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    A fair point is that Brazilian youngsters are not as dominant at U18/U20 tournaments as they were before. Brasil won 4 editions in a row between 2001-2007 (generations 1982-1988), which fed the senior team for many years but recently, Brasil couldn't reach to even semis in last two junior WCH whereas. So it is not trainers don't give them a chance in NT, it is also the fact that there are not such exceptional players anymore to get a slot among such a competitive pool of senior players.

    yes, and clubs know that. they're having a hard time hiring good OHs, for example. minas keeps hiring pri daroit, who's over 30yo and never shined in the NT, simply because that aren't any good ones that could potentially make them strong. gabi, natália and probaby drussyla (if she regains her pre-injuries form) are the only viable candidates. perhaps amanda and jaque too, but that's already a stretch.

    but part of the problem is that talented and promising players are not necessarily given chances... until this past season, lorenne and borgo were bench players. and then given a chance, they shined and showed what they can do... of course, i don't think borgo will be the savior of the NT but lorenne might well be...

    that's another thing. if the NT for example fails to reach F6 in the VNL because the coach let youngsters play and gain experience, criticism would come crashing down hard on everyone. there's a lot of expectations on the NTs here and hardly room to breathe. we saw what happened in 2018 and 2019 with plenty of players refusing to join simply because the pressure is way too high. it's a hard thing to work around.

    I think it's pretty hard to think about renovation.. especially with some players that never played with the senior team...

    Only Tainara had a real test, the other ones are only a guess... Ze will continue with the old ladies and Paulo Coco will do the same thing.

    They are waiting the players to grow up to give them any chance to compete for a spot.. they don't trust the u-players any more.. which is a shame, but a fact nonetheless :(

    People asking for Jheovana and Julia Kudiess and Kenya just makes me laugh lmao

    Gabi only joined the NT at a young age because she was already performing at a high level in the Superliga champion. Same for Drussyla. What have these players shown up to this point that'd make them worthy of being called to the NT other than failing to reach the podium in U18/U20 tournaments?

    IMHO Serbia became this good when she took over the libero position. She's not the most spectacular player ever, but she gets her job done. Not to mention she has been passing the ball in a 2-people system for years. Ask yourself where those amazing liberos would be having to cover 4,5 m of court at the highest level.

    Exactly. I found her to be really important for all of Serbia's achievements these last few years, especially in Rio. She's no De Gennaro or Castillo, but she works well in Serbia's system.

    Also I'm no mod, but can we please just move away this discussion to the Serbian thread or somewhere else?

    we're literally in 2020

    I hope this world will find a way to deal with the corrupt WHO. Many WHO officials should be responsible for the early deception, and they are undoubtedly the murderers!

    Bruce Aylward, a senior WHO official, behaves like a harlequin :gone:.

    is really really sucks to see taiwan in this position. wish you guys nothing but the best. :super:

    Okay, real question: do you guys feel like some of these transfers won't actually come through by the time it gets close to the beginning of the season? I don't know, I'm under the impression that there's still so much more to happen COVID-wise that I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of players letting go of their contracts and playling in their local leagues. I hope none of this happens and the season goes on smoothly, but yeah.

    I really had high hopes for Pose but just like other Ryan Murphy series, it is a bit boring at times and unnecessarily too long.

    I loved the first season, but the second one just dragged on forever. Typical for Ryan Murphy. Just like with Glee, he can't make anything good for more than 13 episodes.

    Barueri seems a more balanced team for next season. They will literally count with every player on their roster. Last season it was only all about Double sub with Jaque and Kisy and the fight between Diana and Lays for a spot in the starter team.

    Maira, Glayce, Katina and Basso??

    Great combo of OH.

    i'd forgotten about glayce lol but they got basso too? if so, it's indeed good that they have more options this time.

    mdacs voloch said maira is staying I think.

    also Barueri seems to be going the Club Italia route even further this next season, which might be pretty cool. other than Maira, I think all their players are gonna be U23 girls. Jacke, Kenya, Diana, Karina, Lorrayna, Lorena, Kisy (?), Nyeme, etc.

    I like watching tennis and he's a coach and commentator. I enjoy his comments but I've unfollowed him after being aware he was supporting Bolsonaro in the presidential elections. But yesterday I was watching some parts of Mara's instagram live and recognized him. But the connection seemed really random for me, so I searched for his instagram and there were both pictures of Mesquista and Mara.

    that's next level lmao props for the stalking skills, bless

    awwww. brazilian league might not be the best in the world, but it's very fun to watch! it's really good to follow the matches and root for the underdog and the potential prospects for the nt, it's a big part of what makes volleyball entertaining to me these days. i'm glad you had a good time!

    Useless info but funny tho: I’ve done a little stalking and found out that Mara (MB, Osasco) is dating the father of Camila Mesquita (OPP from Valinhos)

    get it girl