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    USA 3-0 Serbia

    Italy 3-0 Dominican Republic

    Serbia 1-3 Dominican Republic

    Italy 3-2 USA

    USA 3-1 Dominican Republic

    Italy 3-0 Serbia

    Russia 3-2 Germany

    Turkey 3-1 Japan

    Japan 3-0 Russia

    Turkey 3-0 Germany

    Japan 3-1 Germany

    Turkey 3-0 Russia

    Belgium 3-1 South Korea

    China 3-0 Thailand

    South Korea 1-3 Thailand

    China 3-0 Belgium

    Belgium 2-3 Thailand

    China 3-0 South Korea

    Bulgaria 1-3 Poland

    Netherlands 0-3 Brazil

    Poland 0-3 Brazil

    Netherlands 3-1 Bulgaria

    Netherlands 1-3 Poland

    Brazil 3-0 Bulgaria

    WEEK 1

    POOL 1:

    Thailand 1-3 Germany

    Poland 3-1 Italy

    Thailand 2-3 Italy

    Poland 3-1 Germany

    Italy 1-3 Germany

    Poland 31- Thailand

    POOL 2:

    Belgium 1-3 USA

    Bulgaria 1-3 Japan

    Japan 3-2 USA

    Bulgaria 3-1 Belgium

    Belgium 1-3 Japan

    Bulgaria 1-3 USA

    POOL 3:

    Russia 3-1 Dominican Republic

    Brazil 3-1 China

    China 2-3 Russia

    Brazil 2-3 Dominican Republic

    China 2-3 Dominican Republic

    Brazil 2-3 Russia

    POOL 4:

    Turkey 3-1South Korea

    Serbia 3-1 Netherlands

    Serbia 3-0 South Korea

    Turkey 3-1 Netherlands

    Netherlands 3-1 South Korea

    Serbia 2-3 Turkey


    Butko, Volvich, Kabeshov e Berezkho não fazem parte da lista ... e outros jogadores têm seus números ... então ... eles estarão ausentes neste ano? 8 |

    Sobre Musersky, ele escreveu em seu Instagram que eles não vão jogar VNL, porque ele está ferido ... Além disso, ele escreveu que espera jogar a qualificação olímpica e do Campeonato Europeu.

    Sobre Bogdan, ele vai jogar Universiade Games na Itália.

    Kobzar é o capitão porque o treinador é o mesmo que seu time. Acho que isso está errado. Espero que Kobzar não seja um iniciante no jogo. Kovalev é o melhor levantador da Rússia no momento, e seu desempenho na liga das nações no ano passado é perfeito. Eu não quero que você leve o levantador do clube para a equipe nacional.

    Minha equipe ideal ainda é:

    Kovalev - Poletaev

    Vlasov - Kurkaev

    Volkov - Kliuka

    Parubets will join NT in 3rd week of VNL, she will mostly skip 1st and 2nd week.

    Only Parubets?

    And Voronkova?

    I hope that Parubets and Voronkova will be kept to play the main tournaments together with Goncharova. The 3 players are the pillars of the Russian team and I do not want Kosheleva to play. Do you have news on Voronkova, Goncharova, Startseva and Koroleva? They are registered and Pankov said some of them could play the Russian stage. But still, I'm happy to see Parubets becoming more and more a key piece for Russia. If nothing changes and at the Olympic Games the Russian trio remains Goncharova, Parubets and Voronkova, Russia will certainly fight for medals. If Kosheleva disrupts the line of reception and defense, Russia will have no chance.

    I have the same opinion about her. I hope she finishes her career in the national team. Kosheleva was always taken on the national team only by her strong attack. She is a player who has always played with Sokolova giving all support in reception and defense. Kosheleva when she lost Sokolova became another player. Her attack has always been her great weapon and today she no longer has her only weapon. She can not add on the national team with defense, reception, serve. Parubets and Voronkova are the best options. They are young and have a lot to offer.

    I hope Kosheleva will not be called for the Tokyo 2020 games. Russia have a great team and they will do well without Kosheleva. I believe that with Kosheleva Russia would have bad results because she can not receive withdrawal.

    Parubets, Voronkova and Galkina were the best lineup of the world championship last year for the entire first round.

    It's time to say goodbye Kosheleva!

    In your opinion, what should be the ideal team for Russia?

    My Ideal Team:

    Starteva - Romanova

    Koroleva - Fetisova - Lazarenko - Lyubushkina - Efimova

    Goncharova - Lazareva - Russu

    Parubets - Voronkova - Vorobyeva - Kadokchina - Kotikova

    Malova - Galkina

    Lazareva is a good substitute for Goncharova. She attacks the balls very high, is lean and has profile to make many points. You deserve a chance on the team.

    Kosheleva: She only has one thing to offer throughout her life in volleyball: attack.

    After her injuries, all the clubs she goes through, the diagonal player has to make the reception because she stays hidden. This disrupts all teams and causes failure. Volleyball is more and more dynamic and a player like Kosheleva, 30, and does not have good reception, has nothing to offer more in the attack.

    Kosheleva would only be in the Russian team as back-up to Goncharova. Otherwise, I would not call Kosheleva for the summer on the national team.

    I'm sure the Russian team would be in the final six of the world championship if Goncharova did not have an injury. Parubets and Voronkova have much more to offer and are young. Good attack, strong serve, very good reception, defense.

    Which team is right for you?

    Sergey Shliapnikov call 30 players:

    S: Butko - Grankin - Kobzar - Kovalev - Pankov

    OPP: Bakun - Kruglov - Mikhailov - Poletaev - Shkulyavichus

    OH: Berezhko - Volkov - Karpukhov - Kljuka - Markin - Podlesnykh - Savin - Feoktistov

    MB: Vlasov - Volvich - Kurkayev - Musersky - Safonov - Tavasiev - Filippov - Shcherbinin

    L: Zelenkov - Kableshov - Martyniuk - Sokolov


    Russian Federation officiates call for women's selection, Pankov breaks protocol and reinforces the goal of rejuvenating the Russian skipe. Players like Scherban, Frolova and her daughter Ekaterina Pankova are left out.

    This SIM is the official list of Russia, breaking any other "unofficial" list.

    Twenty-six players were summoned and until the start of the League of Nations, which replaces the Grand Prix, the same list will be reduced to 21 players.

    (I honestly am VERY surprised and happy with Pankov.) I thought he was going to come up with a list of almost 30-year-old players who have proven that they did not work out the team and would keep his daughter Pankova as untouchable. was called).

    A mix of new revelations with experienced players, and Russia returns to breathe with good hopes.


    # 7 -Romanova - 24 years old - 178cm
    # 10 -Novik - 24 years old - 180cm
    # 12 -Ryseva - 20 years - 175cm
    # 13 -Startseva - 29 years old - 185cm


    # 4 - Malygina - 24 years - 202cm
    # 8 - Goncharova - 29 years - 194cm
    # 17 - Malykh - 25 years old - 187cm
    # 21 - Kotikova - 18 years - 185 cm


    # 1 - Lazarenko - 22 years - 193cm
    # 3 - Efimova - 25 years - 193cm
    # 6 - Zaryazhko - 26 years - 196cm
    # 11 - Lyubushkina - 27 years - 188cm
    # 14 - Fetisova - 24 years old - 190cm
    # 20 - Shlyakhovaya - 26 years - 192cm
    # 25 - Brovkina - 19 years old - 190cm


    # 5 - Kutyukova - 29 years old - 183cm
    # 16 - Voronkova - 22 years old - 190cm
    # 18 - Ilchenko - 23 years old - 183cm
    # 19 - Biryukova - 23 years - 193cm
    # 22 - Yurinskaya - 22 years - 195cm
    # 23 - Russu - 18 years - 194cm
    # 26 - Shevchuk - 18 years - 182cm


    # 2 - Talysheva - 26 years - 182cm
    # 9 - Galkina - 25 years - 178cm
    # 15 - Gorbacheva - 23 years old - 174cm
    # 24 - Kurnosova - 21 years old - 176cm

    Source - Russian Volleyball Federation:

    Rússia 2018

    S: Startseva - Babeshina
    OH: Kosheleva - Ilchenko - Voronkova
    OPP: Goncharova - Lazareva - Malygina
    MB - Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Efimova - Evdokimova - Lazarenko
    L - Malova - Kryuchkova


    Russia in World Champions Cup 2017

    S - Filishtinskaya - Pankova

    MB - Zaryazhko - Fetisova - Evdokimova - Efimova

    OPP - Goncharova

    OH - Frolova - Sperskayte - Voronkova - Parubets - Kosheleva - Shcherban

    L - Kryuchkova - Tretyakova

    Now Pankova is a substitute player, no longer the main team of 6 players. Filishtinskaya is the firstsetter. I believe that in the return of Startseva, Pankova does not become part of the Russian team anymore! There is still Babeshina's return for next year.

    Kutyukova and Sperskayte are out.

    Rússia in training:

    S - Pankova - Filishtinskaya - Romanova

    OPP - Goncharova - Lazareva

    OH - Kosheleva - Shcherban - Parubets - Voronkova - Frolova

    MB - Koroleva - Fetisova - Evdokimova - Efimova

    L - Kryuchkova - Tretyakova - Karpol

    3 players will be cut from the team after 2 friendlies against the Bulgarian national team. Only after the two games against the Bulgarian national team will be defined the 14 players who will go to Japan to play the Champions Cup and European Championship.…tpravilis-na-univerisadu/

    Coach Vladim Pankov has summoned the players who will represent Russia's national team B to the 29th Universiade, to be held in Taipei from August 19 to August 30.

    Some players who were with the main selection were called to the selection B, so we can already consider who will not participate in the preparation for the Champions Cup with the national team A of Russia.

    Russia B

    S: Romanova - Efimova - Serbina

    OPPs: Malykh - Isaeva

    MBs: Lazarenko - Evdokimova - Efimova - Lyubushkina

    OHs: Biryukova - Khodunova - Bavykina - Iurinskaia - Sperskayte - Jarosik

    Liberos: Kurnosova - Talysheva - Guskova

    Romanova, Evdokimova, Efimova and Sperskayte were training with the A selection, and participated in the Yeltsin Cup and Grand Prix, but will now be part of the national team B.

    The main selection continues training with the following players:

    Rússia A

    S: Vetrova - Filishtinskaya - Pankova

    OPPs: Goncharova - Lazareva

    MBs: Zaryazhko - Fetisova - Polyakova

    OHs: Frolova - Kutyukova - Voronkova - Parubets - Kosheleva - Shcherban

    Liberos: Tretyakova - Galkina

    In all, 16 players. They travel to the Champions League in Japan only 14. Two players will still be cut. I believe a setter (I hope it's Pankova), and a OH.


    I like the experience that the Russian coach made with the younger players. The same was done in the year 2009, when Sokolova and Gamova were the stars, and new figures needed to gain space in the team. In that year, they discovered the potential of Kosheleva, Perepelkina, Startseva and Goncharova. The following year they mixed the experience of the stars with the youth of the others.

    This year, the same experience was made. They gave rest to the two stars, Kosheleva and Goncharova, and made room for new figures. Fetisova has become a centerpiece that really makes many points. In the last cycle (2013 - 2016), she could almost not attack, and made a maximum of 5 points per game. Now she's young, 22, and can make 20 points in a match. New lifters could play and show that they are much better than Pankova. But the great expectation of the team in my opinion is due to the double Voronkova-Parubets. Nowadays, it may be that no one is giving them importance. But I'm sure that this pair of OH will be great for Russia.

    Unlike Kosheleva and Goncharova, in addition to attacking very strong, Parubets and Voronkova have great reception and great serve. They are new and very complete. Today Russia is living the drama of covering Kosheleva at the reception and this leaves the game of Russia very bad and slow. I believe that with these new players, Russia will be TOP 3 in the world.

    Another important point: Lazareva.

    It was used only in a game as an opposing starter against Japan. Did you notice the height that the girl of 20 years and 1.90 tall catches the ball? His attacks are very high and very strong. She needs to be on the team.

    Parubets - Voronkova - Lazareva is the new Russia. With pass, attack, block and serve.

    Startseva is out in 2017, but returns next year for the World Championship.

    I'm sorry, Shcherban already had her chance and now she's 29 years old, she has nothing to evolve, new ones need to gain space. Parubets and Voronkova has so much more to the staff.

    I would still like to see Babeshina playing on this team. She is the best lifter in Russia. I hope she's called in 2018! Russia wins a lot from her.

    Malova will return in 2018. Tretyakova does a good job but Malova will be the libero.

    Frolova is already over 30 years old and will not make it to Tokyo 2020.

    My Russia team ideal for the World Cup and Olympic Games 2020:

    Startseva - Filishtinskaya - Babeshina
    Goncharova - Lazareva
    Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Efimova
    Kosheleva - Parubets - Voronkova - Kutyukova


    I honestly can not understand what Pankova is doing there.

    Your game is so predictable! With other lifters, the central players play better and receive more balls in the attack. When Pankova is on the main team, he only plays with Kosheleva and Goncharova. Russia's game becomes predictable and other teams win with ease. I do not like Pankova's game and I believe that Russia has good players at the moment.

    I hope Pankova is cut! I repeat, your game is very obvious. The entire gym knows when she will play with central players. Fetisova was one of the biggest punctuators of Russia in the Grand Prix, and now? With Pankova back, she's having nightmares! Russia's game needs to be more distributed.

    I also want Voronkova + Parubets playing like OH and Lazareva (Malygina) as Goncharova's scouts.

    My ideal Russia team would be:

    Filishtinskaya - Vetrova
    Kosheleva - Voronkova - Parubets - Kutyukova - Frolova
    Goncharova - Lazareva
    Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Efimova
    Galkina - Tretyakova

    Good news for all lovers of Russian volleyball!

    The international federation (FIVB) has released the official list of the 21 players who will represent Russia in WGP 2017, and Ekaterina Pankova is out!

    The player who has # 10 is Petrova, the opposite player!

    Numbers like # 15 and # 8 are missing from the list because Kosheleva and Goncharova will have vacations, but if Pankova was also on vacation, his # 10 number would not be there, but he is. That is, Pankova really is not in the plans of the new coach of Russia, and is only playing the European Qualifier because Startseva requested a short pause to take care of personal problems.

    I've never liked Pankova, she's terrible! I'm happy for Russia!

    Here is Russia's complete list for WGP 2017:


    #3 - Irina Filishtinskaia
    #9 - Vera Vetrova
    #13 - Evgeniya Startseva
    #22 - Tatiana Romanova


    #4 - Daria Malygina
    #7 - Anna Lazareva
    #10 - Ekaterina Petrova

    Middle Blockers:

    #6 - Irina Zaryazhko
    #14 - Irina Fetisova
    #17 - Ekaterina Polyakova
    #19 - Ekaterina Evdokimova
    #21 - Ekaterina Efimova


    #1 - Yana Shcherban
    #2 - Mariia Frolova
    #5 - Iuliia Kutiukova
    #16 - Irina Voronkova
    #18 - Kseniia Parubets
    #20 - Angelina Sperskaite


    #11 - Ekaterina Tretyakova
    #12 - Alla Galkina

    The list: http://worldgrandprix.2017.fiv…/rus%20russia/team_roster