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    Hey guys,

    did you notice that FIVB rankings has a BIG, BIG mistake?

    PERU took part in Word Cup 2015. Ended up in place 11, therefore should have been awarded 5 points in the ranking, so instead of a total of 27 points, they are supposed to have an accumulated of 32 points.

    Mistakenly , those 5 points are not accounted for. See for yourself below :white:

    this could have changed significantly the groups of World qualification tournament.

    Poland would not have even taken part in these tournaments. :whistle:

    FIVB needs to explains this mistake :hit:

    From the olympic qualification tournament played last weekend, Brazil took to the Panam Games 5 players including 3 starters: Macris, Lorenne and Mara. The other two are Paula Borgo and Mayani, and is being coached by the main technical staff (Ze Roberto)

    In this sense, let's say that Brazil is playing with a mix of A and B team and therefore is a surprise losing to Argentina in 3 sets.

    I agree that USA did not care and sending their best team. Even the team that played few weeks ago in the Panam Cup was better that this one, which does not make sense since the games are way more important and better covered that the Panam Cup.

    Today Brazil vs USA promise a good battle for the second place and access to semifinals. I believe Brazil has the advantage of experience and better coach.

    On the other group Dominican and Colombia are pretty much in control of their fate.

    Argentina 3x0 Brazil.

    Ze Roberto was shown furious with his team. Very disappointing performance by this team. It will be a hard fight tomorrow against USA for the second place.

    USA had to play a little harder to beat a very tenacious Puerto Rico 3x1

    25-18, 25-20, 25-27, 25-20

    USA with Karsta Lowe 16 points, Kingdom 15 points, Rolfzen 15 points, Tapp 13 points, Rachel Adams 9 points and Hancock (setter) 2 points.

    In Puerto Rico, Enright with 15 and Cruz with 8.

    Dominican, Canada, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia y Peru with their main rosters, USA with 3 olympic medalist from Rio, give this tourney a decent level.

    Only Mexico and Trinidad are at the very lowest level.

    Tomorrow 1/4 finals

    Argentina vs Colombia

    Canada vs Puerto Rico

    USA and Dominican qualified directly to semifinals as a result of getting the first place in their pools.

    last night there was an interesting game between Canada and Dominican Republic, they went to 5 sets.

    3 games won by DR (against Cuba, Argentina and Canada) have gone to 5 sets.

    Canada slowly trying to catch up with their counterparts.

    This topic has always been a matter of endless discussions.

    I don't think we will ever come to an agreement of what is the best qualification system.

    Obviously we all want the best teams to take part of an Olympic event, but we also want every continent to be represented, like it or not.

    FIVB is trying a different system this time, which somehow is more fair than the previous one.

    I did not like either the World Cup nor the World Qualification Tournament, both played in Japan. 6 4-team tourneys sound like a much better and more fair system.

    this is true. By playing the intercontinental tournaments first, the system creates more opportunities to teams from Asia/Norceca/South America, why? because China, USA and Brazil will likely get qualified in the intercontinental phase, leaving one spot in their confederations, so in Asia will be Korea or Thailand, in Norceca will be Dominican Rep. and in South America will be Argentina/Colombia.

    On the other side, China, USA and Brazil are historically super power teams in this sport and somehow this makes impossible for the other teams in their confederations to get an olympic ticket.

    Friendly games between Argentina vs Peru played in Argentina this week:

    Aug.7, Argentina 3x2 Peru: 21-25, 25-13, 25-27, 25-18, 15-11

    Aug. 8, Argentina 3x1 Peru: 28-30, 25-19, 25-13 ,25-16

    Aug. 9. Peru 3x0 Argentina: 25-21, 25-23, 25-22

    Argentina roster:

    Sagardía , Fresco , Sosa , Lazcano , E. Rodríguez , A. Fortuna, Líbero: Morena Martínez Franchi,

    also played: Soria, A. Tosi, Vidal.

    Coach Guillermo Orduna

    Peru roster:

    Ortiz, Barreda, Uribe, La Rosa, Palza, Ayme, Aquino, Libero:Rojas.

    Coach: Marco Queiroga.

    It seems that Argentina is badly missing their captain Yamila Nizetich. Losing to Peru that played without their main roster and with many U-20 players doesn't look good for the Panthers.

    so guys, how are last 2 teams be determined for pan am games?

    Argentina has got the nod from CSV to be at the games.

    The Panthers, to the Pan-American Games: the CSV confirmed the place for Lima 2019

    The South American Volleyball Confederation informed the Argentine Volleyball Federation that the Women's National Team is qualified for the next Pan American Games to be held in Lima in 2019.

    The Panthers finished in the ninth position in the Pan American Cup that was recently played in the Dominican Republic. However, despite the fact that this tournament granted five places and as it had been consigned, Argentina could have its place also for this competition after the fifth place in Colombia.

    In the last hours, the CSV confirmed this determination to the FeVA so the Panthers will be present again in this continental competition just like they did in Toronto 2015.

    Today is the finals:

    emerging Colombia will try to challenge Dominican Republic.

    there is a link to 4 different channels. I'm pretty sure one of those will broadcast the gold medal match.

    I'm impressed how quickly colombians have emerged as a force in the panam area. For sure, the brazilian coach Rizzola has to take a lot of credit for this success.

    the final goes at 21:00 local time.

    I guess it all comes from old times. There are 2 confederations: NORCECA and CSV and as such they have their own confederation tournaments and qualifications. The way their are divided is the same way FIFA (soccer) is divided.

    CSV has only 2 slots for the World championships and 1 for the olympics.

    Norceca has 6 slots for the World championships and 1 for the olympics. This year NORCECA has an additional 7th slot because of USA being the current world champion.

    If there was a change and both will be together for the qualifications, I believe the clear winner would be CSV.