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    I love Krsmanovic and I’m pleased she gets to play for a top team and hopefully is getting paid a good amount of money.

    But I’m quite shocked that ECZ would want her at this point. She’s still a solid player but I don’t think she’ll do a better job than Gibby and they also have a couple of local MBs who are also OK players. I guess she’ll mainly be a CL player.

    This thread has made me smile and we will be reading some of your posts out in future episodes...... I will keep working on pronunciations.... especially Chirichella.... I will be haunted by that one for the rest of my life!

    Haha, don't worry about it! As I said, I'm sure you're doing your best.

    I have been listening to and enjoying the podcast so keep up the good work, good to hear you're taking on board criticism but don't let my nitpicking worry you too much. :lol:

    You are correct that is him. He`s a nice guy. I actually sent him some feedback on Facebook and he was very nice about it and he appreciates feedback. I have messaged a different commentator before and I don`t think he liked it.

    But to be fair I think it is very hard to get right a lot of names. For example while watching Seria A I have probably heard already a couple of different version of Bujis... and some announcers calls Haak something like Hawk? I`m not sure if that is the correct way....but during the final 4 I think I was hearing something like Hook??....I think it is funny "Kritchiella? of them also says "BriKio...:lol:

    Yeah I don't really have a problem with the guy, I'm sure he's just doing his best and there are some names that I would struggle with as well of course. It's just when commentators make a really bad job of a name that it annoys me but like you said, it's funny - no big deal.

    Credit (and good luck) to him for the podcast anyway. :thumbup:

    To be fair to Ataman he has had some good results as well. OK the CL semi-final was a disaster but remember they beat Novara in the previous round when I expected them to lose.

    And the season before of course they beat Vakif in the TL semis which nobody expected I think.

    But yeah, unless they really improve before the end of the season then maybe he should leave. It’s understandable that Gala lose to the big 3 in Turkey but this was a real chance to win a trophy and it’s quite a big failure to lose 3-0 and 15-5 in the golden set.

    His dream team is Zhu, Kim, Bosko, a couple old timer MBs whose names I couldn't catch, rounded out by, in his opinion, the best Libero in the world -- Kotoe Inoue.

    The MBs were Milena Rasic and Maja Poljak.

    I just realised that the English guy on this podcast is that FIVB commentator. I quite like the podcast but I hope he improves his pronunciation of certain players names if he interviews them. Imagine how awkward it would be if he interviewed Chirichella and was calling her “Kritchiella” the whole time like he did during the WCH. :rolll:

    Merve Atlier is btw tall, looks athletic and is just 18 years old. Same generation as Ebrar and I remember she was quite reliable in youth level also. If I was EczV I would start with Lauren Gibbemeyer + Merve Atlier as MB duos as tbh I don't think the other two locals are much of use these days and don't make a difference anyways...

    I’m surprised to see you say that about Beyza because I think you used to like her. She’s 23 years old so I don’t think she can become a superstar but might still improve a little so maybe too soon to give up on her?

    Though I do see what you mean. If Merve Atlier has potential (I don’t know her well enough to know) then she should get a chance because it’s not like Beyza and Busra are really important players.

    Maybe you need to take your advice and shut the fuck up. Go back to the original post and read it again.

    I think you maybe slightly misunderstood, though beri did try to clear this up with her second post.

    What I think she meant is that a religion that forces women to do certain things is treating them like 2nd class citizens, she never actually said that she personally believes they are that, just that they are treated that way and in her opinion they shouldn’t settle for that. I really don’t think she meant anything offensive.

    I must say I thought Maja's decision to join Dinamo was very weird, but so far she really seems to be thriving there - good to see!

    She looks like she’s relaxed and enjoying playing which is nice of course. Also I think she’s a really good singing by Dinamo due to her ability to set the middles better than the Russian setters who we usually see at Moscow. The OHs aren’t going to score too many points so it’s great that the MBs can help Goncharova.

    Bucuresti have a really fun game top watch with incredible defence but Moscow are almost unrecognizable now from the team that gave that embarrassing performance against Fener a month ago and they were too strong today. Nice game even if it was 0-3.

    While Conegliano can run that quick game easily in Italy, it is much more difficult to do in the CL using the Mikasa. I think making the adjustment to the different ball can sometimes really hurt Italian teams. Still, they have been struggling for a few weeks now even in the domestic league and although they shouldn’t panic just yet, they need to improve a lot over the next few months.

    Conegliano weren’t the only team in the match though, even if they played badly Schwerin still needed to give a great performance to win, so massive congratulations to them. :drink:

    Eczaci lost one match. If they had won that second set they would most likely have won the match against one of the world’s best teams. So yeah, they’ve lost one match all season and people are already saying there are serious problems in Eczacibasi? Sure it was a disappointing loss for them but it’s too much to expect them to win every game, that’s just sport at the highest level. Let’s see how they respond to this disappointment.

    Seems the loss of Easy is affecting Conegliano a lot. I thought their OHs were so good that it wouldn’t make that much difference but is seems I was wrong, so far anyway.