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    I agree with you for Stoykov and I really don't understand why the coach insist to play with him. :down:
    Aleksiev was good in attack but that's all - poor reception, poor deffense. And I'm so glad with the play of Zhekov - he was amazing! Ananiev was good too.

    Finland - Bulgaria 0:3 ( 26:28, 28:30, 19:25)

    Finland: Esko Mikko 7, Oivanen Mikko 14, Oivanen Matti 8, Shumov Konstantin 4, Hietanen Matti 1, Sivula Urpo 1, Hyvärinen Pasi-libero (Kunnari Olli 8, Siltala Antti 7, Tuomi Henri 3)
    Bulgaria: Andrey Zhekov 5, Danail Milushev 9, Todor Aleksiev 13, Kostadin Stoykov 5, Hristo Tsvetanov 9, Krasimir Gaydarski 11, Teodor Salparov-libero (Martin Penev, Boyan Yordanov 2, Metodi Ananiev 5)

    Very good match for Zhekov, Gaydarski and Tsvetanov.

    Ann, I don't know how to buy it from Poland, it's hard to find it even if you live in Bulgaria. :S
    I can send you the 2 magazines that I have if you want and if you know how I can do this (by mail?) - they are from April and May. I don't have yet the new one from June.

    Surprisely for me:

    Spain - Bulgaria 2:3 (25:17, 27:29, 25:15, 23:25, 10:15)

    Spain: Iban Perez (21), Miguel Angel Falasca (4), Jose Luis Molto (12), Julian Garcia-Torres (7), Manuel Sevillano (15), Israel Rodriguez (17), Alexis Valido (Juan Carlos Barcala, Fran Rodriguez, Enrique De La Fuente)

    Bulgaria: Andrey Zhekov (5), Danail Milushev (9), Todor Aleksiev (1), Kostadin Stoykov (16), Krasimir Gaydarski (2), Teodor Bogdanov (4), Teodor Salparov (Martin Penev (5), Metodi Ananiev (7), Boyan Yordanov (16), Hristo Cvetanov (4), Ivan Stanev)

    Heroes of the match - Zhekov, Yordanov and Penev. A very nervous match...

    And they maybe will win another "something" today if Toto (Aleksiev), Meto (Ananiev) and Stoykov are again so tragic in reception. ;( It was a real disaster... We gived the win to the Spanish. So many mistakes... :down:

    Yordanov was good too. I liked Gaydarski also but why Stoev replaced him with Bogdanov, Gaydarski was so succesfull on block?!
    I don't understand why Stoev insist with Stoykov and Bogdanov?!
    Pffff, I'm so :mad:

    I think that not Danail Milushev but Danail Mihaylov will play in Halbank..? At least I hope so. It will better for Milushev to stay in France.
    Poor Toshko - he couldn't escape from Stoev. :S

    Our reception was awfull, it wasn't zero, it was negative in the 2 games against USA! :what: The last night match was a crazy match with loosing 2 sets to 12 and winning the game.
    A good match for Milushev and another good for Yordanov. It will be hard for Stoev to choose the second opposite for the OG. Milushev is really in very good shape.

    Armel, I watched the friday maytch between France and Brasil and I was very surprised with the mustache. They look like some heros from the Resistance. :whistle: