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    I guess they want to improve Anthi's reception and defense skills.

    And both are injured.

    Ilkin left the match yesterday after 2nd set and rumours say that she had bandages around her leg and was walking with support from assistant trainer. Today she was not with the team so I assume she went for a check up etc.

    Anthi also has an injury (I guess it is shoulder injury) and the coach probably wanted her to get in shape for receiving and defense and not just resting.

    Ilkin made it clear in a recent interview that she wants to play in competitive teams, indicating that this might be her last season in GS. If not to Vakifbank or Eczacibasi, I expect her to go abroad as well, won't be surprised with Italy, unless she has an injury.

    Legionovia signed Yaprak Erkek(TUR, OH). There were rumors THY wanted her but apparently she is moving to Poland. I hope she can play full time :win:

    Wow really happy for her! She is very agile and has a strong arm in attacking. I also like her in defense but she needs to work in her receiving. I am glad she will get the chance to work with better quality trainers and I don't care if she is benched or not. I am sure she will get plenty of on-court time though.

    Italy-Turkey match will be interesting for many reasons but one of them is, whether Turkey's performance against China was a one time thing or was it their real performance which they had been preparing for the whole VNL?

    The key in the match will be serves from Turkey as usual. We know what happened in Imoco-Vakifbank final, Sylla was benched after a while. Question is, will Pietrini be a solution and do what Adams did in Imoco? Adding Malinov's performance to bad receives, Paola might be forced to slap balls to Turkish side, instead of really attacking.

    Fun fact is, Turkey relies so much on solid receives too. Without keeping middle attacks active, Turkish game will be very obvious and it will turn into a block party. However Baladin-Meliha-Simge trio looks more solid in receiving than Pietrini(Sylla)-Bosetti-De Gennaro trio.

    One decisive minor element is, whether Guidetti will be able to match Egonu with Hande Baladin/Ebrar (in 1 rotation). They are both solid blockers and can at least bounce Paola's attacks. Can't imagine Paola attacking against Tugba :S

    Im too late for the party but congrats to Turkey. My theory explaining the sudden change in their game is, they probably used VNL to get fitter and loading, that's why their performance was very inconsistent and none of the OHs looked like they could jump well or hit strong. Now when the target tournament started, they look like how they should be. However in order to see if this theory is correct, we need to wait for the next two matches, especially Meliha & Hande looked completely different.

    This is so sweet

    Wow Stysiak is really sweet and not a sour loser at all. With 1 small error, Poland could make it to the OGs instead of Turkey. It is also very cute that she used the term "abla" :D

    Eda mentioned "semi-final" and even a top 3 placement as a goal in response to one of the questions, I am glad they aim a bit higher than just qualifying the group stage.

    I really don't like Hilal's setting, her sets lack tempo and are too high for wing spikers like Sude, Elifsu and Beren, who are short but relatively quick. Poor girls are hanging a while to hit her sets. Middles look effective because that's the only position Hilal is setting fine. However her middle sets are also slow, MBs would get blocked again and again in Sultanlar ligi with that tempo.

    Who knows Hande & Meliha can pull a Jaque & Garay circa London 2012 ☺️

    Even if they do that, Ebrar is not Sheilla :D That's not to downgrade Ebrar's development, I think she is playing very good but to point out the system issue. With Sheilla as opposite, Brazil could distribute the balls faster. At Turkey's side, no matter the quality of receiving, sets to Ebrar are obvious and sky high, leaving only middles as threats and if you don't have Zehra, then only 1 middle is left as a threat: Eda.

    I wonder if Giovanni is planning to have 4 MBs now instead of 3 and instead have 3 OHs in the squad. Zehra does not seem fully recovered and even if she is with the team, I guess the risk of getting injured during OGs will be high. With that, I think having 4 MBs is not a terrible idea :S

    Meanwhile, without Zehra, Turkey's chances drop even more. The team will simply rely on Eda and Ebrar in attacking :S

    If he will use loyalty argument, then why he didn't pick Aslı over Kübra? Aslı was there instead of Kübra during qualifications right? Also Fatma Yıldırım was there

    Asli is still in the 14 players list and he will say "Kubra was injured back then" anyway.

    For Fatma, she has not been with the team at all this summer, some claimed it was due to family reasons.

    In Gizem Örge's post, there are quotations from Shakespeare and it sounds like they are directed towards Guidetti, sounding really harsh :D Wow drama is loading! I hope we see more of this coming from Neriman and others too. Polen also commented on the post with a heard :D

    No Ilkin in 14 (12) and while Tugba, Seyma, Meliha are in, it's literally crime. Quite coincidentally, 2/3 of the listed players are Vakifbank players, if Meliha is no longer counted as such then Boz can join the list very appropriately.


    That's why I was criticising Giovanni badly. He will most likely say "I tried to be loyal to the list who brought us the Olympics ticket" if things go wrong. But at this point, noone cares about the original squad and questioning why Ilkin is not there. He simply reduces Turkey's chances in Olympic games with one stupid decision lol.

    Lol, Giovanni has no excuses if the team fails to qualify the group stage or is out at quarter finals. Probably one of the worst OH rotation of the tournament. Giovanni will probably say "we got the ticket this squad, so I kept them" but gurl, that ticket you got was 1.5 years ago, a lot changed since then.

    The only good thing is, Russia also has a so so OH rotation.

    Really sorry for Ilkin and Turkey.

    I can't believe some people threating Guidetti as if he is a god or such. Don't we all say he actually refuses to invite players just because of his personal problems to begin with. What did he really add to the team this summer? Nothing. Instead he wears his Vakifbank glasses and tries Tugba who is simply a limited player while he can use other OHs who played a full season.

    I completely disagree what dagdelenler wrote. Ilkin played a whole season in GS, Derya played a whole season in Yesilyurt and won challenge cup, even Yaprak Erkek played a whole season with her club. Any other trainer would not even notice Tugba for this summer because she simply was at the bench whole season. How would they watch her and say "yeah, she is NT material". Guidetti is very biased and started to harm the team and people acting like he is some sort of a god is just adding wood in the fire.

    Well I will be more than happy if TVF resolves the contract with Guidetti right after olympics, if he insists on players like Tugba and just watches team performing at the bench.

    I would prefer Lavarini or someone hungry for titles like Santarelli.