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    Plummer as well. :saint:

    Also, if Morgan Hentz goes to a pro team I expect her to be one of the top liberos in the world before too long. I’ve only seen her a few times but she’s really impressive. She can do the flashy digs but she doesn’t need to often because she always seems to be in the perfect position.

    Not everything has to be part of the crovolley vs IV saga. Not everyone is gonna like every player and that is normal.

    Personally I am a fan of Pietrini and her legs :P and I hope/believe she can be a top player for years to come but people are allowed to have their own opinions.

    I'm really not a big fan of Pietrini tbh and her hype, it takes more than just talent to be one of the best. Yes, she is talented I do not deny that.

    Also I don't like these new gen girls being like 'oh well' all the time. Golden era Cuba could never :love:

    Btw this is not just Pietrini.

    Actually I like that she's not just relying on her talent, she is clearly putting in time to work on some of her weaknesses. She's got a lot more work to come to be one of the very best, but if she keeps working hard she could get there.

    If this is true then I can’t blame Cate at all for being angry. She’s having a better season than Pietrini and Gennari in both reception and attack. Even if Piccinini or Lucia return to the shape they were in before their time out, they aren’t all-around OHs the way Cate is. What does she have to do to prove to Mazzanti she’s good enough?

    It's not a coincidence. Cuba won three times being on pool B because they were simply #1 in the ranking, and the #1 always falls into pool B. Probably the same happened to Brazil in 2008 and/or 2012.

    Exactly. With both #1 and #2 being put into pool B, it’s no surprise that the winner usually comes from there.

    So yeah, yesterday...

    They didn't play any WCh before 2006 and this will be only their 2nd olympics. Not to talk about Men's team, which has done literally nothing.

    Compare that to Brazil, USA, Russia/USSR, Italy, China, Cuba, Japan, even Korea. Only Serbia has a similar short history like them but at least they have a strong men's team since a long time ago.

    I mean, no disrespect, it's good progress for such a little time. But they are in diapers still.

    But so what? Who cares if they are a new team? What difference does it make?

    Bianca Andreescu withdrew from the Australian Open due to her knee injury. ||

    I hope she can get over her injury-proneness soon because she's the most exciting player to appear on the WTA for a while imo and it would be really sad to see a potentially great career ruined by injury.

    I personally never post hate comments about anyone no matter where is he from etc. But some behaviour shouldnt be accepted and that is an example : comments under Smarzek’s IG photo. The girl just Lost her chance to play at the Olympics, she is heartbroken and that is what she receives :down:

    Of course this is horrible but it's just one stupid guy on the internet. I'm sure all teams have some unpleasant fans.

    Sorry two main players are playing outside of Germany. He is lucky to have them, He didn't created them.

    He made so wrong tactic today, and He changed tactic of his team at in the last moment. To late.

    How is the German coach lucky to have German players? They weren't created by Serie A1 either.