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    NATO has started to loose its appeal in recent years: Macron calling NATO brain-dead, Germany improving its relationships with Russia with expansion of Nord Stream 2, none of NATO countries spending as much military expenses as USA asks from them etc. These all were too concerning for USA, that's why they needed to create a common enemy again. By triggering Russia by interfering Ukraine's internal affairs, supporting the coup, offering to Ukraine NATO memberships (although USA promised that he wouldn't expand in neighboring countries of Russia in previous international agreements)

    This theory makes some sense and could have happened as both the USA and Russia would love to extent their sphere of influence as far as possible but I’ve seen little evidence to actually support it, so it’s still just a theory. I’d say there’s more evidence that Russia was the one interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs but perhaps the US is just more subtle about it.

    I’m interested to know what the US actually did to support the revolution (not a coup). Again, I’m not saying it didn’t happen but we can only speculate about the sneaky things they and their CIA get up to. Maybe I can only see the tip of the iceberg but until someone shows me some decent evidence that there’s more to it, I don’t see the point in guessing at what might be underneath.…rd-of-mass-murder-deceit/

    Putin details the transgressions of the West to other countries and Russia, the views coming from no less than the Russian president himself. Not sure if this speech/interview was reported anywhere in Western mainstream media.

    He’s right in a lot of what he says here but the fact that the US (and some NATO allies) did terrible things in other countries isn’t at all a justification for Russia to do the same to Ukraine. He talks about broken promises from NATO but the biggest broken promise I see is the Budapest Memorandum.

    What’s been happening in the Donbas is horrible and Ukraine isn’t blameless in that conflict but to call it “genocide” is, as far as I can tell, totally incorrect. Similarly, although I agree that Ukraine has an issue with right-wing extremism, to act like “Nazis” are running the country is a blatant falsehood and sounds like a man looking for excuses.

    The idea that NATO is a threat to the very existence of the Russian state - again, I don’t see it. In fact, by attacking neighbouring countries, Putin is actually encouraging NATO expansion as other countries like Sweden and Finland seek security. Anyway, what is NATO actually going to do to Russia? If this invasion has proved anything it’s that NATO is terrified of a military conflict with Russia, though that was obvious anyway.

    So, while I do think there’s a large amount of hypocrisy going on in the West right now and don’t doubt that much of the media coverage I get has been biased against Russia, I still fail to see anything approaching a real justification for this invasion.

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    If Russia were to put missiles in Mexico, how do you think USA will react? The current government in Kyiv was installed with the backing of US/NATO. Putin has sent the Chechens for the head of Zelensky and co who are traitors of the worst kind.

    How are Zelensky and co “traitors of the worst kind”? I’m genuinely asking here, I don’t pretend to be an expert and agree the Western media is largely biased so I’m interested in alternative takes.

    not really, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was forcibly removed from power by a coup. This coup was openly supported by US

    Yanukovych was corrupt as hell, imprisoned political rivals, killed protesters and no doubt did much more shady stuff that I don’t even know about. He was rejected by his MPs and disavowed by his own party. Once this man was removed Ukraine did conduct a fair and free election. A coup usually suggests that a rival group seizes power but that wasn’t the case here and honestly whatever word we use for it, I think it was a justified move.

    Politicians will act in their own self-interest, therefore hypocrisy will always be rife. 99% of people who can even get to really influential positions have to be super ambitious, which can quickly become self-centred and power-hungry. The other 1% know that everyone else is a shark who won’t help them and so they too have to put their own interests above everyone else’s.

    Even the time of peace we’ve mostly had between powerful countries recently isn’t really a sign that countries are learning to respect each other for the greater good. It’s largely based on fear that if someone steps out of line the nukes will come out. But when peace is based on fear, the scary thing is it only takes one madman to jeopardise the whole thing.

    As for the NATO discussion, it’s absolutely true that it’s not some kind of benevolent force for good in the world and I don’t blame Putin if he feels threatened by its Eastward expansion. But while it might be used to intimidate Russia, NATO wouldn’t start a military conflict between the two. The bigger threat, I believe, is the expansion of Western control and ideas. If Ukraine, a country so closely tied to Russia, becomes fully “Westernised” then perhaps Russia could be next. Ultimately that has to be Ukraine’s decision to make though.

    It is great to see the international support around the world for Ukraine. I wonder why people didn't bother when USA invaded other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Not saying to justify Russia's terrible actions but I hate hypocricy of western world. They can take totally different stands depending on who makes the evil actions. Reactions change drastically if it is Russia or USA or China

    Some reasons (not saying all these are good reasons, just describing them):

    1. We are all more connected to the rest of the world than we were 20 years ago. This is mainly due to an expansion of the internet, but also probably in terms of travel. I’d say people in foreign countries are seen as a little less different, a little less “other” that they used to be.

    2. Western media and social media has provided an ongoing account of events from a Ukrainian point of view. There were far fewer stories or videos of what was happening to civilians in those conflicts and far fewer of them were as easily accessible.

    3. Many saw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as justified or at least kind of semi-justified, especially Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11. These were seen as violent, oppressive regimes but Ukraine isn’t seen that way at all despite certain lies told about them.

    4. They are white Europeans. Iraq and Afghanistan were seen as war-torn regions with a backwards culture. People in the West identify more easily with Ukrainians and feel like if Russia can do it to Ukraine, they can do it to anyone. It’s just really shocking to a lot of people that this could even happen to a sovereign nation in Europe in 2022.

    I agree it was probably unfair to Moscow originally but however unfair it was to Moscow in the first place doesn’t make it less unfair for Novara now. And yeah, they messed up really badly but like Sidney said it’s not really the point.

    It’s different from lack of best effort. There’s a fundamental psychological difference between playing a match that doesn’t matter to your passage to the next round and playing an important match. You can try your best either way but, for example, you can’t “decide” to have an adrenaline rush, you can’t trick your body into thinking that each match is of equal value.

    To follow your tennis example, I watched Djokovic lose a match last year in Monte Carlo to Dan Evans and he played (by his standards) really badly. IMO, if that was a Grand Slam match, then Djokovic would’ve been better prepared and also would have been able to draw on his fighting qualities and abilities that he was unwilling or unable to do at a smaller event. There was no suggestion that he be punished for lack of best effort for this though. Not every match can be treated with the same value, especially when there are physical concerns like in the case of tennis players or volleyball players who are playing full seasons and need to peak at the right time.


    I guess the most interesting thing is he already spoke to Stevanovic and she has accepted his invitation to come back to the NT.

    Mostly it's pretty standard interview stuff. He wants to have close contact with youth coaches and has already requested videos on the young prospects but he wants everyone to have a chance. He'll speak to the likes of Rasic and Veljkovic to confirm their NT status going forward. He'll have a mix of Serbian and Italian coaches working with the team. He is interested to see how the player's respond to his different, more emotional personality. He'll speak with every player about the VNL before he decides who will be in the roster, but understands that some may need a break.

    I may be forgetting something but that's the general idea.

    I don’t really understand comments saying anybody “should” retire. Why should anyone give up her job and her passion just because she’s not at her peak anymore? Anyway, you’d still have a tough job finding 10 or even 5 setters better than Maja anywhere in the world.

    Honestly though, I do think Elif should be given the chance. I’d rather see Ognjenovic go back to Italy and play in a team with a not-too-dominant OPP, that would get her creativity working again.

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    I don't want to discuss or criticize the COVID prevention strategy of Australia. But to me it is very presumptuous and arrogant of Novak to expect that he will be exempted just because of his fame or whatever. I could easily see this happening in a corrupted country like Turkey but I am happy that Australia took a firm stand on this and don't give an exemption to an anti-vaxx just because of his fame. By the way I don't think anyone gives a shit if he will beat Federer and Nadal's record, at least not in this particular case. Rules are rules. He knew them. And he had the audacity of assuming he can get away with it

    Eh, I don’t think it’s as simple as that. He had been granted an exemption and then they changed the rules on him at the last moment. I’m sure Renata Voracova didn’t think she was famous enough to be above the rules but she got her visa cancelled the same way as Djokovic.

    To be clear, I’m no Djokovic fan and certainly don’t think he should get special privileges above everyone else but I also think he’s been unfairly treated. There’s no way he should have been given that exemption in the first place only for them to deny him entry on arrival.