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    It's really interesting to watch so many old matches these days, also from Italian league. With hindsight, many players seem much better than I thought they were back in the days :/

    I'm a new fan compared to most people on here and the impression I get from watching older matches is that the current generation generally has a bit more power than older players but seem to have lost some of the technical skill as well as some more subtle qualities like variety in attack and anticipation in defence.

    Agatha Christie books are always fun. Just amazing mysteries that keep you guessing until the final page.

    I studied literature at university (briefly) and I got kind of burnt out on reading novels, so recently I’ve more been reading non-fiction, short stories, plays and comic books. For me great characters is the most important thing and I love anything if I can identify or connect with the characters.

    Madison Rigdon to Sarıyer Belediye. Anybody know how was her performance in Cuneo?

    I didn’t see too much Cuneo but from what I saw she did quite well. Her reception is very solid and she can contribute to the attack as well so I think she’s a good choice for a team like Sariyer.

    Try to stick somewhat to the topic, people. The comment by mdacs wasn’t trying to start a debate on how good Ognjenovic was each season, just trying to make the point that some players do better in certain teams/systems/leagues than others and I think we can all agree with that.

    She played in Italy, Novara with MBs as Christina and Veljkovic and She didn't use them so much and her sets for MBs are bad.

    Her sets to zone 4 are not good. She is so average setter or even worst. No matter which style She played in Moscow She is not good setter. She is not fast setter.

    I'm just waiting for season to start, She will get the most criticism next season in Turksih League. Mark this post. Thank you.

    I agree with some of your criticism and I’m not her biggest fan either but she has played just 3 pro seasons, it’s normal that she still has some weaknesses. She can still improve.

    Despite her inexperience let’s remember she already won a CL title. I know she wasn’t the most important member of the team but as a setter the ability to play big games and handle the pressure is really important and I was quite impressed that she did a better job of that than Cansu and Wolosz.

    She’s not the world’s best setter but I definitely don’t think she’s worse than average and I don’t see how she’s a bad signing for THY, especially since she’s likely to get even better in the next few years.

    I think the word "dynamic" is causing a problem here and the reason is that neither of you are using it wrongly, just differently. It can mean to adapt in the way Janko describes and I would agree that in this sense Boskovic is more dynamic than Egonu: she can hit with more variety and from different positions and angles in the court more easily, hence her greater ability out of system.

    I think Gomes is using the word in a different (but no less correct) way to mean possessing a sudden or instant burst of speed and power. In this sense, Egonu is more dynamic than Boskovic. This meaning is more about a person's ability to adapt the situation to their advantage (in this case through great athleticism and quick reactions) while the other meaning is more to do with adapting oneself to different situations (in this case by developing more technical skill).

    (Sorry Bogdan. :P)

    I don't agree. They aren't good enough in attack to pass the block and they need fasf sets, something Russiam setters aren't capable of:whistle:

    Nah, if Babeshina gets good reception, she can play a quick game as she did quite well in Uralochka. It’s just that not many Russian OHs can give consistent good reception and mostly they like slow, high sets anyway.

    But what if somebody relies on a source which itself posted fake news? That can happen as well and I find it difficult. I don't think anyone (except that person who every year claims "Ajcharaporn in Bergamo") intentionally posts fake news...

    I wouldn’t want to discourage users from trying to update others on the latest news and of course these kinds of mistakes can happen. As Janko said, we can judge each individual case on its own circumstances.

    A couple of basic guidelines that people could follow are: if someone suspects that their source may not be very good then it’s best if they say that when posting the news (I know some people do this already) and also to avoid posting “news” from sources that have often proven to be unreliable in the past.

    How is this post not offensive to crovolley? #JUSTASKING

    I’m sorry if you think you’re being unfairly treated, the fact is that people on this forum don’t have a hive mind and so there will be times when some people will be unhappy with our decisions. The old saying is “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” and that is very true but we are doing our best to please as many of the people as much as we can and we certainly don’t have any grudge with you.

    To answer your question, Janko’s comment was neither insulting nor abusive in my opinion. He suggests that crovolley often “shows his ignorance” which just means that (in Janko’s opinion of course) he often posts about things he doesn’t know much about. If he had said for example crovolley was “showing his stupidity” then I might agree with you but ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge and we are all ignorant about some things, it’s really not that insulting.

    I hope that helps.

    I’m no Djokovic fan but what i read was that he’s against forced travel vaccinations which is not quite the same as being an anti-vaxxer. Yes, vaccinations are essential and have done a huge amount of good in the world, but they have gone wrong in the past and if he’s going to be forced to take a vaccine before we can study the long-term effects of it then it’s understandable he might be cautious about it.

    However, if he said he is against vaccinations in general it was indeed a very dumb thing to say. Either way, I’m still going to call him Novax Djokovic from now on. :P

    Nice thread and many cool suggestions already. A few more:

    Poland vs USA 2-3, Olympics 2008

    I hadn't seen a lot of volleyball at the time so I may remember the quality as being a bit better than it really was but it was hugely dramatic with Poland needing to win to qualify from the pool and coming so close. I was an impressionable teenager at the time and I remember being so upset for Poland, especially Skowronska but also being so impressed with some of the USA players - Tom was fantastic. An important match in me becoming a fan of the sport.

    Dominican Republic vs China 2-3, World Championship 2014

    DOM played a number of 5 set matches in this competition but this was my favourite because Castillo was absolutely brilliant. She just seemed to dig everything, it was incredible. It wasn't just Castillo of course, DOM in general played at the top of their game and in the end China were too good, but it was a really good battle and surely one of the best libero performances I've seen.

    Russia vs Serbia 2-3, World Cup 2015

    After losing the first match to China, Serbia pretty much needed to win every other match they played in the World Cup to get the ticket to Rio. The whole run was exciting as they played 5 set matches against USA, Japan and shockingly Argentina as well but it's this match I've chosen because I really enjoyed the firepower of Goncharaova + Kosheleva vs Boskovic + Mihajlovic. But in the end those hitters were pretty equal to each other and it was the introduction of Malesevic for Nikolic that improved Serbian reception and allowed Ognjenovic to use the middles to best effect that was the main reason for the Serbian victory in my opinion.

    Brazil vs China 2-3, Olympics 2016

    China hadn't played great in the pool while Brazil had sailed through without losing a set so I stupidly thought that Brazil would win fairly comfortably. The first set only confirmed what I already thought but China raised their level dramatically. Fe Garay was great, Zhu was great, the atmosphere was amazing and the emotions at the end said it all. It was hard not to be pleased for China and so sad for the Brazil players who had given everything at their home Olympics.

    Serbia vs Turkey 3-2, European Championship 2019

    The atmosphere here was absolutely off the charts, it really was incredible and Turkey used the emotion from the crowd to play almost as well as they can. The number of twists and turns was ridiculous, this was an absolute thriller.

    I'm sure there are many more, but those the the ones that come to mind straight away as well as some of the ones others have mentioned.

    I agree too. Haak was struggling at first and I think Guidetti’s plan was to help her confidence by using her mostly in system. I disagreed with this at first but it seemed to work because she was playing really well recently and being given more responsibility for out of system attacks.

    Despite a couple of bad games, Gabi was great this season and I think she did improve in some elements. She had the best reception in the league (according to stats), she was able to kill a decent number of balls out of system and her connection with Maja was improving in system as well.

    I had a lot of fun watching Vakif this season and I hope they keep pretty much the same team next year.

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    Lee Da-Yeong - Natalia Malykh

    Bethania De La Cruz - Jaqueline Carvalho

    Valeriya Zaytseva - Valeriya Safonova

    Giulia Leonardi

    Beauty team with players that nobody else has mentioned yet.

    At this point, they are actively ruining her reputation with their incompetence. I've seen some people cite her (relative) lack of success at club level as sign that she is not all that great a player! Never mind that she just had one of the most impressive regular seasons any player has ever had in the history of the Turkish league.:roll:

    That can only be people looking for things to criticise. For the past few years Vakifbank has always been a better team than Eczacibasi, that may not be true just looking at the names of the players but in terms of coaching, management and team chemistry they have clearly been better and Boskovic's brilliance alone can't change that when you consider the similar brilliance of some of Vakif's players recently. The fact that they took them to 2 very close finals these past 2 seasons and could have won either series shows Boskovic's ability.

    I am not sure about your mechanism in determining offensive posts.

    What is offensive to some may just be the norm to others, especially since this site caters to international volleyball fans. (with different cultures)

    How about instead of censorship we practice TOLERANCE.

    We’re certainly not planning on unnecessary censorship and we want to encourage everyone to feel comfortable giving their opinions. I totally agree with your point about cultural differences and I want to assure you that we will take that into consideration and that any report will be looked into fairly and without bias. But at the same time, there’s a limit as to what’s acceptable.

    For the vast majority of users you will be able to go about your business the same as usual but there has been concern among a lot of users that there aren’t enough mods and no rules. We want to make the site more enjoyable for everyone, that is why we’re all here after all.