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    DLC-McClendon-Velez trio will be such a vulnerability in receiving :S

    Atkinson-Sheilla duo has to share court once again, too bad for both.

    Aliyeva might get more court time considering the other OHs in her team.

    Receiving will be a big problem for Abbott-Fairs-Aliyeva-Rosanda as receivers.

    I really liked blue team it looks balanced. Edmond-Cruz, they have McCage as middle, two good opposites. Lets hope Brie King performs better this round.

    Oh god finally the first round is over. When is the next draft? It will be so much better with the new captains being players who has pro volleyball experience, except Leah. I would honestly prefer Gibbemeyer over Leah, not because she was better and deserves to be a captain, but also because she probably knows who Sheilla is for example.

    Some bad picks of the first draft such as Willow Johnson will be hopefully be fixed. It will be wiser to combine her with Sheilla.

    I did not like any liberos for a long while, especially the girl playing in Larson's team. But Clark was nice to watch and best among all, showing why she was a captain.

    Meanwhile, Aurea Cruz is in 26th place? Gurl you played full time and did not make it to top 10 :S

    I wonder if they think of different strategies during drafts too. For example if you pick Sheilla, you need a setter who can give tempo sets and has better creativity, Sellinger might be a good combo. Same for middle and setter combinations. I am also curious who the OHs will pick as their partner, Bethania-Lichtman duo can be good, same goes for Leah-Lichtman, while Larson might prefer a solid attacker as OH.

    I felt asleep after the second set. I'm glad Team Aury Cruz won, eventually.

    Some of the results are entered wrong I think. It was showing Team Cruz won for a while, then I watched the match noticed Team Cruz lost second set 25-17 and third set 25-23. First set they won 25-23. With that, isnt it Team Sybeldon which won the game?

    There is also a problem with Team King and Team Clark result where they highlight Clark as winner, while they lost 2 sets and also by points. Am I wrong or are the people entering those results high? They keep changing them anyway.

    Well, when Kosheleva joined the team, Galatasaray had lost against Aydin, THY, Sariyer, and Yesilyurt (teams Gala beat with Kosheleva). And these last losses against PTT and Karayollari are senseless since Gala was already eliminated. Galatasaray could have had six more wins and that for sure would make a huge difference on the table...

    So... I think they were brave to fight even having two foreigners (one arrived late) and "the worst" Turkish players among the top teams (I'm not considering Gizem, she is a good player). Now they are focusing on the semifinals of the Turkish Cup, CEV Cup, and the 5th-8th playoffs.

    As you said, THY and Nilufer are well deserved, it's not their fault Gala's bad administrative decisions.

    I agree on and thank Husky. Some of you guys are really digging hard to twist things but with Koshe joining the team, they actually had a chance to be in top 4, until they lost a critical match against Eczacibasi and then Sariyer (without Koshe). With these losses, they already lost the chance to be in top 4 and imagine their motivation now? Do you think they would play the same and lose against Karayollari if it was actually a crucial match to be in top 4?

    Gs has one of the worst MB duo in the league.Galatasaray could easily find better players than ergül and selin if they had a slightly smarter managers.For example,Yasemin Yıldırım and Emine Arıcı are middle blockers who played in the second division last year.

    Also,Dehri has one more year contract with Nilüfer.

    If i'm not mistaken,Galatasaray presidential election will be held in June and the management is likely to change.The change of president can lead to a change in everything from the budget to the team manager and the coach.

    Besides all these, who could guess Ilkin would have such a big impact? She came after 2 years of injuries and before that she was not playing at all. So GS basically started the season with 3 rookies as OH and turned out that Ilkin actually had really good material. If not anything, we should be thankful to Ataman for that. Remember also that Koshe joined the team at the second half of the season, if she was with them in first half, GS would be in top 4 again.

    However, I agree that it is a dumb idea to play with Guldeniz-Kosheleva duo as in the last two matches. Ilkin should continue playing no matter what which is a bad decision by Ataman.

    In short, I don't think GS's squad was good at all at the beginning of the season. Only reliable players were Gizem Guresen and Olessia.

    Who do you guys think GS will hire if they kicked Ataman? With their non-existing budget, they won't be able to afford any proper name as a coach for that team. I mean they could only afford 1 foreigner (Olesia) to sign and Kosheleva was transferred as a gift by two people who pay her salary, not the club. Besides that, they could not afford a 3rd MB so they are using their inexperienced youngster Sezen for these matches, besides the MBs they could afford are Selin and Ergul. Same with OH position, they started the season with only Guldeniz as OH and used their youngsters Ilkin, Sude and Elifsu to compete, until someone helped them to transfer Kosheleva. With such a small budget, do you really think they should spend a larger share of the budget on a good trainer?

    Besides this, what do you expect from Ataman when he is given simply no budget where noone from his list was transferred at the beginning of the season and he was forced to use experienced and close to retirement players, because they could only afford them?

    eh I don’t think so. They need this league to be USA popular, not worldwide popular. No one here knows who KYK is or probably even Zhu Ting. That’s why the league is 95% former NCAA players/stars. Maybe in the future that’ll change.

    Not sure if this is a right strategy to make it locally popular either. If they had some big names or even retired stars, that could create an international popularity and eventually locals would wonder "why there is such a big fuzz about this?" and start following slowly. Now with 95% former NCAA players, I am not sure if it will be as popular among locals. Besides, once some hard core local volleyball spectators start watching this, they might be like "wow, quality is not upto expectations, why should I waste my time on this"...

    The whole concept is going towards a failure with no popularity. I agree that they should have brought more international stars, from Asia, Italy, Russia etc. In that way it would become more interesting for the whole world and quality of matches could be higher than a second division in a major league.

    If they will keep the same format next year, they can actually ask some retired stars to participate too, some of them are still in fine shape for this level of volleyball such as Neslihan.

    Nursevil shared in her story that she is under quarantine. If she has it, Asli Kalac definitely has it too since they were always together.

    Meanwhile, I think Polen was hanging out with some GS players recently (I think she was staying at Guldeniz's place). I hope we won't read GS players being tested positive too :(

    Only good thing this season in GS is Ilkin Aydin. Koshe is back to her "I can neither receive nor attack" mode. Alessia cracks badly in critical moments and can't kill a ball. Middles are useless in blocking and therefore we havent seen a single defense from GS in 4-5th sets.

    If you watch carefully in 3rd set, you will see an example when Alessia being useful. When she plays like that, GS can beat any team. However it only lasts for a set. GS should get rid of foreigners plus Ergul and Cagla asap. Enough with mature players playing boring volleyball. Some younger names with fire in their eyes will make GS look much better and make them way more competitive.

    I think Wolosz is shining in the system she plays. If you put her in a team with Mihajlovic, Busa and Vargas as wing players, she won't be able to shine as much. On the other hand she is one of the very rare players who can make Connegliano's system work so well.

    To me Maja is beyond them. No matter what system or players she play with, her technique allows her to trick opponents badly. If you look in slow motion how she sets, she is watching opponents carefully and waiting until the very last moment to set the ball, making it so difficult to read it on time as a blocker.

    Wolosz is easier to read but she gives way faster sets, opponents never have the time to make it on block.

    Naz is nowhere close to their level in that sense. Her only plus is her blocking advantage compared to the other two. However Naz is a versatile setter, she can set faster than today (see Vakifbank and Lönneke-Naz or Gözde-Naz connections) but she can also play high balls, boring volleyball like today. To me Naz was a pleasure to watch during her Vakifbank times with Gözde.

    Well if the quality of the competition is raised, it will also pull more spectators and more money. CEV could use some of this money to finance the new comers of the league such as not demanding high entry expenses from them (which made some clubs including Germany ones resigning from their CL spot in the past). They should not of course help a team to transfer a player but they can help them in other ways, including marketing volleyball better in some countries.

    Also the CEV cup winner would be offered some money as award to invest for upcoming CL year by CEV, in that way they can make sure that the team getting CL ticket via CEV cup can build a competitive team.

    Like 10 years ago yes, but not anymore

    About 4th team, cev brought a weird rule like if a team would have been 2 times in CL in last 5 years or something like that, it can join to the competition with a wild card

    On the other hand, if they actually brought that rule back, CEV cup would become a blood bath and more fun to watch, especially the final. They could also introduce the rule as "the cev cup winner enters cev CL in the following season, without using country quota", which would allow 4 Italian or Turkish teams after all which would also increase the competition between two countries, trying to get an extra spot in CL.

    No, I don't remember her at all for some reason. I agree about the comparison to Kalac, when I watched her, I was like "omg! she is Polish Kalac". But she looked more agile than Asli in attacking. On the other side, Asli is very good at cutting attacks with her blocks. However, I think Wasilewska would be a great addition with her energy to teams like GS or THY, especially GS has a tendency to overuse middles in attacking, so it would be awesome if she joined the team.