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    Fuji is invested in the Haruko national high school tournament, so it make sense for them to promote national team after they are high school stars. Fuji also now has invested in a new volleyball anime project "2.43".

    I had no idea there was another one. I know Shonen Jump is in theory directed at boys and (mostly? I don't know) features mangas with male protagonists, but come on, someone write and publish the female equivalent to Haikyuu already.

    saishuu , I just finished Words of Radiance.. It's unbelievable how good this series is... When you manage to start to read the Stormlight Archive, you won't be able to put it down... At least, I can't.. So good, ugh!

    I'm looking forward to it! This series is at the top of my priority list for whenever I'm able to buy books again and I really wanna buy them instead of pirating. I'm currently feeding off my fantasy craving by reading Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea and it's great too!

    Brazilian Superliga:

    After Sesc-RJ's withdrawal and SESI dissolving their adult team, Ribeirão Preto has also decided to shut down. They were more known for being the team managed by Lipe (OH). I wouldn't be surprised if other teams also disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Vedacit/Guarulhos has confirmed they will join SL from the B league. First names confirmed are Sandro (S) and Thiago Alves (OH). They were the team associated with Corinthians until a couple Superligas ago and were put on blast for not paying salaries for months. Who knows how long they'll last this time...

    I understand your point. The only thing said here is that she doesn't seem to have any aspiration to play for the NT, plus she deals with volleyball exclusively as her work.

    Exactly, and there's no problem with that. I'm talking exclusively from the perspective that she was supposed to be a good prospect for the NT and that her actions speak otherwise. I don't blame her for her choices, she's allowed to take this volleyball thing whatever way she wants to. It's just slightly disappointing for "fans" who wish she'd do well internationally, but still that's also just projecting.

    Me too! I didn't read many fantasies in my life, only the mainstream ones, Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire, that type of thing, and some others not so great... I was looking to read more sci-fi actually. After I read that book by Becky Chambers, I found some Youtube channel's talking about her, and one of these channels was making a special series about Sanderson and I was like "oh my god, this look awesome, I need to read this!" Then the Youtube algorithm started to flood me with Sanderson content and I watched some of his lectures. I even watched one of his signing livestreams, he's amazing haha

    But I'm definitely intending to continue this trend and read more fantasy. Some friends of mine suggested I should read "The Fifth Season" by N.J Jemisin. It looks really good and all books from this series won a Hugo Award. But I'm currently too busy falling in love with Sanderson's world-building to care about other authors, but I will, for sure...

    my boyfriend got me back into fantasy this year and I'm glad he did lmao I missed reading stuff like that so much. I've been binging some booktubers that talk about fantasy books too and there's so much I want to read! the Sanderson books, The Fifth Season, The Poppy War series, The First Law series, The Sword of Kaigen... ugh

    also never thought I'd find someone else here who's watching all those Sanderson videos lol that's pretty cool

    I also read the Kingkiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind/ The Wise Man's Fear) by Patrick Rothfuss.. wonder if book 3 will every come out.

    I suggest the book 'Blood Song' by Anthony Ryan if you like Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss. This book can be read as a standalone.

    I'm taking some time off before I read The Wise Man's Fear, but hopefully Rothfuss is able to finish the third book indeed. I need more Kvothe

    also thanks for the rec! i'm gonna check out 'Blood Song' for sure

    Are you reading any books recently? Do you have any favorite books that you're very fond of and want to talk about how good they are?

    In these difficult times, I was looking to read genres that I don't liked, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I kind liked fantasy when I was younger, but I always thought of them as Young Adult and YA is really boring for me nowadays. But, I was impressed how much I liked this two last books I read. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Beckie Chambers and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. The way they created such good characters with a really good world-building backing them, it was astonishing! I'm really impressed and now I have to read more :P

    You read fantasy? Nice! I'm just getting back into it myself. I've been meaning to get my first Brandon Sanderson soon; been watching his classes on creative writing this year on Youtube and he seems great.

    Also I've just read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss a few months ago and I loved it. Also finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman a few weeks ago, but that one I haaaated. I'm currently reading something other than fantasy, which is "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami. Enjoying it so far.

    Drussyla posted on social media - yesterday I guess - that she's "not missing playing volleyball at all".
    When the oldies say that the young girls just don't have the same joy and do not understand what is to be an athlete, I tend to agree with them.

    Drussyla keeps making it clear over and over again that she has zero aspirations with the NT. Not everyone will have the drive that's necessary to be among the best and I understand that sometimes sports for some of them is simply work, but it's too bad, I really thought she could be a good core player for the team in the future.

    Since there are 16 teams and we don't have enough good locals. Teams should consider players from U categories. Vakifbank - Eczacıbasi - Fenerbahce - Galatasaray these teams have good prospects. They should loan their players. I wanna see Pelin Eroktay or Dalia Wilson to play in VVSL for example. It might be too much pressure for those players but they can get experience as well.

    If Beşiktaş or Bevi won't build a good team, TVF should create Club Itália from those teams.

    aren't you from brazil? you even type "italia" with the accent mark.

    I saw on a Instagram. I think that this topic are for rumours, right? You can find on Instagrans related to brazilian volleyball

    She spoke very clear on a video that shE will not change her citizenship. The Volero thing was written below the instagram video.

    I was not doubting you or thinking it was official, my bad! I was just curious as it's been a hot topic over here for a while and I hadn't seen anything new about it. Thanks though.