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    I don't want to discuss or criticize the COVID prevention strategy of Australia. But to me it is very presumptuous and arrogant of Novak to expect that he will be exempted just because of his fame or whatever. I could easily see this happening in a corrupted country like Turkey but I am happy that Australia took a firm stand on this and don't give an exemption to an anti-vaxx just because of his fame. By the way I don't think anyone gives a shit if he will beat Federer and Nadal's record, at least not in this particular case. Rules are rules. He knew them. And he had the audacity of assuming he can get away with it

    Eh, I don’t think it’s as simple as that. He had been granted an exemption and then they changed the rules on him at the last moment. I’m sure Renata Voracova didn’t think she was famous enough to be above the rules but she got her visa cancelled the same way as Djokovic.

    To be clear, I’m no Djokovic fan and certainly don’t think he should get special privileges above everyone else but I also think he’s been unfairly treated. There’s no way he should have been given that exemption in the first place only for them to deny him entry on arrival.

    Yes, it’s really quite worrying. I’m glad the WTA isn’t buying the obviously fake email but what can they do against the Chinese government? I just hope this is all some misunderstanding and Peng comes to no harm but the realist in me fears that’s not the case.

    Country was my first thought for cultural USA music as well but it must be heavily dependent on region and ethnicity. I believe blues and jazz have massive cultural significance, especially for African-Americans, possibly ragtime too. I'm sorry to say I don't know much about Native American music culture at all but of course they will have some too.

    There’s no doubt bullying is widespread, especially in the context of team sports. Even more, I agree that it can be “useful” in the ways that the above article indicates but that doesn’t mean that it should be considered in any way acceptable.

    Let’s look at this: “Enduring an atmosphere of bullying can build mental toughness and enhance performance under pressure.

    Well yeah it can. Or it can do the opposite. Everyone is different and I bet there are tons of good players across sports that never made it because they couldn’t deal with the bullying. That doesn’t at all mean that they couldn’t deal with tough times on the court/pitch/whatever because the competitive atmosphere of an actual match is different from being tormented in day-to-day interactions with people.

    Bullying in sports can strip an athlete of individuality and rebuild his identity based primarily on being a member of the team.”

    Eh, it’s debatable whether you would even want this in a sporting context. Players need to have confidence in themselves that they, as individuals, can make the difference. Feeling part of a team is important but so is personal belief in yourself. Out with sport, in a personal context this is horrible thing to try to force upon anyone. Stripping people of their individuality and identity? Yikes.

    performance is enhanced when athletes know they have the support of teammates in accomplishing a common goal. Bullying can expose those athletes who seek only individual accomplishment and are unwilling to make individual sacrifices for team improvement

    I don’t see how bullying someone shows them any support whatsoever. Why the hell would someone who’s being bullied want to make sacrifices for a bunch of people who are behaving like jerks?

    Those athletes are faced with the choice of leaving the team or enduring continued bullying.

    Isn’t that nice? Sorry, I love sports and when I play I take it very seriously, even if it’s just with a bunch of friends but being successful at sports is not a good enough reason to sacrifice human decency or treat other people as inferior. Luckily you don’t have to: you can be good at sport and a nice person too.

    I’m also surprised the twins’ bullying is being taken so seriously, but I’m glad it is. The sooner this kind of attitude is removed from sports, and life for that matter, the better. With that said though, there does have to be a limit to it. People change and the twins don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of that dumb stuff they did forever.

    I’m not going to say anymore here because it’s completely. :offtopic:

    I know her technique isn’t the best but I feel like she truly has a big impact on the game in a lot of facets more so than most liberos. I’ll be interested to see what she looks like with a non DR coaching staff. They give her a LOT of freedom to do what she wants. I wonder if the Scandicci staff won’t be as lenient in that regard. Excited to watch her!

    Might not be the worst thing in the world if she takes over some of Malinov’s setting duties. :whistle:

    As for the Italians on court thing, I like Alberti and honestly think she could’ve challenged for Bia’s position even without the local players rule. If she does have to play it shouldn’t be a big problem.

    I agree that Egonu is the right choice. We can say Boskovic was let down by her team(s), etc. but in the end, you can’t really argue against 2 gold medals and 2 MVPs in the 2 biggest CEV events.

    Honestly, I’m more curious about the Terzic selection. Mazzanti, Guidetti, Musso and Santarelli all seem like more reasonable choices to be honest. Hell, even Ettore Guidetti’s miracle with Sweden is more worthy of recognition than anything Terzic did this year.

    I’d guess Raducanu will win based on how easily she destroyed her opponents so far but it’s true that Fernandez has had a more difficult route. Honestly it’s very hard to make predictions because both players are quite unknown. I mean, I’ve watched them before but not playing anything like this level, no idea how they’ll react to the pressure, etc.

    It was a really good watch, thanks JoanaBG :heart:

    My favourite part was probably his conversation with Brakocevic, it's nice that even though they clearly had their problems they have moved on and are able to laugh about it now :D I also like the part about Citakovic getting pissed at all the Polish players. :box:

    I agree with Jules. I like the 24-teams format.

    The old one was quite boring and exhausting for the players, to be honest. We had 3 pool stage games, then playoffs for places 2-3, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. That's 7 games in 9-10 days!

    In addition, I think, volleyball gets more recognition in Europe with the new format. The games are broadcasted in many countries.

    With the old format, we wouldn't probably have Sweden and France in Eurovolley 2021.

    Yes, good points. I didn’t think the old format was boring to be honest but I agree that it must have been exhausting, there was no need for them to squeeze all the matches into such a short period though.

    We all knew they gonna knew? Really?

    I'm italy big fan but I didn't expected Italy to win this for the way they were playing and also for the bad historial against serbia that imo was the one rival that could stop them

    I think you misunderstood. I meant we all knew Italy couldn’t be challenged by any team in their group. Of course there is always a tiny chance but something would have to go badly wrong for Italy to lose any of those games.

    I wondered what everyone thought about the 24 team format? We’ve now had 2 editions of the ECH in this format and while I like that other countries are now getting a chance to shine, I preferred the old 16 team version.

    The simple reason for this is that it takes a long time for the competition to really get going, I mean Italy started with 5 matches that, let’s be honest, we all knew they were going to win. One thing I liked about the old ECH was there weren’t many “filler” matches, all matches were important and mostly between high-quality opponents.

    Oh well, I don’t suppose they’re going to revert back to the old system now so it doesn’t really matter. Just curious about what people think.

    Congrats Italy, they finally show what people expected to see from them in OG to win the gold here. (It just further proves that if they used the VNL as their tune up tournament they would be different in Tokyo. Now it’s very clear that OG became their tune up tournament for ECH:gone:)

    As a fan of Rasic, I feel sad that her final year in NT is such a big flop that I really didn’t expect it to be coming;( She got my attention back in the days when she played for RC Cannes. What a journey in all these years and she’ll always be the best European MB in my mind.

    I think it's a tribute to her achievements that you can say a European silver and Olympic bronze medal is a "big flop" because when she first came into the team that would've been viewed as a stunning season for Serbia.