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    One can think that Barbolini will make a surprise in F4 with Gamze, Veljkovic and Montano. But we know him well and we know that he is a boring person. However his career will probably be ruined after this season since he will be kicked from both GsD and Turkey NT.

    as a big Bahar fan I can say Dicle truly deserves to be starter at the moment :)

    :drink: It should be a great dissapointment for a young player to wait in bench when you block that well. Bahar is not bad, their performance (considering the statistics) are very similar but don't forget that one of them is playing in a top team like Vakifbank and the other one is in a overally bad performing team Besiktas with a horrible setter.

    I totally forgot Fenerbahce match my bad :aww: But Eczacibasi is 5.2 points front of GsD so winning 1 point from any of FB or GsD will be enough for them for 3rd place and considering Eczacibasi should be at top form coz they will play in F4 and GsD looks really miserable volleyball,i think they will take at least 1 points from GsD.

    I agree on that part. I don't think GsD is strong enough to win 3-1 or 3-0 against EcZ :wacko:

    Formula is 2 play-off finalists + Best ranked team except two finalists will go to next edition.I think regular season ranking will be like
    1)Vakifbank 2)Fenerbahce 3)Eczacibasi 4)Galatasaray
    For example : If Vakifbank and Fenerbahce plays the final Eczaci will go as best ranked
    If Vakifbank and Eczaci plays the final Fenerbahce will go as best.
    If Galatasaray and Fenerbahce plays the final Vakifbank will go as best ranked so Galatasaray has no chance to go CL unless they reach to final.

    No there is one more chance. Eczacibasi will play against GsD tomorrow and Fenerbahce at 20th. In normal conditions Fenerbahce would beat them, but I dont know if they will care about this game. So if Eczacibasi lose these 2 games, GsD becomes 3rd.

    You are right Meatballs it will be decided after SFs but to be honest Galatasaray has no chance against Vakifbank in SF even Montano that's why i said ranking is important.If Vakifbank and Fenerbahce reach to final,Eczacibasi will qualify to CL 2014/2015 as best ranked team but if Galatasaray reachs to F,Eczacibasi & Fenerbahce series will decide the 3rd team coz Vakifbank already guaranteed to participate to CL 2014/2015.

    Hmm again I did not understand. My assumption is that Fenerbahce and Vakifbank will reach to the finals and play against each other while GsD and Eczacibasi will play series for a 3rd place. Right? I guess in this case GsD has a good chance actually :whistle: On the other hand, is it a really low chance for a 4th Turkish team to get the wildcard for CL?

    Aneta showed that she is a great opposite yesterday. She did what is expected from her every time needed. Only one or two times when she attacked from back row she had troubles. Kim had up and downs yesterday but her performance was not satisfying, I agree that she is tired and needs to rest before F4. Garay is really smart, serves good and very good in back row but she fails to kill the ball. Especially when she is in the front row alone with the setter, Fenerbahce had troubles to kill the ball. A good serving team can benefit a lot from this rotation. But in overall Fenerbahce is doing a great job this season.

    I don't agree about Elif. I still don't like her sets and she is probably the weakest link of the starting 6. It will be really interesting to watch the finals between Fenerbahce and Vakifbank, though I think Vakifbank is still one step ahead with a better setter, a better MB duo (though they underperform this season). Rest are not comparable in my opinion.

    Congrats Fenerbahce.
    Game can be summarized very easily:
    Fenerbahce, good serves, great blocks and very good receptions.
    GsD, ok serves, no blocks and terrible reception.

    I don't think having Montano will make any change. However I would rather see a good attacking team since reception is horrible anyway. Oh and Saori should play in youth league :lol: