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    Realista this is amazing! Thank you, I honestly did not think of the league average would make sense but it actually does! But even with excluding it and using your weighting, one could reach better rankings for each position.

    For Mete, claiming that this is how player's contribute to a win does not make sense. Firstly, as serdar wrote, they call it something else. Secondly, is number of aces how a player contributes most to a set win? I mean you can make 4 serve aces and then receive terrible and kill 1/10, but still get a good grade in this ranking and you simply don't contribute at all. After all, my weighting would be very subjective too but I guess best option is to make a questionnaire to coaches and ask them to rank different actions for each role, for example for OH, they can rank serving, receiving, digs, attacking and blocking. With that, we might at least get a better weighting for each position and therefore a better ranking of players.

    Game starts with serve and good server always push the opponent to mistakes or even reduce the possibility of opponent's efficient attack and demoralize. It is an exceptional skill and that is why, weight could be high.

    I slightly disagree this. Serving is definitely important but they must be using some crazy weighting for it which explains Kunzler and Giquelle being well ranked.

    If it was up to me, for MBs, I would weight blocking most, followed by attacking and then serving. It can be like 45%, 35%, 20% which would make more sense. Now it feels like serving is like 50% of the whole formula for everyone.

    Same goes for OHs, isn't it more important how well they receive, then how well they attack, compared to how well they serve?

    That ranking is bullshit. A ranking considering Kunzler as 4th best outside (and better than Gabi) is dumbest thing ever. Based on your comments you don't sound the smartest guy around anyways so keep believing it.

    I agree on the ranking comment. It gives too much weighting on serves and that is why Arina is number 1 in the ranking for example. Her attacking and receiving index are not the best.

    Unfortunately, they used the same stupid formula for MBs etc.

    When it comes to Bergmann, I would wait until the end of the season to see what she delivers. She was terrible until a month ago and now she is doing a very good job. But we don't know if she will flop or not next month. So far I don't see her being as a big signing like Markova, Arina etc.

    It is a good deal for Muratpasa, she was not playing as she used to in the beginning of the season which is understandable after all the transfer news coming so early. I hope they could get some good money which they use next season for a similar transfer.

    Yeah, I read that Van Aalen signed somewhere else too, so Chieri makes sense. I am surprised she refused to work with Guillermo lol, shade.

    Someone wrote Wenerska is in GS's target.

    Also Alexia is not confirmed either.

    GS should invest foreign spots on setter, OH and opposite/libero. Wenerska and Brayelin (as OH) can be good, if they can sign Alexia. With that, if Daikin is staying as sponsor, they better send a Japanese libero to the team this season instead.

    I think Derya's transfer to Vakifbank makes a lot of sense. Gabi can do everything and no locals will be as good as her anyway, so Idil Naz was not making any sense at all in that squad. Same for Busa, she is only needed to sub for Frantti in the backrow. They needed someone who could support attacking and having a local to do that is priceless for them, so they can use Chiaka now in the local league.

    I also agree that Gabi will probably slow down quicker than we think in upcoming years. The only player I can relate to her is Gözde. They both rely so much on their jumping. Of course they are very technical too, but combining the technique+that jump was what makes them one of the best spikers. With her technique and smartness, I am sure we will see Gabi in top teams for 4-5 years more, but we will be asking why she attacks not as good as before, and that's simply due to her jumping abilities slowly downgrading.

    Oh for sure much better than İdil. She should be starter with Gabi and that would allow Ogbogu to be on court as well

    I agree! She will be way useful than Idil Naz and she is coming back from Japan, swinging so many balls and hopefully improved her receiving/defense further.

    I guess Frantti will be the first sub coming in if needed. This might leave Busa off the roster though in TL.

    I think it was more like which league has the better servers. I would say Turkish league too in that case.

    I don't trust players' opinions when it comes to such things. They can be the best setter in the world with 20 years of experience but that never guarantees that the player actually knows volleyball (or even cares about it), other than just doing her job excellent and following tactics (which are designed by people who know volleyball better).

    A good proportion of players don't even watch or don't even want to watch volleyball matches. That also explains why legendary players do not necessarily turn into legendary coaches. I think they never have the time to reflect on the game in the broader sense while playing and focusing on their own work/development. It comes years after, when they start as assistant coaches etc, that they actually get that experience.

    Weird decision by Vakifbank to let go The It Girl of volleyball setters

    I think it might be because they are desperate to have solid locals next season (and could not sign for example Ilkin) and probably don't want to spend foreigner spot with Van Aalen, who honestly did not do well this season when she got the chance. But credit to her, she was mostly used with double substitution and might play much better when she is a regular. GS might be very good for her for that reason.

    Ferhat is a joke. I am tired of writing this but it seems like everyone in his teams underperforms while we see most of these players shining in the NT with Santarelli. Only Boskovic is doing well but that has nothing to do with him, girl has such a talent that it is difficult to drop under a certain level. If I were any of these players and were asked to renew a contract, first thing I would ask would be "will Ferhat stay?". If he does, I would absolutely leave.

    Lazovic makes a lot of sense actually, the only problem is her joining too late. I hope she makes it to THY match. So far Ilkin ve Logan have to play and only reliable sub is Sude, so having Lazovic will help alot.

    I am sure Polina will be off the squad when the other foreigners arrive. I wonder who else won't make it to the roster though.

    I think finding a good middle is not a problem but libero is. I am sure they will go for an ok name though. I don't mind that they give a try to Aylin who is usually considered the 4th option for the NT. Not my favorite type of libero but she is fine enough to finish in top 4. Hopefully they get a good bench libero too to support her.

    For OH, I would like Lozo or Uzelac, though I will be very surprised if they even considered Uzelac. For OH, Herbotts could be a good duo with Ilkin too and fire that team up, but I guess she would be far too expensive.

    If Russian ban continues next season, I won't be surprised that more players leave Russian league. A Russian MB can be a good option too, like Fetisova.

    I listened an interview with Orkun Darnel (ex husband of Neslihan and GS manager) now. He gave some interesting gossips from past and now:

    - Looks like GS was about to transfer Heidi (the Cuban opposite) but coach at that time preferred Logan since she was a part of upcoming season's plan.

    - He explained that they were about to transfer Gaila Gonzalez but seems like Dominican federation gets too involved in her playing conditions such as when she is allowed to arrive to her club (added that that's why she arrived to Kuzeyboru late), when she should leave, what happens if her payment is late (for example forcing her not to attend the trainings) etc.

    - He confirmed that they were about to build a strong team with Frantti and Akimova but elections within the club ruined everything, while players like Ilkin, Anthi, Aycin and Popovic decided to wait (especially Ilkin and Anthi, who were free agents at that point).

    - He praised Ilkin a lot, claiming that all she cares about is a strong team and she is very ambitious and a GS fan.

    - He added that he would never work with GS himself due to problems within the club (weird elections etc) and he would not like his daughter to play in GS (did not get his reasoning but sounded like people would gossip that he used to be a GS manager and his daughter is getting paid by the club, which sounds very awkward)

    - When asked about who he would keep from this season in the team for the upcoming season, he said I would not renew with any of the foreigners (he praised Cuttino and Logan though for their better performances). Among the locals, he named Ilkin and Aycin (and Sude as bench player).

    - He was honest about Bihter's performance, that she is not performing well as first libero.

    - Looks like Aycin has an offer from a club which he called "we have good relations and they always make offer to our players for some reason". Must be Vakifbank or Eczacibasi. According to him, it is very likely that she stays in GS since she wants to be in the NT and here she can play in starting six regularly.

    - Good news is that, they seem to finalise transfers in the end of this month. According to him, the club built a young, ambitious and aggressive team based on Guillermo's wishes and all transfers will be completed by the end of this month. Only a "cherry on top of the cake" might be added later on. Some names who were rumoured are most likely correct (hi Sarah!)

    - Another good news is, Mehmet Cibara (current manager) wants to build a team that will be a regular participant in the CEV Champions league, this indicates that they will have better budgets in upcoming seasons.

    A note, looks like Guillermo is the one who discovered Van Aalen in Germany, transferring her from a lower ranked team and trained her, ending up as main setter in the Netherlands NT. Following that, I am sure she will be GS's setter next season.

    I would prefer Dilek Kinik as libero, not a big fan of Buse Kayacan etc. Melis Yilmaz can be a good second libero, which is definitely needed.

    For MB, it is a bit tricky, because that team will definitely need a scorer MB. Aycin is supposed to take that role but she is all over the place now. So I would prefer someone who hits well from zone 3, one of the Serbian MBs except Popovic can work. If they can't find anyone, I would go for Maglio.

    For OH, I would prefer Sara Lozo, not Lazovic, but if they want to be competitive, they need a solid bench like Derya or Saliha. In such a young team, it will be terrible if they don't have anyone in good quality to sub in.

    Tashiro started the season really really off, but that's because her connection with key players like Ilkin, Cuttino and Logan were really bad. Now it is the other way around, all of the wing players seem to attack a lot better thanks to her. I really like her setting but considering her age, ambition and unfortunately being short, I understand why they preferred to sign with a young, ambitious and taller setter.

    I would also prefer Roberta but Van Aalen showed us what she could do with the Netherlands this summer. GS can be a great place where she would enjoy being an underdog. On the other hand, key positions determining GS's place next season will be libero and opposite.

    I also hope that they transfer another solid local OH which gives room for a foreign MB and opposite on the court. Derya Cebecioglu or Saliha Sahin could make a good duo with Ilkin.

    Ops sorry! Forgot about Alexia, she is also local. So I guess they will use other foreign spots for OH and MB.