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    By the way I have no problem saying zhu ting is great maybe even the best in fact as early as 2013 she was the one I saw who will take the torch of being the best player what I am against is the thinking that if you didn't win title you are worthless because winning also depends on the roster and the coaching staff.

    "people should stop using henan as a point" actually I can because my argument has been" no one player can make her team a title contender just by her presence alone " so henan was proof that no matter how great an individual player is if the rest of the roster sucks then you'll have a hard time competing.

    "but can not get as many Gold medal and MVP as possible and as high salary as possible is worthless in professional volleyball"

    well how do you get many gold and mvp anyway? is it just relying on 1 person only? because if that was the case then a player like gamova in the past should have won more than 2 gold medal in the world championships and zhu ting should have led the henan team to multiple finals in the chinese league, not saying that zhu ting isnt good i will even accept that she might be the best but to say that all of vakifbank's success is due to her is to ignore the talent of her teammates and guidetti.

    "club X should have signed player Y attitude. I already posted my opinion about that last year, but some people (again, not referring to you especially) seem to think of transfers like it's clubs going shopping and that makes me furious."

    oh no transfer is not about club shopping, it's about negotiating and i think when fans complain about certain teams's transfer, some teams have so much leverage (financial, geographical wise) that of course someone would be disappointed if the player received is mediocre, now if the team is like a small club such as i dont know prostejov? then complaining about transfer is futile since those kind of teams dont have a lot of options.

    Zhuting became shinning since 2013 and got lots of MVPs already. She is only 22 now and still has not reached her peak. She is still improving. Under the guidance of Jenny Langping, she will try to get as many MVP as possible during next Olympic Cycle. After that, i think she will consider enjoying personal life or continuing to get more MVPs? :teach:

    im not saying that she does not have a chance to be the greatest, what im saying is there are still a lot of things that can happen like for example injuries that may make her level drop in other words if we will compare her career to a book her story is still ongoing so we shouldnt make a conclusion already. :cup:

    Well the thing is that person can't accuse me of being an American ass kisser since the only ones I really like we're/are Tom, foluke and hooker and I remember when people here are saying "karch is the greatest player of all time so he will be a very good coach" I'm like great player not equals great coach and sure they won 2014 but they haven't duplicated that level of success yet (one user says here that he was such an expert so he knows that us was the strongest well the past 2 years proved that he was wrong 8) )

    Oh the greatest of all time talk there's 2 way to look at it for me last: 1. Prime years- best 5-6 years of a player against other players

    And 2. Longevity- a player might be so good but what of it only last 3 years? To me a player who can be a top 5 player for 8 years and above should be taken into consideration.

    So for zhu her greatest case is good if we are talking about peak but when it comes to longevity that is still an open book

    "hi rbdfabio here again, i mentioned in one of my posts that I will happily keep it straight up whenever I read S$#$# but you see what i meant by that is i will talk about things that are petty why? because im a fake crusader, if i what i want to be is be real then i would talk about more serious issues such as the political situation in turkey, childtrafficking or any real world situations but of course i dont do that since im a phony" :drink:

    Ok I won't be insulting but the point remains that rbdfabio has an obsession about users here praising American players, now I have no problem if you don't like American players but what's unhealthy to me is complaining about it constantly as if it is such a big problem.

    So Matthias might have deleted my post but it doesn't invalidate the fact that rbdfabio says things that are of no importance. :rolleyes:

    but the question us let us say fener does indeed have the budget, in the past 3 years 2015-2017 were they making good transfer policies that will make them competitive for the cl? in other words from a management perspective how good have they been?

    the reason i asked is simply because i dont feel that fener isnt good enough if kim wants to win cl now other teams from other countries doesnt necessarily mean that they will win but at least i think if she joins chemik or moscow at least she'll get to win multiple polish/russian league titles.