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    I think Gözde Yilmaz and if she stays, Ebrar will be one of their back up OH. The other one is a question mark yet but the only available option now is Humay Topaloglu who left Besiktas yesterday. Can't think of an another OH, maybe Cansu Cetin, but I think she signed 2 years contract with GS.

    The biggest dilemma of this year in VVSL will be Vakifbank's choice about Haak and Ebrar. After watching an outstanding performance from Ebrar, it is clear that she needs to play regularly in a team as opposite to be ready for future. Meanwhile, Vakifbank transffered Haak, who is a great prospect and also in need of playing regularly. They also transferred Gözde Yilmaz but I am sure it is fine for both sides that she will be a bench player. The options are:

    - Haak plays opposite and Ebrar is a back up opposite and OH.

    - Haak plays opposite and Ebrar plays OH all season, which is bad for the NT since the team needs a strong opposite desperately.

    - Ebrar is loaned to another Turkish from VVSL or in my preference to an Italian team, with a requirement that she plays as opposite regularly.

    - Ebrar is loaned to a Div 1 team with double license, which means she will play in a lower league which will not help her at all.

    - Ebrar plays regularly as opposite in Vakifbank and Haak is a bench opposite, which is bad for Haak's development.

    I think this is a terrible situation for Haak, Ebrar, Guidetti and Vakifbank. If they can't find a good solution, they will sacrifice either Haak or Ebrar's development. If they sacrifice Ebrar, they will be criticised heavily by local media and TVF. If they sacrifice Haak, they will lose prestige in global volleyball society and future prospects will probably think twice before signing a contract with Vakifbank and working with Guidetti. What do you think is the best option?

    Gergana Dimitrova (OH) in PTT (new team in VVSL). She will play together with Angela Leyva and Polen.

    Humay Topaloglu (OH) said goodbye to Besiktas! Lets see where she ends up.

    Turkish teams seem to suffer from finding good local setters this season. Ezgi Dilik is most teams favorite including Aydin, PTT and probably Vakifbank as bench setter. I am sure Buse Unal now is getting lots of offers too.

    I know many criticised Poland here, especially their OHs but my problem after yesterday's match was Nowicka. Is she really expected to be a good setter? Not sure how old she is but the girl is simply too slow, cannot even make it to the net during rallies and jumpset properly, even though the receiving was fine. I understand that she did not train with these girls and tempo of her sets or connection to hitters can be off but she did not look like she could set the ball in decent quality. Hope she proves me wrong.

    My other problem from yesterday's matches was Van de Vyver. I mean how many more years this girl needs to become a proper setter? Belgium won yesterday but they could simply play an easier match, I am not sure how many times I counted the Belgian hitters could only tip the ball over the net. Not to mention that she kept setting the ball to her middles while she could not deliver proper sets and middles could not kill over and over and finally after 5-6 rounds, she finally sets to Herbotts who helps them to side out. Kudos to her serves but Van de Vyver should really step up from this point or Belgium better invest on another setter. Belgian team also looked like in a chaos in defense, I remember the times they were so well organised, that was surprising.

    Belien and Lohuis did a good job for sure but Belien did not have an outstanding season in Turkey, she was actually suffering from injuries most of the season. Robin-Lohuis duo can do a good job, lets hope Koolhaas will be useful when she comes in when needed.

    To be honest, none of the names you mentioned really impressed me during this VNL. Jasper sisters were the closest ones but that is not enough either and being young does not mean they will develop in a good way.

    Femke replacing Dijkema is a joke, I am surprised she is still around. Bongaerts was expected to take her place for 2-3 seasons now, I wonder if this will happen eventually.

    Plak-Buijs-Daalderop trio? I did not say this trio will play. I think Netherlands will play with Slöetjes as opposite and Maret's place is guaranteed since she is the only one who can receive decently. The last spot will be among these three.

    The language most users using here is pretty annoying and simply targeting to degrade other NTs, nothing else.

    Talking about the European teams and their chances to qualify for OGs:

    Serbia: For me they have almost a guaranteed place because they have almost the same line up and players like Maja, Boskovic and their MBs are in really good shape. The only question mark is Mihajlovic, whether she will be as useful as before in attacking.

    Italy: I like how Italy plays, simply with very few defects. De Gennaro add so much to this team. What I dont like with the new Italian NT is them relying so much on Egonu to score. Things can go upside down if Egonu has an injury, I hope Mazzanti has a B plan in his pocket, relying more on middles or something else.

    Russia: A big question mark right now. We know that starting players will be Parubets-Voronkova-Goncharova, the question is how will they perform this summer since we did not watch them playing together for a while.

    Netherlands: They have the same team for the last couple of summers which is not a bad thing but this VNL actually showed that they still have troubles to develop solid bench players. Daalderop is probably the only good addition. Who will play in opposite of Robin as MB and will her performance be enough? Who can replace Dijkema if she struggles on court? The receiving might fall apart and Plak/Buijs/Daalderop trio might not have bigger problems.

    Turkey: A new team with a new approach, relying on good receiving. We don't know how they will perform in important tournaments yet since last WCH was an early exam for them. However, the team does not depend on one single player for scoring. The weakness is still the opposite position, expecting Ebrar to be ready for carrying that position in major tournaments. I believe the main problem of this team will be killing the ball against strong opponents in big tournaments.

    In conclusion, there are many questions marks associated with these teams before the major tournaments and we don't know how their recent performances will be. Also we don't know how these teams will play against each other, how they prepare strategically etc. So please stop degrading each other, especially before we watch all these teams with their usual line-ups.

    JoanaBG good points! I think it is quite identical. To be honest, there is not much Vakifbank or Eczacibasi can do to promote themselves, I mean both clubs are in the news quite often since they won CL and World club championships, which none of the football or basketball clubs ever did. The problem is, Istanbullers are already dedicated to three major clubs, GS, FB and BJK. I think the support of such in smaller city teams would come from the home of love (oikophilia), maybe a bit far extend from local nationalism or can be due to locals having nothing else to do on a sunday since there are no other major sport clubs in their cities.

    Yes, who is actually making money out of these Turkish clubs, other than the players of course? I know FB and GS are massive sports clubs and can probably spare a couple of million but I’m a bit confused about what business sense that makes because I don’t see a return on their investment. I can’t imagine numbers like these impress sponsors, etc.

    Thanks for the article Leox - very interesting.

    I think for clubs like FB and GS, they simply have to be in all arenas since they are the two major clubs and dynamos of sports in Turkey, so they have a responsibility to invest in youngsters and keep having solid teams, no matter how many spectators are out there.

    However I agree about sponsors part. TVF has to consider the league, schedule and such and promote it in a better way. It would be ignorant to say that there are no volleyball fans in Turkey, the question is where are they? I guess the main problem is having so many Istanbul teams in the league. Fans of big clubs like GS, FB, BJK tend to prioritise football or basketball matches. Big clubs like Vakifbank and Eczacibasi are Istanbul team with no actual supporters, since they only focus on volleyball. I think the key is to bring more teams from smaller cities in Turkey. Aydin BB had good spectators for example, because there are no strong football or basketball teams from that city and locals will of course go and support their city's volleyball team every weekend. I am hoping for more diversity in the league in the future, from all over Turkey, not having 5 Istanbul, 2 Ankara teams in the league.

    It is pretty normal that Turkey is using the same players like last year again and again because this is a very young team, probably one of the youngest of VNL teams and what these girls need is, more playing time together. I can guarantee you that you will a very similar squad next year from Turkey, with the exception of Meryem. Last year was very badly planned, they reached their peak at VNL and then dropped significantly. Lets hope Guidetti and his stuff learned from that and won't do the same mistake. After all, it is better to have a strong Turkey, a strong Russia, a strong Italy and Serbia so that we as volleyball spectators can watch good quality matches.

    What are you talking about? I don't see any comparison between Rabita and Conegliano in their transfer policies at all. Imoco's transfers are always well pondered, not like Rabita's ones. These are two totally different systems and volleyball cultures, and there's also a huge gap in regard to the management's skills of the two clubs.

    Well, right now all I see is, buy buy buy buy buy. I understand there are injuries which requires back ups but we are talking of a team who had Fabris (who proved to be a very solid opposite in Italian league for years) as opposite and then transferred first Nagaoka who got injured and transferred Karsta Lowe as back up. We will see how this will look like in 5 years probably, if Conegliano remains as a team or shuts down/reduce budget significantly as other legendary Italian clubs.

    Unfortunately Buket is not the right setter for any of the VVSL teams. If they want players like Tugba and Derya to develop, they should encourage Yesilyurt to transfer an experienced setter who could help them to develop, like Dijkema. What will they learn when their setter is so unpredictable :S? This project may end up terrible.

    Thats a decent base tbh! Now they need some good foreigners, a foreign Opp and maybe 1-2 foreign MBs, not sure what their budget is though.

    They also got Dehrican Dehrioglu as their trainer (Guidetti's assitant from Vakifbank & the Turkish NT). Not sure how ethical is all these though considering they will be opponents in the VVSL.

    I agree on Beri! They need a solid setter, opposite and 2 MBs. I guess they will use their foreign player choices for an opposite and 2 MBs. There was a rumour that Ebrar would join Yesilyurt too but I guess Guidetti changed his mind after her 1st week performance in VNL.

    The referees are quite strict on rotation faults in Montreux, and the players are not quite used to this.

    I don't think teams really commit a rotation error. Referees call the error because setters or middles escape too early which is quite normal for most referees. I once had to swear to a referee after he called 3 errors on me in a match and claimed I was leaving too early. That actually shows how amateur referees are in Montreux unfortunately.

    Just listened it. Wow! This sounds like a clear winner to me😍 I read the news about contract issue. What they asked from her is unacceptable!

    I watched all the selection phases in Ukraine with my ex. They were extremely mean to poor Maruv and all other participants, asking very political questions. Jamala asked her directly "Do you think Kirim is Ukraine or?" and she was expected to answer this live. There were female twins in the final whose parents were active politicians in Russia and they asked them "but are you Ukrainian or Russian?", "do you support Russia's politics" etc. Someone needed to remind them that this is all about music and if you will question these, eliminate participants from the beginning, not carry them to finals.

    I think in the end they asked Maruv to cancel all her planned concerts in Russia and told her to pay expenses for Eurovision by herself while her only income was coming from concerts in Russia lol.

    She also has some songs with a rich Turkish DJ, Faruk Sabanci.

    This is one of the worst Eurovisions so far to me. Another one that I was so dissapointed was when Finnish Lordi won and I was happy that a new genre won that year, so it was special. I expect a similar result this year, hoping Iceland can win, so at least we remember it as a year like that.

    Other than that, I can vote for the Spanish guy if he smiles a few times to the camera :D

    It sucks that the potential winner of the competition (the winner of Ukrainian selections) rejected to go to eurovision due to contractual disagreements. She was ranked high by betting companies and for me it was clear she would win, after watching these two rounds of semi-finals. Here is Maruv's video for those who did not watch yet: