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    Okay, so today's results:

    PGE Skra Bełchatów 3:1 Indykpol AZS Olsztyn (21:25, 25:21, 25:15, 25:15)

    And all I know is that Wlazły didn't play. Nawrocki said he "needed some rest after these 15 sets in previous games" :whistling:

    Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 1:3 LOTOS Trefl Gdańsk (10:15, 15:13, 23:25, 23:25)

    First two sets played to 15, then back to normal. And Resovia loses to Gdańsk... Damn, pre-season matches are fun! :dance4:

    Well it was a burning topic when this incident happened. We talked about it here but I can't remember in which thread.
    BTW. Igła rocked this whole material :D

    Sure thing. I meant this particular thread. It's not too hard to imagine that such an absurd situation couldn't have gone unnoticed :D It's just that after a while, with the season over and all the emotions off, this whole thing turns out to be a pretty darn good comedy. I'm still watching these videos from time to time whenever I need a cheer up.

    I cannot believe my favourite PlusLiga fail hasn't made it here yet :win:

    Last season's ZAKSA - Resovia. Refs end the match at 24:14. They spot their mistake in the protocol, and so they try to make both teams return to court, about 30 minutes after the ending whistle. The attempt fails miserably.

    Igła's reaction (starts around 0:20)

    And here's a news report about this whole situation (which was beyond ridiculous, really). Ignaczak and Kosok eating a candy bar together... :dance6:

    Wow! Thanks very much for this :drink:

    No prob :drink:


    I smiled at the "bikini" part and then I started thinking...They like hockey because the players are tough, play rough and fight often. They like basketball, baseball and American football partly because the players are great athletes and have big, muscular bodies. American audience at least to me is comparable to the audience in Ancient Rome(at least the way they describe this audience in books, films and documentaries).

    Very well put. I've always had an impression that sports in America is all about spectacle. That's one of the reasons why football will never make it big in the U.S. People claim it's tedious because there's too little scoring. What's more, fouled players supposedly cry like little girls. And Americans like their men tough. So there you go ^^
    But there's another thing I've been thinking about. American audience doesn't give a damn about what's happening on other continents. I mean sports-wise. They don't need too, since they are lucky enough to have such powerful local leagues in various sports that they can dominate the whole discipline. And yet in volleyball, just like in football (I'm not gonna use the "s" word, no way), they wouldn't have a final saying. There already are better leagues out there, and people who make all the important decisions are outside of America as well. So why bother? And I'm not saying it wouldn't be possible to build a league stong enough to compete with others, more prestigious ones. It would just take way too long to keep the audience interested. That's why, even though their MLS is getting more and more attractive, I believe it will remain more of a local curiosity rather than become anything truly influential. Yes, I know that there's much less competition involved in volleyball and much smaller sums of money are concerned. But still, everything important to the sport happens mainly in Europe and Asia. And that's not likely to change anytime soon.

    Here's a few words from Lloy Ball about the whole professional league idea:



    Disturbing as it is, that's not the picture I had in mind. I'm willing to understand things which are clearly made for fun.

    On the other hand, THIS ONE IS FOR REAL:

    and I mean "he-showed-up-for-an-interview-looking-like-that" real :what:

    Well. I like the way Bartek looks in this blue. Not that good like in our blue NT jersey but still this one is cool :roll:

    I do like the blue, but the whole thing just reminds me of pyjamas a bit too much. And with the messy hair & all... :lol:

    About Zibi's pic - agree, this one's quite unfortunate, but I just remembered I've seen worse. Much worse :D I'll spare you the view though.

    It's a pity there is only one Radek Panas, he's awesome in working with young player. In working with players and teams at all, actually. But Metodi will be lucky this season to meet him ;)

    Haha, you're so right. I'm thrilled he has agreed to work in Olsztyn. Of course his job's gonna be easy, because I don't think it is even possible to do worse than we did last season :rolll: But even though I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much (since our AZS is a place where the unbelievable happens), I do know Radek Panas is the best for us at this particular moment.

    Dynamo Moskwa – Yenisey Krasnoyarsk 3:0 (25:22, 25:19, 25:22)

    Dynamo: GRANKIN (3), KUREK (18 ), VERESH (8 ), SHCERBININ (4), KRUGLOV (12), KRIVETS (11) i BRAGIN (L) oraz BOLDIREV.
    Yenisey: Gurchenko (4), Krasnoperov (12), Khrishcuk (1), Bagrey, Nikiforov (3) i Putintsev (L) oraz Schadurskiy (3), Nazintsev (1), Putintse, Lyustrovoy (7), Nikischin (7), Vysotin.


    and pics:

    Looks like is up and running again. The gallery is being updated regularly, so if anyone is or will be interested in some other photos, just check it out after the game:

    did Szaranowicz say such shits really?

    Umm, not exactly. He basically said that Wagner's team had character, that they were able to stand up and win even after taking a considerable amount of hits. And supposedly our guys don't have that. Well, such a statement is quite embarrassing for Mr Szaranowicz, since it proves he hadn't seen a single match of team Anastasi before the Olympics.

    I don't regret watching the programme. It successfully reminded me about how manipulative television can be. Just when I thought there's a line impossible to cross, some ignorant idiot came and crossed it. I was insanely mad at first, but then I said to myself - my nerves are not worth it. There's nothing I can do. Besides, the quality of this report is a perfect proof for TVP's "objectivity". This stuff is nowhere near real journalism. What was supposed to be the final conclusion, was in fact the main idea. And during the report, the author did EVERYTHING to prove his idea was right. Every single statement from every single person was taken out of context, and the conclusion they all formed was just awful: "players in the time of Wagner were true heroes: they had no money, no equipment, only 2 jerseys per player, yet they worked super-hard, sweat a lot and went to run in the woods for about 6 hours every day. And that's how they won. Players today do nothing, they only joke around and sit in McDonalds all day. They have tons of money for some ultra-modern gym equipment and all the supplements they need (and that's what makes their trainings much easier and lighter - obviously). And yet they are not able to win a major tournament. Why? Because they are weak, they have no character." Sorry, but that's just utter bullshit and I can't imagine any intelligent person could fall for such crap. And this funeral music during end credits... I have to admit that was quite funny actually, like they were about to announce the end of the world or something.

    I'm just sorry for Igła. The videos he gave them were trickily used to discredit the whole team. I bet that's not what he had in mind.

    Ooh, another topic for me! :heart:

    So if we're talking energetic...

    I'm not that crazy about Brodka (love Kamp! though), but this one is a masterpiece.

    Luckily, there are some materials from Igła but it makes me wonder why did he share this with TVP. He has his own blog though...

    Yeah, that was odd. But maybe he just wanted to reach a bigger audience... Given the doubtful quality of the programme, it wasn't worth it. Anyways, I truly hope the only reason for this ongoing blog silence on Igłą Szyte is some kind of deal with TVP. I mean, Krzyś promised us the Sofia videos like a month ago. And all this time I've been seriously worried that he's too depressed to even think about posting anything from World League.

    Thanks for the warm welcome you guys! :drink:

    You have almost all my favorites in your list of favourite players and you like Jastrzębski and Resovia... Girl, you're my buddy! :D 'Cause you're a girl, right? I guess so. Seeing your nickname.

    Indeed I am :D And wow, I'm making buddies already, how cool is that?


    I can't wait for this forum to start living again 'cause after Olympics it's kinda hmmm... quiet and peaceful. But not for long :evil: I hope you'll stay here and help us to unleash a little hell. Never enough of polish power here :D

    Bug to the rescue! :super: Seriously, I'll do my best. Always ready to chat with the awesome about the awesome.