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    Ok i'll assume that lucia is as good as garay (although i still need to see her wgp and wch performances) but what about the opp position? because no matter how lucia plays and the combination of bahar and eda if the opp will be seda i dont think this team will be better than this year team

    Definitely. I think Fenerbahce should look for a good opposite. Havlickova did very well this season except 2-3 matches. There were rumours that Kim will leave as well. If that happens, a whole new Fenerbahce will be waiting for us though I don't know who are the better OH duo in the market compared to Kim & Garay duo.

    Hello everyone,

    I know it's off-topic but please use the "report" button in the messages shared by a strange user that opened 5-6 accounts and acknowledge in the reason that the message and the user is a spam. I don't know if this will work but it's really boring that noone takes an initiative and leaves the forum vulnerable such simple attacks.

    if this is true...... :wall: well, i wish FB good luck. they'll need it.

    Lol! It will sounds weird but I feel hopeful about GsD's future when I hear that both Neriman & Leo are leaving. They were the open sore of GsD. However thanks for their great efforts in the past 3-4 years.

    Unreliable does not mean incapable. I am saying she should get more sets because that''s how opposing MB will think of jumping together with her and letting Gozde, Costa, Brako 1 on 1.. Some sets in the early set won't really make a difference.. About the killing ration I explained.. Naz only sets her whne the ball can't be set anywhere else, like one handed sets, sets that she could barely reach etc. so no such things can be said about her attacking efficiency. Feel free to watch this :rolleyes:

    Aw! I know you like Bahar and I agree she is probably the top 3 local MBs in Turkey but we all accept she is bad in attacking. For those sets that Naz had to set to her with 1 hand, when a setter has a high reception (a bad one) which will probably pass over the net, all setter has to do is to touch the ball and expect the MB come for a quick attack. Naz does not set such balls in purpose to her but that's her only option. Bahar is a good blocker against tall teams playing with high sets but she is unfortunately bad in estimating where a fast set will end up as well.
    Most important of all, for a setter it is always better to set to an OH even though you know there will be a double block instead of trying to set to a MB where the timing is off. In the former there is a big chance for transition. Ah and I'm definitely not a russian setter :lol:

    I don't know about you guys but i feel Rabadzhieva is criticised too much here for no reason.. She did not play good on the start of the season, then she got injured.. but lately she has been very good, and particularly on reception.. These 2 matches she played during Turkish Super Cup she played on a decent level.. Yesterday she did not have an magnificent match but she did OK, no so bad as people say.. Today I say she was the best from Gala.. She had 11 kills on 23 attempts - 48% and 67% positive reception 47% perfect.. that combined with 3 blocks and an ace. I think Gala should stay with her in the starting line-up until the end of the season.

    I definitely agree. I wrote here before that there is a big increase in Rabadzhieva's performance. She kills balls, she has been the most scorer of them in some of the last games. She blocks and more important of all, she has good reception stats. One thing she lacks is defense but GsD has an overall problem and one player can't solve this. Serve/Block/defense balance does not exist in GsD.
    For the next season, I hope Neriman will leave GsD. In this case it will be nice to see Mia Jerkov in GsD replacing her. If they cannot transfer her, I hope Rabadzhieva stays.

    Neriman should escape from Galatasaray as fast as she can :aww:

    I like Neriman but noone comes in to my mind that can balance a team when she is there. If Eczacibasi tranfers her, you will see that both Esra & Gulden will have big troubles in reception as well. Most important of all, she makes those reception errors in critical points often. Recently she has been failing to kill the ball in critical points as well. So I won't feel bad if Neriman leaves the team because it's impossible to have team play when she is there.

    Before season Fenerbahce very pleased- Maren and Heike please come to Us, We give You more money than Gamova earns in Kazan. But They said- No, We know how will look Our adventure in Turkey. We prefer 70% less money in Poland where We show amazing level and in next year You will please Us again.

    And then the girl with red hood met the wolf who she thought was her grandmother and asked, - Grandma, why are your eyes so big?

    :offtopic: But did you ever listen the Norweigan Eurovision winner song "Fairytale"?

    Why would it be a scandal to go to fener?

    I'm not a fanatic myself but Gs and Fb are two of the biggest rivals in Turkey. So imagine if Kim goes to GsD next season? I think this will make the same impression.
    Neriman is the best player in GsD (not because she performs best but also because she is Turkish). Right after she commented that in GsD she wont be able to achieve anything and she wants to go to a team that aims for success, if she goes to Fener, that will mean GS is a worse club than Fener (which is so in volleyball). But pointing that out clearly will be a scandal especially for GsD that loses their best player to their biggest rival.
    Nihan & Derya are different cases since they were both not wanted by their clubs last season :win: However I wish the best for Neriman and I hope she will be succesful even if she goes to Fenerbahce :flower:

    I like Bauer but I never looked to her with a critical eye before. Someone said that she is actually slow and her block anticipation is bad. When I watched her last time, I agree on that actually. She is giant and attacks well but is often late in blocks. However considering that Asuman is not a smart setter and her sets are predictable, I guess Bauer can work well against Eczacibasi. Back to reality, I would not give up on Garay, Kim and Havlickova trio, especially when Seda is performing really bad.

    if we are talking about peak i'll give the series 70-30 for fenerbahce but since garay is a little bit fatigued the odds became 57-43.

    talking about matchups ecz have a huge advantage in middle because of maja while fener have a huge advantage on the wings because of kim and talking about the opposite a few years ago automatic nod would be given to nesli but no matter how aneta's playing level have dipped these past few games id still say that they are pretty much on a similar level today, in the regular season games it was seen that as long as 2 of these names play (kim-garay-havlickova) then fener can squeak by for the simple reason of frequency now the question is should they use bauer in order to make the middle more competitive or should they stick to their usual rotation and try to beat opponents by their wing attacks?

    Honestly I think Gökcen + Eda is better than Maja + Busra. Maja is the best of this 4 but Busra is the worst.
    I agree that Neslihan does not make a big difference anymore. But Garay + Kim is far better than Esra + Senna. Of course it is a team game in the end but I think Fenerbahce does play like a team this season.

    when will the semis round start? :sos:

    Mm this weekend they will play the finals of Teledunya Cup. So I guess it will be next week sometime but I don't think the schedule is published yet.
    About estimates for the semis:
    GsD - Vakifbank, Vakifbank will clearly qualify. They are not unbeatable anymore and there is a big drop compared to last year in their performance. But GsD is bad in many elements, reception, no blocks, no center attacks and Neriman is disappointing. If Veljkovic plays, there might a small surprise but I don't think this will happen.

    Fenerbahce - Eczacibasi, Fenerbahce will qualify here. Eczacibasi lost a set against Ilbank. Fenerbahce with KYK and Fe Garay in corners is much stronger. Moreover on one side you have Eda & Gokcen, on the other side Poljak & Busra, If Gökcen plays as usual, former duo is much better at the moment.