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    Well, Korea NT performance against China was not that terrible as I expected before the match. :lol:

    Over all my impression about 2015 NT Korea.

    Jungcheol Lee(Coach) : why is he so much demotivated??? the coach of NT is just boring and secondary? because the coach position of korean NT is always for just one year? is that?
    Heejin Kim (OP) : not bad, but I expected to see more improvement.
    Hyojin Yang (MB) : the same as Heejin Kim. I can't understand why she is the most paid player in Korean League except foreign players.
    Hyohee Lee (setter) : she was good!
    Jaeyeong Lee (OH) : Well done. Bravo Jaeyeong! Happy to see her on the court instead of Song-Yi Han
    Jungwon Mun : she is a good one point server. But if she succeed in 50% probability, it's truly a problem. I will not take the risk if I am the coach.
    Hyenjeong Na(libero) : she showed amazing improvement this season in her team GS, but not so much impressive in NT. maybe she need more experience. I support her anyway.
    Jiyeon Nam(libero) : disappointing.
    Yeonkoung Kim : she joined NT just after arriving Korea from Istanbul. but she doesn't seem to much tired at the end of NT tournament as usual. cheer up Kim! well done!

    Great work! thank you

    After some beginning matches of the seasons, here are some impressive players IMO so far.

    1. Na-Hyung Jung (5), Libro, GS Caltex

    Super dig! I did not know this player well before, but so far amazing. I hope she continues her condition for whole season. Korean NT needs young generation of libro.

    2. So-young Lee (1), left, GS

    It's 3rd season for her. Without De la Cruz, Dae-young Jung (moves to Hi pass) and Suk-ja Lee (retired) GS spending hard time. They don't have enough strong attacker. But So-young Lee doing well her job. cheers!

    3. Song-hwa Cho (14), setter, HK

    I did not know her well but she seems more confident. smiles on face. they said she is not like this before. Vasileva will agree on that. haha.

    You may know all foreign players well, they are all good. Among all, I think Rourke is the best.
    They way she encourages colleague makes better teamwork. Players of HK are youngest that other team and this is important to them.

    Polina is also good player but it seems that she is not yet used to Yeom's setting.

    What else to say for Nicole. She is struggling during 3 years in bad team. :aww: I feel like she is santa maria of Hi pass. She said that she remained the team for championship, but seems hard to achieve.

    I must add one thing more.

    Kwon Kwang-young, who was the head manager of Heungkuk, the main axis of Kim Yeon-Koung's FA status dispute, has been dismissed since several months. :rolll:

    Definitely, another reason that the team improved.

    IBK is the most strong team and HK is the opposite, so today's result is quite surprising. During two years since the IBK team is made, HK never won against IBK.

    What is more surprising is that two main wing players of HK were absent due to injury, but HK defeated IBK by 3:0

    All this result is driven by the new coach of HK of this season, Park Mihee, who has been an excellent player as MB, and also a good caster until last season. Personally I'm not a fan of HK at all, but I really appreciate them today. The coach made completely different team with the same member.

    Vasileva had hard season with this team last season. She did everything alone, attack and defense but teamwork and mood were always awful. The trouble between the main setter, cho, and Vasileva getting worsened during season.

    It is too early to say that HK became a strong candidate for championship but it is sure that the game of HK is much interesting than before.

    KOVO said that they will introduce "tryout system" for foreign players from next season in V-league.
    source :…AKR20131218191700007.HTML
    (the source is in 2013 when this issue is first came out, but now it's confirmed)
    Tryout is similar to draft. Among applicants, KOVO makes ranking list of player and each team select the player in order.
    KOVO said they are considering applicants from NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association)
    So overall, foreign palyers from next season will be less experienced than now.
    KOVO expects that the current high dependency on one foreign player in V-league will be changed with new system.

    .... and here it is! Diving ceremony that she promised to do when the team win the gold. starts at 2:17
    Bravo Kim! Congrat!!!!



    This is hilarious!
    Kim with Han and Yang, a short interview on sports TV show.
    I have no time to translate all and make subtitle, but here is some :D

    (Yang interviewing Kim)

    at 4:50
    Yang : How do you think about yourself pretty?

    at 4: 53
    Kim : Prettier than you.

    at 4:55
    Yang : well, that is what you are always saying… In sports domain?

    at 4:57
    Kim : first of all, Yuna Kim, she is pretty. and Yeonjae Son is. But their images are pretty. they are so feminine. when we see them first, everybody says “wow, so feminine, you are really woman.” But in reality, when people meet me first, they are surprised. because I am so pretty.

    at 5:15
    (all laugh)

    (Kim interviewing Yang)
    at 5: 42
    Kim : why your face is always swollen? You seem selfish, don’t you think yourself? Why you eat so much as knowing that your stomach hurts? As far as I know, I heard that you did nothing in Grand Prix. You never played, right? You went Brazil for fun? yes, you went for enjoying.

    at 6:05
    Yang: No is it not true.

    at 6:06
    Kim : You went Macao for fun. “oh…. Macao, oh…. casino.”

    at 6:11
    Yang : But I did not feel comfortable.

    at 6:12
    Kim : we shared the same room. due to injury she did not play the game. So I encouraged and consulted with her extremely well. “hey “Hyojin. this will just pass by. Our final goal is the gold medal in Asian Game.”

    at 7:21
    Caster : do you have in mind some kind of ceremony you would like to do when you win the gold?

    at 7:23
    Kim: Diving ceremony.

    at 7:25
    Caster : how?

    at 7:27
    Kim: just madly like this.

    Yes, maybe that is the only reason that the coach left her on the court because of her height, especially when Hyo-jin Yang is absent (due to injury).

    Jung-ah Park, why not :) I remember she did crucial key blocks last year during AVC asian championship against China which led the team to victory. She does not participate reception at all and has poor defencing skills but definitely useful player to the team. Overall, I would like to give her positive rates in this competition.

    I saw that someone made this. maybe on purpose to praise Kim's spike but I was surprised by good back passing done by Jung-ah. it appears around 13s. After making the point Kim is saying to Jung-ah giving high five that "Hey Jung-ah, Nice toss Nice toss!!" around 21s. :)

    Han Song-Yi was finally replaced during 1st set, then teamwork improved much better and finally the team could won. whew! Everyone knew it that she was "the key" player of the team but the coach noticed it in the last day. :aww: Well, but better than ever.

    The mood of the team during game is crucial part in women volleyball, but Song-Yi Han is truly harmful in that sense. Always she plays really passively when attacking and defencing and it brings huge negative effect on the team sprit. Her thousand of mistakes in decisive moments, needless to say. I think Korea played pretty well against China until Song-Yi Han missed on two consecutive receptions which immediately allowed china to do direct kills during 2nd set. The team mood completely reversed then. Korea is especially weak against Japan, the team often loose control. It's rather psychological part than physical. As long as Song-Yi Han is on the court, Korea could never defeat Japan.

    Good-bye Song-Yi Han. Please never come back for Korea NT. :wavy:

    Thank you for your encouraging!! :flower: I hope to see Baek as starter in 3rd week. ;)
    Such a nice team Brazil. I was very surprised by their perfect defence and teamwork. Bravo! Carry on the good work!

    OMG Kim is so cute and small :rolll:
    thank you for sharing this. Have you been in the stadium last week? It's a pity that Korea showed very awful performance last week against Brazil and USA. :wall: I did not expect Korea could win, but it was extraordinarily bad.

    Thaks for explanations ^^ so why don't Koreans call more players to NT when they have problems with roster, is it all because of KOVO and clubs ?( they have only 1 healthy nominal MB, so Jeong-Ah Park (L) and Yoo-Na Bae (R) has to play as MBs :whistle: if it's possible, I would call Su-Ji Kim and Joon-Eem Ha immediately...
    without nominal R (Bae put from R to MB) Kim is playing as OP, but with switched rotation she's more like L than R. Meanwhile rest of team is useless, especially Song-Yi Han :!: why coach didn't try Baek as starter instead of her ?(
    what about their other R - Yoon-Joo Hwang, is she injured or what ?(

    They can add 2 more players, but Korean Volleyball Association is house poor don't have much budget for that. Su-ji Kim is MB but her main weakness is block. :aww: I am not sure how much she can contribute to the team in that aspect but better than nothing of course. Totally agree about Song-Yi Han. Even if Baek plays almost like Song-Yi Han (in fact, it's hard to do worse than Han), it would be better to have her as starter because it is the first NT for her and could be a good experience for future. she is younger than Han. I don't know what's the point to keep Song-yi Han as starter continuously. All the people know it except the coach.

    After having passed tough last season, Yoon-Joo Hwang seems find her shape again. She made more than 40 points in a game during KOVO cup match in this summer. I heard that she, herself, refused to join NT. She just came back from long slump (both psychological and physical), and she wants to be more careful. If the coach think GP as a "good chance to young players for experience", I think it would be also good to bring other younger players, such as Si-young Jung of HK. She may or may not adapt on high blocks but for future of NT, why not :)

    Yes annual one. In fact the total sum of all players of the team is fixed by KOVO rule. I forgot the exact amount but seems like ~20 000M
    One player can not take the whole 20 000M

    You mean korean players? or foreign players?
    except foreign players, maximum about 180M-200M won but no idea about minimum. maybe 40M or 50M?
    The salary of foreign players is limited around 300M or so by KOVO rule, but I guess they earn more inofficially.

    Yes she was lined up opposite the setter, but Korea plays the system with switched MB/OH positions, so the OPP attacks twice from pos. 4 and only once from pos. 2, for example the same as Gamova in Kazan where she attacks twice from 4 and Del Core as OH from 2.

    Thanks! I did not pay attention to her starting position, which tells it by definition. :)
    because I used to substitute "left" position as OH and "right" position as OP, but you're right.