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    I also have to admit that I am very disappointed by some users here. You all seem well educated but it is sad to see that you have this positivist perspective where you see things only black and white. Please read more, try to open up new perspectives for yourself, learn how social issues can be viewed and analysed. This applies to the discussion of Corona virus too. You cannot discuss social, economic, political issues with a positivist view or only with a positivist view. You need to understand that there are hundreds of other dimensions to such problems. Hopefully this can help both to your careers and you personal relations.

    THANK YOU! This has put me off posting on this board completely. Although, to be fair, it's more or less the same everywhere you turn to. Thank God for Netflix.

    I loved Ana when she played for Cannes and always rooted for her. I always wonder what could have happened if she didn’t have those two horrible injuries. Maja was a bit on slow track those days because of her boyfriend and volleyball didn’t seem her first priority. Maybe we would be watching Ana leading Serbia. Who knows.

    The plan was that Maja would retire fron NT (and possibly volleyball in general) after London and Ana would take over. But then the London Olympics ended in a total disaster for Serbia and Maja decided she wasn't going to leave on such a terrible note, Ana got injured and figured she'd rather spend her summers resting than training full time only to sit on the bench, and that was that.

    Đerisilo did start as OH but converted to OPP pretty soon, by the following season already if I remember well. That nasty shoulder injury in 2007 really derailed her career and she was never the same after that.

    At that time Terzić was sometimes accused of giving preferential treatment to players from Crvena Zvezda, and the "victims" were Vesna Tomašević and Sanja Starović in particular. Back then, Starović was considered a bigger prospect than Đerisilo and I sometimes wonder if her career would have turned out differently had she had a more prominent role on NT.

    There are certainly lot more girls playing volleyball, but that produced a lot of new clubs who don't develop talents but instead just give them balls to play with and they never improve technique. And in the clubs who have tradition, they try to gather biggest talents, but financial conditions are bad so some coaches would rather work abroad and they all have good CVs from being a coach of young Boskovic f.e. If they would have a way of keeping good players and coaches for a longer in a league (which is hard with no money) they would have chances for medals after some time.

    That's the crucial thing. We have so many girls taking up this sport now, but what we're severely lacking are good coaches. These new clubs that are popping up everywhere are just a way for people to make a quick buck and a lot of the "coaches" are completely inexperienced and frankly disinterested in improving their skills, instead just cashing it in while there's still so much interest.

    But I wouldn't start panicking just yet, the real effect of the golden generation will be seen in a few years time, when young girls who started playing volleyball looking up to them grow up a bit. There might be some real talent there.

    Also, I'm pretty sure at least some out of Mihajlović, Rašić and Veljković will go on until Paris, although they may skip some competitions in the meantime.

    I think Brankica is counting on it - Maja has recently said that she talked to her and told her she'd be in Paris in 2024 watching them from the stands. <3

    I agree, but it depends also on the setter.

    Last year with Carlini Veljkovic did not have those results.

    She was the highest scoring MB of the league last season, with the least MB-friendly setter.

    That said, Danesi is a good replacement, because honestly, an attacking MB as good as Veljković is hard to find and while Danesi is not quite at that level, she's at least comparable and she'll bring some additional strength in blocking.

    In the meantime Pomì is losing sponsors (and fans), probably not satisfied by the results of the team

    They really need another reliable hitter. Bosetti is doing a very good job, but she's not enough. Cuttino and Carcaces are just way too unreliable. The latter has in particular had some horrendous performances.

    Well, hopefully Russia doesn't get banned, so this will all be irrelevant.

    If they still do, the FIVB should have an additional qualifying round (LOL, not gonna happen, I know), or the highest ranked team that missed on the qualifying should get the spot. It would be far from ideal, but it's at least a somewhat objective criterion.

    In any case, South Korea should NOT get the spot automatically for beating Mexico and Canada.

    Well, not really a surprise, Conegliano is just on a different level compared to everyone else. They might well go undefeated this season.

    Novara, though. Losing to Monza who've struggled so far. Weird stats, looks like both teams had problems putting the ball down.

    I didn't expect Pomi to beat Chieri so easily. Guerra has really fallen off - remember when she used to be a prospect?!

    Smarzek spent two sets on the court tonight and didn't score. :white::gone:

    It was a fun little fluff piece.

    In the end they were arguing about who would pay for the coffee, Mina complains that Ana never lets her buy it, while Ana says she's older so Mina has to obey her. :D

    They also talked about the social life, it's quite limited because Casalmaggiore is a small town, so if they want to have a night out, they need to go to Parma or Milan, and it's not a short ride. Mina misses it sometimes, while Ana says she's got too old for clubbing anyway :D But they say their team mates are a lot of fun and they often hang out and spend time together.

    Ana doesn't like Italian food X/ I don't know how that's possible, but hey.

    Mina says that after spending so much time in Italy, people have stopped treating her like a foreigner, which sometimes bothers her because then they tend to tell her stuff they otherwise wouldn't and she's not always interested. On the other hand, Ana can still pretend that she doesn't understand the language if she's not interested in the conversation. :rolll:

    The whole interview (in Serbian) is here:…-Nisam-otisla-mejlom.html

    I'm actually rather impressed the journalist had the guts to ask her all the real questions, like why she didn't want to play or what was Terzić's reaction and how the whole thing went down exactly.

    There's no doubt that Terzić was being super shady putting her on the spot like he did, but come to think about it, he never actually said he didn't know why she didn't want to play. He just said she was invited, didn't show up, and he didn't want to comment on it any further. That certainly is somewhat cynical, but with her reasons for not wanting to play this summer, she doesn't come out of this story looking good either, IMO.

    Those highlights didn't include the most important thing: when asked what's the exact reason why she wanted to skip this season, she said it's because she's not happy with her status on the NT and that her communication with Terzić is bad. Or in other words, she's not happy that Veljković had taken her place as a starter. So: gurl, bye.

    Also, she admits that Terzić never agreed with her decision to skip the NT season. He just didn't say anything, which made her think he's OK with it. :rolleyes: