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    Short comments so far IMHO,

    2. Mok-Hwa Baek : Left, first debut as NT, mostly back up. not remarkable so far but hope better play
    3. Hyo-Hee Lee : Setter, experienced, spent 2 seasons in IBK with Jung-Ah Park and Hee-Jin Kim, that may be an asset
    4. Haeran Kim : Libero, disappointing in reception and dig wrt previous, but decent one point server
    5. Jiyeon Nam : Libero, disappointing, too. but cheer up girls!
    10. Yeonkoung Kim : Left, nothing to add.
    11. Jungah Park : Left, not excellent but not bad. lack of reception and dig is well know weakness.
    12. Songyi Han : Left, not deserve as an NT member. The major weakness of the team but plays almost in fulltime as receving-OP, making 2 or 3 points per game.
    16. Yoona Bae : Right, replaced by Jungah Park due to poor performance during 2nd games. poor passing, poor block
    17. Hyojin Yang : MB, injured, may skip all GP
    19. Heejin Kim : MB, once good, once bad, once good and once bad... needs to increase her consistancy.
    21. Jaeyoung Lee: Left, main OH with Yeonkoung Kim. doing good so far
    22. Dayoung Lee: Setter, lack of experience. doing good wrt her age(19) but seems too young to take charge of whole game especially in decisive moments.

    Honestly, how miserable will be the team except Kim. The coach said the (only) goal of 2014 NT is to win the gold at Incheon Asian game. The team showed terrible performances against Brazil and USA. Setting by Dayoung Lee was so unstable but the coach let her to take charge of whole game, than he said "I think it would be a good experience for young players". It seems that they consider GP as good chance to practice before Asian Game. what a pity. I think it is not worth to watch the game and support the team as a spectator if it's just a "practice game".

    Maybe I'm wrong, but watching match yesterday I thought that Kim is in rotation opposite to Setter and it was even showed before the match on picture with line-up...

    oh I see. I think Korean NT does not have strict position except setter and libero. there are lots of confusions between OP and MB as you know. but we can actually say that korean NT does not have OP player. ;(

    By the way, I did not follow Turkey NT matches, but reception efficiency of Sonsirma Gozde is amazing. bravo!

    First team is almost Brazilian, but they desrve for it except Sheilla who had wekaer first weekend, so I replaced her by amazing Kim, who's playing as OP right now ^^
    Second team is more international, including driving forces of their teams ^^ I thought about Sonsirma instead of Zhu and Rasic instead of one MB...

    Well, her position of the Korean team is "Left" and I think it normally corresponds to OH. She participates quite much on receoption as well. In the last match against Russia, she did not that received much but she has done it much other previous games. maybe "my definition" is different from yours? I think Kim is OH. Song-yi Han is selected as (receving) OP this NT season, who shows continuously miserable and disapointing performance. OP of korean team makes average 2 points at each game, what a disaster to have her in the team.

    I really don't understand why the referee did not accept the result of video challenge system. What is the reason to use that system evenif the referee did not use it. Wrong decisions can be happen always and it can be also considered as a part of game. However, this is not the case. This is definitely an exteme abuse of his authority.

    The referee should be dismissed for all FIVB match. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Nayeon Lee of GS will come back next season!
    I am happy to see her again. :dance4:

    Yoomi Han will also come back next season.
    She will play in Hyundai Hillstate team.

    Sooji Kim made 3 year contract with Heungkuk from next season

    Hyohee Lee leaved IBK and join High pass Zenith.

    Not sure but Nicole Fawcett will stay for next season in High pass Zenith team

    Daeyoung Jung moved to High pass Zenith.

    Yes, she is completely free now at least outside of Korea league.
    The previous club gave up to file a complaint to CAS. Adieu HeungKuk :wavy:

    Through media released today she said, it is true that she has got better offers (around 2M$) from Russia and Azerbaijan, But she wants to keep faith to Fener since they helped her out when she was in difficulty with the previous club. she really appreciate it.

    Kim arrived in Korea!

    At the airport Kim had short tea time with Korean fans.
    one fan asked "How do you feel when your team could not win the final even though you have been use to it?"
    Kim said "Just I endure. Maybe I can go to stronger team that I can get it easily, but I really want to do it in this team"

    Bravo Kim. That's the reason why you are the best player :)

    The tough season is finally over! It's a pity that Fener could not win the champion but the past is the past, let's keep it for the next season. :)

    Yeon-koung Kim awarded the best spiker and the best scorer. Congrat Kim! She also showed amazing performance and I enjoyed it a lot.

    The most interesting moment was during the 2nd round match against Bursa, when she did 11 consecutive services.


    The most impressive match was the 2nd round one against Vakif. When Fener stopped Vakif's 73rd win. Incredible Kim.


    Now, NT season comes. all the best, good luck! You are the BEST!

    Thank you guys! Yes, the captain and main crews escaped for the first time but announced several times to students "Don't move and just stay there" Poor students followed the announcement and never came out from the ship.

    Park administration cut so many budget and system for disaster prevention facility and 0 students are rescued since the accidents. What a incompetent government.

    I heard that Kim's parents live just next to the school, Dan-won high school, and Kim also shocked a lot. in peace for all innocent victims.

    In memoriam of victims in shrinking ferry SEWOL in South Korea, Kim is wearing the yellow ribbon on her left jersey.
    Thank you so much Yeon, a warm heart player! You consoled us a lot in these gloomy days.

    Great match! even there were many many errors in both team. :aww:

    This time Fener dominated in blocks (far differently 1st and 2nd match) and finally won. Good job Gokcen and all others. It's crucial for Fener since there are not much powerful attacker than Vakif. Once be blocked, attackers are intimidated of course.

    It's fun to watch a setter like Glass. She attacks pretty well and finds good timing for that.

    Go Fener!

    Hee-jin Lee plays as MB in domestic league and she said that she feels more comfortable with MB position. maybe that's the reason she appears as MB on the list. In fact she is the second powerful MB in domestic league after Hyo-jin Yang.

    but... apparently there is no decent player as OPP in the list so probably she will take the role.

    Jung-ah Park can attack as good as Song-Yi Han (even better) but she can't receive. she played pretty good as MB last year against China at bronze medal match, tho.

    Yes I remember too, it was so confusing. I guess this was due to the lack of decent player on each position. Not from special strategy. The setter Hyo-Hee Lee is as good as Hye-seon Yeom. Even better in this season. She was the main setter of Heung-kuk when Yeon-koung Kim was in the team. 2008-2009 season. also few times she played in NT with Kim. I thinkg Hyo-Hee Lee will be the main setter of this roster than Hye-seon Yeom. She is currently the main setter of IBK, supporting Hee-jin Kim and Jung-Ah Park.

    A lot of these names are new and players I haven't seen...anyone in particular you think who has the potential to be a good NT player?

    I don't see much in fact. I hope Mok-hwa Baek or So-young Lee do something better on the left instead of Song-yi Han.
    however unfortunately I don't think we can make better team. We don't have much good players in pro-league. V-league depends too much on foreign players.

    The coach is from GS. He led GS to the champion this year and I respect him. that is a little hope that I can have of this roster tho.

    well, Kim as well and all the best for the team anyway.

    Preliminary NT roster for 2014
    Korea NT will participate Grand Prix, AVC cup, and Asian Game

    Coach : Sun-goo Lee (GS Caltex)

    Left : Kim Yeon-Koung (Fenerbahce), Song-yi Han (GS), Ye-lim Ko (Hi-pass), Jung-ah Park (IBK), Mook-hwa Baek (KGC), Jae-Yeong Lee (Sun-myeong Highschool)

    Right : Yoo-na Bae(GS), Yeon-joo Hwang (Hyundai), Seung-joo Pyo(Hi-pass)

    Center : Soo-ji Kim (Hyundai), Hyo-jin Yang(Hyundai), Hee-jin Kim (IBK), Hye-jin Kim (Heung-kuk), Jun-im Ha (Hi-pass)

    Setter : Hyo-hee Lee (IBK), Ji-yun Jung(GS), Da-young Lee (Sun-myeong Highschool), Su-ji Han (KGC), Hye-sun Yeom(Hyundai)

    Libero : Ji-Yeon Nam(IBK), Hye-ran Kim(HI-pass), Ji-young OH (Hi-pass), Hyun-jung Na (GS)

    Well, the ice coverage is something that we can not see through TV. If a skater has great speed, she will cover more space during the same competition time.
    I have seen Yuna's competition 4 times in stadium (twice at Paris and twice at Torino). The speed and ice coverage was amazing.

    Recently I have been Trophee Eric Bompard 2013 competition which occurred nearby my house. Until few days ago I did not remember that Sotnikova was there. Honestly I did not know her before Olympic. haha. I saw her skating but I can not remember anything. It was... normal... sorry for her fan.

    Photo that I took during Trophee Eric Bompard 2013, Sotnikova should be among there... don't remember.

    by the way, I found interesting videos that show ice coverage of two skater today. If you see it you will understand how Yuna is fast and why her skating is another level.



    Yuna uses almost all area where as Sotnikva stays limited central area. Sotnikova uses only one time 1/5 of left from the view point during whole time.

    Olympic is over but Yuna seems calm. I quote some from her interview via WP.

    "I want to be remembered as myself, as a figure skater, rather than a gold medalist at Vancouver or a silver medalist at Sochi."

    On Sotnikova's gold
    "Because I didn’t come just to win a gold medal, I think I was just calm,I expected it somewhat because of the atmosphere. When you have too high of an expectation, the disappointment is also big, so I just waited calmly.I imagine various scenarios before the competition: doing well, not receiving a good score, and coming in second place. Because I imagined a lot of things yesterday, I don’t think it was that surprising."

    On Mao Asada,
    "We’ve been compared and have competed for so long, and it seems like there won’t be that competition between us again. I think I’ll remember her the most. I don’t think there are many skaters like us two, who were constantly being compared."

    Yuna never missed podium (which means she always got gold, silver and bronze in every compettion) during all competition from novice, junior, and senior competition since she started skating ini 1996. This record is unique since 100 years history of women single figure skating. The great skater Yuna Kim.