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    I'm personally super excited for this. It's something I've always wanted to see since I began following club volleyball. It should be very entertaining and fun to watch, not to mention great for the development of high level South American volleyball.

    The current South American Club Championship is likely to be replaced by a new tournament called South American League starting this season. Brazilian and Argentinian clubs have come together to create a Champions League tournament of sorts, where the four best placed teams from each country will play against each other for the title. All teams will be split into two groups, including two from each country. The current plan is as follows:

    Group 1:

    Sada Cruzeiro (BRA)

    Sesc-RJ (BRA)

    Bolívar (ARG)

    Ciudad Vóley (ARG)

    Group 2:

    EMS Funvic/Taubaté (BRA)


    UPCN (ARG)

    Second ARG team*

    *Lomas was supposed to be the last team, but the club shut down.

    The rules so far are kinda weird. In the group round, clubs from the same country will only face each other once, whereas games between Brazilian and Argentinian teams will be played in the format of home and away matches. Semifinals are set to have two teams from each country, meaning if the first and second place teams in a group are from the same country, the second place one will be replaced by the best placed one from the other country.

    about BRA: in the past, they tried out some other OH/OP, whatever happened to pri daroit, joycinha, suelle, ivna?

    i guess ze doesn't like joycinha... maybe the others are not playing well. i remember them from 2015, when the team got split for the GP and the pan am games...

    Pri Daroit never really came to be the player people expected her to be. Joycinha failed to impress in 2015 and she's past her prime. Suelle is extremely shaky and unreliable, just like Ivna (who can't even find a team anymore it seems).

    There are younger options, but they're either too short or have zero or almost no experience in the NT.

    saishuu, what do you think of tome? i only saw a little bit of her at the pan am cup. surprised that such a tall woman is used as a passing OH, like martinez. i don't know how i feel about her. at times, she was a good attacker, but i thought it was against weak opposition... she doesn't seem to jump very high. is she as tall as thaisa? maybe rosa is a better option. or edinara.

    I want to root for Tomé, but I don't think she has what it takes for a WCH. She's 1.94m tall, but she lacks power in attack and her approach seems kinda odd sometimes. Her passing is actually decent for someone of her height, but I don't know.

    Rosa's confidence is on the rocks and Edinara performed the worst of all OHs in the Pan Cup, so I think both still need time. Edinara wasn't called, which is understandable, but Rosa has a chance to go as back-up OPP I think.

    Ricardinho retired and is gonna focus on managing Maringá. He said that the team applied for a spot in Superliga next season (the one Canoas gave up on), so we might have another team joining the league soon.

    Why is Lucarelli out, and for how long?

    He suffered an Achilles tendon rupture last November. No one knows exactly how long it'll be until he's fully back.

    Things are not looking good for the Rio Olympics gold winner. SMH> They should have start playing with the younger team much earlier. Now that Lucarelli is out (perhaps), things are just getting worse for them.

    I hate to be pessimistic (even though that's my brand lmao), but I don't think we can expect anything from Brazil this year.

    I think that they could play all together and either Conte or Lucarelli can be used as OPP.. Vissotto doesn't totally convince me :gone::saint:

    I don't know what they were thinking hiring Vissotto to be honest. lol I kinda hope Abouba steps up and wins the starting OPP spot, but that's just wishful thinking.