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    Checking the stats of GsD - Besiktas, finally Montano is back! It's not a surprise that Saori is not in the team. Rabadzhieva's performance is getting better and better. Finally she kills balls and does not receive worse than Saori. One plus of Saori is probably she takes more responsibility in defense. It would be great to watch Veljkovic instead of Leo as a 3rd foreign player in the F4.

    thank you very much! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Very good description Serdar, although some fanatics may claim that there is nothing wrong by paying loads of money to foreign stars. One more advantage is the contribution to the NT.
    However I don't think 10% is convincing. If you won all the games, you only get 3 points advantage which is not enough. Hope they will be make this approach more convincing by increasing the percentage maybe?

    some young players are playing well so far this season : Dicle Nur Babat,Aslı Kalaç, Gözde Yılmaz,Özge Nur Yurdagü seems to me that disappointing ones are : Ceren Kestirengöz and Ceyda Aktaş,Melis Durul
    Polen also disapponting.she made a mistake by staying in VB and being Brako's back-up..she could have been in a better position if she had gone to a team abroad or local

    I agree on all, especially about Polen with only one exception, Aslı Kalaç. I expected more from her, she seems to have good anticipation but her height is a major problem. Among the young players, my top 3 is Özgenur, Dicle and then Gözde. I'm curious about GsD's plans for MBs next season since Özgenur will come back. Most probably we won't see either Ergül or Sinem in the team next season.

    Ah and I forgot to add Birgül Güler to the list. She is disappointing as well.

    stupid referees that serve of Meryem's was IN !!!!!!!!!!!!it would have been 24-22 for Halkbank but they didnt give the serve point then Neslihan came to serve and got two points ina row with her serves and then EcV got the set . :wall:

    Agree! But Neslihan is serving really good again. Considering the reception line of Halkbank with Ramirez, Meryem and Aslı Köprülü, Eczacıbaşı will win with serves. :white: But I liked that Halkbank is fighting back more than I expected :cheesy:

    Talking about Lucia I would love to see her in Turkey! She is a real gem.. Players like her are not easy to find these taday so she should be playing in a top club both CL and a strong domestic league... She's bot only a great passer but she attacks very well so she'll be so useful for Galatasaray for ex.

    I agree on that a lot. However GsD looks a bit cursed for defensive OHs, first Molnar and then Saori. Of course Lucia is much better than both but I'm a bit worried :white:
    A question: since Leo will be released from GsD, is there any italian teams interested in her?

    Fenerbahçe seeems to play very good but I still insist that they should play with Bauer insttead Havlickova as third foreigner. The difference between Bauer and Gökçen is much more than Seda and Havlickova

    I would agree on that in the beginning of the season but after I heard from someone that Bauer is quite a slow player, I watched her blocks carefully and I agree on that. She is a slow MB. I like her attacks and I dont say that Gökcen is a better player but I don't think Bauer makes a big difference. On the other hand Seda's performance is going down since she did not play regularly this season and Havlickova to my surprise is quite a fast player considering her body. She also gets critical points when team needs her. I saw her making good blocks & serves as well so I actually can understand why Abbondanza is insisting on Havlickova still.

    Tears in my eyes! Mady Montano is obviously recovered much earlier than expected. She is ready to start trainings with the team again. She will able to play however they will keep an eye on her health more carefully.

    Source: (unfortunately in Turkish)

    It costed GsD a chance to qualify to quarter finals in CEV but I'm really glad she is back soon. Rabadzhieva & Gamze will be coming in instead of Leo & Montano as a double substitution during the game I believe. :rolll: :dance6:

    if you think that i am turk cause i use your 'i' ( i have 3 different keyboards sometimes they get mixed ) you are wrong but i do know turkish and use it to communicate with my friends here ( currently i am in turkey ). system is old ( not talking about junior thing but limitation ) and for now it didn't produce any result

    btw wth is there a need to have better youth team if it doesn't translate into better pro player ? what is the point again ? do clubs some kinda of obligation to raise local players or something ?

    It was hard to guess that you meant foreign limitation by the system in your earlier post and I agree on that, such a limitation does not necessarily help.

    I agree on the second part, partly. Clubs don't have an obligation to raise local players but it's better for their own investment. I don't know how a club can survive by transferring world class players continuously and paying lot to them. Moreover clubs such as Fenerbahce and Galatasaray should raise players as a social responsibility because they are the two biggest clubs of Turkey (considering overall).

    You are wrong And Should Mend . Also, you would defend any point without single sense of objectivity and fact to defend the point against FB - just another hater from galatasaray. :S

    Darling, all I can say is a quotation from RIP Michael Jackson, "You are ignorant!".
    What does "Should Mend" mean?
    Please read my earlier entries to see how I admire Fenerbahce! I love Kim and it's a pleasure to watch her and also many thanks to Fenerbahce's managers that we are able to watch world stars like Fe Garay, Glass and Bauer in Turkey. I only critisized Fenerbahce because they lack investments to the young players. Please reconsider your own objectivity.

    forcıng clubs in anyway possible to include half assed players is stupid idea, you have it or don't that is how simple is this. How the hell it became Fbs problem i don't understand there isn't such rule anywhere in the world except Turkey and somehow you still have weakest Nt among elite Nts :down: You said by yourself there isn't single sub for Neslihan so how is this system working ?

    Please read the whole thing first. Half assed players meaning what? Noone meant that young players should be forced to play in senior teams ok? What we mean is, teams should have better youth teams!!! These two are different things.
    I'm impressed that you use the Turkish "ı" and still say "you still have weakest NT among elite NTs". That's not correct at all.
    For your last comment "there isn't single sub for Neslihan so how is this system working", I didn't say the system is working well. However this system is new as far as I know and this is the first season it is applied, so we have to wait and see if the system works. :super:

    Agree, there's too much talk about these players. And I still think that points from young teams competition shouldn't be included into overall standings in senior league, for me it's unfair, though it encourages to invest in promising girls :whistle:

    I agree that it is unfair. But otherwise how can they take attention to that? I don't know if there are such applications in the world. Maybe by giving the chance of organizing F4 to the winning team or giving them more home advantage during F4? I really don't have a clue how to reward these girls but clearly existing ones do not work.

    Who else? MAybe it came from me ^_^

    Yeah god bless Fener, god bless the ultimate leader Aziz! Daaa...
    I'm not critisizing Fenerbahce as it is now, but it's stupid that they claim "We are a republic, we are Turkey". Then do something for the country, don't use money to buy ready foreign players only like Real Madrid.
    Your discussion of 50 good young players is nothing but fun. Yes if each club produce 5 young good players, there will be 50 good players but then probably 5 or 10 of them which are the best of those 50 will be top players. This is how you aim development. :whistle: