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    Or in the final. Just saying, it's not impossible.

    Conegliano won in 2016 with 4 Americans then Novara won in 2017 with 3 Dutch players (Dijkema, Plak and Pietersen). Maybe they thought every team would try to copy this recipe for success but I agree with crovolley and voulter that it’s totally unnecessary.

    Busto were the better team. It might have been different if Eczaci had all players available but maybe not, it’s not like Hande and JT are super reliable.

    Hopefully Eczaci can fight better at home and with some of their players back on the court.

    Boskovic is more about angles and accuracy that allows her to go past block or hit off the block in a controlled way, Egonu is more about her incredible jump that allows her to go over the block. Both obviously have a lot of power too but it’s not the reason they’re so good.

    Scandicci played so well and could have won all 5 sets, it must be a super tough loss to take. Hopefully they can refocus because if they can play like this again and maybe be a little stronger mentally in the important moments then they'll still have a chance to win.

    For Imoco it clearly wasn't their best performance, probably the confidence they gained from their previous 50 consecutive wins is what helped them over the line in the pressure moments.

    I think we should all try to avoid negative stereotyping based on nationality, race, etc.

    I know you were only talking about some Turkish fans Jules and no doubt there are some that are toxic, just like there are toxic fans from every other country. But it’s not the first time you’ve singled out “Turkish fans” in a negative way and I can see why some are getting upset about it.

    This isn’t a warning just a reminder that your words are read by people all over the world and we should all try to be polite to one another.

    This is what the CL is all about. Big matches between top teams who we rarely see playing each other. This looks like the closest match of the round, who do you guys see coming through this one? I have to say I’d put my money on Novara right now because they look like they work better together as a team. But of course with the firepower of Vargas and Mihajlovic, Fener will always have a chance. I just want to watch a close and high quality match.

    Terzic has been coaching this team for 3 years and has never won any trophies.

    OK, true but last year's trophies weren't decided and this year's aren't decided yet either, so it's a bit unfair to judge him this way. The big matches are going to begin soon and we will see what happens. Like most people here, I don't think Fenerbahce will be winning anything but the games have to actually be played before we can judge.

    He's not done a very good job but I don't think he's done a terrible job either. Let's see what happens before the end of the season and if there is no improvement then I will think it's fair if he's fired. I don't agree with asking him to resign though. It's his job, his passion and how he earns money, why should he resign? It's up to the club to make the decision.

    Osaka wins again, can anybody stop her? I hope once Andreescu is fully fit and once Swiatek has a bit more experience we can get some interesting rivalries in women’s tennis again. It’s been a long time. Barty, Sabalenka and a few others can make things interesting too.

    Anyone but Djokovic. Nothing against him personally but I find his game boring and am sick of seeing the same guys win all the time (except Federer of course, he should keep winning forever).

    Karatsev is an incredible story. 27 years old, never even played at a major before and made it to the semis playing great. Would be amazing if he could somehow win it.