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    Well, if Kubra and Asli were in the roster it would make perfect sense. But with Beyza and Bahar Akbay, there is no way Turkey will have an easy match. Turkey plays with sort of defensive OHs, relying on middle attacks. Neither Beyza, nor Bahar can deliver that. Asli and Kubra would not do miracles but could at least score like 15-16 points per match together.


    Newcombe??? A balanced player???? I think that her attack is too weak . She is not an all around.

    She is not, but she can replace Ilkin when she is in trouble and she is experienced so she would not pound the ball to the block over and over like Ilkin does.

    She can also replace Anthi in backrow time to time or the opposite to help in receiving. I don't think GS would afford a better player than someone like Newcombe as a bench OH.

    Would be a smart move by Vakifbank, replacing Derya+Tugba with Fatma. They don't need Derya since both Nika and Bajema will be there.

    For GS, I hope they will a balanced OH who can come in for some rotations, someone like Sonja Newcombe would work. Other than that they need to sign an opposite and MB asap.

    Naz, Asli, Kubra, Gizem Örge and Idil Naz could be in. It is a shame to leave them out.

    At this point, I hope he will only take 1 opposite (Ebrar) and 5-6 OHs. Rest of the opposites are useless and Derya can do better than all of them as opposite.

    My favorites are:

    1. Ukraine

    2. Italy

    3. Sweden

    4. Spain

    5. Moldova (yeah I liked that one lol :D)

    I also liked Serbia a lot.

    The Greek singer is really good and looks like a Greek goddess but the song gives so wrong vibes, just copying this part that worries me:

    "And we've been living in fear

    Close to giving up

    But if we die together now

    We will always have each other

    I won't lose you for another"

    So is she saying, instead of breaking up and losing you to someone else, it is better we die together (message: kill your bf and yourself lol). Maybe I am being too sensitive. But I got weird vibes from the video clip too.

    Ferhat being Crotia's headcoach probably influenced this transfer.

    Another pattern among Turkish teams is, with the new 3+2 foreign player rule, they are all aiming for double substitution as an important part of their strategy which explains why Vakifbank kept Alexia as Egonu's back up and now Fabris being back up for Boskovic. However I would prefer a more technical opposite who simply does not hit hard inside the block as Boskovic's sub.

    What are the plans of Veljkovic and Rasic btw? Did not they say they will take a pause which should be over by now?

    Someone made a very interesting comment recently and I understood why I don't like Cansu as much. Although Cansu's game looks more enjoyable as result, her technique is so wrong that my eyes sometimes bleed while watching her (this is especially when she runs off the net and lifts to ball like she is throwing a watermelon on the sky). On the other side, Naz looks very correct and it is very pleasing to watch her. However, eventually what matters is the result, not how they do it, so I completely respect Cansu, though now I know why I had a negative bias towards her all this time.

    Btw, which team Cansu came from originally? I know she was at Arkas and was playing opposite before but what was her U team where she got her technique etc?

    Best blocker in the league! Block the way of her setter!:cheesy::cheesy:

    Lololo was about to write this. Conegliano looked really shaky in the end of the set, Egonu making errors, everyone else jumping on each other's way.

    On the other hand, I take back all I said for Novara, looks like Monza is a beast, especially now with Larson. I hope they get the title.

    I think Gabi's injury is remaining, they were saying prematch that her ankle is still swollen, this might explain partially why she ended up with 17%. Question is, why Giovanni did not give her a pause and use Tugba instead?

    Cansu needs a solid back up, Buket won't save the day. Buket is a fine setter when she plays regularly but not the type that comes in and fixes things immediately, she often makes a double contact instead lol. Is Maja going back to Vakifbank after all :D?

    I will not make this going on since it is off topic but this year Turkish league had only 3 teams which decided not to compete while other 11 teams could challenge each other. In Italian league this number was 1. If those two teams in between make such a big difference for Karch, I understand him but in my opinion, it is silly. I would rather like my NT players play a good dose of really advanced matches, some mediocre ones and then hopefully rest 2-3 matches in a season against weaker teams. Anyway, I don't agree what Karch said or at least the way he expressed it.

    delusional about what?

    His idea is that there are more teams with quality in Italy, which provides better data and context for him to use for national team stuff and also development.

    None of that is untrue. And most of it is geared towards younger players anyways. He doesn’t care where Ogbogu plays for example. She doesn’t have anything to prove

    I agree the second part but not the first one. I think the only problem in Turkish league was 2-3 teams which were designed to drop to Division 1 while this number is maybe 1-2 in Italian league. However this is not a norm, how does Karch know how Turkish/Italian teams will look like next season or the season after? It can shift drastically.

    For me it would make more sense if he said, "Italian coaches are better than Turkish ones where you will actually learn things and improve" and this I completely agree.

    Lol good for Americans staying in Italian league and playing against world's 3rd top opposite (Haak), rest are questionable. Meanwhile Turkish league will have the best two, plus Vargas. Karch is delusional, his words apply only to younger players but those who already proved themselves should consider first their budget, playing in Italian league won't add much to them at this point anyway.

    They have already Anthi.So they can take just only 2 foreigners, no?Does Aksoy able to play as main MB?Is she loaned from Vakif?

    I think Aksoy will start the season at bench, but might jump in towards second half as starting 6, like they did with Zeynep Sude.

    It is wiser to start season with Anthi+Opposite+MB as foreigners on the court and then replace foreign MB with Karmen when things go bad and Ilkin with foreign OH (Teams are allowed 4 foreigners in their match squad now which is rumoured to be 5 next season).