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    Nasya was a talented MB..some good teams should have considered transfering her a few years ago (??) ...she is at her best age (25-26) atm

    She is a little bit strange in some aspects. Maybe this is the reason she do not play so much abroad . She loves so much her family and and she's a burning nationalist and patriot. Even when she plays for NT everyone can see a flame in her eyes and she always gets angry when her teammates are not given their max. That's why sometimes on the field she looks rough and еvil , but actually she just burns in the game. After the match with Thailand even many thai fans called her behaviour rude and disrespectful but she is she is that kind that she hates so much to lose. From what I know about her in personal aspect , I do not know if she ever had a boyfriend because she's such a tomboy.

    I agree with crovollley.. Obviously I'm not talking about this WCH, but they've had this team for quite a few years now, getting a medal at ECH is the least they could've done. Rabadzhieva-Vasileva, Ruseva-Filipova, Dimitrova.. all of these are pretty strong players. They only needed a better setter and libero to be a top team, but even with the team they had they should have accomplished better results

    The problem of bulgarians is in their mentality.Bulgaria has never been successful in team sports, because Bulgarians are individualists and hardly work together.There is always selfishness and a desire to stand out over others.Except other things, the managers of sports federations are always greedy people who do not have managerial qualities and their goal is only profit and wealth, whether they break the sport. Also, national coaches are always given directives to take in the rosters in big championships young and unassigned athletes, often with low qualities, only for the purpose of being spotted and sold to foreign teams, no matter of the team's results.This is also the reason for constant scandal between players and the federation. Some of the best players in both bulgarian men and women national team always put up conditions and refuse to play with this or that coach. In men, some players, despite being healthy, refused to play with Konstantinov, and Petkov deliberately did not take Emilia Dimitrova for example because he does not like her and thinks that she spoils the team. Every championship has similar scandals in the Bulgarian teams. Many insulted people and even sex scandals have been invented to remove one or another coach. At all, situations are so many that we all bulgarian fans lose hope some success ever, even though we have sports talents. Only when i remember how many athletes of Bulgarian origin compete for foreign countries i feel unpleasant.

    Don't you think Morrisson would take both if De Kruijf doesn't make it? Otherwise there would be only 3 MBs.

    Looks like Bulgaria will also miss Emiliya Nikolova/Dimitrova/(whatever is her current name) besides Vasileva and Rabadzhieva :what::white: Is she also injured?

    I don't think so that Rabadzhieva is injured. Both her and Emiliya missing according to me because new coach Petkov has directive from federation to gave more chances to young players with the idea they to be sold and their clubs to make money.Clubs can't win anything if imortant players play because they are yet sold and don't have slave contract with them. So they push coach to call only young players with the idea some of them to be sold no matter of the results and placement. Their only goal is to make money. And coach prefers to take in the squad some bad players who are daughters of club's boss instead of good players.

    Without Vasileva and Rabadzhieva it doesn't make much sense for Bulgaria to participate indeed.

    What mean it doesnt make sense for Bulgaria to participate without them ? Without them Bulgaria should quit the World championship or what ? There are young and quality players who want their chance to shine.It's not good to participate without your biggest stars but what can be changed.

    I dont see the info was written here before but Eva Yaneva will play in Slovakian league :rolll: :rolll: I dont know if she is so weak now or if she doesnt know where she is going

    The reason is that her fiance plays football in Slovakia and she wants to be with him. Also she is not very young so i don't find her choice so shocking.

    they're also missing strashimira, no?

    Strashimira is old. By this logic we miss Eva Yaneva, Mariya Filipova and Diana Nenova. There are young players who needs to gain experience.And only Strashimira Filipova and Emilya Nikolova married and change their names to Simeonova and Dimitrova.