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    Straight from our beloved TVP, today's piece concerning the Olympic catastrophy:…nic-sie-nie-stalo/8442053
    this may be available only to Polish users right now (not sure), but I bet it'll come out on youtube in no time.

    Yes, it is biased as hell. Yes, it is so sad and unjust that I literally wanted to smash my poor TV while watching. But there are some new videos from Igła and that's the good part.

    Another Poland's supporter here. I've been following this forum for a while now and figured it's high time to jump in.

    Never really played volleyball much, but always loved to watch. And, of course, I'm hopelessly obsessed with our men's NT, I believe that's a given :D But I'm also a total sucker for Argentina (always have been, in every possible sport).
    When it comes to clubs, I madly cheer for my local AZS Olsztyn. However, there's also a considerable dose of love for both Resovia and Jastrzębski Węgiel.

    Okay, so... hello again! Hope to spend some good times here ^^