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    Are there any upcoming MB (C) for Korea? I know Kim Hee-Jin and Yang Hyo-jin from NT, but both are inconsistent and Hyo-jin seems to have decreased her skill after her injury during WGP. I remember Jung Dae-Young and Kim Se-Young from previous NT, but Dae-Young is getting older and is not very tall and Se-Young has a good block but a really horrible attack and is also getting older. I hope Korea NT does not keep transition OS into MB because of the lack of skilled MB or whatever other reason they have.

    Hahaha, I was just about to mention that!

    Well, I knew that Yanagimoto used really tough training which caused some of injuries and those like Oyama were victims, anyway I didn't knew that Hirai was a part of NT :what: those times they had so mnay good MBs and sometimes Yanagimoto used even 5 of them in match 12 :wavy: Araki, Sugiyama, Tajimi, Omura and Shoji were those, now all aren't in NT, so there was so tough to replace one of these. And I didn't see Hirai on any FIVB lists ;(

    Japan had so many good MBs and now they use only 2 real - Ohno with Yamaguchi (though the second one is also OH/OP :wavy: )

    Iwasaka, Kawashima, Otake, Shimamura, Hiramatsu, Okumura or Seki can be tried :wavy: I hope that Araki and Inoue can be back :roll:

    Araki comeback would be a godsend for this team, although her shape after having a baby can be questionable. If she can be like Ai Otomo who was mother during her 2010-2012 career then she will be good. Inoue after injury seems to have a weaker offensive connection with setters since her injury was her right arm I think (not 100% sure). But I do recall Manabe saying that his reason for using hybrid 6 is to increase offensive production, so I personally hope Iwasaka can train herself to have a better attack as her blocking is already very strong.

    Good job :flower: - some intersting moves. Great to see Saori back in Japan, meanwhile I'm sorry that Kanako Hirai retired ;(

    Honestly, I'm surprised Hirai was able to still play from 2012 to 2013. As far as I know, she was in JPN NT as of 2006 under Yanagimoto, under whose reign caused some early retirement of several players like Kana Oyama and Yuka Sakurai. I'm also astonished (and glad) that Saori and Yuko Sano made it out relatively injury-free.

    I doubt about Borisenko but someone like Shlyakhovaya-Morozova-Mariukhnich is indeed seriously missed in the team. My feeling is that this injury rate is due to a fairly complex season in the national championship.

    Marichev has a tough choice: Gamova has indeed started way too late (early September) and is genuinely out of condition. On the other hand, he knows well that w/out functional Gamova his team is not strong enough to get into medals at WCh anyway, so it may be reasonable to take the risk. If I were him, I would have done a mega-switch: Goncharova should play opp, Moroz should go to the bench and Gamova should move into the middle. Sounds a bit crazy but... Gamova is a better blocker than Moroz and can invent something attack-wise, which Moroz isn't capable of, even from an unusual position. Goncharova may be more confident if she is in the starting line-up. Now, I would have made Malykh receive, which she is perfectly capable of, she is not that tall. I would then use just one libero, with the second one being ready to substitute Kosheleva/Malykh if they fail. This may not work of course but it would be fun... and definitely better than Goncharova/Kosheleva in reception. Oh yes, and Moroz looks much better on the bench, w/out her glasses.

    lol Russia with the Hybrid 6 system...could be interesting lol. But I personally think that their lack of success is more of a team spirit issue, look at when they came back to defeat China after being down 0-2 in the WGP finals. But the MB position is REALLY hurting Russia right now, Marichev needs to put in Fetisova and keep her in IMO.

    On a side note, does anyone else think Moroz has gigantic eyes? I saw her face without the glasses on and was like OMG it's an alien :cheesy: