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    Not sure where exactly to post it, but yeah... Jaqueline just passed out on live TV while giving an interview during the SESI-Taubaté match right now. lol High blood pressure due to the gym's high temperature, apparently. Damn lol

    Hold it. So you're saying he never really got the invite?

    Everything points to that! All the other Sada players got their invites (Rodriguinho, Cachopa, Isac), but Evandro didn't. It's not 100% clear yet, though. He might've got it and then declined like a bunch of players from the female NT did. I'll make sure to comment here if there's any clarification in Brazilian media.

    Woohoo! I mean, poor Evandro. May I know the reason why he's out?

    Age, probably? He had a relatively rocky season too. Plus it's time the younger ones (mainly Alan) play in the main squad.

    News from Sada Cruzeiro (unconfirmed as of now):

    Nico Uriarte (S/ARG) is no longer coming. The team will stick with Cachopa and another older setter on the bench (most likely Rodriguinho, who was previously in Itapetininga).

    The club in interested in Gordon Perrin (CAN/OH) in order to replace Taylor Sander.

    ETA: Evandro (OPP) is staying. Leozinho (OH) might be moving to Botafogo (team coming from the B league).

    Praia just released a press statement that they will try to recover Garay from her injury as soon as possible. They haven’t confirmed if she will be able to play, but she’ll undergo to more medical exams in the following days.

    That worries me so much. Ankle sprains already go undertreated so much and rushing her back into court is gonna be rough. Still hoping for the best, howerver.

    Exactly. And this is a problem given the fact that the current team has no identity. If Brait, Dani, Thaísa, Adenizia, Garay decides to join the NT next year (since the beginning), we can have a competitive team in the Olympics. But I am specially worried about the future. It seems Zé doesn’t know what to do anymore.

    Yeah, I don't exactly blame Zé though, because what can he do when there aren't younger players showing up? I think he could take more risks, sure, but at the end he might always come back to the older guns because who wouldn't find themselves cornered in big competitions when you know the younger ones aren't enough?

    Who knows, maybe this year will actually be good for the future with all these players stepping out. I can only hope so.

    Watching Scandicci is like trying to do something that you're kinda not that good at and then realizing you're just becoming more and more frustrated at yourself and how much you're failing.

    Yes. And since Zé has already said that the best players will be invited in spite of participating in the entire Olympic cycle, there are no reasons for players like Thaísa, Dani, Garay, Adenizia, Brait and others to play the classification tournament because we can win without them.

    But I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean, take Brait as an example. I love her. But if she’s willing to come back to the NT, she should be back this year and not in the following one. It would be really unfair to players like Suelen who have been there for the past 3 years. This thing of Sheilla coming back is also crazy. She hasn’t been there since 2016 (and hasn’t played at all). And I mean, some players return hasn’t been as great as expected. Garay was not playing her best last year because she came back only for the WCH, and her connection with Roberta was awful. Anyway, I think players should participate more in order to deserve a call.

    Yeah, I agree with you completely. And that was exactly one of the main things that made the Brazilian NT good in the past: continuity. I'm scared we're gonna see that exact same thing that happened in the WCH next year, with a bunch of players coming back after barely playing for over a year. It kills any kind of confidence some players have and the tactical system that was built during the season. I'm afraid Zé is kinda lost and doesn't know how to rotate the squad like some other teams have learned to do (like China).

    I do believe Dani too. I'm sure she'll be back next year. She loves Zé lol

    But yeah, there are clear signs of wearing-out (I'm lost in the English here lol I mean "desgaste") in the team. There needs to be some changes come 2021.

    I think the overall level of the match might actually be better if Camera and Caracuta were on court...

    I still consider it a miracle that Plak in all her clumsiness has never managed to hurt herself badly yet :rolll:

    She'll have another season with Carlini's sets in order for that to happen... :lol:

    Just kidding, I'd never wish an injury to anyone. But it's indeed surprised she's never suffered anything.

    The result would have been different if Garay had not been injured. She has been performing so well.

    How is her injury?

    I'm not so sure it would. She barely did anything in the first set. Plus Rosamaria played well, just like the last match between both teams (where Garay was also out and Praia won 3-2).

    We'll probably have info about her injury tomorrow following exams, but I guess she'll be out for the rest of the finals. Ankle sprains usually take 2-3 weeks to heal, unless it's a severe one (which I don't think it is). They might rush her into the third game if there's one, but I wouldn't count on it.