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    Not a big fan of Aslihan at all, she is way more inconsistent than other alternatives.

    I would go for Cansu and Sila. Cansu can do a better job under Santa, feels like most setters burn out under Giovanni anyway. Problem is, Cansu is like Casper in blocking, actually worse, she allows so many easy block outs. Giovanni was pulling her back in block and letting Zehra+Gabi block on her side lol. It is that bad. To cover that weakness, Elif seems to be the only alternative at this point, if Naz is not planning a return.

    Looks like GS finally found a second reliable scorer, Logan.

    However their game looks boring as hell. Now they have 2 scorer wings and two really solid MBs. Gamze should start playing a bit faster and let her players hit against single/no blocks which she used to do.

    Too bad Logan joined that late but still GS should invest some time on their game plan if they want to look better than mediocre teams of the league like Aydin, Kuzeyboru, Nilufer and kick one/two of the top 4 to be in top 4. Their current game plan relies so much on players' individual capabilities, not sure if I like that.

    Saying one thing, but doing another thing...This is quite a pattern in some of you guys. I hope you do better than this and being more honest to yourself in your actual lifes.

    Summary of the day: "I am not sour but I will come back to this page in every opportunity I find to defend Guidetti and thrash Turkey". yes gurl, we all believe.

    Asking Giovanni to develop players is not silly. He does not have to fill in his squad with talented, young local names. As far as I know they wanted to transfer Ilkin this summer too, was his plan to bench Ilkin and Derya at the same for example and then complain "but no Turkish OHs are ready for this level". Yes, because you simply take all the potential names and put them in bench for the sake of your club team's success. Bogdan, sure he cannot have 4 foreign OHs, but why not fill in the 3rd and 4th spots with names like Guldeniz, Fatma Sekerci, or someone coming from Vakif's U18 team? Why does he need 4 very solid names? I know why but then he is not allowed to complain about the league not producing good OHs. He should simply be thankful to Eczacibasi and GS for making Hande, Salih and Ilkin play as much as possible.

    jelena, I agree about Zehra but Cansu and Karakurt I don't. Ebrar escaped from Vakifbank, forced them to loan her to THY first and then left immediately to Novara. Cansu was already a solid setter when she arrived to Vakifbank, actually she regressed under Guidetti. Only good example is Zehra recently.

    When it comes to Kubra, lol there was a huge drama related to her where she resigned from NT and was trying to leave Vakif too. Her manager solved the issue somehow and she stayed, where we see it was also a terrible decision.

    Bogdan, I hope Busa keeps performing well. I mean you and Jelena call people delusional and many other things here but you are simply about to claim that Busa is a volleyball goddess after one solid NT performance during this summer.

    I will stop this discussion here too because I have a feeling that you guys are sour about Santarelli + you know little about Giovanni's past. I am sure Dutch and German users would understand the situation better.

    Good luck to you with Giovanni, hope you guys will have a peaceful summer with him because I know what he did last summer :D

    I did not say Giovanni did a terrible job in Turkey during his entire time. We are confusing things here. To make it clear, I am talking of what he did during last 2 NT seasons.

    When it comes to his engagement with Vakifbank, I agree they should not be confused. However who should develop players for Guidetti's NT? Should he blame Terzic for not giving enough time to Ipar for example? Or should he blame Ataman for not improving Sude? If he delivers a speech indicating that he does not have good material, especially in OH position and if he is coaching a local club, I expect him to consider his choices there, at least send these locals on loan to somewhere, instead of making them a 4th option.

    I also think you are underestimating the Turkish girls a bit. I don't think Hande, Ilkin, Saliha etc had less potential than Busa and Lozo. But while the last two performed at their peak throughout NT season, Turkish girls had to deal with weird mental games of Giovanni, telling them they are not sufficient.

    Once again, I think he is a good coach, especially when he is passionate and I am sure he will do a good job with Serbia. However, let me warn you on one thing, every summer he will have troubles with 1-2 players who wont make it to the NT again, let it be Stevanovic, let it be Drca. Then he will start complaining that he does not have good enough material other than Boskovic. If that day comes, I hope you guys won't come here and complain about him.

    The only player that I know that he had problems with was Orge. Do you think Orge is that much better than Simge? :/

    You are affected by his action last summer and projecting it to his whole coaching time in Turkey. Was he also showing no ambition at EuroVolley 2019 when they were playing the final? Was he not ambitious enough when Turkey lost the semifinal vs Serbia in summer '21 after playing 3 sets further than 25 points, or did the players collapse in the fourth set? The guy had his main players injured last summer. Do you think you could have beaten USA and Serbia with Boz ()and Beyza?

    Busa was also putting up 20 points with PTT. Does that mean that this coach made her better? I disagree that Santarelli made Busa a reliable spiker. Everyone knows that in years past, with Terzic, Busa wasn't getting balls in attack. She just wasn't. Last year, Santarelli changed one thing - everyone gets involved, from reception to attack. Even Brankica was required to receive no matter the result because everyone was treated equally. Busa was finally trusted by her team and her coach. That made her better.

    Lol. Players Giovanni have problems with: Neriman, Gamze, Gizem Guresen, Gizem Örge, Kubra, Asli, Tugba. Some claim Naz too but that's a bit uncertain. There might be some others that I forgot. Question is not whether Örge is better than Simge, problem is, problem is Turkey did not have a solid bench player to sub Simge out when she was bad. Same with Cansu, Ebrar, OHs or middles.

    When it comes to Busa, she is actually performing worse now compared to the beginning of the season. Yes, I still think it was Santarelli effect.

    This is literally the last thing that anyone can said for Guidetti IMO.

    *I missed all this drama in between, no intention to get involved in it, literally as soon as I read it I clicked quote (I see it's a dangerous area, I must clarify, don't get me wrong Meatballs, just disagree with this part of your comment).

    How did Giovanni create material Bogdan? I am trying to understand. He is coaching one of the most influential clubs and look what he does to his locals there. Derya was once a good prospect, like Pietrini, now there are miles between them. There are many more examples of these. If he really wanted to create material and though problem was OHs, he could start working on good prospects in his own club instead of expecting other teams doing it.

    I agree, but people were also completely ignoring the fact that Zehra was basically at 50% while taking medication to be able to play, and Karakurt (your main scorer) was also injured. As if that is not the reason Turkey was playing bad. NO, it's all his fault. Expectations and reality weren't exactly meeting for the Turkish NT fans last summer. I agree, those comments didn't have to be said publicly, but if you can't face the fact that Turkey played last summer exactly at their capacity you are deluding yourself.

    Lol, yes madam.

    At their capacity = players Giovanni did not have a fight.

    Nobody is being delusional. What Giovanni did was:

    - Have a personal problem with at least one player in each time and therefore having a limited pool of players. Not sure how many times we made an alternative squad here with those players and said they can compete against the NT Giovanni builds.

    - Show no ambition and reflect this on girls, simply putting in their face that they are not good enough for this level.

    I mean if you watched the NTs this summer well enough, you could also see what Santarelli did with Busa, a mediocre player being a very reliable spiker, helping her team to get the gold, while Giovanni complaining that all Turkish spikers are useless. To be honest, I don't think Busa has better capacity than Hande Baladin for example, but that was a perfect example of coach making a big difference to bring the best out of a player.

    Yes it is clear that Turkey did not win medals like Serbia or Italy, making it difficult to say Turkey is better than these teams however problem with Gui was, he accepted these as facts and was not ambitious. It is one thing you know you are an underdog, it is another thing you accept a defeat even before starting the fight. Giovanni chose the second option which clearly influenced girls' confidence too. His speech after a loss to US was tragic for example.

    In all, I find this more unprofessional than what Santarelli did with Serbia. If you claim you don't have good enough material to work with, then leave the place or try to create that material. Giovanni did none of these.

    I don't know why they don't just hire unpopular names from 2nd league if they want to hire local coaches so bad. Stop hiring the same 5 names.

    I agree and I dont think they earn bad either. It is simply laziness. All they have to do is check the team's budget (get an estimation of it) and their ranking in league.

    With this, we all know teams like Aydin, Kuzeyboru, PTT have been failing the expectations which makes their coaches questionable during those periods which are those 5 names.

    I mean can't they just look what Nilufer does this season? Probably way less investment compared to Aydin, Kuzeyboru etc and still in top 6. Foreign coaches should not be more costly than those local 5 names anyway.

    I think among local coaches, I would say Dehri, Ferhat and Ataman are the only 3 options I would go for so far.

    Dehri showed what he can do with Yesilyurt and Nilufer.

    Ferhat, despite his epic fails in past, leading Eczacibasi well this season.

    Ataman made GS reach to finals with a mediocre squad in past and had an epic fail with a very good squad. However, he delivers fine with a limited budget for some seasons (also considering that he tried to transfer Haak and Akimova, before they were popular which failed due to GS management).

    If you mean Kuzeyboru, apparently there are other things happened there. Apparently a player caused some drama bcz she wasn't playing.

    Allegedly he got fired bcz a staff member and a player were in a relationship. President got mad at him for letting this happen and he got fired.

    But yeah overall he failed with this season's Kuzeyboru

    Paskova gave me drama vibes in last match with Mehmet Bedestenlioglu lol. Is she the one who was mad because she was not playing?

    I assume Cukurova Belediyesi collaborates with Adana Demirspor. Adana Demirspor is a well known football club in Turkey, I think they have a team in the main league (their nickname is blue thunders - like Meryem Boz).

    GS needs to integrate Logan as quick as possible. I liked that she was subbed in 4th set where Sude helped a lot in the backrow. There are two major problems with Logan right now which is very understandable: (1) her connection with the setter looked on/off and (2) her defense positioning was lol. Not sure if she saved anything and she looked very slow in backrow, I guess she will improve a bit until playoffs, until then Sude should cover her in the backrow.

    Btw did Lazovic start trainings with Cukurova? She is not in their team roster yet. If she did, that's terrible news for GS, playing against them on the weekend.