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    I sure expect Turkish teams to lose some of the best players because of the situation in country, with often accidents and attacks. Sirci is also as ambitious as they get, so I can imagine him playing with Russell + Atansijevic. Would be good for the future too, all of them have their best years yet to come.

    1) Excuse me? We are Modena: we cannot guarantee the starting 7 to anyone (not even to Leon if hypothetically in the future he'll join us). We are the Real Madrid of volleyball, so any player who is hired by us should only be patient. It's already an honour to be a part of this club.

    2) After 3 years of injuries, Uros asked too much money and Petric has been better than him during the last two seasons

    There is a huge difference between Real and Modena. Real is the richest club, Modena is not.Of course you would guarantee anything to attract Leon, or Matt, or even now Uros. Also who cares how good Petric played, he is limited as hell, he can't recieve and even in attack, very bad from pos. 2 and with quick ball. Class is something you don't say goodbye to. Modena did that and got it wrong. It has already cost them CL spot this season where there aren't any attackers except for Earvin, because other recievers are only above average and Vettori is, well Vettori.

    I must say that I am really impressed by Uros Kovacevic. He is the leader of Verona during the whole season.
    He, alongside Juantorena and N'Gapeth would be the contenders for the OH of the year award, if there was one.

    I don't know the situation about his contract with Verona but I won't be surpised if one of Lube, Trento and Perugia will try to sign him.

    Just imagine if Modena wasn't lead by bunch of idiots, they would have Uros and Earvin locked up for next 5,6 years, as the best duo in the World.

    P.S. Osmany is way below his godly standard these past two months, and I think Kubiak is in there.

    P.S. I remember Uros as a 14.5 year old boy debuting for Ribnica Kraljevo, kind of Serbian version of Latina, stable club, can't get down, can't get up, but producing talent like crazy, Brdjovic (late father, the legend and his son Aleksa), Kovacevic (both), Petkovic (both), Lisinac... And still Uros was easily the greatest talent of them all. Just imagine 14 year old boy, with the same kind of attitude as he has now. I expected him to shine long ago, but still he can be what he was born to - the best in the World.

    And again five sets between Perugia and verona :white:

    Verona needs to keep it close, Perugia lately had problems in clutch time. Especially Atanasejevic and Fromm hardly brought a ball fdown when it mattered in the end game. Maybe de cecco should trust more his middles in these moments....

    Did Aaron russell play today?

    Atanasijevic scored over 80% in clutch in this series...

    Giannelli is better in both blocking and service. Travica is setting better in terms of tactics, but his precision is awful. They are both good choices, but I think Giannelli has to be the first setter, only because of amazing leadership and mentality he has, and for the fact that he is the future of not only Italian but World volleyball. If he plays well in Rio, you have elite setter for next 12 years.

    I'm sure I have never in my life seen one athlete go from top to the bottom with the exception of Fernando Torres. Bruno's real value is nothing right now. He is one of the worst players in the League all of a sudden. I can't believe my eyes. If someone asked me at the start of a season I would say he is in top 3 setters in the World. Now I say it's a disgrace if he gets invited to play for Brazil.

    A scoring machine which can't kill a crucial point. And honestly he's playing so so lately. His first 2 seasons with us were way better the the current one.

    Starovic has a heart of a rabbit. Injuries and stuff like that slowed him down, I know, but he was always flegmatic as hell. Atanasijevic is a leader, emotional and both on and off the court. He is 10 times more valuable as a player when you look at the whole picture. Not everything is about the skill. Also he scores a lot more on account of being a winner, not a whiner.

    Unfortunately another serbian, Ana Antonijevic. Considering how talented she is and how clever she used to play, it's shameful to see how many times she has been injuried, I can't even remember the exact amount. Without the injury she could have gone to the Olympic games in 2012 for example. I always enjoyed watching Cannes team play mostly because of her diversity and creativity of setting.
    She seems to be partly recovered and having some playing time in Volero, hopefully we see her in her best shape again.

    Serbia definitely must be blessed when it comes to setters, both Maja and Ana (prior to her injuries of course) are two of the best setters in the world IMO.

    Ana was starting for Jedinstvo Uzice at the age of 14 and Jedinstvo was a great team back then. Huge team with Zakoc at the head coach position. 12 consecutive titles or something like that. Imagine how big Ana could have been.

    I think it's safe to say that Caprara is the only one to blame for the Champions League failure of Eczacibasi. Should be heavily punished by the club, financialy of course.

    Watching Piacenza - Latina and I'm disgusted with Piacenza's performance. This is horrible :aww: Giuliani seems lost in time and space, players looking like group of random guys gathered few minutes before match. Papi and Zlatanov playing all the time even it's visible they can't play on this level anymore. But Giuliani have no choice, Perrin is simply pathetic and this season revealed his playing limits.

    What happened to him? That season he had in Arkas was amazing.

    Well, that's because you are looking at it from fan perspective, not an objective one. There is a reason why Modena went from best team in the World to getting destroyed by Halkbank and Lube, and if it wasn't for the great Earvin, they would lose to Perugia too. Second best/ most important player on the team is Bruno, so if Earvin is playing great, which he is, i guess it's Bruno's fault. Also if you just watch their games it's obvious even to someone who doesn't know much about volleyball.

    Bruno is having by far the worst season of his career. This is embarassing really, every single time he sets, I'm afraid of Nik, Earvin or Vettori getting injured. Every single set is technically awful, not to mention tactical decisions which are terrible. There is no surprise in those catastrophic defeats versus Halkbank and Lube. Doesn't even matter how this game vs Perugia ends, this is just awful.

    Bruno seems to be having some serious problems on some level, I don't know of what nature, personal or professional but this is like watching some average tier 3 level setter ruining amazing players around him. I'm sure if he continues to play like this, Bernardo will bench him and let William to play.