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    I think it is a great move by Serbia, they were playing with Mihajlovic as non receiving OH for many years. Buse and if she remains for a while, Popovic can do 2 people receiving while Vargas can replace Brankica after Olympics. Did you see how effective the girl was when she was hitting from zone 4 in last match? She attacked with 17/28 (%61) while rest of her team was moving on the court like ghosts. It is actually funny that she sometimes helps receiving and does a better job than Brankica too. So it is a very good deal for Serbia, big congrats.

    The only problem I see for Serbia now is, who will replace Maja after ECH, because she was making miracles from bad receives too...

    I like Yagmur Karaoglu too but she is very setter dependent until now. She played great with quick sets of local/short setter. When Mori was setting in the last match, she was giving her pretty high balls and she looked extremely ordinary, staying under the ball when she hits etc.

    I hope Ebrar keeps playing and Carlini will help her improvement. She definitely needs to spend more time at the gym and increase her muscle mass, she is a big girl and jumps well but not as strong as most popular opposites and breaks apart everytime she hits the ball. She also needs some sort of a mental coach who will make sure she is taking good care of herself. After all Ebrar's destiny is in her own hands, if she pays attention and works hard, in a year she can be a great opposite, but if she comes back like she did in the beginning of this season, she will remain as a mediocre player.

    I loved the Buse Unal-Willhite combination, they had such a good chemistry. Other wings of Nilufer were really off, so Willhite being on a good day helped a lot. Di Maglio was also very good, especially with her blocks and attacking from front. I think setter has troubles with slide sets and this is when Di Maglio had troubles.

    At FB's side, Mihajlovic, Naz and Bahar were resting with the assumption that they have been in contact with a Covid person (Mihajlovic in Meliha's birthday, Bahar living with Guidetti and Naz probably was with them recently).

    Vargas was on fire when she was playing OH! She could kill almost every ball she got with great angles, her performance on the right side was not as impressive.

    Ilbank's problem was not setter. They need a dominant Opp like Santos. Their local youngsters are just fine

    I actually like their opposite Yagmur too, she hits fast sets, the type that Carlini sets. But I think they could do better with a solid OH since they had to use all their OHs in past matches and still could not solve their problem.

    I agree, Ergül iş not the problem, she is just fine but a foreigner instead of selin could have improved this team a lot.

    Indeed I wish any other low budget team does the same strategy of GS. Hire 1 foreigner but really good one just like Rhykliuk, instead of 3 mediocre players. Building a team with experienced players and youngsters will pay off at the end of the season.

    I hope Ataman will use Ilkin&Sude duo throughout the season and keep Güldeniz as back row specialist

    Fun fact is, Sinead Jack is in Turkey, did not sign with a team, obviously wants to play in Turkey and her husband is playing for Bursa. Can there be a better opportunity than this unless she is pregnant?

    I think what GS desperately needs is a setter, they should either take U19 setter to the A team and have 3 setters (since Nilay is useless - I mean Ataman got mad after her terrible 2 sets in a row and replaced her immediately lol) or hire a foreign setter, but there seems to be noone available.

    Before this match, GS manager Okan Böke tweeted that they will continue season with the same team for both mens and womens teams, however they will only transfer a Cuban young player as an investment but he didn't release for which team. I assume it will be mens team. Once again fun fact is, both mens and womens teams are suffering from terrible setter performances and I don't expect the Cuban youngster to be a setter :D

    GS can change alot with a setter+MB transfer. I think Ergul is not the problem but Selin is, she doesnt have the quality to play in a team aiming for a 4th place, she can be a good bench MB though as 3rd option. GS does not even have a 3rd MB so they used their young player who is 183 cm tall and has 0 experience, that is how bad Selin was today.

    Cagla has so much talent but has 0 creativity as setter and this didnt improve since her Vakifbank times. Nilay is talentless and at the age of 34, I think things won't get better (not sure why they signed 2 years contract with her lol). So I hope they either find a fine setter or take U19 setter Cagla Salih as 3rd setter to A team and use her when Cagla fails.