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    I honestly don't really like Galatasaray's male volleyball team. Ahmed Salah was someone that I extremely disliked last season and they transffered him?! Henry Bell looks like a dissapointment with all other new transfers. However, today Galatasaray will sign a sponsorhip aggreement with "Tacirler...". I don't know if the transfer season is over yet (which I guess not), but I'm sure we will see some new good transfers in the next couple of weeks. :box:

    Seda is ok also the main problem is the libero who can't recieve for shit lol she is like weakest link and drags the team down

    I agree. I don't think Seda is enough either, she is bad in reception, slow in defense & attacking and she is predictable. She is neither a smart attacker nor a strong one.
    About liberos, I definitely agree. Does anyone know why Nihan did not play last season in Fenerbahce? Because so far in both league and CL, Nihan did a great job both in reception and defense. I actually would say, I'm really happy that finally a libero in Galatasaray after Yuko Sano is able to contribute by defending some spikes and motivating the team. Derya was not good at all in Galatasaray last season, it seems like Merve is not good either. With Garay, Fenerbahce would not have much reception & defense problem even though the liberos suck, but now they look vulnerable. How will they play? Kim-Seda, Glass-Havlickova, Eda-Ipek? Bauer is not an option since the reception will be bad and Glass wont be able to use middles much. :down:

    Rewatching the Galatasaray - Azeryol match again! After the first yellow card, announcer in NTVspor said that in the earlier match (Unendo Yamamay - Azeryol), there were a lot of unfair decisions by the referees and most were in favour of home team, Azeryol. She added: "and they probably think that it will work the same in Istanbul".

    2nd leg!Pool A
    29.10. BEZIERS Volley - Rabita BAKU 0:3
    31.10. Omichka OMSK REGION - DRESDNER SC 3:1

    Pool B
    29.10. Igtisadchi BAKU - Dinamo MOSCOW 3:2
    31.10. RebecchiNMeccanica PIACENZA - Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD 3:0

    Pool C
    29.10. Atom Trefl SOPOT - GENT Dames 3:0
    31.10. VakifBank ISTANBUL - Dinamo Romprest BUCURESTI 3:0

    Pool D
    30.10. SCHWERINER SC - Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL 0:3
    30.10. Agel PROSTEJOV - RC CANNES 0:3

    Pool E
    29.10. Unendo Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO - Prosecco Doc-Imoco CONEGLIANO 1:3
    30.10. Galatasaray Daikin ISTANBUL - Azeryol BAKU 3:0

    Pool F
    29.10. Stiinta BACAU - Volero ZÜRICH 0:3
    31.10. Dinamo KAZAN - Tauron MKS DABROWA GORNICZA 3:0

    I know I'm repeating myself but I think this is not Lo Bianco's choice but Barbolini's instruction. He gave the same instruction to Naz last summer. I also want to see Gamze playing but I doubt that she can play properly with this shaky reception. Moreover, Lo Bianco is like a second libero from time to time. Only Hanke can maybe beat her in terms of running. :D Also Saori Kimura's absence is very unfortunate for the club. :down: Howsoever, does any of you know when the next derby is?

    Vakıfbank - Fenerbahçe, next week (03.11.2013) at 17:00. But Smartspor will broadcast it so we wont be able to watch :down:

    P.s. Week 4: Eczacıbaşı - Vakıfbank (07.11.2013) at 16:30. NTVspor broadcasts! Hurray :heart:

    When Leo plays in the mational team, she is much better. She sets Gioli as much as she can and her connection with Arrighetti is very good! I see something different also in her face, sometimes when the reception is very very very bad and impossible to reach, she doesn't even try to reach the ball... I don't know... I am happy just because this one will be her last year in Turkey... I want her back in Italy!

    I would not wait that long. I think they will kick Barbolini when the team loses against Eczacıbaşı and Fenerbahçe. So Leo might lose her position in the team before January. :whistle:

    #1 is Ergul. And Ergul is not a great MB, especially not blocker but she is a powerful hitter.. she proved that many times. It's not ll about reception there were situations when the pass was good and it could've been a middle set.. And also for bad reception you can set the slide and the middle set away from the setter.. you're other favorite Berg does that all the time and many times leaves the hitter on the left with no block.. so reception is not the cause of Leo not setting the MB

    Definitely! I don't think Ergül is bad. IMO she is not worse than Bahar at least. There have been situations where Vakıfbank blocks left the middle empty and Leo still preferred Montano, this is the most dumb thing a setter can do. I saw 2 positions where she did bump sets even though she could set properly just because she was lazy. All she lacks is as someone else mentioned before: passion. This team can play 100 times better with a passionate young setter that is worse in technique than Leo.

    And can anyone explain to me why Barbolini didnt replace Rabadzhieva with Ezgi at all? She is much better in defense and reception. I understand she is not potentially the best attacker but at least she wouldnt hit every important ball out of court!

    If Barbolini keeps playing with Leo, nothing will change in this team. You can bring the best OHs and OPPs, it doesnt matter. She basically has a trust problem with any other MB than Gioli (Veljkovic in CL was an exception). She basically ruined more than 5 positions where she got a great reception and set to Montano instead of MBs. Please include Gamze & Veljkovic next time to the team!

    Last week he was criticized because he was very cautious with his words, now he is criticized because he tries to make a good atmosphere for the match. Sometimes I feel sorry for him though I do not really like him. :gone: Btw. Saori is not with the team. :!:

    Wow she is not???!!! Really interesting strategy of Barbolini to receive all these great serves of Vakıfbank with Neriman, Rabadzhieva and Nihan. I guess we will see a lot of aces and Bihter (2nd libero) today! :cheesy:

    Today GS-VB! I hope to see a good and long match...

    Orkun Darnel seems very hopeful about Galatasaray. According to his interview in voleybolextra, he says that Galatasaray was the key team that caused a nigthmare season for Guidetti (honestly I dont know which season he is talking about and what Galatasaray did). He adds, Vakıfbank's unbeatable record of 54 matches motivate us and Galatasaray is the team that can end this. If we were in champions league, with our foreign players rotation, we would have a bigger advantage but now in Turkish league, I would say we are equal.

    I understand how Orkun feels after all these really good transfers. I think Galatasaray will be much more challenging than last year however when we compare Guidetti & Barbolini, Guidetti is much heavier. I don't know which 3 foreign players Galatasaray will choose but I hope Montano, Saori and Lo Bianco will be there. Honestly I prefer to see Gamze instead Lo Bianco and Veljkovic as a 3rd foreigner but I dont think Barbolini has balls to make such decisions. :read: