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    I think Fenerbahce will sign with Melisa Memis as libero next season. I am almost sure they will send both Melis & Merve away. 2nd libero might be Aylin Sarioglu, whom I really don't like.

    Honestly, I think local player transfers is more exciting to watch in Turkey next season than foreigners. There is a big uncertainty of where will local spikers go such as Meliha, Fatma Yildirim, Cansu Cetin, Guldeniz Önal etc. Especially Meliha's transfer will be very important for the top 3 teams and according to rumours, all three are interested in her.

    I also read that Ferhat was supposed to come back to Turkey next season, I guess this failed since he wants Polen & Guldeniz in Romania.

    It is surprising to me that Caterina Bosetti rejects Vakifbank again and again while her parents are working for Vakifbank. She either hated her time in Turkey while playing at GS or she does not like Guidetti lol :D

    Gabi and Natalia in Turkey will be really good to watch!

    If Zhu stays, we will probably watch top 3 teams competing in Turkish league for title again.

    I read that Jana Kulan & Rahimova might be in THY next season. If they find better locals, they can finally push GS off the top 4.

    Robinson & Vasileva as OHs is a really bad idea.

    I agree on earlier comments about Natalia being an OH and Maret being needed for the receiving and defense improvement. The difference is, FB suffered from terrible libero performances for many years, Eczacibasi has Simge so things might be different for Eczacibasi when they use Natali and KYK as receivers. I think it is such a shame that they waste Meliha on the bench while they could use Meliha-KYK-Boskovic and Wolosz all together.

    Hande is most likely returning to Eczacibasi for next season, I wonder if they are planning to bench Boskovic which is also silly. I would rather give up from one of the KYK-Natalia duo instead. It is clear after this season that they need a solid setter though. Besides their local MBs performed the worst among top 4 teams. I wonder how they manage to transfer all these good names including local ones with good potential and still have so many troubles.

    IMHO Turk Hava Yollari has real chances to eliminate Fenerbahce.

    Bricio and Rabadzhieva are injured. Merve got a bite from a dog (:aww:). They just need to serve Melis out of court... Fener will have big troubles passing the ball.

    I dont think so. If FB plays with Fatma-Damla-Melis trio, they will secure the receiving. THY does not have great serves. With fairly better receiving, Ana can load the sets to Eda, Bahar and Vargas. Attacking from this trio will be enough to eliminate THY.

    Their main problem in the first match was number of serve errors and bad receiving.

    Rabadzhieva had an ankle injury though she could walk with bandages around her ankle, which means it was a minor one.

    Looks like Bricio crashed with Vargas and injured her shoulder too, but she kept playing.

    Merve Tanyel (OH) from FB also got injured on tuesday's training.

    Damla seems to get an opportunity now.

    If I were a coach, I would not call Destinee Hooker unless she gives a call to me and asks for an opportunity, showing some maturity. But after all the drama about her transfer last summer, I don't think she is matured. It really does not matter what she does with her club team, she can score 30 points each match with %60 efficiency, but no good coaches would like to deal with drama in their teams.

    Guldeniz is not a solid serve receiver, though she is a very good defender. She was the target when GS played with her and Leys as receivers and she failed quite often. With Mihajlovic, I don't think she can do good in receiving, they will most likely use her to sub Mihajlovic when she is in backrow.

    I don't agree about serves. Mihajlovic also had a very dangerous jump serve back then. Bricio had a very inconsistent season, it is hard to tell actually whether it is good to keep her or transfer a new OH. I guess playoffs will tell us more about her future.

    Meanwhile looks like GS is about to sign with Olesia Rhykliuk. I also saw that Ataman liked pages about Kakolewska and started following Vasilantonaki. Not sure if the last two are signs of potential transfers.

    Naz's setting to position 2 is not so good. I feel like Sloetjes can't spike the ball comfortably. But her setting to position 4 is better.

    Cansu Ozbay's setting to position 2 is mostly good. It's good for Sloetjes to spike. But her setting to position 4 is just very inconsistent.

    I actually remember reading an interview of Slöetjes where she said she is getting the best sets when she plays with Naz. I remember her hitting alot against single blocks when Naz was setting to her, one of them was one of the best actions of last edition of CL.

    Vakifbank played probably one of their worst games recently. That is mostly due to Cansu performing terrible today, though I don't blame her, Guidetti was brave enough to take the risk to not transfer a 2nd setter and instead use (or not being able to use) an amateur as 2nd setter. I feel bad for Cansu because she simply has no luxury to perform bad since there is noone else who can save the day when she is sitting at the bench. Homematch can be an easy win for Vakif if they keep their usual serve and attacking tempo, but if Vakif loses the first set, I can see Cansu getting more stressed and shaky and pulling the entire team down. She is technically the best Turkish setter now but she is mentally weak, on the other hand Naz had very strong nerves in any moment of the matches she played.

    For the other matches, Italians should really change the ball they are using in their league. Yes, using molten allows easier serve receives, faster sets, variation in attacking, more rallies etc. which makes it more interesting to watch for spectators. But when you go outside your country and receive the ball like crap and can't defend, everything falls apart. I personally would prefer that whole world changes the ball to Molten, which does not float as much and allows more game time, but I guess this won't happen. So Italians better stop shooting their own foot.

    Btw has Malinov been performing like this whole season? She was simply terrible, I don't get the idea with fast sets when you simply cannot deliver them. All wing spikers of Scandicci looked like ordinary players with those sets.

    Looking at Imoco, I really wonder if Kim Hill will be in starting 6 of US NT this summer at all. Both Kelsey and Larson are having good seasons.

    Unfortunately setters make a big impact on the game but they don't win a match all by themselves. In my opinion, there is a big gap between the wing spikers of Imoco and Eczacibasi. Almost everyone on Eczacibasi can hit a high ball and they don't rely on perfect receives, since their both setters have been underperforming this season anyway. On the other side, Imoco needs perfect receives, hope that Wolosz will deliver a fast and good match. Their best shot is, Eczacibasi being a relatively weak team from the serve line this year. I am sure Motta will use both Guldeniz & Meliha, at least to ruin Imoco's plans at some rotations. Imoco's clear advantage is their middles, but what can middles do when your receiving is all around the place? Here it will be a big surprise to me if Eczacibasi loses actually.

    Fenerbahce has been one of the hard to predict teams this season. That's mostly because they are so error prone and shoot their own foot. However, the only players of Scandicci that bring a question mark to me for this match are Haak and Adenizia. If Haak delivers well with few errors and if Adenizia consistently blocks Vargas, Scandicci might get an easy win. Though I don't think this will be the case. I expect at least a 4 sets match here.

    Aydin's case is a bit different though. While most teams designed their squads already in April, Aydin did not know they would play in VVSL instead of Bursa which came pretty late. Still they did a good job finding the best players they could afford at that point. Next year, I am sure they will have a better transfer plan.

    I think their main weakness is opposite. Martinez sisters are doing excellent, with a more reliable opposite, they could get better results. I also like that their managers are aiming high which will most likely bring better competition next season to the league. The problem is there will be local elections in Turkey in the end of March, 2019 and their municipality might change from the opposition party to AKP. I hope Özlem Cercioglu stays since she seems ambitious about volleyball.

    A final remark, Aydin plays their homematches with a very big crowd, which most teams in VVSL appreciated a lot.

    Im open to new ideas and it makes me excited honestly. The only solid local wing players Turkey has this season are: Meliha-Hande and Ebrar. Meliha is certainly an OH. Hande receives and attacks better from zone 2 and zone 6. That means, if Ebrar can hit better from zone 4, it is a perfect equation.

    As I wrote earlier, Ebrar does not have to receive. If she fails in receiving, Hande can play receiving opposite. When Ebrar is in the backrow, Ebrar can play in zone 1 (since she hits better from there and she makes better defense there) and Hande can play in zone 6 (since she hits better from there and she makes better defense there). It is all fitting well.

    I don't agree on this opposites being the tallest player and such argument. Women volleyball is not like mens volleyball, it is not all about height and power but also technique and speed. Look at Tandara, she did a very good job as opposite, even though she is only 184. Hande Baladin is 190 cm. Moreover, Hande is much faster than Ebrar on zone 2. She also hits better angles than she does on zone 4.

    Basically, if Ebrar is able to hit consistently from zone 4, I don't see a problem with this system at all.

    JoanaBG Rasic is back in trainings. She started last week and Vakifbank shared a picture in instagram, saying something like "She is back!"

    About the NT. I agree that the best squad so far is Cansu-Hande, Ebrar-Meliha, Zehra-Eda, Simge.

    In this way, Hande can receive when Ebrar fails in receiving and Ebrar can be subbed out in the backrow.

    I don't agree on Elif Sahin at all. I watched her live. Karayollari has two bad setters unfortunately. Their sets to zone 4 and slides are terrible, which explains why some players have really low attacking rates in that team. I don't know how many but I counted so many times that their poor spikers had to tip the ball in to fix them.

    Seyma Ercan and Birgul Guler do not look promising so far. I think Cansu Cetin is in good shape, playing regularly and can help Ebrar in the backrow in the NT. Fatma is probably another fine (even though she does not perform great) alternative.

    I think Yasemin Guveli deserves a chance this summer as well as Asli Kalac.

    The second setter should be Ezgi considering the terrible performances of local setters this season. I was hopeful of Nursevil but being benched for 2 weeks brought her back to old Nursevil.

    Most teams look good on paper but it is also about team chemistry which does not necessarily work well. I think Italian teams are suffering from this mostly, like Savino del bene and Imoco. Eczacibasi did not lose many matches this year but they have a similar problem, they are performing below expectations. To me Vakifbank is the exact opposite, they are to my surprise over performing. I think it is called synergy :)