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    thanks, leonardo.

    on another topic, i wonder if the NT needs to get a psychologist to check on egonu. i don't remember that she was so error-prone as in the match against SRB today... when she was younger and just starting out in the NT, i remember she'd often hit balls out by meters, but not recently. i had thought she had gotten that under control, but today's match showed her at her worst in that sense. maybe a psychologist could help her?

    Yeah, I was talking to a friend about how much she reminded me of her 2016 performances today, but even worse. She had 16 attack errors in this SFs match alone, I'd never seen anything like that. I wonder if something's up with her personally.

    This is a really good overview on their progress! Thank you.

    The current Colombian NT is actually really likeable. Other than Brazil, they're definitely the ones I root for these days when it comes to South America representation. Personally, I'm a big fan of Maria Alejandra and both their OHS, Margarita Martinez and Amanda Coneo. Coneo in particular looks like such a confident and positive energy on court, like she's been playing as an adult forever, and I really enjoy watching her play. She was also criminally robbed of a spot in the PanAm dream team.

    Anyway, it'd be really cool if they managed to clinch a spot in Tokyo; imo they deserve and it could boost their confidence even further. I'll be hoping for the best!

    Let me interject something -- as a former player/coach/admin -- to this scenario; attempting to infuse a "big picture" perspective. I don't know if anybody here has actually been 'on the inside' of the sport in this thread-forum -- kinda doubt it; seems more zealous, national/ intercontinental fanaticism to me. Anyway, anyone who has actually ever competed in VB -- be it as a player, coach, or however else -- knows that there is a inevitably finite "shelf-life" to any athletic career endeavors! When it was time for me to "hang it up" as a DIII player, I transitioned into DII coaching (via some inside contacts). When it was time to move on from coaching, I morphed into administration. I am retired from All That now: I therefore feel qualified to state these inescapable truths (just a fan again now; just like when I was fascinated by the Japanese team at the '64 Olympics in Tokyo: and became a life-long follower of the game). MY POINT? Lloyd and Gibbermeyer have a "clock that's ticking": a finite amount of time to continue their pro careers and retire comfortably, if possible. Carli has been doing this NT gig for a LONG TIME, also. Perhaps she feels "Father Time" creepin' up on her, and she wishes to maximize her career earning potential (does not happen within the USWNT pay scale)! Don't know Gibbermeyer's situation that well: seems as if she's ~the 5th MB option and saw "the handwriting on walls".

    That's all true and I guess no one here is questioning their desire to leave or the fact that there's, as you said, the "clock that's ticking" factor. The weird thing, at least to me, was their timing. They left right in the middle of a tournament, together. And Gibbemeyer herself likely implied there was conflict. Not to mention both of them took quite a while to announce their retirement, which in my eyes implies that they were waiting for the dust to settle due to something beyond their power; a clause in their contract (if there's one)? A mutual agreement between them and USAV that they would take some time and let things cool down before coming forward with the announcement? Who knows.

    Poor Tandara, I miss her power spikes. ;(

    I miss watching her play too. If healthy, she's arguably our best, no question about it. It's just unfortunate that she wasn't in Rio due to her pregnancy and now she's at risk of not going to Tokyo because of her ankle injury.

    I agree with Sidney on Tandara. I think this year was crucial. It might've been different had Lorenne not been able to step up her game, but now that's she's in the picture, I don't know.

    I'm really curious to know what these differences in values that Gibbemeyer mentioned are, but I doubt we'll ever hear about it, at least until both retire from volleyball altogether. I wonder if any of the older players left feel the same :/

    Same as always. CEV ranking after ECH will determine participants - 8 teams, 2 pool, semis and final.

    After these qualification I can say that OG will have only 6 strong teams: Bra, Usa, Ita, Pol, Rus and European qualifier. Japan and Argentina will be strong opponents but with no chances for SF. I'm much more now against OGs diversity.

    I see we're still underestimating Argentina, huh? Okay.

    They almost beat Brazil in last year Panamerican Cup (2-3) and the team they are facing now is waaaaay weaker. But the key is Rizzola. He knows all the brazilian players by heart.

    The team from the Cup was actually weaker lol Dani Lins post pregnancy, Thaísa coming back from a heavy injury, no OPP whatsoever. Right now at least we have Macris-Lorenne-Mara-Paula coming from a long NT season.

    What a relief! At least we reached the semifinals. With this squad with barely any training or prior preparation, I suppose this is good enough. Wouldn't be mad with a bronze medal at least.

    i finally followed club games last season, never saw paula or lorenne do anything, so yeah, this VNL was their coming out party this year. i don’t even want sheilla to come back (loved her as a legend but she’s not needed anymore. or why not bring back mari steinbrecher?)

    I don't want Sheilla either. With the way she's playing, I want Lorenne to keep playing.

    The fact that Martinez had to play the Pan Games instead of going to the IOQT is... yeah. Marcelo lost quite a few points with me after this one.