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    Unfortunately, Akiko Ino also retired after 2013/14 season :( She wrote it on her official blog. Kotoki Zayasu was 2nd libero in Hisamitsu Springs, so she was worse than Sayaka Tsutsui.

    Zayasu is now 2nd libero??? I thought she was a decent read digger, guess maybe her shape has deteriorated in the past year(s). I wonder what Nana Iwasaka is doing, her name is not on the team roster that is going to Asian Championship either.

    My problem with Princess Megu is that her volleyball style is too old-style, kind of like Wilavan's but Wilavan is less injured and much more smarter in her spiking choices than Kurihara. I think not only she needs to get back in shape but fix her form so she can be effective as she was prior to her long list of injuries.

    does anyone know why the US does not want hooker back in its NT?

    and same with CHN and wang yimei?

    Hooker had a conflict with Karch in which she disobeyed him or something, I think it's in the USA NT thread there. Too bad. But I'm not entirely sure why China doesn't want Wang Yimei. Last year in WGP I personally thought she looked way better than before (way skinnier too lol) and she didn't make nearly as many errors as she did when she was injured in 2011 and 2012. Maybe Lang Ping wants more youngsters, idk :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yes, maybe that is the only reason that the coach left her on the court because of her height, especially when Hyo-jin Yang is absent (due to injury).

    Jung-ah Park, why not I remember she did crucial key blocks last year during AVC asian championship against China which led the team to victory. She does not participate reception at all and has poor defencing skills but definitely useful player to the team. Overall, I would like to give her positive rates in this competition.

    I saw that someone made this. maybe on purpose to praise Kim's spike but I was surprised by good back passing done by Jung-ah. it appears around 13s. After making the point Kim is saying to Jung-ah giving high five that "Hey Jung-ah, Nice toss Nice toss!!" around 21s.

    Wow! Impressive set as well as kill haha. Kim is just Kim, no questions or doubt about her. But even if she is the "Gamova" of the team they still need another good passing OH or OPP; she needs a little help on the court :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I personally think Han Song-yi is a decent blocker. True she affects the team too much, but I just recall her getting key block points in matches from before. I think she is just out of shape, kind of like what happened to Han Yoo-mi when she was a top scorer in 200(5? don't remember exactly) and was useless in the WGP2012. Either way they need to find a taller wing who is also good at passing (Park Jeong-ah should really try to improve, she's a decent player if I remember)

    From what I saw before, Zhu Ting's reception is probably not as bad as Wang Yimei's was (last year wasn't TERRIBLE at least), but her approach when attacking from zone 2 is not good. She can only hit cross on the right side, so I think it's better to develop her reception skills and stick her to OS position. If really needed, Yang Fang-xu was the OP who also received during the youth competitions so they can put her in, but I wouldn't say that Zhu Ting's digging/reception is too bad right now.

    btw..probably Gamova got mvp of the final of Russia......however,Larson could have won one of those mvp's in those titles too. Mvp shouldnt be given depending mainly on attacking performance but on overall performance : passing,blocking,digging etc (especially at crucial times)... with this point of view...the same for Del Core...

    LOLLLL...Since when has Russian league been about defense? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    just saying that in that match, she was holding her own against much more famous players , like del core, bosetti and sanja. look, i never heard of her (frolova) and was very impressed, never heard of a lot of these players that don't play for their NTs like melnikova, malkova, voronkova, moroz, nor suelle, gabi, dayse or lia.

    Yes, I did like seeing Frolova play and scoring well in matches. I think she looks adorable like a little doll with her bob :heart:

    :super: Carlini :super: played the Youth World Championships in Turkey for Team USA. USA only got 9th because it got knocked out by finishing 3rd in First Pool Play (Against silver China team and bronze Serbia team - tough pool!) and the coaches stuck with starters who were too nervous for too long.
    :super: Carlini :super:did not play JWCH last year because Junior World Championships was at the same time as AAU Nationals Club tournament. Some talented players declined NT invite to play with their clubs in nat'l tournament (sounds silly, I know). But :super: Carlini :super:will debut for senior national team this year. Prepare to be amazed.

    Oh I see. I was wondering why such a talented setter was not present at the Youth World Championship. She will be very good for Team USA in the future, although I think she might wait until after collegiate career to join NT. Not sure if we'll ever see another Logan Tom again :lol:

    This is not correct. Ferrari is a zone 2 (slide) attacker, but she is the quickest and most efficient offensive player of the bunch. Olgard attacks from zone 3 only. She is a better attacker than blocker, but she is very tall and can block well if she has time to get in position. Slay attacks from both Zone 2/Zone 3. She is tall enough that it is often effective, though it does not always look that smooth. She is the best natural blocker of the 3--has a great "nose for the ball." I think Olgard has the best long-term prospects. She has the height and physicality, the team needs middles who attack in front of the setter, and she can most potential to improve her blocking by adapting the National Team schemes. None of the 3 will be as good as Akinradewo or Harmotto IMO.

    Hodson has the most potential of all spikers. She is only 17. Her reception still needs work but she is a great attacker. Both setters are good, but they are missing a lot of experience from the older ones, and will have to compete with :super: Carlini :super: their entire careers.

    For MB's, I believe I said the same thing, maybe I didn't express correctly :lol: :lol: :lol:. Ferrari by far is the most offensive MB of these three but she just did not stand out to me at all, althought I may be guilty of unconsciously comparing her to Akinradewo, Fabiana, etc. :whistle: . Olgard is one of my favorites, but as for Slay I can never see her being an offensive force at the international level of play. I do hope I get proven wrong though and would like to see them become great players. Olgard I would love to see transform into a player the same way Thaisa has for Brazil.

    As for OH, I thought I had written I was very unclear on who were the better OH's but I guess it was only the thought? :what: But poor Lauren and Molly, having to compete with a tall AND tactical setter :box: . Do you know why Carlini was not seen at any of the under-age international competitions though? Or at least not the ones in 2013.