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    Fenerbahce is pretty lucky because Beylikduzu has almost an identical receiving line to Besiktas. They are using Ceyda Aktas or Seray Altay who were both opposites for receiving. The other OH is Simone Lee whom I expect is a better attacker than receiver. So FB servers can go to a record in aces/set ratio after the 2nd round.

    On saturday they will play against Vakifbank though! So it is a derby already in a week, yay! :)

    I think Vakif's only choice in Turkish league is to use Ebrar as opposite and rest Slöetjes. They can replace Zhu in backrow with Ayca and then let Slöetjes come in. Rasic is not only a better MB than Kubra and Zehra, but she is simply the only person who can gather the team and fire them up when things go wrong. Gözde and Naz did an excellent job in that sense and now there is noone on court for Vakif to lead them. So Rasic is not a choice, she is a must.

    Vakif will suffer worse than any other previous years. I would call this, 2016-2017 Eczacibasi Syndrome. The major reason is lack of a defensive, local OH. Whenever Kelsey fails, there is noone to replace her. It was the same with Eczacibasi 2 years ago, when they made one of the most expensive squads in volleyball history, while leaving Larson as the only defensive OH. Tugba is on loan to Division 1, because that is obviously where she belongs in Guidetti's eyes. Derya is receiving worse than Zhu. That explains why Guidetti was so interested in transferring Seyma Ercan this season. With Seyma, Meliha, Guldeniz or even Fatma, Vakif could have a better future this season.

    As far as I know, Naz does not have a contract with anyone right now and Vakifbank shared a farewell message during summer about her, if I don't remember wrong.

    It also sounded like she will back in 2nd half of the season. So Eczacibasi might make an offer to her if Gamze-Ezgi setter duo does not work well. In Vakifbank, Cansu is having Gamze syndrome (while she was playing at GS). The problem is, her back up is a terrible setter with no experience, which was the same for Gamze, having Nursevil as her back up for 2-3 years in a row. This probably influence their game on the court.

    Serbia disgusts me.

    When will this person get banned from the forum?

    I don't approve what Serbia did from a sportmanship perspective at all but this language is not how you talk here and this is not the first time s/he is doing it.

    Btw, I feel sorry for Brazil. To be honest, they did not put a good performance so far in the tournament and I also understand Terzic willing to rest his players and saving them from injuries for the rest of the tournament. But still, it looks disrespectful to the volleyball fans like us who were expecting to watch a good match and instead watched Serbia subs against Japan in such a critical match.

    I think Bulgaria on paper looks great when you see Rabadzhieva-Vasileva-Dimitrova, Filipova-Ruseva in the squad. However I agree that this team failed many times and were far below expectations over and over.

    What this young team did was better in my opinion, they had the passion and firegun! It is more pleasant to watch such brave teams.

    Moreover, Rabadzhieva had a terrible season in GS, not sure if she would do any better than the girls playing now for the NT. A problem I noticed while watching Rabadzhieva and Ruseva closely this season, both seems to be trained for Russian style of volleyball, high balls, high receiving, slow tempo etc. I think this new team is playing a more modern volleyball than other names as well.

    Dimitrova was consistent though, I hope Bulgaria will develop a new, stronger generation until the next ECH, who are more passionate.

    Brazil will get in form during the tournament. They need to play faster and with more variation since their wings have troubles when they face a good block.

    This is partly because receiving was not great today and Brazilian middles were not convincing in attacking.

    Btw, is there a particular reason why Tandara keeps hitting inside the block but not around, she did not get blocked but got rebounded so many times in a row :(

    I think it is too early to judge Turkish performance. They played against the worst and possibly the best teams of the tournament in the first 2 matches. China, together with USA and maybe Brazil are the strongest opponents one can have in this tournament. Compared to US and Brazil, Lang Ping did a good job hiding her team through whole summer, so it was hard to predict their game play. Turkish girls still resisted well.

    Funny fact is, Lang Ping seemed to do her homework very well. Chinese girls were serving very short, tactic serves when Eda was on the front row, they could read Cansu's sets very easily, they were shutting down Baladin immediately etc. On the other hand, it looked clear that Lang Ping and Chinese girls were not ready for Ebrar to come in, that explains a lot why she could score with such a high percentage.

    A second match between Turkey and a more visible China will certainly look different than yesterday, if Turkey manages to come that far in the tournament. Now the key match is against Italy. I think that will be show the actual strength of these two teams.

    Any good free MB that Galatasaray could transfer instead Inky Ajanaku?

    I am not sure if they are available but a Russian slider can be good, especially for blocking. Lyubuskina can be a solid alternative. Don't remember the name of the girl from Krasnodar. She is also good.

    An alternative can be to convince Italian youngsters, like Fahr or Lubian.

    I also would not mind a package of Tomkom and Pleumjit :)

    Terzic fight Antonijevic so he is called Ognjenovic.

    Source (Turkish ):…tatus/1041345659117469696

    To explain this in more detail: according to a Turkish source, voleyboldefteri, Terzic kicked Antonijevic off from the NT after a fight. In another tweet he wrote that Maja was convinced to come back but she asked to be the captain as well and she got it. Now Serbian NT is divided in half and some girls are not talking to each other at all. Not sure why he tweeted such a thing but I don't see a reason why he would lie.

    I agree on Serdar about Ana, she was not that impressive this summer.

    GS is clearly a great option for Hande. She should have been there last year already, now she wasted 1 valuable year in bench. She could be extremely useful as a receiving opposite, together with Kosheleva and Rabadzhieva on the court, making Neslihan rest.

    I agree on previous comments. GS will look like this most of the season: Hande-Leys, Ajanaku-Asli, Cagla-Meryem and Gizem K. We might see Ilkin and Cansu Cetin replacing Hande or Leys time to time whenever they are stuck in a rotation. Same with Melike benching Asli. I like this young squad, they actually make me more excited than last year. Especially considering that it is Cagla's last chance to prove herself at this level and Hande's first full time on the court season :)

    Hande is originally an MB and can play in case of injuries too, but what a silly solution it would be. Guidetti is playing with fire certainly, especially for someone who is not worth the risk. Unfortunately Aylin got so many chances this summer and she did not use any of the opportunities well.

    beri , I agree that this team needs a blocking MB. In fact the problem is, Zehra is bad in blocking, however Beyza is not a spectacular blocker either. Moreover, Beyza is not a good attacker either. That's probably the reason why Guidetti keeps tolerating Zehra. I would still prefer a balanced MB who can attack from zone 3, Busra could be useful, Dicle is far too setter dependent. I don't think Asli is a bad blocker, I think she has good anticipation and rebounds the ball well, but of course due to her height, she can't have kill blocks which is why she looks like a bad blocker in stats. It is also very silly to sacrifice Eda's slide attacks, just to let Beyza play considering she does not contribute effectively.

    Between Fatma and Guldeniz, I would certainly pick Guldeniz. She is a solid server, good defender at least and has experience. Fatma is neither a good receiver, nor a better attacker.

    Since Asli Kalac is not training with her club, I assume Guidetti will take only 3 MBs to WCh and 3 liberos (one receiving specialist Aylin Sarioglu). I don't think this is a good idea. WCh is very long tournament. What if Eda Erdem gets injured in first match of the tournament? Playing with only 2 MBs for the rest of the tournament is scary. And I am not really convinced by the contribution of Aylin, I feel like she makes a mess whenever she is in the field. I am curious if Guidetti will invite Kubra Akman, Dicle Babat or Busra Cansu as last minute call instead of Asli Kalac :teach:

    I think you meant "Asli Kalac is training with her club...?" :) I saw her in instagram posts, she is with GS.

    Guidetti should give up from Aylin Sarioglu certainly, her contribution to the team is less valuable than the risks he is taking. I would prefer a 4th OH and MB instead. Guldeniz could be a good alternative, she is a solid defender, can improve receiving line when things go wrong and has experience. 4th MB should have been Kubra Akman. If not, Asli should come back. Zehra showed a very poor performance in blocking recently.

    I think this was also in Italian news like a month ago. This is probably the only explanation.

    It is also possible that Gamze asked for extra holiday from Guidetti due to her honeymoon and he probably rejected her because the schedule was already set and she could have her wedding earlier. It is quite annoying considering last year's preparations were totally disturbed by Gözde Kirdar's wedding in Seychelles.

    Read this in a Turkish forum: "according to Meliha's instagram, Cagla Akin joined the NT" which means Guidetti already gave up on Elif Sahin & Cansu Aydinogullari.

    Read this in Turkish forums. Looks like Neriman's husband answered yesterday that she won't return to the NT but today Neriman changed her name on instagram back to her maiden name and deleted all the pictures she had together with her husband.

    I won't be surprised if her old decision of not joining the NT was because she wanted to spend more time with her husband since she also played in Japan. Now she might return. If he invites, I hope Guidetti considers her as an opposite, not an OH. Meryem is pretty inconsistent though she definitely deserves her spot in the NT as the main opposite. However Ebrar really needs a year of good training before she enters such a serious stage. I think having Neriman as a back up opposite can help a lot.

    I think most coaches have different strategies but one of them is OH1, the spiker closer to the setter is mostly receives 2 times from zone 6, which is often the easiest target by servers while OH2 receives only once from that position. Moreover OH2 receives 4 out of 6 rotations from zone 5, which makes it easier for him/her to learn it by heart. So often the worse receiver is OH2.

    For women, MB1 is the slide attacker while MB2 attacks from the zone 3. That is because opposite is in the front row together with MB2 except only 1 of the 3 rotations.

    I think Kosheleva will be ready for WCH. Looking at her videos and disciplined work outs, she is already working with heavy weights and able to make squats. Not sure if she will be able to reach the peak though until then.

    I always prefer Startseva over any other Russian setters. For some reason, Russian pin hitters play more effectively with her setting, although she has a boring game style. I think she makes a difference in serves, blocking and defense too.

    I guess we will see: Startseva-Goncharova, Parubets-Voronkova, Zaryazko-Fetisova as starting six with Kosheleva-Scherban, Lyubuskina and Romanova as guaranteed bench players. Vetrova can be 3rd setter, the 4th MB can also be among many names like Gendel, Samoilenko etc. Lyubuskina is lucky since she is the only solid slider.