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    Flier's serves caused a lot of damage for Vakifbank, but I don't see any danger that they can lose this match.

    Polen is so weak, I don't understand how some people can think that she is better than Neslihan now :white:

    Agree. Polen's biggest mistake is to stay as a sub in Vakifbank. She will never become better than Neslihan if she keeps sitting on bench. She seems quite slow in overall. Even Neriman who did not play as opposite for a long time performs much better than Polen. If Guidetti is planning to keep Brakocevic next season, they should consider loaning Polen to Besiktas.

    Every volleyball fan knows how important reception is in setting up plays but not all the time it could be use as a reason for a player not playing well

    I agree. But if a setter is only performing well with good receptions, then what is special with that setter? To me there are three types of setters, 1- sets bad although the reception is good, 2-sets good when reception is good, 3-sets good although the reception is bad. I was so pissed to watch bump sets of Leo against Cannes. To me Leo is a 2nd type of setter which does not mean she is bad and that is mainly because she likes to play with her MBs when she has good connection with them. On the other hand GsD needs a type 3 setter since reception is shaky for several years. I guess a Russian setter will be best in that case :cheesy: or an Asian one that can fix those bad receptions.

    Rabadzhieva was horrible in GsD. Neriman was the only player that did well except the las part of the 4th set. Rabadzhieva did nothing in defense, made terrible blocks, could not attack as an attacking OH and served bad too. I don't know why Barbolini insisted on her because Ezgi would not play worse in attacking than her. Saori was well. She made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but fixed them later. She was good in attacking for a defensive OH. Leo was really bad. She did really bad in the beginning but got better later on when reception got better. She did nothing special today and played as an ordinary setter.

    I'm really sorry for Maret. Cannes could win 3-0 if she was not injured. Now without her, GsD has better chance in the second game. Centoni was really good together with Ana.

    Now Kimura won't get So many chances to play... Argh! That's what I want to happen for saori to be exposed well in the European leagues so that we will see if she is really good or just feeding off from the Japanese system but because of this acquisition the experiment will be further delayed :cursing:

    That transfer is not official yet however it will definitely NOT affect Saori. It will effect Rabadzhieva. I'm sure Barbolini was not glad with the team'a attacking performance this weekend. Neriman is not good as opposite and she showed it in the end of last season as well. On the other hand Rabadzhieva is supposed to be a killer OH but she has been really bad since she arrived GsD. Instead she is playing like a defensive OH which Saori is much better at. In case of a new transfer, Neriman will return as OH and Saori will stay as her partner. :win:

    And you assume that Vakıfbank would acceot to help one of its main title contender :aww:

    No that's sad to know though. I don't think GsD with Polen can beat Vakifbank anyway but it can be a great experience for Polen to fight on court as a started in a potential title holder team:) But since Brakocevic has a small injury now, such a transfer is impossible. But if Guidetti really cares about Polens personal development he should encourage her for such a temporary transfer.

    Btw I don't like Neriman attacking from position 2. She seemed quite unhappy yesterday as well. Maybe they can try like last year, Ezgi as defensive opposite, Neriman and Saori as spikers. Veljkovic as a scorer MB can compensate the score load.

    If she keeps improving she would also be starter in her own club in 1 or 2 years. Thus why would she consider to leave the best club in the world :rolleyes:

    Because playing in a team like GsD for 3-4 months on loan can help her to improve her performance and let her play in every game as starter.

    Btw Polen would be a great transfer for Galatasaray. They don't expect much from CL anymore. In the league she can be really useful since she is a real opposite and Turkish. It's good for her as well since she needs to play regularly.

    Orkun Darnel said that they are not considering a new transfer. I think Neriman, Rabadzhieva and Sairi trio will be enough to beat Cannes. I guess they were not considering to beat Vakifbank at all. So they will need a good opposite only in the end of the season. Destinee Hooker as someone mentioned would be a great option.

    I listened Orkun Darnel today on GsTv. He said that Made was feeling bad for the last 10 days and went to emergency where they found out her problem. She was in intensive care unit for 2-3 days. He said that they were in Selanik (Greece) if I heard correct. They are not sure if it is a lever problem or hepatitis yet. But she will be away for around 2-3 months. Orkun said they walked like 5 minutes and she was already exhausted. He added that they are not considering a new transfer. Ah and he said that they will either freeze her contract or delay so that she play next season instead. I don't remember the details:)

    I guess that's a good opportunity for Rabadzhieva. Neriman was not as effective as an opp when they tried her in this position last season. Rabadzhieva wasn't good in killing balls before she got injured either. So we might see Ezgi Neriman and Rabadzhieva as spikers together with Veljkovic and Asli as MBs. Veljkovic is the only person that can help the team in attacking now.

    I don't know what is in their mind but it's extremely strange that Galatasaray got sponsored recently and still did not transfer a reliable OH considering that Henry Bell is injured. Does anyone have a clue otherwise I feel like they are fine with finishing the league as 5-6th position! :mad:

    Honestly I don't feel bad for the Polish team (sorry for the fans though). At the moment polish team is not that different than Azerbaijan. They both have good spikers, fairly bad reception and MBs. Azerbaijan has one good MB and Poland has a bit better reception. What makes the difference is a much better setter in Azeri team, Oksana. Considering that Azerbaijan had a much stronger and experienced opponent -Serbia than Belgium and have beaten 3-2, all I can say is congrats to Azerbaijan. :box:

    Oh boy! Are there any MBs on court for Poland because I didn't see any blocks so far. Defense doesn't work well as expected either. I started to doubt Kasia's abilities as well.

    On the other hand, I'm in love with Belgian girls. It will be great to watch them in WCH. Especially against teams like Japan, Brazil etc, if they can keep these blocks an defense, we will watch amazing rallies :drink:

    I find critics to Barbolini about his Gamze choice unfair. If he chose her just because she is playing in his club team, then why did he send Neriman home during ECH this summer and started with Seda? Or why did he chose Kubra Akman instead of Asli or Ergul? If we follow your theory, he is supposed to involve Nihan as the sub libero in future.

    The only explanation of his choice is simple, because the group looks really simple and he doesn't need a great second setter. I glad he is giving a chance to a young player considering Gamze will be the main setter of GsD next season. I don't think turkey will have problems to find a good setter for a while. Probably Ozge will Naz's sub during the main tournament if she keeps her performance in tauron. Otherwise Elif deserves to be the sub considering her performance in Fenerbahce so far.

    About MBs. I'm so glad that Eda is back because finally we have a top level MB. Rest should watch and learn from her including Bahar.