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    what is Gui’s system that allows the libero to perform better under him? This is a really interesting idea. I really wanna understand more. Is it by having a solid receiver next to the libero?

    I wish I knew! What I can see is, based on my personal observations, liberos perform way better in this teams compared to their usual performance. He might be giving them clear area coverage, making them study opponents well and informing them where to stand for which attacker. I really don't know but it is definitely something that should be studied.

    I agree that Gizem Örge is a great libero but in Guidetti's system, it is really difficult to see if a libero is good or bad. It is simply because any libero shines in his system. Look at Simge in the NT where she digs almost everything and her Eczacibasi performance, there is a big gap. Same with receiving. Somehow he takes any libero and makes them perform at their %150 lol. Kudos to Guidetti for that.

    I am writing this because I think Ayca is not a spectacular libero and she does fine in his system. It was the same for Pinar last season, who looked like a solid libero until she went to Aydin and we saw that she is actually an ordinary libero. I get the same vibes from Bihter who has been a bad libero for many years and doing an incredible job in Yesilyurt this season...

    When it comes to comparing Simge to other world's best, I love Castillo but when was the last time we saw watching her playing consistently? I would no longer add her to the list of best active liberos. For Gennaro, I don't think there is a big gap in their receiving/defense abilities but De Gennaro sets way better than Simge where she makes the cut between two. So I would say Simge is actually the Europe's second best libero, making her probably to top 5 in world.

    Btw Haak is one of the worst opposites when it comes to hitting an off-system ball. Problem is she plays exactly like 2 years ago, showing no improvement and I am not blaming her. She was always excellent hitting system balls and had trouble with off-system. Now 2 years after, Guidetti added nothing to her development. She is still young, 21 years old and can learn new things. I hope Guidetti will finally recognize and help her, otherwise it is really dissapointing to see such an experienced trainer, adding nothing to a player.

    ngl this will make me support Galatarasay as well :win: Kosheleva is just amazing to watch as a personality.

    I kinda hope Ilkin will be tried over Guldeniz but I guess its unlikely.

    Ilkin received 41 serves (out of 69 total) last match against FB (which is a great team from the serve line) and made only 1 error, being the best receiver of the team. I know how much Ataman cares about her and I am sure his point this season is to make her shine. Unless she is injured, I am sure GS will play Ilkin-Koshe duo where Koshe is subbed with Guldeniz in backrow.

    She is playing amazing, I think Nilüfer's system fits her perfectly. She doesn't cover anyone, Buse gives her the fast sets she want. She is their main attacker atm. If they play like they might end up at 4th place

    I completely agree. Willhite's key to success is Buse as setter. She is very consistent with her sets to zone 4, reminds me Carlini a lot. If only she can improve setting to middles and opposite, she will be one of the best. Her blocking and serves are already at a good level too. I hope GS replaces Cagla with her.

    I am deeply sorry for your father, I hope he will be better than ever.

    About the Swedish model, I completely agree. What we don't understand it, there is often not a standard solution to our problems when there are so many contingencies we need to think about including population density, density of people with chronic diseases, culture etc. All countries should find their model which fits best to them, Sweden can just be an example on the other side of the spectrum. It can also make Sweden best, but that doesnt mean same model will make Serbia or Turkey best.

    What I am afraid is, unfortunately the world is shifting towards a dilemma, the economy is getting worse and worse in most countries presenting recessions in most EU countries. Now the next question will be, what will governments decide, to save the economy (including sports economy and volleyball clubs/organisations) in sacrifice of people's lifes and I believe that is about to happen. Please also don't take this in a macro level, most SMEs in Turkey for example are going in terrible debt due to covid with no government support at all, they are about to make a decision themselves, whether to force their government to a quarantine and go in bankruptcy or to risk lifes. This is the problem of poor countries and I am surprised noone mentions it yet.

    Guys, just because you want to trash crovolley, you don't have to come up with other dumb explanations such as Sweden's population.

    Yes, Sweden is a large country but when you look at the land, you will notice that there is almost noone living above Stockholm except a few populated cities up north like Luleå and Umeå (I cound Uppsala as Stockholm in that case). You can compare some Swedish cities such as Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö etc with Italian ones and you might notice that those cities still did better. (for more check:…on_density_map_of_sweden/)

    One clear advantage of Sweden is having less number of tourists etc, while many people fly to Italy etc. for business and other purposes from all over the world.

    Wearing masks is also a questionable issue. There are studies and reports showing that those cheap masks people are wearing are not effective at all (neither protecting healthy people, nor avoiding spreading). Moreover, people wear same masks all day, touching everywhere and the masks afterwards, more likely increasing risk of infection.

    It is also silly to compare number of deaths/population etc and telling Sweden does bad based on that. Sweden has a very old population and there were a lot of elderly homes suffering in the beginning, which caused to all deaths. Besides, we don't know % of chronic diseases per country which is an important factor when you compare deaths related to Covid.

    When it comes to healthcare system, I can tell you that Sweden is not as good as you think, it is not as easy to see a doctor and get prescribed to a medicine as in Italy etc. Some doctors are outdated and there has been problems when it comes to doctor/population here, that's why you see a lot of immigrant doctors in Sweden.

    What Sweden did good is, intense cares were never full, doctors did not have to work extra shifts etc. The aim was to make sure to keep critical Covid patient numbers in a limit that healthcare system is not overloaded and it worked so far.

    At the moment I am in a smaller Swedish city and during this week I heard 3 of my friends being Covid positive, so it is gradually coming here too.

    About the money etc, I agree on most comments. For example in Sweden, you can order a free test to your home by using an app whenever you feel like you have some symptoms or book a time in a hospital (I did now and entire week was open with like 100 slots/day). Not every country can manage that.

    When it comes to cultural issues, Swedes don't kiss each other on the cheeks when they meet, they usually hug only and it is a society where they liked to keep distance anyway. For example before Covid, when you stepped in a tram, you can see that people sit alone and make sure not to sit next to each other when there are available alone seats. This, together with half of population living alone made it easier to reduce the speed of spread. A small note, Swedes also always cough bending their arm, never coughing their hands etc (so these basic hygiene issues were here before Covid as part of culture).

    In conclusion, I am skeptical when it comes to usefulness of masks but I agree that in some countries it is necessary to apply harsh quarantines when the healthcare system starts to alert. Otherwise we have to accept that we as individuals have to learn to act responsibly.

    I think Bellia can become a very solid OH, her receiving and defense looked good and I felt like she was a defensive OH, then I saw her height is reported as 190, that can be a big advantage for her if she can keep her defensive skills at this quality in senior level.

    Ribecchi is strong, smart, brave but short. It is such a shame that noone will probably use her as OH in senior level due to her height. I mean she was Italy's only reliable attacker. Saying that, her receiving and defensive skills are not up to the point to be converted to a libero from what i saw :(

    I think both Serbian and Italian setters were not good. Kobzar on the other hand looks really promising, she is as talented (or even more) as Turkish setter and she is around 183 cm. She might be a good investment for senior team together with Arina and the middles.

    On Turkish side, Pelin is like herself 1-2 years ago. Her arm swing is slow, she can't hit the ball hard, she does not jump well, so far she was relying on placing the ball on the right spot but Serbia shot her down well. I will be surprised if she can even reach to the level of Gözde Yilmaz for example. I am not very hopeful about the OHs of Turkey either unless they have a Gözde Kirdar moment and work hard to become more agile, athletic and strong. The setter can actually make it to the senior team in GS, even though she is short. If she becomes 172-175, I am sure GS will keep her. I mean Turkish teams have been using setters like Lo Bianco, Tomkom and Ezgi. Özge needs to make sure her setting is beyond other local setters to compensate for her weakness in blocking. I agree that most promising players of this generation are middles for Turkey. Aleyna Göcmen is also a promising OH but she is benched since match 2, but I won't be surprised if we see her name more often in the future.

    I think Dalia was standing out today but she wasnt as dominant in previous matches. Her connection with the setter is really good for this level.

    I also think we are neglecting the setters performance, when the receiving is fine, she definitely stands out compared to other setters in this tournament. I mean the tempo of the sets she was delivering is like senior level sets when you look at Mandovic's regular high sets to only zone 4. If only Özge was 10 cm taller, we would see more people appraising her today. Too bad she has been in the same height last 2 years, so I will be surprised if she even reaches to 175cm in height.

    If Turkey makes it to final, I guess the Turkish setter will win yet another award. She makes a difference in her age categories so far, too bad she is very short.

    Pelin (opposite) is good for this level, she uses her height, does not have to hit very hard, just places the ball well but for the next level, she really needs to raise the bar, get a better arm swing and stronger spikes. I hope she will become better than Polen and Gözde Yilmaz.

    Slovenia is really impressive from the serve line, though their receiving is not as good. Turkey's receiving was a mess entire match and setter's injury made things worse, but she came back in 4th set.