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    Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball

    Coach : Cyril Wozniak

    Inge Molendjik 1,86m Netherlands

    Tsvetelina Nikolova 1,78m Bulgaria


    Martina Smidova
    1,76m Czech Rep. 28

    Yulia Stoyanova 1,85m Bulgaria 29


    Alexia Djilali 1,86m France 28


    Aleksandra Szafraniec 1,92m, Poland 27

    Isaline Sager-Weider 1,84m, France 27

    Alona Pelc-Malysheva 1,86m Ukrainia 27

    Chloé Mayer 1,86m France

    Liberos :

    Manon Bernard 1,75m France

    Adeline Lefèvre 1,71m France
    libéro 21

    Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball


    Centoni stays but I don't know how many contract's year

    Its ok, we tried..hehe thank u..I follow the score on twitter. ^^

    17-20 for Cannes. Now, no surprise to take a set by Nantes
    And how can the Nantes coach not receive award as best coach of this season and Ariel Turner as new talent in french league ? incredible

    Christina not French ? What is that bad joke ?
    Norvegian mother and ... French father ; near Strasbourg it's true, so close to Germany, but if you want to awake old nationalist monsters, go on with this silly topic X(
    I just add that Jean-Luc Bauer was a professional volleyball player :rolleyes:

    Hi Yes, Jean-Luc Bauer (2.07m !) was a professionnal volley player (I think in Bergen). He met his wife, and so Christina during his 2 seasons
    in Norway. Even if she is born in Norway & speaks 4 or 5 languages, she is only French ! No way Nor~way ;-)
    She's not coming from Strasbourg but Mulhouse where she played 4 years in Champion's League.

    What are you surprised about? That they sign a new MB. It´s quite normal, even if they have Rasic and Aelbrecht Whois are good players they nead an other MB for the training part. They can't train with only two MB.

    OK I did'nt think about that, but Onjeweke will not more play in CL !!! What a pitty for her
    So, for the french championship, Sschuscke-Voigt was absolutely enough

    Agree, she can give much for new team after Ssuchke-Voigt left, but Nneka can help only in league. She played in three matches as Volero's player in CL, here Cannes has to use Aelbrecht with Rasic and inexperienced Lea Steuperaert, who certainly won't get a chance there. Team has to wait for Ravva's comeback.

    Lea Steuperaert is Not a MB but a OH (nearly OPP). She had to play MB in topvolley
    As I said, Vicca will not play before play-offs in France, so during april. for sure
    I'm a little surprise 'cause there is Aelbrecht... I have just to note that Zurich & Cannes are playing 2 times each season

    After France led 2-0... Sacre bleu :mad:

    so shameful. France made nearly no blocks vs O.H and not to defend on diagonal attacks !!!
    At the opposite, Hungary's girls were great in defense, and destroy France with their services.
    What a pitty for setter Armelle Faesch to end her international career with this result, even if she didn't
    play the last 2½ sets :-((