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    Polish users :wavy: I think you've got some info I need! I want new songs :lol: bella, I think it was you who said Autmun or September :roll: Well, it is September and I can't find any new album ;(

    Fuck, how come these guys don't have a wikipedia page? No info in English about them...

    Oh my. I know these guys very well, they're from my city. Not really fond of their music, but that's a different story :)

    I believe this is their latest single. They're probably still recording.

    When is the first match? I want to watch this Plusliga, despite the fact that both Grozer and Kurek will be in Russia. I like the big halls full of fans and the atmosphere :) Now there will be even tougher fight for the title after Skra was decrowned

    There's Supercup next saturday. And the actual season starts on 6th Oct. :)

    I was looking though my laptop, found some photos... And the idea for this topic came about.

    Because sometimes the camera finds itself in just the right place at the right time. There are tons of epic snaphots out there - from games, decorations, practice, whatever. So much is happening on the court. Thought it would be fun to collect all that in one place. So, feel free to post any photos (or short videos) you find funny, amusing or for any other reason worth sharing.

    For starters, a few of my favorites from last season (or two):

    ^ Grozer :lol:

    Guys, what is happening with Ananiev? I read in Bulgarian media that he is playing, but no statistics or even comments how is he doing.

    Well, he's... doing. I mean, there's not that much info and I haven't seen any of the pre-season games (they weren't broadcast anywhere) so I cannot really comment on his disposition, but he does appear in the starting six regularly. However, our new coach clearly said he's still experimenting with the squad.

    All of the above (and I agree that watching some American TV series with English subtitles may be a real fun way of learning ^^ ). Plus, if you're patient enough, read a lot. Articles, books, whatever - there are even some pieces of literary classic rewritten in easier language, especially for learners of English. You probably won't understand everything, but do not get discouraged, just use a dictionary. Reading is the most efficient way of picking up new words, phrases and grammar rules.

    I've read that Wlazly could be switched to OH and as OPP Atanasijevic would play as a least they tried this solution successfully in friendly matches...what do you think? could it be successful also during chamiponship?

    Maaaaan, it's like there really is some kind of "Alekno virus" after the OG. I've just read that Kuba Jarosz played on reception in Andreoli Latina.

    To be honest, I don't believe that's a permanent switch yet. More likely that everything will depend on Cala/Alex and their disposition (at least at the beginning of the season). Nawrocki clearly wants to have some room for manoeuvre. Besides, I somehow sense Wlazły is not that comfortable with the whole thing. Or maybe he'll surprise me again...


    Yup, they have the exact same effect on me. It's all that mad bee's fault, I'm telling you.

    Anyways... Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 3:2 LOTOS Trefl Gdańsk (22:25, 26:24,30:28, 24:26, 15:11). Oh, and Skra won their closed training match against Sir Safety Perugia - 3:1 (21:25, 25:19, 26:24, 25:15).

    If you read the entire article, you can clearly predict the bottom line - whenever there is Italy involved, there are match-fixing scandals :D


    You know, Italy has always been a mean opponent for us, there's much tension involved. Guess it is just tempting to snap back, even in a newspaper article :D


    12 games in a World Championship is too much in my opinion. I understand Poland is trying to create the ultimate system, maybe what they are suggesting right now is close enough, but still the number of games shouldn't be that high as the quality is what would be risked.

    The idea of a cheating-free formula is one thing, but I sense that marketing considerations played a role here as well. I mean, being a true paradise for volleyball, Poland is the perfect country to 'use' for promoting the sport and making some extra money.

    This is all unofficial news, but apparently ALEKNO HANDED IN HIS RESIGNATION :white: It was not accepted yet, the federation gave him about a month for "rest and some longer reflection".

    source: http://siatkowka.przegladsport…artykul,146774,1,282.html