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    I'm SURE she will both for qualifying and for the Olympic Games. And I hope that Obmochaeva, standing next to the Sokolova on the court, get CONFIDENCE she does not have to decide the game!

    Sokolova talks about his call for the NT of Russia

    "I did not think about it because I did not speak with coach Yuri Marichev. The team gathering is, and I think this team should move on. The only thing they asked, at times, is my help and I think if my fitness will, so I can help, and if not. I have no solution, because with Yuri, we talked for a long time, the question was raised, but the answer was no, because we decided that the closer will make a decision based on the state of my health and situation. "


    My prediction

    12 players:

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva

    OH: Scherban - Sokolova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko

    MB: Zaryazhko - Fetisova - Shlyakhovaya

    OPP: Obmochaeva - Malykh

    L: Malova

    Russian List:…s.aspx?TeamID=9735&ID=837

    European Olympic Qualification

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva - Vetrova - Babeshina

    OH: Scherban - Sokolova - Pasynkova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko - Bavykina - Markova - Biryukova - Kurilo - Kutiukova - Khodunova - Voronkova - Pisarenko - Chaplina

    MB: Zaryazhko - Lyubushkina - Fetisova - Shlyakhovaya - Efimova - Belova

    OPP: Obmochaeva - Malykh - Isaeva

    L: Malova - Romanenko - Kuzyakina

    Other players were entered for the competition, but I believe it's just to complete the list, players with other numbers game (22,24,26).

    At least now we see Sokolova with # 5 and # 6 with Pasynkova. I believe it is being confirmed her participation, because every time she aprece with # 5, because it goes to the field.

    Off the list: Gamova - Orlova - Morozova

    It's official?

    There is no source?

    For me, Ilchenko need to go for qualifying and for the Olympic Games, because after 2016 it can be a team leader, as Sokolova at 21, in reception and in the future in the attack.

    Pasynkova can no longer play for the selection of Russia. Their reception was his strong point and in recent times is very bad, and well below the average.
    His attack was always very weak, she has no power and does not jump very high. Russia has always had strikers who jumped too high and had very strong arm, Artamonova, Godina, Gamova, Sokolova.

    The new generation is Kosheleva, Obmochaeva ... but good defense and good reception, Scherban 26 and Ilchenko with 20 years is the great reality. Pasynkova seems to be powerless in every game.

    As in 2011, where Sokolova was not playing a high-level volleyball, many people told us that she had to leave the national Russian team, and when she returned at the London Olympic Games in 2012, she scored about 20 points against Brazil. Sokolova is a player who knows how to play at the time that the team most needs it.

    I believe that in time, it can make great games. Scherban and Ilchenko are the successors of Sokolova but they will go to his first Olympics, I think we still need to give signs of maturity.

    Marichev gave a chance this young selection show which is great, however, Obmochaeva, Scherban, Kosianenko ... failed against Serbia, China ... and not ranked Russia to the Olympics. I believe that for the tournament in January, it calls the Gamova and Sokolova experience.

    You can not open players hand as well. The adrenaline, tension and atmosphere in the Olympic Games is unlike any other competition. You must play maturity. Big teams have been very bad, because this competition is unlike any other in the world.

    Fetisova will be the big surprise in my opinion.

    My Rússia NT 2016 - Olympic Qualification - Jan/2016

    S - Startseva - Kosianenko

    MB - Shlyakhovaya - Morozova - Zaryazhko - Best trio MB - (NO Orlova, Lyubushkina and Fetisova)

    OH - Kosheleva - Scherban - Sokolova - Ilchenko - (NO Pasynkova).

    OP - Goncharova - Gamova - (NO Malykh - She is young, will have many years ahead with the Russian team).

    L - Malova - (NO Kryuchkova, not necessary).

    The Olympics has a very large and very emotionally charged. We have seen strong teams and great players, reaching the Olympic Games and the game changed completely.

    In London in 2012, the US team played very well during all the previous years, and during all games. They reached the final against Brazil and did not play well, felt the pressure. Larson, Hooker, Akinradewo, were facing their first experience in Olympic Games, and the pressure fell on them.

    Because of this, I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT to the presence of Sokolova and Gamova in 2016, because there are times when the experience makes all the difference, not to despair and play the game. No matter how good, Obmochaeva, Zaryazkho, Kosianenko, Fetisova, Scherban ... are the first time in the Olympics, and it makes a lot of difference in times to close the game.

    Sokolova can attack the game 24x24 and make the point safely.