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    I have the same problem. I have registered two accounts from different email adresses, because I thought something wrong to @gmail is. Can you activate my account, please? And the another one I would like to delete. Sorry, I didn't see this topic earlier ?(

    I activated your account now :)

    I just saw the stats. WTF is happening with Maja? If you see the numbers without the names you will thought that you have probably Seyma and Meliha.

    It impress me the fact that a setter with her reputation , has such a distorted perception of the role of the OH. Good that this happend in a game with no matter. A setting like this in an important moment could lead to the disaster for Scandicci. Really someone needs to explain her some basic things

    Maja’s understanding of the game is just fine. For some reason her setting to position 4 has got a lot worse in the last 5 years or so and this is a big reason why she favours the OPP and MBs. Obviously she would have changed tactics if the Antropova strategy was failing and hopefully her connection with her OHs will grow stronger through the season so when it comes to the big games we won’t see numbers like these.

    Hahaha that actually makes sense but no he is just an unemployed statistician weirdo who can't cut to the chase, that's it.

    I have no idea what this user’s employment status is and I don’t really care because it’s completely irrelevant to this forum. It’s strange to me that you (who generally seem to have a left-leaning perspective) keep directing this “unemployed” thing to this user as though it’s some kind of insult and I would thank you to stop doing it. Having a job doesn’t make you or your opinion any better than anybody else’s and in my mind it’s no different from using someone’s race or gender to try to diminish their viewpoint.

    At the very least this shows that serdar doesn’t even bother watching matches and just throws shade to stir the pot lol. Maja set herbots ONE time and it was a perfectly fine set. I’m not counting the shank that maja had to save and bump set but even if I did that would make 2 attempts. Imagine just straight up completely lying to further your agenda online 😭😭 what an embarrassment. I can’t WAIT to see how he’s gonna talk his way out of this one or if he has the balls to own up to it and admit he was lying because legit there’s no way to possibly back up his original claim.

    I can wait to see how he’s talks his way out of it, in fact I hope I don’t have to read it. This is the topic for Serie A1, not Madden vs Serdar feud part 5378. He has already been called out for it so let’s just leave it at that and not start again please.

    Mingardi 69 attempts lol are we in Japan or Korea?

    I get your point but it's not quite as crazy as it looks. Degradi had 46 attempts, Kosheleva and Giovannini had 44 between them and even MB Aleksic had 21. Sure 69 is a lot but what's really crazy is 195 total attempts for the team.

    For example, Lorrayna had 52 attempts for Bergamo but that was out of only 138 for the team and we've all seen matches where the likes of Boskovic take about 50% of the swings.

    It was nice to see Leonardi back (and captain!) after missing the last two seasons. She’s always a fun libero to watch for me even if her positioning isn’t always as good as the really great ones.

    Nice write-up serdar i mostly agree with what you said. I am also extremely excited to see this THY team under Ze Roberto which looks like it could be amazing or a flop, as well as Kuzeyboru if they can figure out a nice, quick game. Im interested in Besiktas as well this year with all their veterans and with Caprara on board, you can tell they will be a serious team.

    TL looks to be really competitive this season. Aydin and Sariyer should be decent teams as well and Cukurova, who I think will be too inconsistent, should be able to cause problems for anyone on a good day with some big time foreign firepower.

    Some people's admiration to Maja is very comparable to Crovolley's obsession with Wolosz. Maja was great, yes, once upon a time, like 5 years ago. I'm not against older players at all like Eda, Gattaz or Fofao as long as they are still at top of their game. However, some players should really know when to stop so that supporters can actually remember them at their highs.

    I think you're overstating it. She's obviously not as great as she was, we can probably all agree with that but she's still a good player. The matches against NED in both the ECH and the OQT are good examples of how she can still deliver on a high level. There are questions around her level and that's why I think it's good that Serbia have a stable option in Drca who can replace her when necessary and I hope Guidetti takes advantage of that.

    Anyway, she can stop when she feels like it or when nobody will hire her anymore. IMO she's only extending her legacy by continuing to play in the top competitions even at 39-40.

    I don't think Ognjenovic/Drca is a weak duo at all but Guidetti needs to be ready to change things up when necessary. I don't expect Drca to return to her 2022 form but she has always been a solid option and can massively relieve the pressure on Maja when Maja is having one of her bad days. On the other hand, Ognjenovic can also come in and provide a real spark for the team as she still shows repeatedly. Honestly, if I was Guidetti I would be prepared to use both of them equally depending on who's playing well and helping the team most at that particular moment