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    So yeah, yesterday...

    They didn't play any WCh before 2006 and this will be only their 2nd olympics. Not to talk about Men's team, which has done literally nothing.

    Compare that to Brazil, USA, Russia/USSR, Italy, China, Cuba, Japan, even Korea. Only Serbia has a similar short history like them but at least they have a strong men's team since a long time ago.

    I mean, no disrespect, it's good progress for such a little time. But they are in diapers still.

    Well volleyball is a sport of 100 years, so being popular in last two decades of it is good enough. Especially if we are talking about modern volleyball where it is being played on 25 points system (since 2000s I assume), Turkish Women's team has done some good work. I never write things about Turkish men's team since they have never been in the same level as women's and in this thread we are discussing women's volleyball.

    Sorry but not understand the "comparation part" Eda and Gunes maybe are better than Danesi folie ecc...but they are in the "Same League". Compare Egonu with Boz is simply ridicolous

    That's exactly what I meant. Why Turkey bashers pick Turkey's weakest position and compare it with other teams' best positions while they refuse to compare other positions. I think Turkish middles, Naz and Simge are not worse than what most other teams in OGs have in those positions.

    Btw, Turkish volleyball did not start yesterday, it started in 2003 women's european championship which Turkey hosted and came 2nd. After that, women's volleyball has always been popular in Turkey which explains why new girls keep coming with potential and Turkish league became so popular in world.

    I really don't like all this hate to the Turkish NT which extends towards racism against Turkey here. I read in many different platforms where Turkish users discuss volleyball and there are so many comments about insidevolley being weirdly hateful towards Turks.

    Turkey wins a match and then all it is disccused is speculations of "oh now they think they will get gold in OGs", "Turkish girls were just lucky" etc. You might be 10 years old, but please learn that this is extremely rude and disrespectful. If you want to learn how to be a good sports supporter, please check German Volleyball Federation's last post, where they simply congratulate their opponent for making it to OGs. This is pure sportsmanship and love you Germany for being so civilised.

    About OGs, in my opinion there are only 2 teams which are almost impossible to defeat: China and Serbia. Rest have some weaknesses which are easier to fight against. I don't see USA as a big contender this time considering Larson and Hill not being at their best and Karch failing to find a solid opposite and libero for many years. Italy might have some troubles considering captain Bosetti closed the season and now they have to change their receiving system with a new OH duo.

    Besides all, Olympic games is months away. There will be injuries (hopefully not) but what if Zhu Ting and Egonu had ACL injuries all of a sudden? Will China and Italy be same? We know how easy it is to get seriously injured in this sport, so stop making silly comments and predictions already now.

    Another point is, why do you compare Boz with Egonu and others while you don't compare their middles with Turkish middles?

    In overall, congrats to Turkey! Thanks and a big applaud to Germany and Poland for making this preliminaries interesting and exciting! As someone else wrote, these two teams are really young and I hope in OGs 2024, we will see more european teams and at least one of the Germany/Poland will make it to there this time :super:

    I am really really sorry for Poland and the Polish fans, my heart is with you, both teams did really deserve to be in the finals (as well as Germany), I am really thankful for such a great show. Meanwhile I really don't like the attitude of Wolosz, Smarzek and Stysiak. I always found Polish NT players very friendly and nice but this generation is not as nice as previous ones :)

    Congrats to Turkey! Boz carried the team today, I really liked that Hande stood up time to time and Eda was trying to be useful with her blocks while both setters tried to destroy her confidence in attacking. Simge did well in the end as well.

    For tomorrow's match, one big difference is, Turkey never played with this line-up against Germany in the group stage. Guidetti tried Hande as receiving opposite and Ebrar as OH for the first 2 sets which turned out terrible. So tomorrow's match can look very different than the group stage.

    yeah such great euro teams like CRO, AZE and BEL are missing from the OGs ... how they’ll be missed. what a joke you are.

    3 of the good teams like Turkey, Poland, Netherlands and Germany won't make it to OGs while Argentina and DR does through an easy path. That's not just sad but extremely unfair.

    Wow congrats Germany! My prediction was correct, Germany was strong enough at the serve line and Netherlands could not find a solution. Caprara is the worst choice when it comes to this, he used to use Neriman and Calderon as receivers in Eczacibasi lol, so no wonder he expected things from Meijners-Daalderop.

    To be honest, I am also happy that Germany which brings lots of younger players and already in transition of generations made it to final, while Netherlands which failed to introduce new players to their squad since last olympics except Daalderop failed. Netherlands should find new youngsters otherwise future won't be bright :(

    When it comes to potential finalists, I don't think Poland can deal with Germany's stubborn serves considering they have Stysiak or Smarzek as 3rd receiver on court in different rotations.

    Lets see how their receiving line will hold against Turkey tonight.

    Hope Turkey will be able to serve strong and keep up a good block/defense system against Poland as they did previously this summer. Good luck girls!

    I really like the way semi-finals are.

    Netherlands suffers from bad receives and Dijkema's bad performance does not make things better for them. On the other hand German girls are really annoying from the serve line. We will watch how Dutchies turn terrible receives and receiving errors into proper attacks vs. how Germans do magic from the serve line, bounce attacks from blocks and make insane defenses. Will be a thriller for sure! Key for win for teams are: Dutch girls have to receive at least fine, while German girls need to find a way to kill the ball and side-out.

    For Poland vs. Turkey, I am curious to watch how Polish receiving line will hold with Stysiak receiving or sometimes Smarzek receiving (I saw that she receives in 2 rotations) and how Polish MBs will contribute in terms of scoring. Poland is the least scary team of these 4 when it comes to serves, though Smarzek and Stysiak's jump serves plus Alagierska's floats can be a headache. On Turkish side, the key is being consistent from the serve line and keeping middles active in attacking. For that, they either have to expect Polish girls serving bad or have to work hard to receive better than ever in the tournament.

    I think MBH fits to Vakifbank's system perfectly and we know that she is a system player, like Hill.

    Main issue of Vakifbank was Ebrar playing as OH and getting not as many sets as she should as an offensive OH. The reason was Ebrar's slow approach which simply hammered Vakifbank's attacking system.

    Even with Ebrar, who is converted from opposite to OH recently, their receiving ratios are really good and Maja/Cansu distribute sets to Haak and Gabi really fast. Now with MBH joining the team, they will have a 3rd wing spiker who likes to hit fast sets. Simply, any team who is not good from the serve line should forget about winning against Vakifbank in the future.

    Why does not Caprara use Lohuis for serving? I remember her being a good server.

    I will be happy to watch Netherlands-Germany, Poland-Turkey semi finals. If Netherlands don't solve their receiving problems, Germany can be very dangerous considering their performance from the serve line in this tournament.

    I dont think that they refused to play. Van de Broek didnt want them (at least some of them, according to Aelbrecht’s Instagram post) in his team. He wanted to play with the new generation of players.

    Mmm I remember reading somewhere that Rousseux, Leys and Van Hecke did not want to join the team because he was coaching. Maybe I remember wrong.

    Good work by Croatia in set 1! I like what Santarelli is doing there, if he is given better resources, I am sure he will do a lot better.

    On the other hand, Belgium has good resources but I am not sure about their coaching. Even their defense spots look very basic, I am not surprised why some of their experienced players refuse to join the team.

    You guys have serious problems of reading, "kick ass" alone is not the problem, but when the same user writes "beat the sh.t out of Turkey" in his very next entry here which is like 1 hour later max, then you start wondering why so much hate? Now if you are fine with this language and attitude, lets start swearing at each others' mom and further on. I am not, so I hope admins are not either.

    but what exactly did i say that’s dirty? Lol

    People get so offended easily nowadays even if something’s not really offensive. This is a forum and the internet - not for the faint of heart, hunny. Just some piece of advice.

    Well if you first write this "How many of ya'll think Belgium can kick some Croatian and Turkish ass?", followed by something like "beat the sh-t out of Turkey" (this message seems to be removed by admins), I assume your only intention is to provoke Turkish users here.

    Coming back to what this forum is, it is not twitter hunny where you write your dumb messages with your dirty mouth and go to bed, you get banned for such a dirty and provocative mouth. Considering your intention is not to discuss volleyball but to provoke people, I assume you are close to end. Good luck lol

    StefanS yes and he dated many women from different countries in past...He was the same when he was coaching Germany and everyone hated him back then too, but I don't remember people being that mean towards German girls because their coach was an annoying teenager.

    i think I got my “dirty mouth” from Giovanni 😘😘😘

    Yeah well Giovani is Italian, has nothing to do with Turkey other than him being paid to serve for the country. If you want to use your dirty mouth, please use it at home, not here, otherwise I hope you get banned soon.