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    lol yeah I did forget about Lorenne... I'm not the biggest fan of hers, but she probably deserves to be considered too after the game vs. Japan. Do you know if she's doing well in the Russian league?

    I'm grateful for that match and 2019 as a whole, but she's just ugh...

    I have no idea about how she's doing in Russia though. :(

    I think that, no matter what, Gabi will be carrying the load of being the go-to player/biggest scorer. Unfortunately, we probably won't have a "true" OPP in that sense.

    Edinara, while very far from the level of the top OPPs internationally, is at least more reliable than Tainara or Kisy. When Edinara is bad, she's still scoring decently. When Tainara and Kisy are bad, they are BAD. I'm still rooting for them and hope that they keep improving. But I think Edinara should at least be tested, just in case.

    I also think Rosa should get one of the OPP spots. Not only is she the most consistent, she's decent in reception, which can be useful. If we were to play a more offensive formation with Ana Cristina, Rosa could pass for her, for example.

    yeah, you got a point there...

    also funny how we all keep forgetting about Lorenne lol I wish Zé would too

    I genuinely think Edinara is just a league-level player. I don't see her performing well internationally at all lol I don't particularly like any of the potential OPPs in the group, but I'd still stick with them I guess... With Julia on the picture and Daroit on the bench, I wouldn't be surprised if Rosa ends up taking the position even though she's mediocre.

    Anyway, hopefully one of them steps up big time until next year...

    Speaking of youngsters, Pietro just had a massive match against Suzano with 12/14 in attacks + 9 blocks. Can't wait until Sada calls him back and leaves him on the bench for years lol

    Maicon seems to have improved a bit too. Araguari is a cool mid team to watch.

    Samuel gets on the adult roster occasionally iirc (never plays tho), but I think he's playing the 2nd division with Minas' B team this year. Possibly next year too since he's still super young. Arthur barely gets playing time because their coach has been making some very weird choices this season and it's very apparent to everyone. As for the other guys...

    I don't think there are any young actual standouts this season to be fairly honest. Setter position is as dry as ever. OPPs are the same as the last 2 seasons with the best ones being Franco, Darlan, Roque and Alan. The best OH in the league is Douglas by far, with no real youngsters coming up -- but at least Adriano seems to have improved a bit? Maicon is having some good numbers in attack, but as you said, his movements are super janky.

    MBs are aplenty as always. I think the most solid ones so far have been Judson (Suzano), Vinícius Piaui (SESI) and Pietro/Álvaro (Araguari). Léo hasn't seen the court at all after being played around in the NT season and now he's underwent knee surgery and is out for the season. As for liberos, I think Alê Elias (Vôlei Renata) has been great. Almost every team has a great libero, but I don't see anyone overtaking Maique and Alê, at least from the ones playing here. I have no idea how Thales is doing, but it should be a no-brainer that Renan is gonna continue using him.

    Serbia and Russia create colonies in French, Romanian and Chinese teams but THY decides to hire Zé (a 3-time OG champion) and 2 potential starters of the Brazilian NT (current vice champion of the VNL, OG and WCH) and all of sudden he just wants to exploit the team? Got it

    I'm glad Roberta feels this good in Poland! It seems to be doing her well. 3 consecutive seasons in the same team (her first foreign too) is really cool. Hopefully LKS builds a good team around her next season!

    I mean GLP reported that if Bosko doesnt accept they'd go after Vargas but not those two together. Not sure if Vargas would want to join a team she knows she wont be a starter.

    Anyways, if that were true, I hope Egonu goes to THY or Fener. Love to see her be trained by ZR. Or at least in fener if they find a decent OH and MB they could be real contenders


    manifesting it

    Wanting and getting are very different things lol. It seems unlikely IMO, I can't see him leaving Barueri.

    But on the off chance that it's true... What if the club Julia Bergmann was talking about is actually THY? :/

    You might be onto something...

    I hope Zé goes and takes Júlia and a Brazilian MB. Keep Naz and Madi, get Ebrar back, sign a young and talented Turkish MB and keep their current libero I guess. Get solid back-ups (not Seyma or Polen lmao) and that'd be golden.

    It'd be very on brand for Praia to get most of the standouts this season and just never use them lol Jussara would be good for teams like Fluminense, Pinheiros or Brasília I think. If she performs like this with someone like Francine, she could be even better with a better setter lol

    But yeah, I like Lanna too. She's doing well moving up slowly though, Brasília is a good place to develop it seems. I don't know about Barueri since Zé already has a bunch of other youngsters in his roster (Larissa, Lívia and Luzia), but the other teams I mentioned above might also be good choices for her.

    Speaking of MBs, I just want Lorena to leave Bauru lol

    I can't wait until Jussara moves up and never gets used in a bigger team lol You just know that's what's gonna happen.

    But yeah, Juju is a treasure. She's a volleyball player. In my eyes, the other young MBs have nothing on her.