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    Dont you think there is a correlation between one team playing worst match of the season and opponent making them play that way? It is not like all of a sudden Conegliano decided to play a terrible match, especially Sylla, what a surprise she is a weak receiver and Guidetti loves to abuse that kind of opponents.

    I agree on Brtkk here, In Turkey having a foreign libero is a luxury, unless you have two foreign MBs like serdar suggested earlier. So you could use all 4 foreigners during a match.

    Coming to Humay, it really is a shame considering the number of teams increased to 16 and good quality local players pool is very narrow in Turkey. Adding more teams make the competition tougher, which means locals will earn a lot more than usual this year. This also makes it hard for the teams with smaller budgets to build a strong team since they won't be able to afford good locals.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if GS will be able to sign any foreigners when they offer them contract on TL, lol. Maybe some rookies from college league would like to take the risk to become pro but I don't see any other alternative. What a shame such a big club can't find sponsors for transferring 3 foreigners.

    Same FB has been the biggest club of TR historically, 1 year could change a lot if they manage it correctly. But ngl im a fan of them but FB hasn't been good with managing money. I think no one can deny that.

    sorry but I think GS is the biggest club in turkey with more fans, is probably the biggest Turkish club worldwide too. Just wanted to correct it

    I think the budget cut won't happen this season though, he probably meant "we are too late this season", but for upcoming seasons, things might shift radically.

    I agree on you beri though I am deeply sorry, this is nothing new and related to Corona. FB has been in a big financial trouble for a while, amateur branches were lucky because sponsors were keeping them alive (mostly supported by Koc family if I am not wrong). It is a shame how sports clubs are managed in Turkey, while they should be making great profits.

    Can someone translate this article, because google translate are not enough for clear understanding, but are enough to intrigue me.

    He says that, unlike other clubs, they made an error by not building a team with a smaller budget, they understood it later. He adds that they have a big debt and they will either have smaller budgets in sports like basketball or volleyball, or they will shut down those branches.

    THY looked really promising, until they renewed contract with their terrible libero, Berrin. Looks like her parents have been bribing someone, can't find any other explanation. Melisa Memis or Dilara Bagci could be useful for THY as liberos. If they don't find a reasonable one, they can stop dreaming already, what a waste when you have Carlini, Ebrar and Asli.

    Vakifbank's assistant coach Dehri, who was Yesilyurt's coach last season is moving to Nilufer now.

    Yesilyurt's main sponsor went to bankruptcy, I will be surprised if they can afford to make a fine team after all. It would be nice if TVF set a minimum budget limit to participate in VVSL this season, so we could get rid of Beylikduzu, Besiktas and some others.

    It is very likely that Besiktas and Beylikduzu withdraws from Sultanlar ligi. They looked like they won't be able to finish the league last season. Unless they find strong sponsors, I am sure they will refuse to participate considering the expenses.

    About Barbolini, girls who worked in Turkey with him repeatedly said how much they love him and how kind he is etc. In a recent interview, Neriman mentioned something interesting, she said "Italian trainers are great but they work well when you bring the whole staff together. If you bring an Italian coach and fill in rest of the staff with random local names, they won't be as succesful". She even gave Guidetti as an example and his assistants like it used to be Ferhat, then Jamie, then a Brazilian guy etc.

    For me,

    - Egonu is more athletic, less technical. That means she relies on her height and power, not on hitting good angles. This means, she does best with high sets. When she gets low and fast sets, she tends to hit out, since she is not as technical and relies on power again.

    - Boskovic on the other hand is more technical, less athletic in comparison but as powerful. That means she can hit any ball, relying on her technique, not necessarily over the block though.

    - Haak is powerful, technical but not as athletic as Egonu either. Her strongest side is hitting high tempo sets (Thanks to Parisi and Carlini), which the other two are not as good as. That's the reason she always attacks against single blocks, because she hits quicker sets.

    Cansu was a mess during the last two seasons. She is far from what she did with the NT and Vakifbank 2 seasons ago. She is still young and being a trainee behind a master like Ognjenovic is an incredible chance for her, I hope she is learning a lot, especially how to remain calm in tight moments.

    Gamze is not very passionate about volleyball, so I don't think her career will last very long. She will probably retire in early 30s or even earlier, so she will have plenty of time for a maternity break.

    I think Aydin will be the best decision for her.

    Meanwhile, there are rumours of Meryem Boz to GS. If it is true, GS might indeed play with only locals next season. I hope Asli will stay!

    I can't see anything about Yildirim, Thompson, Grothues and vasilantonaki on voleybolplus. Please can you provide link?…ki-ile-prensipte-anlasti/…in-grothues-yeni-sezonda/

    News about Anthi and Maret were from voleybolmagazin.

    Voleybolplus removed the news about Yildirim and Thompson since they are still FB's players. But here are the links for voleybolmagazin:…dirim-eczacibasi-vitrada/…an-thompson-yeni-sezonda/

    Meanwhile, Ergul Avci (MB) in GS.…alatasaray-hdi-sigortada/

    We did not see the effects of this process on the economy yet, which will get worse during/after summer. Italy, as one of the popular touristic destinations, will suffer a lot for tourism (like Turkey).

    That's why I am assuming that they are way over their budget this season with keeping these names, which might mean reduction in budget to recover in the upcoming years.

    Having an amazing year does not mean anything until they get the titles, cups and such. Besides they already have a main sponsor, it is not like they will find another giant sponsor because they were so good this season.

    Good for Imoco, them and Vakifbank will probably have a rebattle this season then!

    A question, is Imoco not influenced by all this economic problems which will get worse or are they planning one more good season and then cutting budget drastically next season? I mean keeping Egonu, Hill and Wolosz (without salary reductions) is a though job economically.