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    Another example why she has to play in Turkish League, not only in Cl.. Gala will be much stronger with an MB like her

    Definitely! Ergul did good work when she is in the front but could not produce scores. I would start with Gamze, Montano, Neriman, Saori, Asli, Veljkovic. If Barbolini really insists on Leo, then he should start with Ezgi instead of Saori to open a spot for Veljkovic.

    Galatasaray Daikin – Bakırköy Bld. Yeşilyurt: 3-0
    Sets: 25-18, 25-9, 25-13

    Galatasaray Daikin: Lo Bianco 3, Ergül 2, Neriman 12, Montano 14, Veljkovic 13, Rabadzhieva 9 (Nihan)
    Yeşilyurt: Tuğçe 2, Liliom 5, Pınar 2, Duygu 6, Hümay 3, Ceren 3 (Simge, Çağla, Şule)

    It's also weird because the last post time next to the belonging subject is wrong. For instance I wrote something about Turkey NT in the Female players category, and it was yesterday but the last post sent seems like from a week earlier. What is really going on??? :down:

    Deger Eraybar tournament starts tomorrow. Schedule is:

    16.00 Schwerin SC – Dinamo Bükreş
    19.00 Galatasaray Daikin – Bakırköy Belediye Yeşilyurt

    14.00 Bakırköy Belediye Yeşilyurt – Schwerin SC
    17.00 Galatasaray Daikin – Dinamo Bükreş

    15.00 Bakırköy Belediyesi Yeşilyurt – Dinamo Bükreş
    18.00 Galatasaray Daikin – Schwerin SC

    It would be nice to see Montano and Saori :mad:

    Was it Neslihan Demir's decision? :white: What happened between her and Neriman?
    I'm not surprised actually, same thing in Italy with Lo Bianco and Gioli deciding who can play in NT and who cannot.

    I'm not sure with that but she is obviously responsible of that since she is the captain of NT. Barbolini should ask Neriman next time who should play or not in NT since she seems like a more reasonable person than Neslihan and Gözde. :hit:

    Just listened the interview with Neriman in the end of the video:…pindan-renkli-goruntuler/

    If I didnt misunderstand it, around 19.32, she says: "I really missed volleyball. In summer period, I was STOPPED unnecessarily, I was not in the court and so on...I'm a sportswoman, an athlete, I care about court, I live with volleyball...."

    I guess that explains all. I'm surprised Barbolini dares to cut his best Turkish player from the club in NT. :sos:

    I posted a link to the video of this match in Friendly Club Tournaments topic.
    Schwerin played quite bad...I hope it was just to try some things, but Radenkovic in this match set more balls to back row than to front row :white: And not even to Hippe but to the OHs...Poll and Ziegler aren't even efficient attackers at the net, so from back row they can't even score when there is no block...

    I could not see the match so I definitely should check the link. It is difficult to understand how Barbolini plays. Both Neriman and Rabadzhieva on court? Since Neriman scores a lot, I guess she is playing as an opposite in OH position like Calderon did last year. Again Barbolini playing with a defensive OH in opposite position, Mislina? Or did I get everything wrong? That makes me think that he will play with: Lo Bianco, Saori (opposite position but defensive OH), Montano (OH position but doesnt receive), Rabadzhieva, Ergul, Veljkovic in champions league. Oh that man makes me confused :cheesy:

    Muszyna - Galatasaray Daikin: 3-1 (13-25; 25-23; 25-19; 25-15)

    Muszyna: Jagieło, Wojcieska, Różycka, Mazurek, Piątek, Plchotova and Maj (L)
    Galatasaray Daikin: Lo Bianco, Mislina, Neriman, Rabadzhieva, Ergul, Veljkovic and Nihan (L)

    1st set: Neriman 6, Ergul 3, Veljkovic 3, Mislina 2, Rabadzhieva 2
    2nd set: Neriman 7
    3rd set: Sinem Barut enters as opposite instead of Mislina (???!) :read:

    Article claims that Rozycka played very well.

    Schweriner - Galatasaray Daikin: 1-3 (25-21: Neriman 7, Hippe 6; 15-25: Neriman 10, Hippe 5; 17-25; 22-25)

    Galatasaray: Lo Bianco, Mislina (opposite), Neriman, Rabadzhieva, Ergul, Sinem and Nihan (L).
    Schweriner: Radenkovic, Hippe, Ziegler, Poll, Philajmak, Isailovic and Voelker (L).

    Polen's situation has been discussed many times.. I won't speak about other Vakifbank bench players, but Polen is for sure NT material.. IMO she should be a starter even in NT.. :whistle:

    I agree on the fact that Polen has a high quality and great potential but it is tiredsome to see that such players prefer to sit in the bench of big clubs instead of moving to somewhere else where they can start in starting 6. I'm sure Galatasaray and Fenerbahce would love to have her in their team and then she would be starting in NT instead of Neslihan as well.

    Interview with Yeliz Basa:…-sampiyonluk-icin-geldim/

    Unfortunately it's in Turkish. She seems like a very humble person. I don't know much about her but it feels unfair that someone like Polen who sits in bench in her own club is playing for national team and players like Yeliz Basa that actually plays in starting six is not even invited. Vakifbank might be a great team but it does not necessarily mean that their bench players are also awesome. :teach:

    Vakıfbank and Eczacıbaşı have a great MBs, it's OK but G.saray have Veljkovic, Ergül, Aslı Kalac and Sinem Barut. Are they HQ MBs ? :what:

    Well, most probably Galatasaray will use Ergül-Aslı duo in the league and this duo is better than anything Fenerbahce can offer. Fenerbahce has only Eda and the rest are average MBs. Bauer won't play in the league for sure. Considering Eda's long injury, Fenerbahce has the worst MB duo among the top 4 teams anyway. :teach:

    Btw, someone wrote before that both Nursevil and Bihter were loaned to another team. Is that really correct? Because Barbolini loves to use 2 liberos on court and Nihan is the only libero in that case. I also thought Gamze would be in starting six and Nursevil on bench against smaller teams.

    It's quite interesting to see that most people underestimate Galatasaray this season. As Canter mentioned, Molnar --> Saori and Calderon ---> Montano changes are a big deal. This year team has two top MBs (Ergül and Aslı) as well instead of Sinem and Nilay. To me the weaker points of the team are libero and setter. I really like Lo Bianco's sets and defense but when she is in the frontline, some players spike over her block.

    As most say, Fenerbahce is really strong and they will most probably win CEV. But in Turkish league with only 3 foreign players, IMO with Glass, Garay and Kim, they are not that strong. First of all they don't have high level MBs. Eda was injured for a year and she won't be the same for some time, alternative Turkish MBs of Fenerbahce are useless. Since other 3 top teams in the league have high quality MBs, I'm sure Kim and Garay won't be able to carry Fenerbahce to top 3. :mad:

    We had to delete 35.000 spam accounts from past 3 months. Probably by accident we deleted also yours. I'm really sorry for that :S

    And who will bring it back now :( I feel lazy to enter my account details :lol:

    P.s. I feel really insulted by being assumed as spam :whistle:

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