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    That's right, sadly. She had to undergo a minor knee surgery and won't recover in time for WCh. Malešević will have to step up now.

    I don't remember if it was already mentioned, but Mina Popović was operated as well and is definitely going to miss the WCh.

    They are playing in BIH friendly matches**

    Saying that Banja Luka is in Serbia is very political because Banja Luka is in BIH so administration pls ban things like this on forum. Thank you.

    Learn how to read, moron and don't ever quote me again.

    Please don`t tell me they will be playing AGAIN against Bulgaria...

    They will :rolll: The match will be played in Banja Luka, the capital of the Serbian part of Bosnia on September 7.

    It's also possible they'll play friendlies against Russia and/or Italy in Serbia.

    Živković is not there yet because she's getting married this weekend. :flower:She'll join the team next week.

    They'll be heading to Bosnia in the beginning of August for two weeks of training there. It's expected that Brankica will start training with the team when they return to Belgrade after that. She's sure she'll be fully ready by WCh.

    Vizura is in financial trouble, their budget has been reduced and they're eager to let most of their players go. Kazakhstan is indeed a bizarre destination for Lozo, but I guess they were willing to dish out the most money at the moment, for whatever reason. I think Aleksić can be a starter in Alba, she's good.

    Yes, a lot of players are still searching for a club. Malešević apparently has some offers from Turkey.

    Is Mina Popovic still injured?? :white:

    She'll need to undergo another surgery. :( It's supposed to be a minor procedure, but the time is running out and she's almost certainly out of the question for WCh.

    Brankica said that her recovery is going very well and she should be ready to start training in the middle of August. So, that's about a month and a half before the WCh and she should be in some shape by then. Not to forget, it's a long tournament and she should not have to play full time at once. Terzić is being cautiously optimistic about her chances of going to Japan.

    Heh. It will be good to see her back, but on the other hand, the only reason she's coming back is that the other setters sucked. And we can't keep counting on her to bail us out forever and instead need to find a long term solution ASAP.

    Serbian OH Sara Lozo joins Zhetysu in Kazakhstan :what: She's on the NT wide roster, but I'm not sure she'll stay on the map after a season in the Kazakh league.

    Maja Aleksić (MB) to Alba Blaj.

    According to Serbian daily newspaper Sportski Žurnal (and they're usually very informed when it comes to things like this), the qualifying process for the Tokyo Games will be completely overhauled and much simplified.
    World Cup is gone and instead we'll have World Qualifications mid-next year. The top 24 teams from the World rankings on January 1, 2019 will be divided into 6 groups of 4 teams using the serpentine system. The winners will qualify automatically for the Olympics. The remaining teams will have to qualify via their respective continental qualifications, with one team per continent quota like previously. European qualifications should be held in January 2020.

    This sounds way too simple for FIVB and their love for impossibly drawn out and convoluted tournaments. :S I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    And I would assume Boskovic considers herself more a Bosnian than Serbian and she only picked to represent Serbia for obvious reasons as they have a much stronger NT? She probably lives in Bosnia? ...interesting that Dajana choose to represent Bosnia and not Serbia.

    I'd say it's the other way around and her sister is playing for Bosnia because she's not being called up to Serbian NT.
    Tijana has stated many times before that representing Serbia has always been her dream and that getting Serbian passport was one of the happiest moments of her life.

    I don't understand your question about Fabris. I guess in theory she could declare herself a Serbian and apply for Serbian citizenship, like basically every person in the world could, but she's not going to do that because she's not Serbian. Unlike Bošković, who is.

    Serbian and Croatian are very similar languages, yes, almost 100% mutually intelligible. Before the break-up of former Yugoslavia, they used to be known as one language, Serbo-Croatian.

    I have a feeling a lot of teams in this lower division didn't take this competition seriously.

    But you also have to wonder just how worthwhile taking part in the VNL would be for a lot of these 2nd/3rd-tier teams. It's five weeks of constant travelling around the world, which is costly and probably a big logistical difficulty for federations that are underfunded and inexperienced at planning on this level. And all that when your player pool is already limited and you cannot accommodate the almost certain injury and fatigue issues; the public interest at home is already low and losing almost all the matches to much stronger teams would certainly not help it... I can see why many teams would want to stay out of it.

    well, it’s very unfortunate all the political issues, not to mention the war ... but also at least two bosnian players play for TUR, ismailoglu and matic (in the men’s team).

    There's also Adis Lagumdžija on the men's team.

    I guess those are Muslim? So they joined Turkey.

    Well, at least judging by their names, Ismailoglu/Smajlović and Lagumdžija are, Matić probably not. But I believe it has much more to do with them being scouted and signed by Turkish clubs at a young age than with their religious beliefs.

    Yes, they are.
    The population of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), Serbs and Croats. Most Bosnian Serbs and Croats look up to Serbia and Croatia as their homeland rather than Bosnia. And the majority of Serbian and Croatian athletes from Bosnia would rather represent Serbia and Croatia if they have the opportunity to do so. It basically happens in every single sport.

    F6 roster:

    S: Živković, Antonijević
    OPP: Bošković, Bjelica
    OH: Malešević, Blagojević, Milenković, Buša
    MB: Rašić, Stevanović, Veljković, Aleksić
    L: Popović, Pušić

    Thailand and Korea cannot be replaced as they are among the "core teams" with guaranteed places.

    Belgium seems to be going through a generation change, which is a bit weird considering most of their key players aren't that old. I agree that not hosting a tournament was in poor form, but I think that with this squad they've done about as well as they could. They definitely were not the weakest team of the competition.

    Brankica won't for sure, she had a surgery on her knee and will be out for at least two months. There's still hope she'll be ready for WCh.