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    Carlini working her magic again, her MBs got 19 balls over 5 sets :obey:

    Despite 42% excellent reception. =O I get bringing in a foreign setter if you can get one of the very best in the world, but Carlini is not Ognjenovic and they have Babeshina anyway who would do a fine job so I think they should've got another foreign OH.

    I agree that she should have played as OPP when Haak was struggling and I didn’t understand why Guidetti didn’t make that move. But I think it’s unfair to say he treats her terribly just because he’s playing her in a position that’s not her favourite. Loads of great OPPs have spent some time playing as OHs even when it’s not their preferred position because that’s what the coach and the team needs them to do. Clearly Guidetti thinks she can play there and based on the stats she did a good job yesterday. It’s better for her to play as an OH than to sit on the bench.

    I don’t want to criticise Nawrocki too much without hearing his side of the story (I know he gave that statement but it doesn’t really say anything about the criticisms of him). Yes, if the players are rebelling against him then there is a huge problem and he’s clearly doing something wrong but he probably thinks he’s doing a good job having helped the NT to their best results in a long time, perhaps he didn’t realise just how big the issues were for the players. He doesn’t seem to be leaving, so the first thing he should be doing is apologising to the players and trying to fix this mess, I just hope he’s not too proud to do it.

    there's nothing wrong players and coaches having a relationship. Just take Bernardinho and Fernanda Venturini as example.

    Having a relationship is not the problem here but cheating on pregnant Sadurek is completely different and I totally get why that might upset some of the players.

    I noticed nobody ever counted up the scores for this and I'm sure you're all just dying to find out how you did so here they are - even later than the real life Dream Team awards! I probably made a few mistakes counting up, but here's what I think the scores are anyway:

    1) charalampos - 109

    2) Keyser - 104

    3) Kadir - 102

    4) Kuntakis - 101

    5) Sisko95 - 100

    6) Matthias - 98

    = volleyball22 - 98

    8) Diesse14 - 97

    9) Phil - 95

    = volleykovic - 95

    11) canhotorodrigo - 94

    = pope - 94

    = sloth - 94

    14) Sasha - 93

    = USAvolleyfan - 93

    16) Mimek - 91

    17) volleyann - 89

    18) tunc - 76

    19) armin - 73

    20) polskafan - 5

    :cup: Congratulations to our 3 medal winners, especially charalampos who showed some simply brilliant prediction skills and won this quite easily to be honest. :drink:

    Goncha did say that, and that she was very upset when she found out about Maja's decision

    Honestly, I don't really buy what Maja's saying in that interview. Something must have definitely happened between her and Dinamo, as she had already decided to extend the contract and then changed her mind literally overnight. Whatever her reasons were, and even if they were completely justified, her team mates must have been taken aback by it, and you can't really blame them.

    She hinted a couple of times in the Serbian media that she had "personal reasons" for leaving Moscow. If I'm to speculate, I think she was worried her marriage would suffer too much being separated from her husband for so long.

    I found it odd at the time because she’d just done that interview where she trashed the coach and the travel and was kinda shady to her teammates. It didn’t seem like she was happy at all judging from that but then the next thing we heard was she signed a new contract. I agree something happened but maybe it was already building from before she signed the contract. It’s all very weird.

    I agree generally but today Meliha was really bad so it made sense to use Ebrar as OH. Clearly the plan is to use her there all the time and use Gozde Yilmaz as the backup OPP which I think is stupid.

    We're used to Vakifbank being so decisive in the big points but the big difference today was that they messed up quite a few of them. Also, everyone not named Zehra Gunes was useless at blocking today for whatever reason. I'm a Meliha fan but she showed absolutely nothing good today and Haak just seems to struggle against the best teams.

    After the match against Galatasaray, I had serious concerns about Fenerbahce's reception but it held up pretty well today in comparison. Bahar didn't do too much and Vargas is inconsistent but other than that everyone played very well for Fener.

    I like this team Pomi have got this season, I hope they can play to their maximum ability. I love watching Cate Bosetti because I can't think of many better all-around OHs playing currently but I think she's sometimes underrated.

    Girl, this is a volleyball forum, when will you stop putting politics into it and even arguing like it is not a problem at all?
    I don‘t care about flags or whatever but because of this saying they should go into the 2nd divison is an disrespectful comment even if it is put with a joke! Think about that twice before arguing with me.

    She didn't bring politics into though, PTT did. Why shouldn't she dislike a team? It's not like she's wishing death on these people or something really horrible, she just wants them to lose some volleyball matches. Everyone is free to root or not root for a team for whatever reason they like.

    goossshhhh. he didnt have to mention it for me to state what i stated. why you guys like that. if only mihajlovic was gone and you guys would be wiped off the face of the earth since you guys think you are the best team in the world even though you got extremely lucky in 11&18&19. i am waiting for the moment at which things dont go your way. maybe you guys blow a championship point in olympic final against china. that would be the end of your one-in-a-billion-generation and leave this forum serbian-free(=more bearable).

    I don’t know where to begin in response to this so I think I’ll just not bother. :rolll: