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    I don't understand why people think one single star player can elevate an inexperienced team that much to beat even really good, well-organized "top-20" teams. I also don't believe that there aren't any capable coaches in Sweden. Haak had instant success when she moved from Sweden to France. So i guess her prior coaches at home also deserve some credit in her early development.

    I did not say trainers are bad, but most clubs are not even signing full-time contracts with players here. There are no proper sponsors, largest Swedish cities like Gothenburg and Malmö don't have teams in the professional league and they refuse to play there because costs are enormous while once again there are no sponsors. It is funny considering giant companies like Volvo being localised in Gothenburg. So most of the things done in Swedish volleyball today are done by people's own will, with no monetary expectations. I mean federation does not even organise an indoor trainers course for many years. I don't how many countless talented girls quit volleyball because they simply saw no future...The only option for talented teenagers is to attend a volleyball high school and I honestly don't remember anyone else than Lazic sisters who went to that high school and became famous pros.

    Haak is an exception in every way. She was lucky that she was a part of a team which has been in the pro league for so many years and she could play with their A team already in young ages instead of going to a volleyball high school.

    Turkish numbers are wrong. I think countries should show % of positive cases out of number of tests, because 2500 cases in Turkey and Sweden are out of maybe 20000 tests done, while many other countries including US, Spain and Italy are doing enourmous number of tests. In Turkey they started to use computer scans instead of regular Covid tests to diagnose as well.

    Coming back to measures, I think metropolitans in Turkey are doing well. Use of public transport decreased drastically in Istanbul, like 70-80% according to the mayor. Roads are empty. But in smaller cities, people live like nothing has changed which is mainly because there are tons of local SMEs, who will go bankruptcy if they shut down for 2 weeks. Locals are aware and therefore they pretend nothing is abnormal. I don't blame them. This is all because we have terrible governments all around the world.

    If a government declared a clear list of financial actions from day 1, saying things like "all SMEs will get financial support in terms of rents, tax payments etc." or "businesses don't have to pay social security taxes of their employees during this period", noone would open their stores. At the moment, people are between two choices: (1) risk your health, open your store, get corona, die today or survive it hopefully or (2) stay at home, survive today, but go bankruptcy in a month and die from hunger in a year.

    I would love watching Natalia-Ilchenko duo with Gonharova as opposite. Can make a good team! Depends alot on the setter though :S

    Carlini in Eczacibasi can work good though. Since they don't aim to improve their MB position, a setter who is good with wings seem like a good match for them. However in modern volleyball, a system where you don't use middles effectively in attacking will always fail in crucial moments, like when you play finals against Vakifbank or semis in CL.

    Turkey now forbid 65+ people to go outside. I think people don't understand three simple things:

    - Risk group for Coronavirus is if you are older than 65 years and have chronic diseases including diabetis, high blood pressure, heart problems etc.

    - If you are in the risk group or living with someone who is in the risk group, do not meet anyone else and stay at home, ask others to do the grocery shopping for you.

    - Don't visit someone in the risk group.

    For people who are not in the risk group, the decision is on their own shoulders. Scientists claim that almost everyone will be infected with Corona virus one day. Most people who are not in the risk group are probably corona infected already, but not aware of it and don't have any symptoms. That is the main reason why Sweden is not testing people who are not in the risk group, simply it does not matter. That's also the reason some countries want people to be infected gradually, getting immunity for it and those who are having severe symptoms going to hospitals, without overloading the healthcare system. So unless the healthcare system screams "we don't have space or resources anymore", governments will keep the quarantine mild. In Italy, they did and a strict ban is applied.

    Well, your moderator skills were pretty shitty so I take it as a wise decision and you should have done that a while ago. on the other hand I have nothing against your volleyball related comments.

    Lol, this forum was a much better place before people like you started writing actually. Have been here for so many years and the last 2 years has been the worse. We could discuss volleyball without racism and trolling and whoever tried to troll was getting banned anyway. Matthias is one of the last mods who actually do something for the forum. I wish he was not being as nice to you guys and just banned directly. Thank you for your good work and patience Matthias, hope you did not mean it.

    Sweden is taking a chill approach to the virus, no quarantina, no serious stay at home decisions, restaurants still open...I think they shut down most high schools and universities though, but still did not close the borders. Numbers did not increase drastically here though, which might be because they decided to test only risk groups (older people or people with side diseases).

    I think they are also aiming for the idea of "keeping risk groups at home and away from the virus" while making non-risk groups exposed to the virus and helping them to get immunity against it gradually, without overloading the healthcare system.

    Well closing beaches and following policies blindly can be dangerous too.

    I’m on vacation in Gran Canaria since last Monday when things weren’t that bad at the beginning. All of a sudden yesterday Spanish government shut down everything and announced, from Sunday, everything will be closed except food stores and pharmacies. Now we are many tourists here from Sweden, Germany and UK, waiting for our flights. Problem is, some people including us still came to beach, because staying at hotel with 200-300 other people by the pool, drinking alcohol from same tap, sitting closer than 2 meters is a lot more dangerous than sitting in open air at the beach, where you can keep 2-3 meters gap with others.

    what happens is, police and Red Cross constantly terrorises people on the bitch, driving their car on them to force them to leave and encourage them to go back to their hotels. Is it really that smart to pack so many people in their hotels, knowing that in a day or two all of them will go to airport? I think transmission rates will go rocket high here...

    Wouldn’t it be better if they played a match in September, like Turkish super cup, to decide who goes to CL and who goes to Cev cup? Corona threat will probably end by then and teams will have new squads meaning better squad goes to better tournament.

    No this is different, it is more like parfüm and it is never used as sanitizer but kolonya actually is used as sanitizer. I think it's only name resemblance

    serdar is right, you don’t use Kolonya as perfume unless you are an old man who likes to smell like Lavender 😂 it’s a common sanitizer, I use it even in Sweden like multiple times daily 🤭

    oh forgot to write. Kolonya, a high alcohol liquid is a common thing in most Turkish households, probably everyone has 3 bottles of it anyway and it’s offered to your guests when they come to your home to sanitise their hands. Probably another explanation why things are still not crazy in Turkey 😬

    This might be one of the rare times I’m happy with what Turkish government did. They took all the necessary actions quickly, especially shutting down schools and universities, though they were a bit late with stopping flights to Italy, Iran and China. I think the numbers of corona infected people might be correct from Turkey. Despite looking careless most of the time, Turkish people tend to over panic and over do things in times of chaos like now and news and tweets report that people actually follow health guidelines properly, staying away from each other, staying away from those who sneeze, washing hands regularly. It is also not surprising that Turkey is one of the top countries when it comes to washing hands after bathroom, far over most European countries.

    I’m now on vacation in Gran Canaria, there are like 7 active cases here and 5 of these are Italian tourists. So I am unfortunately not convinced by Italians taking this seriously...also there are few people coughing here and surprisingly they speak Italian. Not to be mean but will they finally cancel touristic trips from Italy to anywhere and tell them to stay at home???

    I agree on most comments about the league, once again I think you guys are being a bit unfair to GS. When you look past seasons, I agree, it feels like their mission is to finish 4th but nothing else.

    However, if you compare budgets this season, THY definitely has way more budget than GS, I am sure PTT has a bigger budget too. Aydin’s budget might be similar to GS’s.

    I mean at the the end of the day, GS is using their U18 players as 4th OH, 2nd Opp and 4th MB. Look at how many MBs THY has.

    Considering the budgets of these 4 teams this season, GS will actually make a good job if they finish 4th.

    FB finished last two seasons in 3rd place in Turkish league and did not do better in CL either. Last time they were champions, they played against GS in the final. This year, I am almost sure Vakifbank will win the title in TL. This is another occasion you are biased, unfortunately.