his players, so that later in the season the whole team will be in good shape. Probably we're gonna witness some more games where particular guys stay on the court no matter what. Besides, as far I can remember, he tried some changes but without much success. The whole team was pretty embarrassing to watch, made kindergarten errors. As if they were all heavily hungover or something. Schoeps was actually the only one to start the game real well, but apparently he soon decided it's not worth to stand out too much. But hey, game won, three points taken.


    Enter the dragon. Kosok appeared, made three blocks in a row and then... BUM. Circus again :aww:

    The savior of the day :super:

    Zatorski? :what: He was such a little angel.
    What about this arogance element you mentioned... It "infected" Kurek, it probably can infect anybody, even Zatorski. Pliński is there a master of corn and hay in the shoes so...

    Yup. Shame they didn't catch his behaviour on camera (but here's a good example from last season, check out 1:35:21 Reacting emotionally is one thing, but come on. And Zatorski is still kind of a rookie who will eventually change clubs. This unnecessary enemy-making may turn up against him one day.


    AZS Olsztyn 3:0 AZS Częstochowa (25:18, 25:23, 25:19)
    MVP: Bartosz Krzysiek

    Indykpol AZS Olsztyn: Hernan, Krzysiek, Ferens, Szarek, Hain, Sobala, Żurek (libero) & Mariański, Kvalen.
    Wkręt-met AZS Częstochowa: Janusz, Bociek, Hebda, Murek, Hunek, Lisinac, Bik (libero) & Kaczyński, Piechocki, Marcyniak.

    wooohooo! :dance4:

    :evil: :D

    "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!":box:

    So I finally saw a re-run. Most of the things have been said already, but I'll join in anyway (with some of my totally random thoughts):

    - Very emotional match on both sides, which made it entertaining to watch even though the performance level was still far from masterly. Plus, it proved my opinion that it wasn't Skra who won the Supercup - it was Resovia who gave it away too easily (and Wlazły can say anything he wants during post-match conferences, he won't change the fact).
    - I was also worried about Schoeps. Seemed to be in a real bad disposition, got replaced so quickly... But I heard he did well in yesterday's training match against Jastrzębie and I'm a bit calmer now. Guess it was just meant to be, so that in this particular game Bartman could prove his worth.
    - And ZB9 was a beast indeed. Talking about blasting off just at the right time! It was his day, definitely.
    - Winiarski & his hair video verified :lol: I couldn't stop laughing. Misiek, seriously, time to cut it.
    - Putting my aversion to Wlazły aside, I have to admit he's an awesome team captain. He brilliantly quietened down some of the Skra guys and their fretful remarks. On a side note - is it just me or is Zator becoming even more cocky? (I read somewhere that he mocked Zibi after the game, along with Pliński of course). Oh well, guess there's just some kind of arrogance element in Bełchatów's air.
    - For me, Ignaczak is still expressive when needed. Maybe not as crazy as usual, but I would rather say it is because he's concentrating more. From what I noticed he is still far from his top shape (physical/mental - not sure), probably that's the reason.
    - Was Kovacevic always that hot?!

    Hi, I'm new! Mostly will be lurking. :)

    Hey there :drink:


    I hope he is OK too. Is he mostly just saying they have some hard work ahead of them?

    Yup, the usual boring stuff about how they need to work hard, concentrate and stabilize their game. He also mentions the recent plague of injuries in the team and hopes it is finally over.

    Aaargh, I still cannot believe I haven't seen yesterday's match. Got stuck on a train in the middle of effing nowhere :down: But I'm so happy (for obvious reasons) that it was Bartman who got the MVP.

    I work in a DVD/Blu-Ray rental store, basically get paid for watching movies and therefore have waaaay too many favorites to count ;) Here are five that came to my mind just now:

    Mary & Max (I'm a sucker for good animation)

    24 Hour Party People (because of Joy Division's music and the whole Manchester scene)

    The Prestige (complexity of the story is just amazing. and so is Hugh Jackman)

    Pi (it scares the bejesus out of me)

    Juno (the girl is just so much fun)

    Kurek's injury is more serious than it seemed to be. I've just read that he has torn ligament in his ankle. Treatment will last from three to six weeks. Poor Kypek...
    Are you there, God? Plague. Plague...

    That's a translation error. Cherednik actually said the injury turned out to be not as bad as it seemed in the very beginning. But yeah, he's gonna miss up to six weeks of playing :down:…a%C5%82ej+dru%C5%BCyny%22
    (And yesterday we lost Blaszczykowski... I mean, really?! Who's next?).