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    President of turkish federation hugged everyone including Guidetti but not Ebrar Karakurt at the awarding ceremony. He even chose not to make eye contact with her.

    I don't think Ebrar's career is safe in Turkey

    As they wrote in a Turkish forum, this was not about Ebrar's sexual orientation but he did not hug half of the players such as Naz etc. either. It was just a random hug to some of the girls.

    I don't think Ebrar would stay in Vakifbank if they were being homophobic to her, I am sure the girls in the team and Guidetti are very open minded, as well as their manager. I agree on Beri though, Ebrar should either go to another country or find a good local team which can back up her better, Fenerbahce, Besiktas or GS are good alternatives, if she wants to be untouchable.

    Stysiak as OH does not work unless they decide to teach her anything but attacking, which would take some years. Her backrow movements are like U16 level.

    I am sorry for Smarzek, good effort in the end, but those middles, Poland cannot achieve much, especially Kakolewska's performance dropped badly since VNL.

    I did not like the Italian team either and I don't agree that they are better than Turkey. I never liked Malinov as a setter. They urgently need a good replacement for Bosetti since she won't be there forever. I don't get it, there are many great Italian players with full of potential and still all we watch is Malinov setting to Egonu again and again. If that's the best Mazanti can offer, it is a shame.

    I will be surprised if Eczacibasi finish worse than 3rd too. I mean how can you do that when you have Boskovic? I agree on Gibbemeyer being a so so MB but I like Ergul, she is clearly an improvement compared to Busra & Merve.

    I am not that hopeful about Yesilyurt for the same reasons above. Buket is a terrible setter, I like her serves though. I am not very hopeful of Dehrican as a trainer either. What I dont get is, how did federation allow such a team when the whole team is basically Vakifbank's bench. It is almost like Vakifbank and Vakifbank B playing in the same division...The only person I will really be watching in this team is Derya, I hope she will have a good season.

    I expect big things from Aydin and THY. Aydin might indeed push GS down the ranking. THY's trainer is a joke so they might start the season good and end up terrible. We all know that Özge won't be able to finish the season, they don't have a proper opposite, Özgenur and Ceylan are failures, though I hope Özgenur will bounce back. I hope they will finish over GS though.

    For GS, the current team looks like they will fight for a spot between 4-6 but if things go bad like last season, I am sure they will make a transfer to save the team in mid season. Vasilantonaki's performance will be the most critical for GS.

    I said "Europeans love us" and you understood "Meatlballs hate us".

    I mean...let's talk about misinterpretation, huh?

    Please let's change the subject. :flower:

    Well, I thought you were being sarcastic babe, since I heard it the other way around so much "X are hating ussss" on this forum often.

    Meatballs are full of love too :drink:

    Who won the last season of Drug race? :call:

    that’s a good one. anyone that says that has no credibility. pathetic.

    Can you explain to me how fun it is when you watch USA playing against a very weak team and winning the match with a clear gap, when the level is not better than a high schools volleyball team? If you find this entertaining and approve that it is good quality volleyball, that is what I would call "pathetic".

    How come did you get the feeling that we don't like Brazilians? I love them and I love the Brazilian NT. I am very happy to see players like Natalia, Gabi, Sheilla etc. in Turkish league. This was just a point I found out when I was reading this thread that Brazilian users had a certain opinion and I tried to understand why.

    However I started to get tired of people misinterpreting my words and putting me as a target here, using almost racism or xenophobia as a card. Sorry, that won't work.

    I didn' t undersand.

    In 4th set it was 23:20 for Croatia before Popović injuried and Mihajlović sent ball to out when was Popović injuried.

    Why Croatia didn't lead 24:20 in this moment, because it was out???

    The referee decided to give a "replay" of the point since Popovic was injured in the middle of the rally. To be fair, Mihajlovic did not notice the injury and hit the ball out, so it could be called out but Croatians did not react to the decision anyway.

    Btw, terrible receiving in the end of 4th set by Croation libero handed over the match to Serbia.

    Someday will we be able to discuss something without attacks and accusations? It will be a nice day :)

    I'm Brazilian, I do support Africa's spots, but also I think not only the America's spot is messed up (okay, merge all the America could be a solution), but the whole qualification is horrible. I'm agree 100% with all of you who say that Continental qualification should be played first that this bullshit that was this qualification... But I'm not okay with the idea of "more Europeans = better tournament", i know you didn't say that, but someone said it and i'm tired to comment about it, so let's forget about it... And I don't want an easy tournament for Brazil. In Men's qualification, for example, i would enjoy so much more Bulgaria winning their ticket than Brazil because they played their hearts there, i can comment about volleyball without being blind about what is happening with my own NT and my country.

    I'm used to ignore this type of comment but i'm tired to see people acting that they are superior or are 100% right all the time in comparison to someone from another nationality ("Bah, Brazilian want an easy tournament, Turkish users are difficult, or something like that")... Bring arguments, please, it is not difficult, and you can be right, you can be wrong, just be nice and don't bring the "nationality or ethnicity" card, please

    I did not write anything showing that I am superior or 100% correct. I was just trying to understand the Brazilian users view and explanation, because they were the most remarkable group supporting the current system, relying on the "diversity card". Following that, I tried to come up with a potential reason of why such users would be supporting the OGs being an easy and boring tournament in sake of preserving diversity (which is preserved anyway in the new system).

    Anyway, this was the only reason I brought the Brazilian card here.

    Jesus. I know this is how things work around here, but still. Good job I guess.

    Thank you!

    In fact, the only good motivation supporting the current system I read from Brazilian users here was diversity. However some good questions such as why America is divided in two while they are only represented with one circle in the Olympics logo is remaining unanswered. Also with the new system, all continents will be represented anyway, but with only 1 spot. For me the only good explanation why Brazilians (and some others) are so in favor of the current system is because they want the OGs to remain as an easy tournament.

    I agree with beri and serdar.

    I am very happy for her though! I think she will make a big impact in Bundesliga.

    She has good quality serves, not short in blocking. Her setting can be boring but she often delivers good quality, I think this was the reason that she was so popular when she was young. I am sure she will be taking more risks when she plays in a foreign league, so I am curious about her performance.

    I think I like the new system where each continent has their own competitions and send one team, meaning 6 teams. Rest of the spots are decided in world qualifications where European teams probably will most likely get all 6 spots as they deserved it for so long.

    The current system makes sense neither economically nor socially as previous post explained it. Worst of all, these low quality matches make the sport less watchable.

    Maybe Brazilian users are worried to see Brazil losing to a European team in quarters? :D I am sure majority of federations love the current system where they pass 3-4 teams easily and get some nice points which helps them to climb in world ranking. Harder the competition means risking their chance of losing a nice spot not only in OGs but also in world ranking.

    How many Turkish NT players play outside of Turkish league? Looking at the VNL rosters, only 1, Neriman in Japan.

    While a Turkish League is strong, the players are not willingly take a chance to play in Italy, just to see how they would do there. More often that not I think that the Turkish league teams are propped up by the foreign talent. Are they good club teams, yes just like the premier league in England, however the national teams are not as strong.

    I am not saying that having foreign players is a bad thing, actually this makes the overall sport better, best players in the best leagues. Just discussing Turkey getting close, but still distant from the top teams.

    I think the main problem is 3 foreigners rule, which means good local Turkish prospects get good contracts with good salaries in Turkey which they probably could not get in other countries except Italy (local teams need 3 on court Turkish players as well as fine bench players). I think the federation should increase the foreign player limit so that local prospects are not offered crazy salaries to sit in benches of big teams in Turkey and play abroad.

    Aleyna Göçmen and Dalia Wilson are very good prospects too! I think Dalia-Zehra will be future MB duo.

    Lets see how Yeşilyurt performs this season.

    They sure will but they are U16. They first should spend some time in VVSL and then we can see if they will be good enough for the NT. Derya looks like to closest option to be in the NT next year.