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    Yes, there were widespread rumours about her and Stevanovic. It's funny, but supposedly the rumours have it that one of reasons they split because Jovana did not want to publicly acknowledge their relationship in any way, not even in front of their teammates, and was very repressed about her sexuality, but now Lloyd seems to be the one dating a guy (he could be a beard, though).

    bissexual people exist but go off I guess

    Woooohoooooo! :woohoo: I was feeling jaded when Minas dismantled their team, but now my heart is filled with hope again. Barueri!!!!! What a MONSTER of a player is Nyeme, wow! And Lorenne, oh my god Lorenne :heart:... The only problem here is Juma! She made a lot of points, and did some good job in servers, but the amount of ball she sets to Opp should be a CRIME! I know Lorenne is having the time of her life, but one shouldn't make yours Opp's job worse giving ALL THE BALLS of a set to her, sheesh.. Ze even begged to her to use Lays or Tainara.

    Honestly, I hope Kisy can start some games against weaker teams just so that Lorenne has some rest. Girl has been playing non-stop for a while now. And imagine what this team could do with a better setter...

    Couldn't watch the match until it was 13-11 in the tie-break, but goddammit this made me so happy. Barueri is such a likeable team. This was an incredible feat for them. Some of these girls could REALLY shine with the NT in the future if they continue to play like this.

    is there any way for foreigners to buy a subscription at canalvoleibrasil?, i was trying to buy one but it seems imposible without a CPF number

    Oof, I'm afraid you can't get a CPF, unless you have a Brazilian friend and you can register using their personal information. So I assume that's a no? That's too bad.

    didn't rosamaria have some great matches in BRA league? she'd get lots of kills sometimes... i thought that's what the hype came from. she obviously struggles with passing, so she's a better OPP than passing OH...

    i watched a few matches of the recent world u-23 (?) ch. this year (in MEX), and lots of players seemed more promising than bergmann (e.g. ana cristina & kisy). i didn't get why bergmann was called by ze to the senior NT! she was terrible and showed not a lot of promise... didn't get to see jheovana, who was kisy's backup. has she any promise?

    Rosamaria is a much better OPP -- she proved that while playing in Pinheiros and during her first season in Minas iirc. She started to decline once she switched to OH permanently, so she might bounce back if she realizes full-time she can't play as a receiver. It sucks the reason for her switching positions was Zé telling her she had the build to do so.

    Júlia might improve in the US, but so far Tainara, Kisy and Ana Cristina seem much more promising. I honestly believe Zé called Júlia just out of public pressure. As for Jheovana, she seems heavy and super slow, I'm not sure how it's gonna work out for her. I've barely watched anything from her.

    So basically she has that Mari's trait minus the big ability. Speaking of which, how is Bergmann performing on NCAA? I do wish Edinara step up her game. She played really well on her last match.

    Apparently she's doing really well, but her team is far from being the most competitive. It's not even among the top 25 teams in NCAA I believe.

    Mari was on the downhill when they hired her. She barely played and she got injured. Poor my girl. Her career was never the same after that 2009 injury. Tbh, I don't know why Rosamaria was huge back then. She is an average player in my opinion. There are lots of players like her in the Superliga. What's the fuss around her?

    She's pretty, white, blonde, likely comes from an European family and has a big presence on Instagram. Exactly the same reason as to why Júlia Bergmann of all people is hyped to hell and back.

    ok, maira's last performance made all of us haters shut up... now can she keep it up and earn her spot in the NT for tokyo????? we know ze likes her for passing...

    probably not, I think Amanda is still ahead of her. Maira has zero international experience (considering VNL, WCH, WC, OG, etc), while Amanda already has plenty.