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    I know we have some fans here, surely some people have been watching the final series. I've enjoyed the episodes so far but there hasn't been too much going on in terms of important plot movement - next week is going to be epic for sure though.

    This is a place to discuss what has happened, what will happen, who you want to win, who you want to die, etc.

    Personally, I'm evil and I hope Cersei burns everyone in her way :evil: but I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

    My opinion regarding Plak has never changed, when she was a bit younger (though she still is) people were saying that she might develop but now watching her play and literally nothing has been improved. She's a powerful attacker but a super clumsy volleyball player. I'd say the only thing she may choose to guarantee herself playing in a good team is being an OPP, as OH she's just a no.

    I don't think playing for Novara helps her development. If she makes mistakes it doesn't matter because they can easily sub her out for Piccinini or even Nizetich. For her to improve I think she needs to be in a team that relies on her to deliver consistently and I don't think any top teams want to rely on Plak, so it might be best for her in the long term to spend a season or 2 in a weaker team.

    I just wanted to show her some love after getting booed.

    Yeah I know. The truth is she's a good player even if she's not at the top of her game at the moment and anyone who boos their own player should be ashamed. It's not like she's not trying out there, it's not an easy job.

    I kind of like Chirichella :P I'm not involved enough to know how she measures up to her 'rating', but she plays like a lot of players. Good and bad. She has a fine attack when it works and gets a block in every now and then, like everybody

    Well yes but I think this is why she's criticised - "like everybody." She is a very capable MB for a Serie A team but she doesn't stand out really, particularly this season. For example, Danesi wouldn't be described as "like everybody," more accurately "like an absolute beast."

    Duh, Plak should have gone for a jump serve at 23:24, her float was way too easy for Scandicci :thumbdown: Rather have the balls to try something and risk failure than such a chicken serve...

    Yeah I hate this. Havelkova did something similar a few days ago and it's just... why???

    I remember that list but there are other possible explanations for testing positive for a banned substance than simply "cheating." Maybe she used the drug just once for medical reasons and didn't know it enhanced performance or maybe it was recently banned and she hadn't heard about it, etc. Remember Antonijevic and Sylla were banned from the ECH for "cheating" but that wasn't their fault at all.

    I'm not some massive Glass fan (though I admired her skill) but my point is I'm not going to judge if I don't know all the details as is the case here. What is definitely true is that she played some great volleyball and the US NT hasn't been the same since she left.

    I don’t want Wolosz to go to Eczacibasi. I’m sure she’d do a good job but she couldn’t play anything like the game we see her play for Conegliano. With the great passing and good hitters in every position, it must be every setter’s dream to play for Conegliano - and of course she is simply brilliant for them.

    All credit to Conegliano because they have very good players and play a nice game to watch. The only problem is I’d like to watch a few more competitive matches. At the moment they certainly look like they will have no trouble against Novara or Scandicci in the final or the CL.