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    Brazil roster:

    S: Bruno, Cachopa

    OPP: Wallace, Alan, Rafael Araújo

    OHs: Lucarelli, Leal, Douglas, Lucas Lóh, Maurício B.

    MBs: Isac, Lucão, Maurício S., Flávio

    L: Thales, Maique

    Rafael joined the team for whatever reason. Maurício Borges is back too. No idea on who's gonna get cut for the weekend.

    WEEK 5

    Brazil - Italy 1-3

    Turkey - Belgium 3-0

    Belgium Brazil 0-3

    Turkey - Italy 3-2

    Belgium - Italy 0-3

    Turkey -Brazil 3-1

    Bulgaria - Serbia 2-3

    China - Germany 3-0

    Serbia - Germany 0-3

    China - Bulgaria 3-0

    Germany - Bulgaria 3-0

    China - Serbia 3-0

    Netherlands - Thailand 3-0

    Russia - USA 0-3

    Netherlands - USA 1-3

    Russia - Thailand 3-1

    Thailand - USA 0-3

    Russia - Netherlands 1-3

    Japan - Poland 3-1

    South Korea - Dominican Republic 1-3

    Poland - Dominican Republic 3-2

    South Korea - Japan 0-3

    Japan - Dominican Republic 3-1

    South Korea - Poland 0-3


    And it's pure and simple nepotism, he doesn't have the level of his teammates. He's not even tall nor has a powerful serve, you can't justify his inclusion in any way honestly.

    I'm really disappointed with Mendez for calling him (and also the way the team is playing this VNL, but well, we're just 7 games into this new coach era...).

    Yikes, that's weird coming from Mendez indeed. It's not the same kid who used to play as libero in Sada Cruzeiro, right?

    By the way, how are you guys over in Argentina feeling about Danani these days? I remember you had harsh words for him last VNL, but he seems to be doing well. Not Gonzalez-level of good yet, but good enough.

    awwww my baby! ;(

    Well I guess you also want Thaisa from 2016 as well but you should judge the players among the current pool. In the absence of Adenizia, she is the most balanced Brazilian MB available (she is as good blocker as Carol but also better attacker than her) I don't watch Brazilian league much but considering the VNL matches I don't get the hype about younger MBs Mara, Lara and Mayany. They are not any close to the level of Adenizia, Bia and Carol

    The problem with Bia is her attack. It's been really, really weak since the 2017/2018 season. Most of the time, all she can do is tip the ball. We aren't the only Brazilian supporters that are frustrated with her, even broadcasters have acknowledged that her level has dropped considerably. She's still good when it comes to blocking.

    On the other hand, I do agree that Mayany is overrated as of now, but I do think she can improve as she has barely played full-time in any team, let alone the NT. Mara will probably never be better than this and Lara is just fodder.

    América is shaping up to be a very young team. Rammé (22yo), Rhendrick (20yo) and Oppenkoski (19yo) have just been confirmed by them, as well as other ones that got announced previously: Michelucci (25yo), Pedrão (25yo) and Kachel (28yo). Coach is Henrique Furtado, who's a promising guy that's been working with smaller teams from Minas Gerais these last few seasons. I hope they manage to perform decently!

    Meanwhile, we haven't heard anything from some of the smaller teams so far, namely Maringá, Ribeirão Preto and Blumenau, which is worrisome but pretty standard at this point I guess. Market for the male Superliga tends to be so, so slow...

    Canada about to throw a game to Serbia's B team, yeesh. I have yet to be convinced by them this VNL.

    Also I hope Vucicevic manages to grab a spot as Atanasijevic's backup in the near future because god I wouldn't mind watching him whenever I can. :roll:

    Pope now:

    'Maybe he was sick, his girlfriend broke up with him at the same time, he was drunk or on weed, he was actually angry but hid it. The possibilities are endless, we stan excusing. Kubiak is the victim here, thats what we should focus on. Not how Arabs or Iranians can possibly feel after such a statement, who gives a f about that? It's all about how can we talk this right in name of Kubiak'


    Poor white European grown ass man just doesn't know what he's saying. Poor him ;(