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    :what: :what: :what: Saori was planning to retire after London? I didn't know that.

    But yes, there definitely is a lot of leadership coming from Araki that Kimura lacks. Even when she was off the court, Araki was an effective captain and helped motivate her team. I really hope she comes back.

    By the way, is there a reason that Iwasaka is not called back to the NT? Is it Mannabe's choice or her own? Also Ageo has a tall MB "Jackie" Matsumoto at 188cm, I have never seen her play myself but does she look promising for the NT? I really hope the team does not lose all of its taller players because lack of block really hurts them recently and the defense cannot keep up.

    My personal thought is that it has something to do with her having a child. Keep in mind Ai Otomo was out of the NT for a good 4 years after giving birth to her daughter. Maybe Araki declined the offer in lieu of spending more time with her child, but as this coming year is Olympics, she may make a return to the team early.

    Yang Jun-jing quitted the 2015-16 Chinese Volleyball Legue A due to her knee injury during Military World Games 2015 like Yang Fang-xu but she lacked more time to recure than Yang.
    Whether she can participate in the second time of Olympics is a doubt.

    Will this mean we will probably see Xu Yunli back on roster? Or do you think we will see another younger player like Zhang Xiaoya or Zheng Yixin on the roster?

    Chinese reception pattern, quite simply, is to keep whoever has the better chance of getting the kill from reception. Both Zhu and Zeng are capable passers, so there are times for example when the team is with setter in position 1 Zhu will stay out of the reception so she can attack from the left, or when setter in position 2 and Zeng will stay out of reception for setter pushing up. They will also sometimes rotate the reception if one of them are not passing well. The only constant is the Libero (of course) and OH2 are always part of reception, so Hui (or whoever is OH2) has a lot of pressures to both receive and score when needed.

    so does that mean that yoshie is a useless player?

    No, the translation was meant more closely to comment that she wouldn't be a starting player. All teams need good reserve players too, so Takeshita would have probably been used as a 6+2 sub setter in the back row. You seem to be thinking that he's talking about the Takeshita herself, but it's moreso towards her attribute of lack of height than her as a player.

    of course chen wont use takeshitaa, he is hines while yoshie is japanese

    Chen Zhonghe statement was more directly translated towards "even though if they have a setter with superb setting skill, they still wouldn't utilize her as the main setter if she was the short height of Takeshita (159cm) due to the huge liability in block". I hope that clears up the statement more for you.

    Why everybody have this dislike for Sassá? For me, she is a good passer and defense and can help stabilize reception. Mayber her attack is not as strong, but she also have the experience, playing for NT by Athens already

    Well Moozova is by far my favorite from all the MBs but lets be honest she is not performing as she can.. Nobody is expevting her to score, she never was a good scorer, but she is not even blocking that well.. However i do think she should be in NT. I hope she will

    Last great scoring MB Russia had on international scene was Titchenko. From a LONG time ago. How do you think Borodakova made it through the team for so many years :lol:

    i found this old excerpt of the qual. match for 2010 WCh between THA x UZB. #10 here, with shirt name nazarova, looks so much like AZE bayramova. is it the same player?

    it's interesting because she's playing MB back then. (also, hyapha is playing OPP for ThA).

    little bit :offtopic: but I believe that tournament Malika Kanthong injured her ankle and so they used Utaiwan as MB and switched Amporn to OPP.

    i thought of zhang as well but that means either she or zhu ting has to pass the ball/receive serve, and that might not work well.

    Zhu has been improving her reception...IMO Hui is the one with more reception problems, esp. in critical matches. Besides, Zeng has shown she can be part of the service reception and thus China can afford to have that one non-receiving OH which could end up being Zhang if Hui continues to choke in important matches.

    No, there was no substitute setter in Team Tianjin during Season 14/15.

    Whether Wei can attend World Cup is still a question, which depends on whether her knees are more healthy than before after operation or not.

    I think better for her long-term is to rest for World Cup. She is getting older and China really need to train another setter. Shen Jingsi is ok but still needs improvement. Personally I want to see Ding Xia as setter again since she is both aggressive and creative.

    I think Jenny Lang Ping really needs to find a solution to the libero position because I think that is the weakness of the team currently. Zhang Xian is getting older and slower, Shan Danna has improved but is still not good enough, and Chen Zhan seems to be talented but I think her nerves were too much during WCh.