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    JoanaBG Rasic is back in trainings. She started last week and Vakifbank shared a picture in instagram, saying something like "She is back!"

    About the NT. I agree that the best squad so far is Cansu-Hande, Ebrar-Meliha, Zehra-Eda, Simge.

    In this way, Hande can receive when Ebrar fails in receiving and Ebrar can be subbed out in the backrow.

    I don't agree on Elif Sahin at all. I watched her live. Karayollari has two bad setters unfortunately. Their sets to zone 4 and slides are terrible, which explains why some players have really low attacking rates in that team. I don't know how many but I counted so many times that their poor spikers had to tip the ball in to fix them.

    Seyma Ercan and Birgul Guler do not look promising so far. I think Cansu Cetin is in good shape, playing regularly and can help Ebrar in the backrow in the NT. Fatma is probably another fine (even though she does not perform great) alternative.

    I think Yasemin Guveli deserves a chance this summer as well as Asli Kalac.

    The second setter should be Ezgi considering the terrible performances of local setters this season. I was hopeful of Nursevil but being benched for 2 weeks brought her back to old Nursevil.

    Most teams look good on paper but it is also about team chemistry which does not necessarily work well. I think Italian teams are suffering from this mostly, like Savino del bene and Imoco. Eczacibasi did not lose many matches this year but they have a similar problem, they are performing below expectations. To me Vakifbank is the exact opposite, they are to my surprise over performing. I think it is called synergy :)

    Too bad for GS. I agree that Ataman should be fired but I am sure GS will wait until the season is over. It will be hard for them to convince a good coach to take such a team in almost the end of season. My first preference as new coach would be Jamie Morrison. He did not coach a club team yet, he can do good with small budgets, most importantly he is young, ambitious and hungry for success. I don't want someone like Ferhat Akbas or another bad local coach or an Italian who is coming to Turkey for a better retirement with zero ambitions.

    This match once again showed that GS will not win anything, having Cagla & Meryem duo on the court. The only system GS can win something this season is when Leys-Cansu-Hande trio plays in wings and Nursevil sets. Her set quality is surely worse than Cagla's but at least she is smarter, uses middles more effectively, moreover makes a good impact in blocking and from the serve line. Cagla & Meryem can come in with double substitutions time to time but their attendance on court should not go further than this. Cagla's creativity as a setter is limited and it will not be enough when she plays a full match on the court.

    JoanaBG , I really really loved Ana in her Cannes times and I was actually sad GS could not transfer her and she went to FB, however I was expecting to watch her fast sets and using middles more often. Of course FBs receiving is shaky but when you have an MB like Eda, I don't like this game where almost %40 of sets going to one player, I might be wrong, but this is not the Ana I liked to watch and as a spectator, I am dissapointed.

    That might be also because we watched a similar FB last year with Tomkom and she simply made her middles shine, Diclenur was indeed having a great season in attacking with her. They had a dominant opposite like Rahimova but I don't remember her getting so many sets.

    Anyway, my point was, if you simply pull Vargas of this team for 2 months, their whole system will collapse. Of course Vargas is deserving a big applaud, getting all those sets and still having such high efficiencies in killing them. To me, she is probably the best transfer of the league right now.

    From what I saw with Barbolini in his Turkish experience, he likes to stick with the same 6 over and over even if another player came to the court and made a big change (like Camera). It took a whole season for him to finally bench Lo Bianco and Neriman in GS and use Gamze-Saori-Rabadzhieva trio back in the old days and he did this in playoffs semis against Vakifbank. I think this was mostly because Lo Bianco was injured. I really really dislike this type of coaching, where the coach does not try something new. However, he seems to do good since he came back to Italy and won many cups according to voleybolplus. So maybe his coaching is the correct one after all.

    I remember it wrong then! I was sure Vargas also had a knee injury in the past. I just checked the FB's team stats and Vargas attacked 702 times while closest one is Bricio with 461 times and then Fatma with 208 times. Overusing a player can cause injuries indeed but that's not my concern, Terzic should think of it.

    I don't agree on Fatma. She did a great job in the first half, her attacking stats were not bad either. Their main problem is their liberos who are both receiving and defending bad. Having a line up like Fatma-Melis(Merve)-Bricio of course make it difficult to receive.

    I agree on Serdar, Ana made me so excited in the beginning of the season but she is not doing anything better than other local setters like Gamze Alikaya. Terzic would not deny this since he was the one who sent her home and invited Maja last summer in the last minute. I don't get it why he picked her for his club team though.

    I like what Guidetti is trying actually. Ebrar looks so ambitious and mentally strong that she can actually learn to be a solid OH. This way Hande can play opposite in the national team and when Ebrar fails in receiving, Hande can receive from that side which she seems to do better. A very good plan for the NT. Moreover, it looks almost certain that Zhu is leaving and Haak is in Vakifbank, meaning he has to find a good local Turkish OH and looks like he does not want to leave Ebrar waiting behind Haak a whole season. Di Iulio proved me wrong, looks like she will be a useful player and transfer.

    For FB, I don't wanna get bashed but I really don't like their game at all. They solely rely on Vargas who had bad injuries in past and Ana is overusing her. If Vargas gets injured and closes the season, FB might even lose in quarters to teams like Nilufer or Besiktas. Ana is probably one of the worst performing transfers of this season in the league, nothing special with her game, she keeps forgetting Bricio who is a good attacker. Her connection with Eda is a mess. Their receiving, defense and block is still not settled. In a bad period when their serves are not functioning as it usually does, they will be in serious trouble again. Their major problem right now looks like the number of errors.

    I heard in a podcast Leys earns 200.000 EUR in a year from Galatasaray. I mean, really? The guy in the podcast is very close to Galatasaray, not only for volleyball so it would be true.

    That's correct information, Leys is indeed an expensive player for what she delivers. As far as I know, Maret plays for less money. But Ataman prefers Leys. I think his plans were to transfer Leys already last season instead of Rabadzhieva and I am sure he regretted transferring Rabadzhieva the whole season and that's why Leys is back. I think she had a bad start to the season but her performance is getting better and better. She also does a very good in backrow in defense which is not easy to watch and most importantly she is acting both like a captain and being very ambitious. Rabadzhieva looked like she did not care at all last season lol

    Cagla's sets to Leys are as if she thinks Leys is Kosheleva. She just keeps pushing them sky high, so sad to watch. Middles of GS are already demoralized due to her set quality.

    That last set of Nursevil to Leys! Cagla did not give such a set since the beginning of the season. Ataman should open his eyes, with Nursevil the score would not be even this close.

    I'm watching GS vs Alba Blaj. It feels like it can be a good match. GS setters are really bad, I notice that more every day

    I don't agree. Nursevil did a very good job in such a short time. I agree that Cagla is really bad though. I don't know why Ataman insists on her.

    beri , I understand your anger or point but I think you are reacting a bit wrong. I am myself a Turkish secular and I agree that children under 18 years of age (which is the legal age where a child becomes independent of their parents) should not be allowed to wear hijab, at least in school. After that age, they are free to make their own decision as an adult and wear whatever of their preference. I find claiming that people with hijab are 2nd ranked human as ugly and classist (not sure if this is the right word). People can wear any clothes of their preference with their own will (meaning they are over 18) unless it harms others, which can mean such clothes should not indicate any political meaning or, exclude or threat other citizens. I don't think this will become a trend considering that volleyball and most sports actually require woman to wear short and tight clothes which means most heavily conservative families would keep their children away from such environments.

    I agree on you on one point though, I think the last 20 years of politics in Turkey tried to change the culture forcefully. To me it would be a big no no if all of a sudden the federation decides to change the dress code for volleyball and other sports for women. However I don't think they will dare to do this since majority of the volleyball community in Turkey is very secular including players and coaches who will react badly to such decisions. And lets hope this political environment changes asap.

    I think Vargas is more powerful than Haak, while Haak is more technical than her. It is also a big plus for Haak that she spent 2 seasons in Italy, developing her technical skills further as well as understanding of volleyball. However, they are both incredible and will be fun to watch next season.

    To me Haak will match perfectly to Vakif's system. Guidetti loves players who is not only a good attacker but serves well and most importantly, has good defensive skills. She will get better and faster sets like Lönneke does now. The problem is, if Vakifbank can find a good replacement for Zhu because now Lönneke is a second priority for opponents after Zhu. Without Zhu, opponents will prioritise Haak in blocking first. The ball is also different in Turkish league than Italy, as well as the lower quality of liberos. Vargas makes aces easily here. I think Haak can become spectacular in the serve line next year for these reasons. She might also have a better attacking ratio owing to worse defensive skills of Turkish teams.

    About Asli, she actually did not play much with Lo Bianco. She was too young back then and GS was using players like Gioli, Ergul, Veljkovic, Özgenur as middles back then. Asli played few matches with Lo Bianco as far as I remember and she actually had good attacking skills back then. That was the time when she hit Bahar on the face when she was sliding :)

    Bahar has played with the best setters of this league. I mean look at last year's FB, Tomkom made both Diclenur and Bahar look like beasts in attacking.

    On the other hand Asli played with Gamze, now with Cagla & Nursevil. Sorry but lol, not even comparable. Look at Gamze this season and her MBs, Gibbemeyer, Beyza and Busra, all three are performing terrible. I would really like to watch Asli with a setter like Tomkom.

    Canter , I don't agree about Asli's swing being wrong. I actually find MBs like Ruseva being difficult to set. Asli has a very quick approach in attacking and she is present on the air when setter has the ball (1st tempo). Besides, she fixes a lot of bad sets in an efficient way. On the other hand MBs like Ruseva has a very slow approach, which leaves it to setter's judgement every time (2nd tempo). This has also bad consequences like opponent MBs have the time to set a consistent block both against a slow MB and then go easily to edges to block spikers. I remember Ataman was very pissed once to Ruseva for that since she was going to attacking as if we she was on a picnic :D

    More experienced users can correct me on this of course.