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    I feel like Podkopaeva is often forgotten about in discussions about the best libero after she took a break and changed her name but she's still one of the very best out there IMO. Sansonna showing some great defence in this match too, to be fair.

    This season, she's finally playing at level we all thought she will play like 7-8 years ago. :) Joy to watch.

    I think she's been remarkable for the last couple of years to be honest. The one shining light in an otherwise average Pomi team, I think it's great that she's now playing with a team that is up to her level.

    No player can play well all the time, not even Boskovic or Egonu but still Haak’s % was over 40 and she did score on some difficult sets. Clearly it wasn’t her best performance but I don’t see her as more to blame for the loss than any of the other players.

    For the record, she’s not as good as Boskovic or Egonu and never will be but that doesn’t mean she’s not a factor.

    Big step for THY in road to 4th place, will be very interesting between them and Galata rest of the season in battle for semifinal place, and maybe more important Ebrar played amazing, on level which many coveted and just against Vakif.

    Ebrar can have amazing matches and clearly she was super motivated today. But that doesn’t mean she’ll play well next time, her biggest weakness is she’s horribly inconsistent. It’s good they have Polen as well who can do a decent job when Ebrar has one of her bad days.

    Conegliano breezed through again. It might be boring to see them easily dominate the opponents as usual but that takes nothing away from what a great team they are of course.

    I don't think anyone can stop them in Serie A1. It's possible of course that they could slip up and lose a match but I don't see how anyone is going to beat them over a best of 5 match playoff series.

    In the CL I think they can definitely be stopped. I still think they're the favourites to win but sometimes they can't play their game as well with the Mikasa, add to that the nerves they would no doubt be feeling and their opponents only needing to play really inspired volleyball for 1 match and suddenly it seems much more possible not just for Vakifbank but I'd say for a few teams. I think we all know anything can happen in women's volleyball.

    One gets the impression that Democrats would rather lose with an establishment figure(head) than win with a left-leaning candidate like Bernie (or even with someone who strongly opposes imperialistic wars like Tulsi).

    What are you talking about? Everybody knows Biden is a socialist :P

    Haak is kinda worrisome tho. She has been struggling for a few games now. Is it Maja’s set tempo that is not fit with her or else? If she continues like this, Vakifbank is in big trouble.

    She didn’t have her best game today but it happens and she was still over 40% in attack. I don’t agree that Vakifbank is in big trouble, they recently defeated Fener very easily and then beat Eczaci and let’s remember that Haak was brilliant in the last 3 sets of that match.

    I was hoping to see Hentz get a bit more time on the court because I do think she could be just what USA needs but she needs to play more if she’s to be in Tokyo. Going from NCAA to the OGs is a massive step up so she needs to get experience playing pro matches before she can compete at that level (if we even have any Olympics).

    I dunno, yeah it's certainly a lie, but what's the alternative? not working hard? not working at all?

    Working hard should be encouraged but stereotyping less successful people as lazy is truly awful. The alternative would be to put less emphasis on status and wealth and more emphasis on living a productive, fulfilling and generous life.

    I should probably say as a mod that we’re way off-topic right now.

    If they can gather the team together and realize that the right time to win against Vakifbank is not right now, but when matter the most, this match will be beneficial for them... In the meantime, it will hurt a lot, for sure

    Exactly. They can't allow what happened a few years ago after the famous 20-10 defeat to happen again. That season they were almost beaten before they even went on court against Vakifbank. It helps athletes if they can take the positives from a situation rather than the negatives but it's easier said than done of course.

    I wouldn't feel so good if I was ECZ. They have great players and they played well, but Vakif is the team that doesn't give a shit about being down 0–2. That's a winning mentality. JT Marvelous has it over in Japan

    You're not wrong, the defeat will definitely hurt. But I think they went into this match as clear underdogs and they showed that they can play on Vakifbank's level. They are a young team, still improving together whereas Vakif has more experienced players and they all played together last year as well. If Eczacibasi can improve throughout the season (which they have failed to do in recent years) then there's no reason they can't end up with a few trophies.