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    Can we all agree that the current qualification system is at least better than the one for Rio? I found it bizarre that PUR got to go into the easy world qualification tournament, while DOM had to compete with the top teams because DOM beat PUR in NORCECA qualifying. That made no sense at all.

    Though I'd like to see more teams I know it won't happen and I personally think the current system is pretty fair.

    They don't allow 14 players per team because of the lack of available facilities, and you guys want to expand the number of teams competing? Geez :aww:

    They manage to find the facilities to fit in 16 football teams despite the men’s Olympic football competition being totally unimportant compared to other sports. They have the facilities to upgrade golf to an Olympic sport and accommodate 120 golfers. I know they don’t want to expand it but if they did want to then they could.

    Olympics spokesperson: 'The goal of Olympics is to unite all nations around the world and have the worlds very best athletes compete amongst each other.'

    Then simply allow a few more countries or something because at least in the volleyball branche, this is not happening currently. The Olympics other branches do usually have the best players so I don't understand we act like thats not a thing at all now suddenly :whistle:

    I agree. I like the inclusion of teams from all over the world but there's no reason that there has to be just 12 teams, even just expanding to 16 would be an improvement IMO.

    Exactly and btw LOL!!! People here are so sensitive its crazy! Yes I also thought she was rude in U tournaments but not now. She screams at her opponents shortly after winning a big point and shows some attitude. WOW, thats like the end of the world I guess. SHE MUST CHANGE and grow her hair back and act like a robotic princess per direct pls so we can fit her into our perfect ideal world.

    Attitude is fun for me. Some people will love her for her attitude and some will dislike her, but both of those reactions are better than her being just another player that nobody cares about. Her attitude annoys me at times but to me it's all good fun, in Britain we would call her a pantomime villain.

    Come on People! Refute my Ebrar skill set or stop telling me she's a "good" player.

    Well it really depends on where you want to draw the line to qualify someone as a good player. The fact that she was the 2nd top point scorer in the VNL says something. You say she's tall and hits the ball hard, which is true of course, but it takes more than that to be as effective as she has been recently. She's shown some improvement in her shot placement and in her shot selection, it's not all about height and power.

    Is she on the level of the Boskovic's and Egonu's of the world? Certainly not yet, probably never. Your criticisms of her are mostly fair I think (though I think you're overstating the tipping thing) and in my opinion she's still too unreliable for a team looking to win the biggest competitions but her game has improved a lot from where it was a year ago, for example. With another year or two of similar improvement she can be a top OPP.

    That commentator is a multi-sport guy who does some work for the BBC and I think his main interests are basketball and boxing. But he also does tennis, where the term “unreturnable serve” is used more commonly, usually to mean a serve that isn’t a clean ace but one that the opponent can’t get back into court. Him probably being more familiar with tennis than volleyball is likely why he keeps using this phrase.

    Though, that’s no excuse for how much he overuses it. :lol:

    Nice idea for a thread serdar!

    I didn’t really see volleyball on TV until the Beijing Olympics so that’s when I became a fan. Even though I now know they weren’t at their best in this event I loved the Serbian girls for some reason, especially Maja, and have been a fan ever since. Of course it wasn’t just them who I watched and I remember being so impressed with the Brazilian team and also falling in love with Skowronska, even though Poland had a competition to forget.

    Then I was so sad because I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch volleyball until the next Olympics. :lol: I didn’t know about internet streaming yet (was it already a thing?) but luckily for me, we started to get one Italian volleyball match per week on TV and I loved the Pesaro team with Kasia, Jaque, Guiggi and many other cool players. Them winning the Scudetto in 2009 was a pretty iconic moment for me.

    So yeah, it all just progressed from there.

    I replied to a comment of Sisko in which he/she said that crovolley receives hate because he always says that italian league is better. Its not my opinion that this is the reason for the hate.

    Sorry, Beri probably said it better than me. I didn’t mean he gets hate just because he thinks one league is better than the other but because he ALWAYS talks about it or that he wants to prove that he is right about it all the time. Like she says, he never stops.

    Yes, some of the hate he gets is way too much in my opinion. It gets a bit annoying when he brings up the same argument over and over again sometimes in random topics but yeah I’m not defending some of the abuse he gets.

    I have seen in this forum comments with much more hate than crovolley's and i cannot understand why he receives so much hate.

    Before some weeks i saw the worst comment i have read here and no one cared except Matthias who deleted it.

    He gets so much hate because he makes everything about “Seria A1” being the best league even when it’s totally irrelevant.

    But you’re right, there are many people saying worse things than him around here recently.

    Well Maja didn’t seem to be a big fan of Sukomel, not to mention the travel involved and the ambition of the club, so maybe not a huge surprise that she wanted to leave.

    I guess I can learn to support Vakifbank for the first time.

    I really don't like the idea of Larson playing libero like some people are saying. I mean in the Turkish league she attacked with better than 44% success. There's no doubt she had a few bad matches and she's not quite the player she used to be but a few poor performances in the VNL when she's rusty don't change the fact that she's still a very good all-around OH.

    People are too quick to jump to dramatic conclusions based on a competition that isn’t exactly the main focus of the NT season. It’s a good competition for coaches to try out new combinations of players and for players to get practice playing together but there’s not much point making major judgments about the future of players and teams.

    I wonder what will happen with Ebrar next season. Would be awesome Ebrar-Gabi-Haak trio on the floor together.

    I don’t want Meliha wasted on the bench again. :mad:

    I expect Guidetti will rotate all 4 throughout the season and give them all some chances. I mean he was still changing the lineup before every match of the final series last season, so I expect something similar will happen again.