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    I thought Yeşilyurt was Vakifbank junior and Dehri Can Dehrioğlu ( i looked him up) was like Gui junior, so it was a combined effort. Or is it that Dehri works with Gui in the NT and not Vakifbank ?(

    He worked with Gui in Vakifbank but I guess he wanted a new challenge himself where he can transfer players etc. With Yesilyurt, he just plans trainings and match strategies.

    To me the difference looked like, one team went to market and bought Nutella, pasta and soy sauce, great ingredients which makes terrible meal when blended, while Conegliano every year going to market, adding a new perfect ingredient to excel their meal. In that sense I think Conegliano and Vakifbank are probably the best two, making small but great additions to their teams depending on what they need, while rest just try to blend whatever they find.

    Omg this was so boring to watch. Can any team in Italian league really challange Conegliano? Did Busto really prepare for Egonu at all? It is Italian league and Busto being aced so many times...Really disappointing.

    Btw, I am almost sure GS will deliver a fine performance again. If Ilkin does not get injured, they will use her like Anthi. Cagla and Nilay are better than most setters in the league, I don't like Rhykliuk but she is better than Meryem for example. Only the middles are question marks but I think they will transfer a player if things go bad in January.

    I think last season's Nilufer and Yesilyurt showed how important it is to work with a good trainer. On the other hand, Aydin and THY had much better squads, but their trainers did not deliver a good performance. THY made the right choice in the end with picking Abbondanza which increased their performance. I really love Aydin's squad this year, but trainer is a question mark again, I wish they agreeed with Tore Aleksandersen from Nilufer instead, then I would believe that they end up in top 4.

    She is a great blocker but she is not quick at all:what:

    I agree. Her attacking is bad because she almost hits a 2nd tempo set, does not have a fast approach at all. The worst is in transition balls, she often cannot make it off the block and be ready for attack, I remember Ataman yelling at her, asking what she is doing and she was simply hanging infront of the net during a rally lol :D

    Dont you think there is a correlation between one team playing worst match of the season and opponent making them play that way? It is not like all of a sudden Conegliano decided to play a terrible match, especially Sylla, what a surprise she is a weak receiver and Guidetti loves to abuse that kind of opponents.

    I agree on Brtkk here, In Turkey having a foreign libero is a luxury, unless you have two foreign MBs like serdar suggested earlier. So you could use all 4 foreigners during a match.

    Coming to Humay, it really is a shame considering the number of teams increased to 16 and good quality local players pool is very narrow in Turkey. Adding more teams make the competition tougher, which means locals will earn a lot more than usual this year. This also makes it hard for the teams with smaller budgets to build a strong team since they won't be able to afford good locals.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if GS will be able to sign any foreigners when they offer them contract on TL, lol. Maybe some rookies from college league would like to take the risk to become pro but I don't see any other alternative. What a shame such a big club can't find sponsors for transferring 3 foreigners.

    Same FB has been the biggest club of TR historically, 1 year could change a lot if they manage it correctly. But ngl im a fan of them but FB hasn't been good with managing money. I think no one can deny that.

    sorry but I think GS is the biggest club in turkey with more fans, is probably the biggest Turkish club worldwide too. Just wanted to correct it

    I think the budget cut won't happen this season though, he probably meant "we are too late this season", but for upcoming seasons, things might shift radically.

    I agree on you beri though I am deeply sorry, this is nothing new and related to Corona. FB has been in a big financial trouble for a while, amateur branches were lucky because sponsors were keeping them alive (mostly supported by Koc family if I am not wrong). It is a shame how sports clubs are managed in Turkey, while they should be making great profits.