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    Czech Republic 1x3 Netherlands
    Bulgaria 3x2 Germany

    Netherlands 1x3 Germany
    Czech Republic 1x3 Bulgaria

    Netherlands 1x3 Bulgaria
    Germany 3x0 Czech Republic


    Croatia 0x3 France
    Italy 3x0 Estonia

    France 3x0 Estonia
    Croatia 0x3 Italy

    France 3x1 Italy
    Estonia 1x3 Croatia


    Slovenia 3x1 Belarus
    Poland 3x0 Belgium

    Belarus 1x3 Belgium
    Slovenia 0x3 Poland

    Belarus 0x3 Poland
    Belgium 3x0 Slovenia


    Slovakia 0x3 Serbia
    Russia 3x1 Finland

    Serbia 3x1 Finland
    Slovakia 0x3 Russia

    Serbia 1x3 Russia
    Finland 3x1 Slovakia

    Sokolova gave an interview recently saying that she knows her body no longer has 20 years of age and who have to take care of your health, just as it did in 2011, arriving in London very well. Olympic Rio games in 2016 will be the last chance to represent his country in Russia, she is preparing her body, and I said with Marichev that if the team did not have to qualify for the World Cup in January it would join team for the Olympic qualifier.

    Olympiad is not the same as Grand Prix, World Championship and the Champions League, the atmosphere is different, there is a lot of pressure. And pressure moments, I still do not trust Ombochaeva. I trust in times of pressure and Gamova and Sokolova can do better. Just look on YouTube, in games played, there are times to win the match, and Obmochaeva not. Gamova and Sokolova do.

    Alexey Spiridonov (OH) and Ilyas Kurkaev (MB) is OUT.

    In training:

    S - Dmitri Kovalev - Igor Kobzar - Sergei Grankin.

    OH - Dmitry Ilyin - Evgeni Sivozhelez - Sergey Savin - Egor Klyuka.

    MB - Dmitry Musersky - Artem Volvich - Ilya Vlasov.

    OP - Maxim Mikhailov - Victor Poletaev - Pavel Kruglov.

    L - Aleksey Obmochaev - Alexei Verbov.

    I believe just another setter and oppositte will be out... in my opinion, Igor Kobzar and Pavel Kruglov out.

    I believe Obmochaeva is living its best moment in his career, but it is not decisive as Gamova. In the Russian league games, Kazan always wins Moscow, because in important games, Obmochaeva does and Gamova. I believe that the atmosphere of the Olympic Games is different from all competitions. Olympiad is Olympiad.

    Ombochaeva can play some games in the first team, but in the decisive phase, I would choose Gamova, for all his experience.

    After 2016, Obmochaeva, Kosheleva and Scherban would be the main. But speaking in this case of Olympic Games, the Sokolova and Gamova experience can still be important. Because Russian girls were not able to get rankings in the World Cup in important moments they make mistakes that can not commit.

    Sokolova has won every competition they participated, and she is not a woman of 20 years old. She has given interviews saying it is preparing your body and your health to his last chance to win a gold medal in 2016.

    I remember that in 2011, she did not have its best and many people said that it should not be in the NT, and when he arrived in London, made 30 points against Brazil, with a great welcome and a strong attack.

    Sokolova know how to play the important hours. The same is true of Gamova, will be his last chance, I believe she will prepare the best level

    After ECH, my Rússia team for Olympic Qualification:

    S - Kosianenko - Startseva

    MB - Fetisova - Morozova - Shylyakhovaya - Zaryazhko

    OH - Kosheleva - Scherban - Sokolova - Kutiukova - Ilchenko - (OUT Pasynkova)

    OP - Ombochaeva - Gamova - (OUT Malykh)

    L - Kryuchkova - Malova

    Option 1

    Startseva - Gamova
    Sokolova - Kosheleva
    Zaryazhko - Morozova

    Option 2

    Kosianenko - Obmochaeva
    Sokolova - Kosheleva
    Fetisova - Shylyakhovaya

    (Startseva have a better game with Gamova and Kosianenko have a better game with Obmochaeva.)


    Match 1

    Germany 3x1 Rússia - (25x17 - 23x25 - 25x23 - 25x23)


    Grankin - Kruglov
    Muserskiy - Volvich
    Mikhaylov - Sivozhelez

    Muserskiy (MB) - 16 points
    Mikhaylov - 14 points
    Klyuka (OPP) - 12 points
    Sivozhelez - 9 points
    Volvich - 7 points
    Kruglov - 5 points

    Match 2

    Rússia 3x2 Germany - (25x22 - 17x25 - 17x25 - 25x23 - 11x15)

    Grankin - Mikhaylov (OPP)
    Sivozhelez - Klyuka
    Muserskiy (MB) - Vlasov (Best duo MB in the word)

    Mikhaylov - 19 points
    Muserskiy - 13 points
    Sivozhelez - 13 points
    Vlasov - 11 points
    Klyuka - 9 points

    Savin - 8 points
    Kovalev - 5 points


    Alekno call for friendly match against Germany and European Championship of 2015:

    Setters - Dmitri Kovalev - Igor Kobzar - Sergei Grankin.

    Opposittes - Maxim Mikhailov - Victor Poletaev - Pavel Kruglov.

    Spikers: Alexey Spiridonov - Dmitry Ilyin - Evgeni Sivozhelez - Sergey Savin - Egor Klyuka.

    Middle Blockers: Dmitry Musersky - Artem Volvich - Ilyas Kurkaev - Ilya Vlasov.

    Liberos: Aleksey Obmochaev - Alexei Verbov.

    My Team:

    Grankin - Mikhailov
    Klyuka - Sivozhelez
    Musersky - Vlasov - Best duo MB in the world.


    Day 1

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands 3:0 Slovenia
    Italy 3:2 Poland

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium 3:0 Hungary
    Turkey 3:0 Azerbaijan

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Bulgaria 1:3 Russia
    Croatia 3:0 Belarus

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Czech Republic 3:0 Romania
    Germany 1:3 Serbia

    Day 2

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands 3:2 Poland
    Slovenia 0:3 Italy

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium 3:1 Azerbaijan
    Hungary 0:3 Turkey

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Russia 3:0 Belarus
    Bulgaria 2:3 Croatia

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Romania 0:3 Germany
    Czech Republic 0:3 Serbia

    Day 3

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Poland 3:0 Slovenia
    Netherlands 1:3 Italy

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Azerbaijan 3:0 Hungary
    Belgium 2:3 Turkey

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Belarus 0:3 Bulgaria
    Croatia 2:3 Russia

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Germany 3:1 Czech Republic
    Romania 0:3 Serbia


    My ideal Russian Team for the Olympic Games 2016:

    Startseva - Kosianenko

    Kosheleva - Sokolova - Ilchenko - Kutiukova

    Gamova - Goncharova

    Shlyakhovaya - Zaryazhko - Orlova - Lyubushkina


    Tatiana Kosheleva will join the team this weekend :drink: She's already in Kaliningrad with other girls. Ira Fetisova will be replaced due to her knee injury. Not certain how serious it is.…e-with-us-in-kaliningrad/

    Russian roster for 2nd round in Kaliningrad.

    S : Kosianenko, O.Efimova
    OPP : Obmochaeva, Malykh
    MB : Orlova, Lyubushkina, E.Efimova
    OH : Kosheleva, Pasynkova, Scherban, Ilchenko, Biryukova
    L : Malova, Kravchenko(also OH)

    Ilchenko - Kosheleva - Ombochaeva :super:

    But Marichev likes Pasynkova... i think she is OH starter with Kosheleva :wall:

    I just do not like because Marichev exchange other team. This is bad because the team does not create a face, an identity. The team needs to win and lose MAINLY together, to take shape and out of various game situations. But a mistake he ever takes the player. For me, let the whole weekend, with or without defeat, ends with Kosheleva, Ilchenko and Obmochaeva.

    Pasynkova and Sherban is 28 years old and has no long life in the team. Ilchenko is the present and the future, the only player capable of replacing Sokolova in the main foundations of reception and attacker.

    With Shlyakovaya recovering from his injuries and returned to the team, Russia becomes stronger with her and Orlova.

    My ideal team:

    Kosianenko - Ombochaeva
    Ilchenko - Kosheleva
    Orlova - Shlyakovaya

    Russia was world champion in 2010 with a player receiving (Sokolova) and other Kosheleva in the attack. Ilchenko has the potential to repeat it, and will only reach its maximum level, if you play enough.


    After watching the match between Russia and China, it's pretty clear that the weak link in the team is the OH2 position. In my opinion, Ilchenko it seems should be the first OH option. Second OH can either be Scherban/Pasynkova depending on the situation. Ombochaeva is in just pretty great shape, somehow she manages to fill the absence of Kosehleva in terms of firepower. Malova too had a superb performance, digging almost all balls The only new thing that caught my attention was Orlova. With her height, she's such a strong presence in the net and can attack decently as well and should be starting MB in this team. Whether on not Kosheleva recovers in time, it remains to be seen if Russia can address this issue along with the reception of course

    After the 1st wekeend Grand Prix, my Russia Team for the next weeks and next competitions is:

    Kosianenko - Ombochaeva
    Ilchenko - Kosheleva
    Orlova - ?
    Malova :obey:

    My bests MB with Orlova is Morozova and Shlyakhovaya...

    No Larson, Dietzen, Akinradewo, Murphy and Glass.

    My 6 starting:

    Thompson - Lowe
    Easy - Robinson
    Dixon - Gibbemeyer


    My Starting 6:

    Rússia B:

    Anna Matienko - Daria Isayeva.
    Irina Voronkova - Daria Pisarenko.
    Irina Zaryazhko - Irina Malkova.
    Ekaterina Romanenko

    Rússia A:

    Ekaterina Kosianenko - Nataliya Obmochaeva.
    Kseniia Ilchenko – Tatiana Kosheleva.
    Ekaterina Orlova – Anastasia Shylyakhovaya.
    Anna Malova.


    I'm very pleased with the names.

    I believe that if Sokolova and Artamonova are great players of the last 10 years is because they began to play early with 19 years. As part of serve reception line, defense and Russia team's attack.

    And that's what Marichev doing. Promoting new players to last long in the main selection.

    Great attackers Russia has always had, and always will, as Kosheleva and Obmochaeva. I believe we are now seeking an official replacement for Sokolova. And in my opinion this player will Ilchenko, Voronkova or Biryukova.

    Russia's great technicians are watching the developments of these 3 players from the last Under-20 World Championship in 2013.
    They all have a very good attack, but the main reason that led to the main selection is the great performance at the reception.