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    French squad:

    Setters: Toniutti (Ravenna), Redwitz (Montpellier)
    OPP: Moreau (Cannes) Rouzier (Cuneo), Sidibé (Lubjlana)
    OH's: N'Gapeth (Kemerovo), Marechal (Jastrzębie-Zdrój), Lyneel (Montpellier), Tillie (Ravenna)
    MB's: Le Roux (Piacenza), Hardy-Dessources (Tours), Le Goff (Montpellier), Lafitte (Montpellier), Aguenier (Nantes)
    Libero: Exiga (Tours), Grebennikov (Friedrichshafen)

    Tuia has finally been called back to prepare the Championship.

    Looks like Rouzier, Moreau and Maréchal are not currently 100% healthy so Tillie wants to have options to decide who will be in the 14 players list (should be announced by thursday).

    I think a handful of good outside-hitter of French championship could be still available.

    As far as I know, those players have not yet announced where they were going to play next season:

    - Julien Lavagne, France (187 cm captain of Nantes, great receiver and perfect spirit)
    - Karel Linz, Czech Republic (200 cm, Nantes, high reach)
    - Marcus Popp, Germany (192 cm, Tours, German Olympian in London)
    - Robert Tarr, USA (197 cm, Cannes)

    edit: Carlos Antony signed with Tourcoing

    I am going to repeat it but I don't understand why Rado is the first one leaving the team and why he is playing such an active role for this Halkbank transfer . He is like more than a coach . Is he also the agent of this players

    I remember he had a key role when Tours (coached by Alekno) signed Plamen Konstantinov as a joker in 2004...

    Boninfante signed for Lyon so I doubt they have money for Tischer.

    There has been no official announcement.
    To me the rumor about Tischer is a clue that Boninfante is not coming in Lyon.

    Lyon's president (International Bulgarian referee Krasimir Todorov) has plenty of connections in Bulgaria, so it is likely that a few big names connected to Bulgarian federation should come along with Prandi. However I have some doubts about the financial power of the team.
    And so many rumors about big names are very unusual in France. So I wonder if the club is not leaking big names around, to get more sponsors involved, when it currently can't afford to hire them...

    Haha, so am I :D 8)

    From what I recall, he was nothing close from a MVP when playing in France 2 seasons ago.
    He was obviously lacking physical skills to play in a team like Cannes in French Ligue A , so I can't figure out how he can achieve anything in Poland.

    Seriously? Are you saying his reception is not reliable? then I'd agree. Otherwise compared to Ngapeth I don't think anyone can be more "attacker"

    By french standards, Tuia is definitely more an attacker.
    By Polish or Russian standards, maybe it's a bit different.

    Anyway, Tuai is not as reliable as Antiga when it comes to receive, but he is probably as powerful as Ngapeth.

    Tours's official roster for next season: (players not in bold were still under contract with the team)

    Setters: Pinheiro , Dillies
    Opposites: Konecny , Falafala
    Middle Blockers: Hardy-Dessources, Smith, Philipp Collin (22 yo, 2,04m Dresden)
    Outside Hitters : Kamil Baranek, Kevin Klinkenberg (23 yo, 1,97m, Maaseik) , Jayson Jablonsky (27 yo, 1,98m, Lubljana), Nicholas Hoag (20 yo, 2 m, Canada)
    Libero: Exiga

    Coach is likely to be Paes, since he is willing to remain in Tours and the club wants to keep him. They are currently discussing about the length of the contract (just like Konecny last season) and chould agree on a 3 seasons contract.

    About the player leaving the team:

    Emmanuel Ragondet will sign in Ajaccio. There has been no official news about Popp, Simin, Szymkowiak or Guittet.

    Tours won a 4th French championship against Paris Volley.

    After the french cup and the supercup, this is the first time a french team wins the 3 national trophy the same season.

    Paris - Tours : 1-3 (17-25, 25-16, 21-25, 14-25) stats
    Tours - Paris : 3-0 (25-17, 25-17, 25-22) stats

    Both team will play the next European Champion's League


    Actually I should not have post it as an official transfer.
    Philippe Blain (Montpellier's manager since January) said during the French Championship Final broadcast that the team was "talking" with Redwitz. I did not watch the broadcast myself, and the news was first post on Tours's board as something sure. An other member has since reported the acurate words of Blain, so it's not that clear!

    Montpellier is rumored to get some help from local businessman Louis Nicollin, already president of Montpellier's soccer team.
    About Le Marrec, last rumor was that he was going to remain in Montpellier as a backup.

    Both signing of Redwitz and Le Marrec make sense as family choices.