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    Galatasaray's postponed game is also against Sariyer, so this weekend's match will show if they are good enough to beat them twice.

    As I read from Turkish users, Adams rejected offers from both GS and FB and went to USA. This might be due to her injury and that she wants to have an easy season before Olympics.

    I hope GS can get Sasa Pleninsec or Tori Dixon sooner or later.

    I think there is another option that Aydin may approve mutual contract desolution if FB pays them something so they can use that money to transfer at least a setter.

    For 4th place, my wishes are one of the GS, Nilufer, Yesilyurt trio.

    THY was super annoying when they simply rested their foreigners against big teams in first around, confirming they would not be able to win against them and just resting players by lying that they are all either sick or injured. Same applies for Aydin. On the other hand GS, Nilufer and Yesilyurt showed their best against no matter which team they face. I support this kind of attitude and hoping that one of these brave teams get the 4th place, showing THY and Aydin that you can't be so strategic with that already in the beginning of the season.

    I understand Adams totally, the goal at the beginning of the season was to finish 4th but I still doubt that she was really injured for example when they played against Vakifbank. She probably did not like the trainer, now they only have 1 setter and she probably has doubts that they aim for 4th place. It is normal that she wants to play for a more competitive team, aiming higher.

    If I don't remember wrong, Nilufer's postponed matches were against difficult opponents, I might be wrong though.

    I think THY will be 4th

    There is only 2 matches win difference between THY and GS and GS is missing one match with Sariyer from the 1st round. So I take it as only 1 win difference.

    Next GS-THY match is in 3 days, that will be the breaking point of the season for GS. If they win it, they will almost secure the 4th spot.

    Santana's condition is key to that match for THY, if she does not recover, their options for OHs will be limited.

    From what I heard, there won't be playoffs for top 8 this season but top 4. So it is very important to finish at 4th place.

    Yesilyurt lost their chance to reach there already I think and Nilufer without an opposite might lost next 2 games, so they won't be a threat unless they transfer an opposite in a day or two and she is ready to play directly.

    I think she is a very good addition to FB, I wonder if she will play this weekend against GS?

    Also a terrible move by Aydin though now they have space for 1 more foreigner which should be a setter. Also their trainer was resting Rachel during some important matches, losing in purpose. I guess she did not want to be part of that show.

    For GS, Tori Dixon or actually Sasa Pleninsec will be good additions. I would prefer Sasa, knowing that she can slide well and should be a cheaper alternative.

    There is a rumour in the Turkish forum that a player will leave her team and it is a big thing since she is also associated with one of the top three clubs (she can be on loan, player of them or move to them). Most of us thought she might be Ebrar leaving THY and moving somewhere else or Adams leaving Aydin and joining FB.

    I said many times that for me I wouldn't have any league playing right now... It's unsafe and it's affecting the fairness of the game.. But money is worth more than lives, so they will continue like nothing is happening..

    I think that's a very superficial opinion. Ethically, at micro level, you are right, but things are not that simple at macro level. Majority of individuals are living at poor conditions around the world, stopping economy will have consequences as: decreased production, employers going to bankruptcy, people losing jobs, with decreased production prices for simple goods going up that poor people who lost their jobs can no longer afford them, countries going into recession having troubles to help their citizens, companies financially to help them survive, with more and more countries going into recession noone keeps helping 3rd world countries who are in need of food and medical support as well as foreign investments...The list goes on.

    If you tell me that world is designed in a terrible way where few rich people are owning more than %90 of the world, I completely agree and this is a big issue and needs to be changed somehow. However corona times and other disasters do not bring the rich elites to their senses, instead poor people will suffer more and will only live to survive another day.

    IMO best and second should be scored differently but ıf ı create a survey again ,ı will ask people how ı should do it.

    I think I was a bit confused when I filled in the form. I could simply pick same player for each round. Besides, I didnt think that 2nd or 3rd OH were necessarily worse than 1st. Next time it would be easier if a ranking was asked, such as pick your top 4 and rank them in order of 1-4. Still that was a very good initiative and I would like us to have one more round of this at the end of the season, this is what the best league of the world deserves (lol :D)

    She is playing in TVF 1.lig for Marmara Akademi.

    It is sad, I wish they loaned her to a Sultanlar ligi team like Besiktas or Beylikduzu. On the other hand these teams don't have good trainers, so I am not sure if she would improve at all.

    I agree that Beren is short and her technique is not that good yet. She should not continue her career as opposite just because she can receive. She 15 years old and can gain 3-4 cms more, so she should aim to become next Maret or Gözde. I also find her attacks better from zone 4, where she actually hits the ball properly, from zone 2, she hits under the ball. I remember GS used her in receiving a bit last year and she was not bad, so I hope someone will advice her to change her position.

    About Sude, I think she did not use her chance well this year when there was a great opportunity for her, Ilkin and Elifsu to shine. Ilkin is the most ready among them and it is weird to put her as "class B" while putting Derya as "class A" player, that must be wishful thinking. At her current shape, Ilkin is way more useful and promising than Derya. Turning back to Sude, GS should loan her to somewhere asap. Koshe-Guldeniz-Ilkin-Elifsu are more than enough to cover OH position this year so Sude is not needed at all.

    I also believe that we are a bit harsh towards Ebrar. Yes, she started the season bad but her performance during last 2 weeks has been good. Expecting her to change her style will be difficult at this point, she won't get faster, she won't be more agile, that is it. She is slow, jumps well and hits strong. If she keeps performing well with this style of play, let her be, as long as she deliver a ratio around 45-50%. Meryem is not better than this anyway. So that is clearly an improvement.

    serdar I don't think Gamze will join GS after maternity break but maybe back to Eczacibasi, so they can have 2 local setters and use their foreigner spot for someone else. I also don't think Gamze will be good for GS, her biggest asset is fast game, the year she played with Guldeniz, Leys and Centoni, she was delivering perfect sets and leaving everyone against single blocks but she is useless if you have players like Rhykliuk, Kosheleva etc. We saw what happened to her when she played with Koshe, Dobi and Neslihan. With Guldeniz's current shape, I don't think she will be useful in attacking even with fast sets anymore. I also can't think of a local OH who can replace Guldeniz in that sense. If GS transfers 3 foreign wing players who can play with fast sets, then Gamze makes sense, otherwise I hope they won't go for her.

    1% is still big, but I wonder how is it compared to death rate from seasonal flu? I know many people die from seasonal flu every year and if Corona has similar numbers, then lockdowns might be questionable.

    Can someone explain the link to Mink? I know that Denmark and Sweden were countries having mink-covid issues. Is this a new, mutated version of Covid or same virus coming from a different animal this time? And if its mutated, is it as contagious and deadly?

    Kudos to Havili, she was in a different league compared to GS's setters whom I don't call setters anymore but self-destruction machines, they just harm their team. Probably a worse setter duo than Gamze-Nursevil which is very difficult to achieve, so congrats to Cagla and Nilay. Nilay was epic, she was falling on the floor after every set she gave (probably in her head she thinks she is being Maja) and before she quit the court, she fell on ground and took literally 5 seconds to stand up (waiting on her knees), if I were Ataman, I would never let her step on the court again with that attitude and dedication.

    GS's performance clearly dropped during the last 2 matches, I was looking for the reason and for me the answer is Rhykliuk. She was having a great season and was carrying the team so far and probably is tired with so many matches in a row. Last 2 matches, she scores a lot but her % dropped as well. If she pulls her attacking % back to 45% at least, GS will have an easy path. At some point, noone could kill the ball and rallies just went on and on and Olessia looked like she had no power to hit anymore. Oh let me add that this is not only fault, during entire match setters were giving her horrible sets except last part of 4th and entire 5th set.

    I like Ilkin - Kosheleva duo way more. Guldeniz does not receive any serves and she does, it is not excellent anyway. Her attacking has never been great and now it is dead. She is basically on court to serve and make defense. I would rather keep Ilkin Aydin on court who receives good and also adds in attacking.