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    Last week he was criticized because he was very cautious with his words, now he is criticized because he tries to make a good atmosphere for the match. Sometimes I feel sorry for him though I do not really like him. :gone: Btw. Saori is not with the team. :!:

    Wow she is not???!!! Really interesting strategy of Barbolini to receive all these great serves of Vakıfbank with Neriman, Rabadzhieva and Nihan. I guess we will see a lot of aces and Bihter (2nd libero) today! :cheesy:

    Today GS-VB! I hope to see a good and long match...

    Orkun Darnel seems very hopeful about Galatasaray. According to his interview in voleybolextra, he says that Galatasaray was the key team that caused a nigthmare season for Guidetti (honestly I dont know which season he is talking about and what Galatasaray did). He adds, Vakıfbank's unbeatable record of 54 matches motivate us and Galatasaray is the team that can end this. If we were in champions league, with our foreign players rotation, we would have a bigger advantage but now in Turkish league, I would say we are equal.

    I understand how Orkun feels after all these really good transfers. I think Galatasaray will be much more challenging than last year however when we compare Guidetti & Barbolini, Guidetti is much heavier. I don't know which 3 foreign players Galatasaray will choose but I hope Montano, Saori and Lo Bianco will be there. Honestly I prefer to see Gamze instead Lo Bianco and Veljkovic as a 3rd foreigner but I dont think Barbolini has balls to make such decisions. :read:

    I don't know why do you all underestimate Stefana and overestimate Gioli.. For sure Gioli has a better name.. or was a better player. Right now she is not better than Stefana. Veljkovic was just unlucky with her certain injuries, when she recovered after her previous injury she took the place from Krsmanovic.. then she broke her finger. I can't remember the last time Gioli was a huge factor for either Italy or her club. Maybe it was 2010-2011(?) Since then she is not as effective as she was.. and as she should be to be counted among the best MB in the world..

    I AM NOT saying that she is not a great MB, or that Veljkovic is better than her.. just right now Stefana is more effective than her.

    Honestly, I'm in love with Veljkovic and I'm so happy that she is playing for Galatasaray. What I told was, Gioli was probably getting much more salary than Veljkovic since she had a good career. This year Galatasaray has much better MBs than ever with Ergül & Aslı in Turkish league and Veljkovic in Champions league. If Barbolini is not married, I guess he is in love with Sinem (another MB) because that's the only explanation that he includes her in the game.

    You all sound like Galatasaray actually have six really expensive players on court. That team had Calderon ass opp last year, what would you expect them to fill her position with? Montano was the only good option IMO. Lo Bianco is playing her last season in Galatasaray and we are all almost sure that Gamze, a very young & talented player will take her place next season. The team needed someone better than Molnar as a defensive OH and of course they would go either for Gözde or Saori and obviously her wage is paid by the sponsor. I really don't think Veljkovic earns a lot in that team and she came instead of Gioli whom I believe earned much more. Moreover Ezgi Arslan Guc keeps playing with the team and she is a good investment. Similarly Asli Kalac, Özgenur, Nursevil Aydinlar, Bither, Ada German and Mislina are investments for the future. It's unfair that people keep criticizing Galatasaray for being spoiled with money but any Turkish citizen knows it well that the club is in big debt. I believe the only advantage of Galatasaray was they had great potential and sponsors were interested in them because Vakifbank and Eczacibasi made Turkish league a great brand.

    P.s. I'm not sure if you are aware but one reason that players prefer Turkish teams is lower taxes and that has nothing to do with Galatasaray. It's a good incentive by the government (which I really dislike) to promote volleyball in Turkey and it seems to work very well.

    Please, with half of the money spent by Galatasaray this summer every italian club would have built a team to rule the Champions League.

    The golden age Bergamo and Perugia were less expensive than this season Galatasaray.

    Yeah and that was how many years ago? I guess volleyball players got a bit more expensive since then :cheesy: Once again, Galatasaray is a blackbox at the moment and we dont know what this team will be capable of soon. I'm sure they will start ruling the Champions league sooner or later.

    I watched the full game Galatasaray - Conegliano now and it is obvious that Galatasaray was a bit unlucky. That team will be much much better in several weeks when Saori and Montano have more chances to train with the team. Rabadzhieva was not bad in reception but she was not active in defense at all, I'm sure Saori will compensate in that sense. So I expect Saori instead of Rabadzhieva in next games and Rabazhieva as a sub for Neriman when needed. For the passion issue, Neriman is a great example from Galatasaray's side. I guess she will be the captain when Lo Bianco leaves next season. Btw I'm so tired of watching tall opposites getting points over Lo Bianco's blocks! That might be a great demotivation for Lo Bianco during the games. As a short setter, I experience the same :woohoo:

    Fact is, if Vakifbank is the Barcelona of volleyball today, it was Bergamo few years ago. If Galatasaray Daikin is Chelsea today, it was Perugia in the past.

    It is very annoying that some people are waiting for the opportunity to bash Turkish clubs with this "they have money but we have spirit" thing.

    Another thing, according to Mr Cibara, Galatasaray Daikin had the lowest budget compared to other 3 big teams in Turkish league last season. I'm not sure about this season though.

    It seems like everyone is dissapointed by Galatasaray's performance but let's give both girls & Barbolini couple of weeks. As someone already mentioned both Saori and Montano did not train with the team a long time. It's the same for Aslı. So I guess the team will be performing much better from now on. :box:

    Well, they would indeed invest a lot of money in developing own young players, as several clubs already do with own volleyball schools. But that is not my point, what I meant is that some people think that money can buy success at will, but this is not possible. Of course, Galatasaray with their money can buy big stars, but it is wrong to think that this automatically means they'll have a good team. Probably Montano and Lo Bianco together earn as much as Conegliano's whole team, but still Conegliano won this match because they displayed some values that money simply can't buy, like LOVING volleyball and FIGHTING until the end.

    I dont agree on that entirely. Having such good players in a team might motivate young players to push their performances forward so that they can play in the starting six.
    Galatasaray invest on young players as well, however both Montano and Lo Bianco should know that if they play bad, they may lose their positions in starting six. Gamze can play as setter well and she is passionate. Saori, Neriman and Rabadzhieva trio can play instead of having Montano in the team if needed. I think the main problem is Barbolini but I guess it will be nice to see what he will do in the coming 2-3 weeks. I hope he will consider such options if some (star) players keep playing that way.

    Galatasaray Daikin is like Titanic, Orkun Darnel is the guy who said "Even God cannot drown this ship" and Barbolini is obviously the ICEBERG!
    God! If anyone from this forum was coaching Galatasaray Daikin, they would win 2 sets anyway. Barbolini should really suicide after tonight. Congratulations Conegliano!

    Pool A
    Dresden - Béziers 3:1
    Rabita - Omichka 3:1

    Pool B
    Crvena Zvezda - Igtisadchi 0:3
    Dinamo Moscow - Piacenza 3:2

    Pool C
    Dinamo Bucuresti - Atom Sopot 0:3
    VDK Gent - Vakifbank 0:3

    Pool D
    Eczacibasi - Prostejov 3:0
    Cannes - Schwerin 3:0

    Pool E
    Conegliano - Galatasaray 0:3
    Azeryol - Busto Arsizio already running (but earlier prediction was 2-3)

    Pool F
    Volero - Dinamo Kazan 2:3
    Tauron MKS - Stiinta Bacau 3:2

    P.s. Sorry for double posting. That's my first prediction game :cheesy:

    Can you predict all games in one post? I won't count it if you post prediction with next games tomorrow :whistle:

    On top of that, the TVF is not really interested in making volleyball more popular because they are connected to the conservative government which doesn’t like to see women in shorts doing sports anyway. :down:
    I’m sure volleyball could be very, very, very popular in Turkey. :heart:

    Lol! Loved that :) I'm not fund of our government at all but I hope they don't really go that far! :mad:
    Anyway I agree that it's all about if people are interested. On the other hand I know that Turkish people don't watch basketball either but NTV shows most of the games as far as I know. I think it's more about what these tv channels want to give priority to. Anyway we all agree that there are 4 teams that are worth to watch and when they dont play against each other, it means watching 8 teams per week and 4 games. I guess even that will be enough. I would also like if NTV and Smartspor let Fenerbahce TV and Galatasaray TV to broadcast the games when they don't want to prioritize these two teams' games. :box:

    I'm quite shamed! We have one of the best leagues in the world and still only 2 of the matches are broadcasted on tv. Are they really blind? Is it so difficult to promote volleyball by just showing on tv that best of Europe and World are actually playing in the Turkish league and obviously our volleyball league has much quality than our football and basketball leagues. :teach: :mad: :aww:

    Vakifbank spent a whole week in Switzerland but they are not tweeting about the stupid distance to their husbands. I'm very suprised because the ladies of Vakifbank are the most bitchy in Turkish NT. What has changed in a month? Also their individual performance is different. For those who don't now, Vakifbank's shining stars Gözde, Gizem, Naz, Güldeniz had a horrible NT season. :wall: :wall: :wall:

    I definitely agree, especially Gözde's performance looks really different than what she did this summer with NT. However IMO what makes the difference in Vakifbank is Fürst and Brakocevic. Bahar's performance is still dissappointing so I wont be surprised if we see Kübra Akman more in the court this season.
    When it comes again back to the NT, I think noone did really well this summer and I guess that's due to Barbolini's choices. I think Neslihan has a great fall in her performance since summer and still didnt show any signs of improvement, it's the same with Büşra. Hope Barbolini makes up his mind and recalls Neriman and shows the rest of the NT players that they are not indispensable. :hit: