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    Just to make things clear, Xue Ming is playing now for China against Italy in their friendly games against each other, and doing very well. There is no reason for her being outside the OG-squad. Wang Yimei is doubtful, maybe she will play, maybe not, according to the reports.

    Xue Ming doesn't go to Italy, she is in Beijing now. I am sorry to say that her chance in OG-squad is very low...

    OMG...Podolec instead of Bamber!?!? whatz happening? I don't think Podolec is ready for NT too...
    so who is going to play as OPP? no Kasia, Bamber in the list and Asia Kaczor is injured...Podolec? 8| or Frackowiak?

    oh my god!! no Świderek please!!!!! imo he is much more stupid than Matlak....... :thumbdown:

    can I ask where is Piotr Makowski? He is not the asst. coach in the list.
    Who is Popik by the way?

    oh yeah yeah yeah :dance6:

    one more reason for me to support Muszyna :D

    how about Gajgal? i heard that Muszyna want to transfer her....

    and is that Ola confirmed to take a rest preparing pregnancy?

    Lena Dziekiewicz has announced that she will no longer play in NT ;( ;( ;(

    it's so sad to lose a nice person & player like Lena! ;(

    btw, I heard that Kasia Skowranska won't play in NT, anyone can please tell me it's not true :wall:

    i agree with samba player except for:

    1) i think China is not in red group any more. The new players have so many problems and i am pretty sure that veterans won't be back to NT again. (only ZhouSuhong has possibility to be back, but she needs to take care of her husband so i think the chance is little too.) If you guys followed some matches in the Chinese League, you will find that we really can't see the future. and unlike USA we can still hope for great players to come back from oversea leagues, almost all players play in Chinese League, the coach doesn't have many choices in the players' selection at all.

    2) i think Dominican Republic should be in orange group too as they are improving these years. They have young and talented players but they need to improve their stability and reduce errors.

    another point: should be count the matter of pool composition of WCH when ranking the NTs level?

    as we all know there will be probably 6 teams(BRA, ITA, NED, USA, CUB, GER) or more to fight for 2 semi-final spots in pool B+C second round. and on the other hand in pool A+D there will be much easier to qualify for semi-final.

    if this factor should be counted, then i definitely will put China back to red group again as they have a better draw.

    @ mateo

    i just heard the news of Baranska and it is really a big shock for me that she probably can't play in WCH. (well, Baranska shocked me these days not only because of her injury, sorry for :offtopic: :D ) I know players in oversea leagues and those in the 3 teams participated in Champions'League only, don't have much knowledge about the other players in Polish league. Any promising OHs among the young players? If use Jagielo+some heavy hitter without reception as OHs will be a disaster for Poland's reception, then the setter will push every ball to Kasia and then the MBs will be totally hidden ;(


    [b]Group D (Bangkok, Thailand): Italy, Puerto Rico, Thailand, United States


    pool D changed to be hosted in the city Taipei, Chinese Taipei already.

    i will probably go to Taipei for italy, and give up pool E in macau, china.

    pool A in brazil will have italy! good for you Joana! i am jealous...hehe..

    so sad that ITA & POL won't come to Hong Kong or Macau this year, and i need to fly :super: to other places to see them.


    I just came across with this thread... and I must comment... what magnificous venues!! I had never seen it... it is wonderful both in the inside and also outside too!!
    I'm too sad I can't go to Poland for this tournament :( Next time I get a better job to help me gather money :lol:

    oh sad that I can't see you in poland this time. :( I prepared to crazy together with you girls!!

    anyone who confirmed to EuroChamp please raise their hands here!! Let's have an inside-volley gathering :drink:

    (Joana and Justyna, I raised hands for you!! :D)

    Milena Sadurek divorced with Marcin Mikołajczyk

    WHAT?! :what: :what:

    oh..i just know this news..but in WGP, Milena still has Sadurek-Mikołajczyk as her surname. I never know that...

    when did this happened?

    Not totally a volley couple, but certainly a sports couple: Ivana Djerisilo is dating the Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic. You may remember him as the guy who lost to Phelps by 0.01 of a second in Beijing.
    Ivana was married to a handball player but they got divorced last year.

    another shocking news!!!! :what: Ivana with Cavic? Did they disclose publicly or just gossip?