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    Well done Thailand! I think Sasaripron was the element of surprise Turkey never thought of and she did deliver very very well. Of course Chatcuon was MVP but having such a surprise made a big difference. Turkey simply could not kill the ball and had troubles with her attacks/serves.

    On Turkish side, Tugba is the last thing this team needs. If you want her back, that's simply because you like chaos lol :D

    Main problem was setters, especially Özbay, followed by Simge's lack of defense and Giovanni's bad coaching. Double subs were very unnecessary since Ebrar played a fine match and Boz is simply doing nothing better than her. If he wants to replace Ebrar, the option should be Derya, she could hit over Thai blocks at least with her height. Ilkin did a good job but she melted mentally at 4th set after getting 5-6 sets in a row from Cansu. Giovanni could try Meliha/Saliha to let her calm down a bit. Watching her all season in GS, I knew how she would perform in 5th set, after that sequence in the 4th set.

    Felt like Poland could find and play their own game on 4th set. Wolosz worries me though, her ego is going beyond the team and she needs to remember that she is just 1 of the 6-7 players on the court. I really like Rozanski and her energy. Also Stysiak was very cute when she accidentally got hit by the serve going out. Stenzel was a beast in 4th set too!

    Although it is a 3-1 loss, I think it is a good result for Croatia. If Fabris could contribute to the game a bit, they could maybe make it to a 5 setter. Good work by the Deak! Ferhat should look for ways to replace Mlos and a substitute for Fabris when she plays like this.

    Wolosz is a system setter. I agree Serdar that she is not as versatile as other setters. However I also think that when it comes to playing in a fast system, Wolosz is probably the best setter who can do that. I don't think Naz and Maja will be as succesful in a faster system for example, though Cansu & Poulter can definitely do that. We can also add a few Japanese setters in the list of system setters.

    It is very surprising though to see how worse she gets in a different system, I was not expecting this.

    I agree comments on Lavarini. He is becoming a big flop, first Novara and now Polish NT. Don't know who is a better alternative though.

    Wow, if this is the final squad, for once Giovanni made the right decisions. I am sorry for Beyza but clearly Aycin is a better scorer and Turkey might need that.

    It is also good to see 5 OHs, knowing that both opposites are having big ups and downs. So now at least 2-3 of them can be an alternative as opposite too.

    I would keep Derya in the team. With her, this team can at least make some meaningful substitutions and change the game plan a bit. Meliha-Hande-Ilkin-Tugba are all similar players. I would keep 3 of them in squad and add Derya as 4th option. Other alternative is to kick one of the Ebrar-Meryem duo out and add Derya as OH/OPP in the squad. Some changes are clearly needed.

    I would also add Aycin, either as 4th MB or replace Beyza with her. Beyza and Bahar are clearly useless and he could not sub them in at all. Aycin is a scorer MB, she can be useful.

    As far as we know, GS won't sign an opposite until mid season, which might be because they will sign LYY in mid season. Anthi does not want to play opposite. They will probably try Ilkin as receiving opposite and transfer one more OH.

    With LYY, Ilkin can play as receiving opposite if she wants to hit from zone 4. Otherwise it will make more sense Anthi-Ilkin as OH and LYY as regular opposite.

    GS might also try one of the middles as opposite this season...Karmen and Aycin are sliders as far as I know, so one of them can take that role.

    It was old rumor, for the previous season or do they still want to transfer her? At least she has a contract until end of 22/23 season.

    I don't know if it is true or not. But this is the first time I am reading these rumours. Besides that, if I am not wrong, Monza has 3 OHs and one of them is Begic who is injured.

    I really wonder how they renewed with Anthi.And if Gaila has agreed with Kazan,i can't think of any other available Op.Maybe they go with lower budget this season

    It sounded like they have troubles to find a proper opposite and any other solution. I guess Anthi does not want to play opposite, otherwise they could find an OH instead, for example according to rumours Derya Cebecioglu wanted to come to GS on loan.

    In any case, if they can find a decent opposite/OH and MB, then it will be a better team than last year. It would be nice if they could get Ana Cristina as opposite, but FB would never loan their players to GS.

    Btw, I read in Turkish forums that Monza is interested in Hande Baladin! Hope this happens.

    According to Kerem Övet, GS had a deal with Gaila but since it took so long, she signed with Dinamo Kazan instead. He also added that he expects a similar situation with Popovic since problems with her contract we similar to Gaila's and their transfers were somehow connected.

    He said there are problems with Aycin's contract too but added that this one will most likely be solved without troubles.

    Meanwhile, GS's new manager is Asuman Karakoyun. I am glad that they built a young and good quality staff this season with Asuman as manager, Dehri as ass. trainer and Ataman as main trainer. They might attract some young names next season.