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    Asli kalac is having an amazing season so far. I'm not only talking about her latest epic performance (26 points against THY) she has been very consistent at both attack and blocking in almost every match so far. Also she has a very good jump float serve. I think she should be the 3rd MB for sure during OQ

    Exactly, and I hope "but she is too short for an MB" argument is no longer valid. Besides her kill blocks, she touched the ball 95 times in block in 8 matches, which is far over other MBs, showing that she actually makes it to block on time.

    Fun fact is, GS is teaching her to slide attack this season and she improved a lot in this match. Most of her attacks in first 2 sets were slides. I won't be surprised if Guidetti asked Ataman to teach her that so she can be used as a versatile MB in the NT.

    But seriously, cant they move Toyota's matches a week later and such? Neriman is desperately needed in the NT knowing how our wings are doing/not doing currently in their clubs. This all depends on Guidetti's ego, lets see if he is becoming more mature or risking to miss Olympics.

    I agree on serdar . My squad for qualifications would be:

    Setters: Naz, Cansu

    OHs and OPPs: Ebrar, Hande (not sure about her at this point unfortunately), Neriman, Meliha, Guldeniz and Meryem (having a good season)

    MBs: Eda, Zehra, Kubra, Asli Kalac

    Liberos: Simge and Gizem Örge

    If Kubra cannot recover until the qualifiers, I would pick Fatma or Seyma Ercan (unfortunately) to have one more receiving OH (which she is not :S). Both are having a bad season so far in my opinion.

    I think Neriman should be considered as opposite and come in with double substitution. Guldeniz is a very important addition since she makes really good defense in zone 6 and has consistent serves. When receiving fails, she can come in to stabilize it with her experience.


    Poland will need Stysiak and Malwina at the same time. One of these girls should learn to receive.

    I think Poland is a bit unlucky because they will match up with other either Germany or Turkey who have been good server teams. Stysiak as OH, especially moving from Molten ball to Mikasa might be a nightmare for Polish receiving line.

    I've just noticed that Büşra played as OH in last set of besiktas-aydin match. She has played as OH during junior European and world championships. It would be interesting to try a position switch at this age indeed but considering how terrible besiktas is nowadays, why not experiment a bit 😅

    She actually did a really good job in receiving, her attacking was off but thats because she played 3 sets as MB and then switched to OH at 4th, so her steps were a bit too quick :D

    It was also funny because they did not cover Busra at receiving line, she was taking almost 1/3 of court and still opponents were targeting Fulden who was terrible in receiving. Busra received 3 balls with 67% perfect while Fulden was served 17 times and made 3 errors lol :D

    Im sorry folks but Haak really earns that much money. It was in many different newspapers in Sweden. An example from a mainstream media:…st-betalda-idrottskvinna/

    Haak being the most paid sportwoman of Sweden. They also say Zhu Ting made about 1.6 million euros in Vakifbank. They add, Haak will make 1 million euros, plus money coming from sponsors.

    It is not very absurd when you think that after Boskovic and Egonu, she is the biggest potential as an opposite. Besides, she would not move away from Italy where she could learn a lot more if she did not get a remarkable salary since she keeps saying money does not matter.

    Congrats to Fenerbahce, but it is too early to say they will be champions. I don't think their bench is as strong as you guys think. Bahar is failing bad and we know Diclenur is not a solid attacker but a better blocker, while Bahar is a better server. Fatma came in several times for receiving and even stayed in front row, where she did a bad job so she was replaced immediately with Brankica. Vargas hits well but her w-l ratio was -2 this match, which explains a lot about her.

    I am curios how Fenerbahce will play against Eczacibasi this weekend. Vakifbank did not create a damage from serve line, GS made a very good job and Eczacibasi looks like a good serving team, while their receiving line is also better than both GS and Vakifbank. I won't be surprised if Eczacibasi wins this one 3-0 too.

    For Vakifbank, responsibility is solely on Guidetti's shoulders. Haak had a terrible match, pulling the team down whenever they started to catch up. Ebrar is in terrible form and looks like she has troubles with her attacking approach, now she is very slow and does not contact the ball on right time. This is because her position changed. Now when he needed someone to play opposite, his only option was Gözde who belongs to Division 2, not to VVSL. Looks like the transfer of Bartsch is almost certain, and we might see Ebrar as opposite in playoffs. I mean seriously, who starts the season with only 2 OHs?

    For GS, setters are the biggest problems. Cagla is doing fine but Nilay is simply horrible and adds nothing. If youngster Ilkin Aydin returns soon, they can use her as receiving opposite and Vasilantonaki can play as non-receiving OH. This also opens up a spot for a foreign setter. I hope they will consider Tomkom in January and farewell to Nilay. Asli-Guldeniz and Gizem Karadayi are the reasons why they can hold so well against strong opponents so far.

    PTT and THY are the biggest dissapointments of the season so far, while Nilufer and Yesilyurt are surprisingly well. This explains how important a trainer is for a team. PTT and THY should search for better trainers before it is too late.

    Aydin will move to 2nd place if they win against Besiktas today, go girls!

    This match shows key for FB is serves this year. When they serve good, they kill a team like 25-11 and when they get served well, they lose 3 sets in a row.

    For me the biggest surprise of the day was Anthi Vasilantonaki! Wow! She was horrible in set 1, GS simply lost the set because of her. Then I was like, oh she shouldnt enter the court ever again. She came back, from deep down to victory! It is amazing how she could keep herself motivated and made such a come back! She simply turned the tables and made GS win. A big applaud to her! Keep it going girl, haydi bre!

    I think Bartsch transfer is almost guaranteed for Vakif considering they have 2 OHs and they are both defensive, while they try to use Ebrar as OH who is offensive. Gözde Yilmaz can be an option too but she is also offensive.

    So it is clear that they need an extra OH who is an offensive one to win titles and Bartsch looks like the only good option.

    I guess Rasic will be the one losing her spot in the team when a new foreigner arrives.

    Their main weakness is receiving and serves. They lost 2nd and 3rd set because their serve tempo dropped a lot and they received terrible. When they started to serve well and receive positive (not even excellent), they destroyed THY. As long as they keep their receiving fine, they will remain as a threat against most teams.

    I agree on Kadir's previous message, even though I really dislike Erdogan, I support this operation since it is all about national security.

    However in today's world, if you are entering to another country's land like Turkey did, it is natural that many countries react to that (here I mean what we hear from their presidents and ministers etc). This rule applies to any country on earth, maybe slightly less for USA. I also understand that foreign media is biased and actually provoking their citizens, which explains why citizens are reacting like this (as in the case of Greece). This is all very expected and any person who is smart enough would understand why other countries and their citizens are reacting like this.

    This whole situation is difficult to explain to the western world whom did not live with a terror threat for almost 40 years. It is a very different feeling to grow up with that actually, knowing that sometimes you go to a shopping mall and a bomb explodes or someone throws a molotov coctail to a public bus that you take to work everyday. Therefore I think Turkish people would be more supportive to any other country on earth who was having terror attacks for years and now deciding to build a safety corridor in its border to stop this.

    This is also interesting considering that US actually made an operation thousands kms away to Iraq because of terror threat and their national security and now Turkey is doing the same, with an intention to build a safety corridor in 30 kms width in its border, to protect Turkish citizens living in the border as well as giving a home for Syrian refugees who are now living in Turkey.

    French team has some decent players like fidon, cazaute, Bauer and having a dominant opp like Haak could have put them one of the mid level teams. Haak is being wasted in her NT, which I doubt that she will continue to play in long run

    I really don't know what Swedish Volleyball Federation thinking when they say they are aiming for 2024 or 2028. I was hopeful with the new head of federation since he comes from a strong volleyball background but without a good coach and financial support on local clubs, the sport will not develop, but will remain amateur. Collecting all promising youngsters to two volleyball schools does not seem like a good way of improving the sport either, the history shows. They should instead help clubs to keep their promising players like Isabelle did in Engelholm for 2 years and help them on investing better coaches.