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    Read this in a Turkish forum: "according to Meliha's instagram, Cagla Akin joined the NT" which means Guidetti already gave up on Elif Sahin & Cansu Aydinogullari.

    Read this in Turkish forums. Looks like Neriman's husband answered yesterday that she won't return to the NT but today Neriman changed her name on instagram back to her maiden name and deleted all the pictures she had together with her husband.

    I won't be surprised if her old decision of not joining the NT was because she wanted to spend more time with her husband since she also played in Japan. Now she might return. If he invites, I hope Guidetti considers her as an opposite, not an OH. Meryem is pretty inconsistent though she definitely deserves her spot in the NT as the main opposite. However Ebrar really needs a year of good training before she enters such a serious stage. I think having Neriman as a back up opposite can help a lot.

    I think most coaches have different strategies but one of them is OH1, the spiker closer to the setter is mostly receives 2 times from zone 6, which is often the easiest target by servers while OH2 receives only once from that position. Moreover OH2 receives 4 out of 6 rotations from zone 5, which makes it easier for him/her to learn it by heart. So often the worse receiver is OH2.

    For women, MB1 is the slide attacker while MB2 attacks from the zone 3. That is because opposite is in the front row together with MB2 except only 1 of the 3 rotations.

    I think Kosheleva will be ready for WCH. Looking at her videos and disciplined work outs, she is already working with heavy weights and able to make squats. Not sure if she will be able to reach the peak though until then.

    I always prefer Startseva over any other Russian setters. For some reason, Russian pin hitters play more effectively with her setting, although she has a boring game style. I think she makes a difference in serves, blocking and defense too.

    I guess we will see: Startseva-Goncharova, Parubets-Voronkova, Zaryazko-Fetisova as starting six with Kosheleva-Scherban, Lyubuskina and Romanova as guaranteed bench players. Vetrova can be 3rd setter, the 4th MB can also be among many names like Gendel, Samoilenko etc. Lyubuskina is lucky since she is the only solid slider.

    I think Neriman can be a good addition to this team only as an opposite if Ebrar does not fix her problems. I don't mind seeing Neriman in the squad for WCH either. It would make me really pissed if she joins the team as OH though, I think Meliha-Seyma-Hande trio did a solid work there, plus we have some good prospects like Tugba, Derya and Ilkin to be the next OHs. Since we are having a temporary problem in the opposite position, Neriman can be a good alternative.

    I really miss the good old Japan with Saori and Sano. Volleyball is like a rainbow and Japan was bringing one new color to all tournaments they played with their different style, relying heavily on perfect receiving, fast sets, repeating-annoying-well placed-smart attacks and amazing defense. Even Manabe kept that tradition and he tried a very innovative system. I don't like the new coaching staff of Japan, with this style of management they look like any other team on the world which does not work because of their height. It is sad. I really really miss that special colour, hope they will bring it back :)

    I think it is the same with Russia. I know most people here did not like their game, found it boring that they relied on slow but over the block attacks, relying mostly on Kosheleva, Gamova and Goncharova. I miss that too.

    Without these two countries showing their traditional games, it feels like most major tournaments will be so plain, with only a few colors, teams playing with small nuances in style. I hope WCH will be different :super:

    Honestly, I don't agree that US needs Kelsey as OH. Larson-Hill-Bartsh trio are doing a great job, maybe today when they were all in together, Kelsey could sub one of the bad spikers in case they failed, but not sure if this will ever happen.

    To me the problem is, Kelsey looked super nervous as libero today. Her receiving was shaky, she was not stable in defense until 4th set. Then I saw some good digs from her. It should not be that hard for US to develop a libero who is simply better than Kelsey. But unfortunately it feels like Karch likes to experiment a lot, just to have his team in news like "wow, look at there what they did, converted X to Y" and this is one of his new experiments. :wavy:

    What game have you watched to say that Italy MBs are not delivering good performance ? Why do you underperform Christina performance and Danesi too ? Who are doing pretty much good job ? OH is not just attack, Bosetti is second libero next to De Gennaro that is why they have the best defence team right now and secondly Pietrini is the biggest talent in volleyball right now and her performance was going up game by game I still think that Sylla deserves to be start with her amazing performance in week 5 after she got little injury.

    Last 6matches Italy won at VNL (China,Brazil, Serbia) so they are pretty good with their confidence.

    Well I watched most of their VNL matches and I don't think Italian fans are thrilled by their middles either. When your opponents have MBs like Akinradewo, Dixon and Adams and you have Chrichella and Danessi, that is unfortunately far from being enough.

    You are right about Bosetti, she is simply a second libero which makes other teams' job easier to read what Italy will do in front row when she is there.

    Pietrini is young, as young as Zehra and Ebrar and I am sure she will become a better player in the future but as I pointed out, her receiving won't improve in 3 months and she is clearly a target by most well serving teams.

    I agree on Sylla but she is not consistent enough for this level either. She reminds me of a young Plak, she sure is more dynamic than Plak but her receiving and attacking is like ticking bomb unfortunately :white:

    I usually cheer for the dark horse. But I hate obnoxious turk users. So this time, I root for the USA. GO! USA! GO! :super:

    Oh my! So this is your second post in the forum? So many users being banned and coming back with different names, this gets annoying.

    Btw, I dont agree on the comments about Italy making it to the F6. They sure can, but then I expect Serbia to be out because there is no other playing joining them to make them better in 3 months. I wonder if Mihajlovic will be able to play WCH after the surgery for example?

    About Italy, I don't think they will be unstoppable. To me, Egonu is still very inconsistent, their middles are not delivering good performance that's why people were wondering if Folie will be back soon, their OHs are doing nothing special compared to the OHs of teams we have here in the final of VNL. Pietrini was served off the court immediately when I watched her last time for example. They really need to work hard this summer to get best of those same players, it will be exciting to see if they start performing better in WCH :drink:

    Congrats US! Kim Hill was the game changer, her serves are super dangerous, I am surprised Guidetti could not find a solution to them knowing her very well. I don't agree on Bartsh, she played a great half 4 and full 5 set but she made so many basic errors earlier that almost looked like she hated playing as opposite.

    At Turkish side, unfortunately Cansu collapsed in 5th set, she looked very nervous. Meliha was useless in attacking in whole match. Baladin looked injured because she was far from being explosive and powerful in attacking compared to earlier matches. Zehra really needs to learn to hit angles better and not insist on finding the block. Too bad the receiving line of Turkey could not hold well in 4th and 5th sets, giving an easy win for US. I think US also improved their serving a lot at 4th set and further on.

    No matter what, I am so proud of Turkey and most important, I am thankful to them as a volleyball lover. We watched so many good matches owing to their performance, first both group matches were both 3-2 and very exciting and then the match against Brazil and now against US, a 3-2 again. They showed a great reaction and did not give up easily, it was a pleasure to watch them. :box:

    I think China is missing a lot of things. First of all, I agree on what I read today, they are sooo similar to Russia when they played with Koshe and Goncha in the same time. Having both Zhu and Li on the court at the same time is ruining their defense, besides Gong is not helping in defense either, so it is only a miracle when they dig a ball (a bit of exaggeration here!). The thing is, Russia did not harm from this system because they had an amazing libero who was digging a lot and was very active in backcourt, Chinese liberos are a mess, I don't know how many times they watched balls falling from meters :wall:
    I also did not like the Chinese middles in this tournament. They are neither convincing in blocking nor in attacking they kill crucial balls. Therefore it feels like they rely so much on Zhu and Li to finish a rally.

    Good game by US! It was a fair decision to bring Hill instead of Larson and they are extremely dangerous from the serve line. Lets see how much Turkish girls will be able to harm their receiving line tomorow :whistle:

    Here's the same problem again.. even though Carli is setting super fast, Larson is facing a double block, and has no room to pick and angle.. she gets blocked straight down

    I totally agree. When Alisha was setting or even Kreklow, pin hitters were left against single blocks so they would just hit around block, that is how Kim Hill got the MVP. But with Lloyd, it feels like they are both predictable or bad quality :white:

    They have already played 15 matches before the finals, there are more than enough material to work on this team :whistle: I don't see any point that this team won't be as successful as now if not even gets better since they will have more chance to play together and for young players 3 months of hard training under Guidetti can indeed makes a huge difference

    I agree on Serdar, besides Meliha, Seyma, Meryem, they all played whole year in Turkey, anyone watching their matches can easily detects what makes them fail. Ebrar and slightly Zehra are probably the ones who were difficult to watch last year but Ebrar is not having a big time on court anyway.

    In my opinion this is about continous improvement. This squad for sure won't be enough in 2-3 years but hopefully next year, some new ones who had a good season will join this team and there are good candidates like Derya, Ilkin etc. I think that is the biggest difference between Netherlands and Turkey for Guidetti. Netherlands could not even develop a single useful setter to replace Dijkema for years, Femke no matter how bad she is always there. I heard about Bongaerts for some years but she did not make the cut yet. Same for defensive OHs, it is only Stam and Grothues who are both quite old. Recently the only new name in that team is Nika. I think Dutch girls did a great job with such a limited number of players, it must be really hard as a coach to work with such a small pool of players. I think compared to that Turkey probably looks like heaven for Guidetti, not only that there are many potential names for next year, but Turkey also won a lot in U tournaments recently.

    Thank you for your answer Rains , exactly what I was about to write.

    Plus, pope , if Beri wrote something, you should discuss it with her, not generalize it to all Turkish or european users here. what does Serdar or me have to do with it? We can't even see where you are from, should we generalize everything written here to you and accuse you?

    Last year most Turkish users were criticising the team because they were playing bad, what is wrong with that? Of course people will share their opinions and criticise things until they get better, like today.

    The problem here is, stop being disrespectful and undervaluing a success.

    I just want to say big thanks to Guidetti! He is simply amazing. Without him, no other coach could make this team so united in such a short time. I don't enjoy his personality but he is definitely a genius when it comes to volleyball :drink:

    Did not see the personal insult in Serdar's message but I just marked to provocation part of your message. I hope this is a clear example. :teach:

    Why should it be? Turkish girls have been improving their game since the beginning of this tournament. The only match they lost without a point was against Brazil, 3-1 and it was still a close call. So it is likely that Turkey kicks Brazil off the semis.

    Just wanted to quote these messages for a reason, proving how correct I was :drink:
    Volleyball is such a fair game!

    Big big congrats to Turkish girls! Brazil is such a big country in this sport and they simply played at their best to win it. Everyone did their job today, not only Eda, but Zehra, Simge, Meryem, Hande. Cansu was shaky at times but it makes sense considering this is her first year with the NT and she is playing here now! :super: