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    While I do think he was joking when he said beri brought Coronavirus to his city (I mean he couldn’t seriously believe that) it’s not even the point anymore. It seems to me that he can’t be provocative about volleyball anymore so he’s trying to be provocative about a global pandemic which is understandably annoying a lot of users.

    Anyway, I certainly hope Matthias stays on because he’s been a brilliant poster since long before I joined (and still is) and has been moderating the forum almost single-handedly for years which has undoubtedly taken a lot of his time even if some disagree with his methods. I think his experience would also be helpful in the future and he could give a different but valuable perspective than the rest of us.

    A few people have mentioned me as a possible candidate (thank you to those users) so I will tell you my position:

    I would be happy to do it if I was chosen but I have to be clear that I’ve no experience as an admin and my tech skills are decent but nothing special at all. From a software perspective, there are probably many here who would make a better choice than me.

    I’m usually the person giving crovolley the benefit of the doubt, I have repeatedly tried to see things from his view and think “well maybe he doesn’t fully understand what he’s saying,” “he’s only joking it’s no big deal,” or “ok so he might be a bit dumb but he’s harmless overall.”

    I don’t like to dislike people, I would much prefer to focus on common ground and not on negative things but it’s becoming impossible. I guess he’s a bit bored at the moment but the constant attempts at provocations have gone too far and there’s no doubt he knows exactly what he’s doing. In these past few days, he’s certainly exposed himself as the malicious troll that most others already knew he was.

    I didn’t really want to post this because it’s giving him more of the attention he clearly wants but I wanted to make my position clear to everyone else.

    I hope you’re all well.

    1 per country:

    S: Ognjenovic, Wolosz

    OPP: Egonu, Haak

    OH: Zhu, KYK, Robinson, Bricio

    MB: Eda, Thaisa, Fetisova, de Kruijf

    L: Castillo, Inoue

    I was gonna do the best current team but I think Janko already wrote exactly what I would have put.

    But I’ll do my all-time favourite team:





    I know Neslihan is best as an OPP but I’m not picking just one between her and Kasia damnit!

    UK PM Boris Johnson tested positive!

    Yes, and Prince Charles as well (next in line to become king).

    I can’t stand Johnson to be honest. Funny how these people were tested so quickly with very mild symptoms while we apparently don’t have the resources to test our health service staff. It’s almost as if the rich and powerful take priority in this country. :/

    Despite the disagreements you are both valuable members of the forum and it would be a major loss if either one of you left. I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so, so I hope you both reconsider.

    Most of statistics show the numbers as UK, how is the situation in Scotland or Wales? Is infection number there as bad as in England?

    Out of 2626 who have tested positive in the UK, 227 were in Scotland and 149 were in Wales. Scotland accounts for about 8% of the population and Wales for about 5% so it’s pretty much the same rate across the UK.

    Well we are finally stopping classes at schools here but they’ll remain open in some form so health care workers don’t have to stay home watching their kids.

    People are “advised” not to go to restaurants, clubs, etc. but such places only get their insurance money if they’re forced to close, which they’re not yet. Some money is being set aside by the govt to protect businesses though, so that’s helpful. People will be protected from eviction if they can’t pay rent to landlords due to the virus.

    We have finally been putting in some measures in the last couple of days but it’s slow progress and many people are still trying to live as normal as working from home is impossible for most.

    And it’s not expected to peak here until June so it’s gonna be a long few months...

    It's stating the obvious, but Moscow misses Maja so much this year. Carlini is not up to the challenge and as much as I like Babeshina she isn't either. Honestly I'm not sure any other setter could get them to the level required because Goncharova and Fetisova are the only really good players left now.

    The worst thing to me about the Motta era is that they seem to get worse as the season goes on. I know they had injuries this season, but it started before the injuries and it was the same pattern last year. They were beating everyone at the start of the season (they didn't always look great but they were winning matches) and they seem to totally have lost it by this stage. Compare that to Vakifbank who grow together and learn how to play as a team as the season goes on. Say what you like about Guidetti but he knows how to build team chemistry.

    I have much sympathy for people doing regular jobs who will continue going to work because they actually NEED the money but I have no clue why these clubs think they need to keep training.

    That will be the big problem here in the UK, many people with no sick pay cover due to unethical zero-hours contracts who will continue to work even if infected.

    Robin de Kruijf seems to have got her instagram page on a hold/deleted because of this post, maybe people reported it here or... she deleted it herself.

    either way, she is not on Instagram currently

    I imagine she deleted it herself. I never looked but I’m sure she was getting a ton of critical comments which can’t be a lot of fun and I can’t say I like that side of social media. I’m not defending her comments but she was just expressing her opinion and it’s never good if people feel like they can’t express their views without being shouted down, even dumb views (unless they are trying to spread hate).