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    I mean I'm fine with that. The only issue is a matter of her being non-Japanese. I don't think Japan has ever had a naturalised player in the NT before in both the men and women's teams so we'll see if it happens for her.

    Under Yanagimoto (iirc at least in the 2006 World Championships) they had a naturalized Chinese OH Shuka Oyama but I don't think she ever played for the Chinese NT

    :D Yeah, that was poetic license, because, honestly, understanding/explaining MB1 or the hybrid 6 double duplex rotation systems are above my pay grade.

    Check that score! (okay, it was the meaningless World Grand Champions Cup, but still ... :P

    When they did Hybrid 6 tactic, they used one true middle and one "pseudo" middle. Depending on which player was the pseudo-middle, they switched around MB1 and MB2 for the true middle: when Sakoda was the pseudo-middle she was in MB2 position running "scorpion" attack (AKA pipe attack from the front row) but when Nagaoka was used as the pseudo-middle they stuck her at MB1 position to give her 2 rotations attacking on the pins.

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    No Lee Da Yeong? :( :( :(

    You don't mean Yuan Xinyue?

    I think Dietzen is pretty much done as a player. Too many injuries causing her game to decline over the past years; it showed especially during World Cup. I'm hoping for at least Adams in the lineup but I think every position besides setter and libero is questionable.

    Plak with 132??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    My point wasn't that they will lack proper replacement, but that Dixon was the best from all the other MBs, other that Akinradewo and Harmotto. Whenever she came in she had a solid game, nothing impressive but good blocking and attacking

    I've always loved Dixon for that reason. She's never been overly physical like Akinradewo or some of the other MB that USA has. But she's always a pain to deal with, extremely consistent and never giving an easy chance to the opponent.

    Exactly! Zhu Ting is sometimes being covered in serve receiving in the NT but that is not because she is bad in receiving, because they want her to be able to attack. I only watched her in the NT and there she is actually good in receiving. Of course KYK is a more complete player at this age, she makes incredible defense and serves very well as well. I don't know how Zhu's defense and serves are but she is young. To me, she is the only player right now that has the potential to become the new KYK unless she gets a serious injury in her career.

    However, I think that in KYK's case, their country had no other dominant OH (Han Song-yi is their next best choice?!) so I think it's also the player's mentality. KYK I think is also one of the strongest players psychologically and in some matches (although I don't see as much recently) her will to win is just overpowering. If Zhu Ting can do that too then she could be the next KYK but I can't see her now playing for Fenerbahce.

    I don't think so. KYK is pretty good receiver. and she is a huge part of reception in fenerbahce. As far as I know Zhu Ting's offense is great, but her reception is very weak. :D :D

    I think her reception is decent, she will get aced a few times but most of her passing is enough for the setter to make a play. Personally, I think compared to players like Hodge-Easy or Neriman her reception is much better and looks more promising to be developed. Keep in mind when KYK first joined the NT after Athens, she was already a decent attacker but really had to work hard for a few years to become strong in passing and a monster in attacking.