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    And we had Filottrano vs Cuneo last week :roll:

    They do this every year. After showing (potentially) exciting matches in the beginning, they gradually switch to middle and lower ranked teams almost exclusively. It's OK to show those too once in a while (unlike what Turkish TV is doing), but it sucks when such matches are all you get. I don't know if it's done on purpose to make people pay for the online streaming service, but I can't imagine that RAI (and other TV channels taking over from them, like Sport Klub) is too happy with such a deal.

    The most disturbing fact for Conegliano is that they managed to lose even though they had an extra player half the time, as Stevanović did nothing on the court. She's officially slumping now and whatever is going on with her, she needs to snap out of it ASAP. On the other hand, not that Conegliano's MBs did much better and this is the 2nd time in a short while that Wolosz has played badly against a top team.

    It's still way too early for doomsaying, of course, but with the way they're playing now and their injury woes, they may well lose out to Novonu this season.

    Like, this is really exaggerating, you might say she's good at attacking, or better than Rasic, but she only had one block yesterday, whereas Rasic had 8, this is no way the same level...

    For some reason people are freaking out every time she doesn't kill every single ball. While it's true that her hitting percentage is not as high as it was a couple of years ago, it's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be. And she more than makes up for it with her blocking, which is certainly not matched by any of her teammates.

    Does anyone have a working link? My VPN stopped working as well so i am in a hopeless situation right now.

    I have tried to watch via on the first day but it didn’t work for me, normally it works but not this time. Anyone has a working one? :(

    Sport Klub is showing all matches, this link usually works:…tklub1/sportklub1test.php

    Only this first match of the day is shown on SK2:…tklub2/sportklub2test.php

    So Saint Raphael played last night like nothing happened, naturally winning 3-0 and progressing further. :roll:

    If the CEV lets this one slide like that, I don't see what's going to stop stronger teams from sending only 7-8 players to away matches in these early rounds and cut the travel costs.

    I would rather prefer Serbia vs Denmark in womens handball ECH tonight if I was from Serbia, although I am not a particulary entusiastic handball-follower at all. The quality is very dull so far in this tournament to me.

    Oh, if only you know how many times I got my heart broken because of women's handball over the years. :wall:At one point I even swore I'd never watch it again, LOL.

    But of course I did watch this game. Luckily so, as it turned out. ^^

    I'm not really feeling this event so far. The difference between the teams is just too big. Hopefully it gets more interesting from the semis on.

    Order of teams in A1 now strongly resembles the last years outcome: 1. Novara (dropped to 2. later) 2. Conegliano 3. Scandicci 4. Busto Arsizio

    I think Scandicci will stay put, Busto may be put under pressure by Monza and/or Pomi as the season goes on and Novanu will eventually be overtaken by Conegliano.

    Won't this affect the pools?

    It almost certainly will, but we won't have any idea how until the FIVB announces the pool composition in January. So far we don't even know for a fact who is going to participate.

    And another problem is that the tournament hosts will apparently be announced a month after the draw is published, so it's possible that we'll have additional withdrawals after that if some federations decide it's not economically viable for them to send their teams across the world for a three-day competition.

    both Adenizia and Stevanovic level dropped last few seasons by a large margin. Veljkovic is so much better then Stevanovic these days that its not even a close call anymore imo. I think Brazil can develop MBs that can bypass Adenizia easily as well. I hope to see them step up still though of course and I'm not saying they're always bad.

    Stevanović was the MB with the best hitting percentage in Serie A last season, so to say that her level dropped over the last few seasons by large margin is not accurate. However, she clearly is struggling this season, and from what I've noticed, the problem is that she's used almost exclusively for slide attacks and her timing is usually bad. She takes off either too early or too late and is thus rarely in perfect position to hit the ball with full force. She's still a huge asset in blocking, though.

    I can't believe that Filottrano vs Cuneo is the TV match of the next round instead of Scandicci vs Conegliano :down:

    They did register 11 players - as evidenced on the CEV's website. However, only 6 of them actually showed up to play. Now, I don't know how that is regulated. I'm not sure you must bring all your registered players, surely there has to be some kind of provision in the case of a last minute injury or something like that?

    But even if that was technically allowed, it's clear that Saint Raphael was abusing the rules to the maximum. It would be outrageous if they were allowed to host the next match, win 3-0 like expected and progress further.

    I'm sure that a huge bet on an obscure women's volleyball match would raise a lot of eyebrows, and the circumstances regarding its outcome would be more than enough to start an investigation. It would probably all unravel rather quickly and I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble.

    I think it's more likely that Saint Raphael is struggling financially (apparently they only have 11 players on their roster), didn't think an amateur team from Norway would cause them any problems, so they wanted to cut the costs as much as possible and didn't bring in any substitutes hoping no one would get injured.

    Of course, it's still extremely unprofessional, irresponsible and disrespectful to their opponents, the competition they were playing in and the game of volleyball itself, and they deserve a heavy fine.

    God, that was boring. Novara scored either through Egonu or Conegliano's mistakes, which really piled up over time. I prefer Novara, but eventually I almost started cheering for Conegliano because at least Wolosz was doing something, instead of the mess on the other side of the net. That was literally a replay of Croatian NT of the 90s with Jelić and the cheerleaders. Obviously, giving every single ball to Egonu worked this time and paid off, but damn, it was dull to watch. Two excellent MBs getting trash sets, if they're lucky to get a ball in the first place, Bartsch and Piccinini getting almost the same number of sets... :wall:

    Unfortunately, as the match went on, Wolosz caught Carlinitis as well and started setting everything to Fabris and in general played probably her weakest match of the season so far.