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    I don’t think they will sign a setter. It would be good tho if they could

    I assume they will go for an OH and libero but you never know. I think a MB is no as needed since Aycin-Emine-Fatma-Heather should be fine to bring the team to top 8.

    I did not think of it but Arelya & Buket make a lot of sense, though Vakifbank would not let Buket to move to GS.

    I agree though, it will be very difficult to find an OH at this point and worse of all, a local libero.

    Ilki is still second option in attack, most balls still go to Cuttino. Indeed she got only 2 more sets than Eggleston. Renewing with Eggleston was a terrible idea from GS management. She was bad last season except a few games during playoffs. I think Hernandez should play with Sude as starter and use İlkin as more of an offensive OH. This summer she showed that she can indeed carry the scoring load of the team when necessary.

    I agree about Libero, Bihter is simply terrible. They should have gotten an experienced player like Derya Çayırhan or snatch Dilek Kınık from Kuzeyboru

    I don't think they would be able to snatch anyone with that budget lol, but I agree, Bihter is a mess.

    Logan could be useful at bench.

    When it comes to ilkin, I think I was a bit biased since a lot of off system balls are set to her and not to Cuttino. Today's stats are also not that reliable, Cuttino hit like 3-4 overpasses which werent set to her. It is funny, even when the setter takes the free ball, they try to set to Ilkin but not to Cuttino, That's what I meant with her being the first option.

    If they don't transfer an OH, GS Daikin will most likely relegate. Ilkin is so far the team's first attacking option, especially when Logan is playing as OH and receiving terrible together with the libero and Ilkin should be like the third attacking option.

    Hernandez displays poor coaching still. Why start with Logan when you could compete with Sude as OH because you could at least receive serves fine? He waited until 3rd set, 13-6 to substitute these two lol.

    With Logan, Cuttino and Bihter on the court, GS has like 3 technically insufficient players and you never know where the ball will end up. Let Cuttino be the only one and please give a chance to the second libero, she can't be worse than Bihter anyway.

    Correcting serdar, Ilkin had 2 ACL injuries, in a row. I think it was different legs though, she recovered from one, and then during the trainings she got injured again. That explains why her development is slower than most others in her age category.

    I think Ilkin also changed her technique a bit after the injuries and looks more careful with her jumping and landing, which effects her height (which she reaches higher at crucial moments).

    With Ilayda, her landing always looked sloppy :( I am so sorry to see that someone investing her life so much into this sport getting this over and over. I hope she recovers, comes back better than before and never gets this injury again.

    Is not as simple as you say it, he can’t just change Logan with Sude and that’s it, then there would be 4 foreigners on the court, so in any case he would also have to change Fatma for Gneiting which would also weaken the block since everyone knows that the main direction of Stysiak is diagonal.

    In the case of Aycin staying for defense 1 rotation., Bihter thought it was P5 and Gneiting was serving and it was actually P6 and she left the court, after the referee didn’t let her come back, I don’t how this can be his mistake.

    For the first one, there is at least 2 rotations Sude is in front row with Aycin (Gneiting is at bench) so he can use Logan in those two rotations for just blocking 1-2 times. Besides that, Gneiting does not add much anyway, she did only 1 block I think, so I am sure Fatma can deliver a similar performance.

    Isn't it coaching staff's responsibility to warn the players about such? That's not directly his mistake if Bihter ran outside the court, I am too lazy to rewind but I thought he was trying something, like Lavarini did at one point and failed as well.

    Tashiro, Bihter and Naranjo are the worst in GS's squad. Too bad the bench setter performs worse than Tashiro. Her blocking, defense and serves are nothing special but what is worse is, her sets are so inconsistent, sometimes too fast and low, sometimes too high and off the net, have not seen such a clumsy setter for a while.

    Bihter is definitely not cut for this level. Too bad Daikin as a sponsor transferred Tashiro instead of a Japanese libero, which would make it more fun to watch this team.

    Naranjo keeps doing amateur things. Aycin (MB) had to stay one extra rotation in backrow to defend lol. Also his timing of the double substitution is so incorrect, why try it when Meliha is attacking against Tashiro? Instead replace Sude with Logan to increase the block height, so there would be a bigger threat for Stysiak who carried FB.

    On FB's side, Stysiak and Eda carried the team today. Arina looks so ordinary this season, you can see the difference in her serves. Although she aces, it is not the same, she does not reach the same height and loads the same way she used to. Also having troubles against Tashiro's block must be a joke for FB's OHs.

    Btw Lavarini also tried a weird move, replacing someone with libero directly when the MB was serving. I am like, gurll, this is voleyball 101: introduction handbook.

    Ilkin did an amazing job, same for Sude. Cuttino-Logan change came in 4th set and it was already too late. Logan at least can hit a ball.

    I think Naranjo is not cut for this level. There are some very simple things he could do in the match:

    1- Replace Cuttino with anyone after 2nd set, she was simply useless.

    2- When Logan is in backrow 2 rotations with Sude, let her stay on zone 6 and attack pipe. Sude wont attack from backrow anyway and also has better chances for defense in zone 1. With Logan in pipe, you have an alternative to Ilkin in attacking. She could stay in zone 6 even with ilkin in backrow, since Ilkin used to play opposite and Logan is better in pipe.

    3- Replace Tashiro in front row with a double substitution. Cuttino can be useless but still a better blocker than Tashiro. It took him 5 sets to notice this and did it in the end of 5th set.

    There is a lot more but he really needs to step up. He can't just rely on Ilkin & Sude having such a good day since they both are supposed to be defensive OHs and were best scorers of GS.

    Aycin is the best local slider after Eda. She has two problems though: 1) her blocking is really bad and 2) she had troubles hitting different angles with her slide (got blocked a lot when opponents adjusted to her).

    Second problem she will most likely solve by playing a lot this season, first one, I don't know.

    When it comes to Kubra, it felt like she gave up from volleyball for a while. I am curious to see her performance in THY because this feels like her last chance. If she does not improve throughout the season, I am sure she will be the one losing her spot in the NT.

    Omg someone bringing so many fairytales and gossips and claiming he/she knows volleyball, calling everyone else a genius.

    If Eda had so much power, I am sure she would convince federation to bring one of his best friends, for example Meryem to the NT one last time, since this team did not have a back up opposite. Same applies to Meliha, I am sure she would have enough power to kick one of Derya or Ilkin out.

    What surprised me most is to see someone hating Eda the first time lol. I am not a holigan but mildly support Galatasaray in volleyball which is supposed to be the biggest rivals of Fenerbahce and I love/respect Eda.

    Also defending Guidetti when the team he left won everything they could, finishing 1st in ranking as soon as he left is a joke. He was toxic, leaving Turkish NT with a terribly narrow pool of players, claiming Turkish OHs were terrible and not up to this level. I hope he enjoyed his Serbian OHs this summer. I have 0 respect to that man when it comes to professionalism and his NT coaching.

    And if you are Bahar Toksoy, how does it feel to be in the same team with Gizem Guresen lol :D

    Brazil definitely misses the presence of Ana Cristina. I do not think Bergmann would be ready for 2024 Paris but I have heard BRA's coach would be playing in TUR league - may she grow there.

    Right now, she's too tentative and unconfident inside court.

    I think she is very lucky that Ze will coach THY this season and transferred her. I am sure she and Macris will have a lot of court time as well as Diana. Don't think his priority will be THY's success this season which I understand very well (they wouldnt win the league title anyway).

    Any other coach would not have the patience for Bergman in a top club. I am curious to see how she will reach/develop by being on the court most of the season in a good league.

    No idea if it's an unpopular opinion, but I think Karakurt is playing better as OH than OPP. I don't know if it's because she has "less pressure" as OH to be carrying the team, or if it's some Santarelli magic that made her improve from Novara times, but I am still amazed how comfortable she looks out on position 4 in such a short time :super:

    That's not unpopular at all! As an opposite, she was nowhere close to Egonu, Boskovic, Vargas and Haak, was probably competing with Stysiak and others for the 5th spot.

    As an OH though, especially as an offensive OH, she is definitely top 3, most likely the best among the other OHs right now. I mean players like Kosheleva and Neriman took more than 10 years to receive fairly ok, but Ebrar is already better than them. What I expect from her is to be more dominant in attacking in future but I am sure she will learn to hit better angles with more practice at zone 4.

    Btw, well done Brazil, it was a nice match to watch. Especially Gabi and Thaisa did their best to keep their team alive but 2nd OH and Rosa Maria were playing more for Turkey than Brazil. I question the attacking ability of OHs when they get blocked by Cansu Özbay and today she blocked Bergman and Pri Daroit. Ana Cristina is badly needed by this team.

    On Turkish side, Eda was on fire! Probably the MVP of the match. She did not just score a lot but also adapted well and blocked Gabi 2-3 times from backrow attacks. In overall, that was the best Turkey I watched so far in this tournament.

    Omg! What a match! In the beginning I thought it would be maybe slightly an easier game for Turkey but Serbian girls were really good. It felt like everyone on the Serbian side was putting their 150%, even Giovanni lol, he made some good changes, especially in the 3rd set.

    Boskovic was in her typical god mode throughout the match, I was wondering her attacking stats but by the end of 4th set, she started to slow down, otherwise the result would be so different.

    I also need to admit that Guidetti's coaching was better than Santarelli's tonight. Not sure why the second one insisted so much on Cansu when her block looked like she was falling from a cliff and asking someone to hold her hand lol :D Well done both teams for making this such a thrilling final!

    Loool! Mazzanti got what he deserved, it gave me a weird satisfaction to see how he had to get Paola in, knowing this is his last chance and how desperate his face looked at the end.

    Bravo to Paola for being such a strong woman! If I had the half the mobbing she had during this tournament, I would probably cry on the court at some point. She looked upset but still delivered.

    It was a pleasant surprise to see how Pietrini played in this tournament, too bad others couldn't support her.

    Also Antropova is so overrated and definitely nowhere near the top opposites of Europe. She choked bad when it mattered.

    Congrats to the Netherlands! Van Aalen is such a delight to watch! I love especially her sets to zone 4, high but still fast which most setters cannot deliver. Too bad she will work with a "setter destroyer" next season, aka Guidetti.