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    I m very surprised with this statement. This situation makes it extra weird that why she didn't apply for Turkish citizenship 🤔 with all respect, Serbian passport is not meat better than Turkish passport since they are not an EU country neither. And if she would be eligible to play as a local player, she would be the most wanted opposite among Turkish clubs

    There's something dodgy going on🤔 is her wife from Serbia?

    The difference is that the holders of Serbian passport can enter the EU (and China) without a visa, which I assume is very practical for a volleyball player. Still, as corrupt as Serbia is, one cannot simply apply for a passport and get it fast-tracked without having something to offer in return. And I doubt Vargas would have the amount of money needed to bribe the officials. That's mostly reserved for shady millionaires fleeing their countries trying to protect their wealth and even then it happens very rarely.

    Serbia doesn't recognize same-sex partnerships, so Vargas having a Serbian wife would have no bearing on her getting Serbian citizenship.

    The point is, we have Terzić on record saying Vargas is going to play on Serbian NT and that they've approached the FIVB to get the permission, He wouldn't lie about something like that. So, something must have definitely happened for Vargas to change her mind.

    As for the Brankica matter, I assume as a long time member of the team (and one of Terzić's favourites) she was consulted about the thole thing and that Vargas was joining because she intended to retire in a couple of years and not that Vargas was going to push her out of the team.

    Yes, but why would the government of Serbia give its citizenship to some random person with no ties to the country and no intention to establish them? No one does that and it makes no sense. Like it's been mentioned in this thread, there are provisions in the law that enable the naturalization of persons who could "benefit and promote the country of Serbia" (the latest example being in women's basketball just recently), but Vargas playing in Fenerbahce or wherever and NOT on the Serbian NT does not meet that requirement.

    It's possible she simply changed her mind for whatever reason. If so, I wonder how that will affect her relationship and cooperation with Terzić.

    I do think Bianka has been getting a lot of recognition, which is more than well deserved considering she's been steadily improving and now has a rightful place on a team like Fenerbahce, which would have been unthinkable just a couple of seasons ago. I think her baptism by fire at the last WCh with her suddenly finding herself in the starting line-up after Blagojević and Milenković got injured and Malešević sucked did her a tremendous amount of good in the long run.

    However, I still think Peak Malešević was a better player (except for the serve) and I'll forever be bitter that her career just fell apart like that.

    To be honest I think Mihajlovic's level is not as a high as it was a few years ago. Even last time she played with Maja (ECH) she did OK but she wasn't close to her best.

    I think she did great at ECh, even outshining Bošković at some point, except for that tragic performance against Italy in the semis.

    IMO she's still more than fine, but the age with tear and wear is slowly catching up with her (we shouldn't forget she's been playing for over a decade, all over the world, usually as the main scorer for her team) and she's not fit physically at the moment,

    She did in EuroVolley 2009 and 2011 in qulification round, even i remeber in 2012 when she started to play for Serbia in WGP what comentator said, she already had citizenship, and the last match in the second qualifying round was on May 30, 2010. Also that she is naturalized player is confirmed to me by Milan Vujačić, coordinator of international competitions and administator of social media pages of OSSRB (Volleyball Federation of Serbia).

    I clearly remember that she was supposed to join the Serbian NT in 2013, and then it turned on she never actually played on Bosnian senior NT even though she was registered, so the FIVB gave her the green light a year sooner,

    Has Serbia ever had a naturalized player in female volleyball?

    There was the MB Dragana Marinković who switched from Croatia to Serbia in 2007/2008 (she's an ethnic Serb too), but she never made much of an impact and I don't think she ever played at a big tournament.

    As Brankica Mihajlović played for BiH senior national team, while she is in the serbian national team Vargas will not be able to play for Serbia.

    She didn't, that's why she was able to play for Serbia in 2012 already. Technically, Serbia has no naturalized players at the moment.

    Apparently Vargas got Serbian passport last year already and now Serbian federation made an official request to FIVB to recognize the nationality change :white:

    She could have her debut on Serbian NT in 2022. Looks like Terzić is behind it all.

    Stefana Veljković is pregnant :flower:

    She's due to give birth in February, so she's obviously skipping the next season but hasn't given up on playing at the Olympics and hopes to be ready by then.

    Yeah, Maja looks almost unrecognizable. I don't think the others changed that much.

    Molnar was the true MPV of the final. One of her career best performances and probably the last one on such a high level. Sadly, her body started giving up on her soon.

    Nikolić was coming off a rather bad injury and would have certainly skipped this tournament if not for a once in a lifetime chance to play such a major event in her hometown. I remember her talking about how she used to spend a couple of more hours in the gym after each training every day so she chould be fit in time. I think she did well, all things considered.

    It was such a nervy, tension filled match. Just thinking back to it makes my stomach react. :rolll: And it's so depressing to think that what was supposed to be Malagurski's arrival to the big scene and an announcement of her as a future great turned out to be her swan song, as she got that terrible injury literally the next time she played a match and was never the same again.

    Aleksandar Atanasijević tested positive for the coronavirus. Fortunately, his symptoms are mild and he doesn't require hospital treatment.

    6. Recently, the legendary Vesna Čitaković, in a conversation with Sport Klub, recalled the beginning of the 2006 World Cup, the match against Italy and Maja's persistent cooking in the third set.

    "I am grateful to Vesna for everything. She is a specific teammate, she was a leader, a real captain. For example, my teammates often told that I am a good captain, but I am not a leader because that is not in line with my character. I took advice from her. I remember the moment when she approached me and said that she would cut off my hand if I tip another ball. I was young then, maybe that justifies that audacity and courage to cook a few times. If it weren't for her comment, I would definitely do it again. Every point is a story in itself, as is every game and every tournament. Vesna and Terza remember the details, I remember several extremely special matches ".

    Vesna's recollection of this event:

    It was the opening match of the WCH '06, against Italy. We start so-so, then we take the first set by 25-18. The second set was also easy. You see the Italians are getting nervous, they don't know what hit them. As the third set goes on, the scoreline is close, and then Maja tips a ball and it goes out. We win the following point. Then Maja tips again and once again it goes out. Now the Italians are waking up. I approach her, hold her tight around the belly and say "Tip the ball just once more and I'll cut off your hand!" And that was it for the set, Maja started crying, the Italians turn it around completely and take the set. During the pause, Terzić starts yelling at me for what I did. It was a big mess! But fortunately, it all ended well, we won 3-1 and Maja forgave me!

    She was also asked about the controversy regarding her failed comeback in 2011 and she didn't want to go into details, but admitted that her pride got in the way and she would have acted differently now if she could. She also mentions Ivana Đerisilo as the most athletically gifted player of that generation and is a bit embarrassed to admit that Eleonora Lo Bianco (who she respects tremendously) is the setter she has struggled the most to form a good connection with.…eva-srpske-odbojke-I.html…va-srpske-odbojke-II.html

    I also have to admit that I am very disappointed by some users here. You all seem well educated but it is sad to see that you have this positivist perspective where you see things only black and white. Please read more, try to open up new perspectives for yourself, learn how social issues can be viewed and analysed. This applies to the discussion of Corona virus too. You cannot discuss social, economic, political issues with a positivist view or only with a positivist view. You need to understand that there are hundreds of other dimensions to such problems. Hopefully this can help both to your careers and you personal relations.

    THANK YOU! This has put me off posting on this board completely. Although, to be fair, it's more or less the same everywhere you turn to. Thank God for Netflix.

    I loved Ana when she played for Cannes and always rooted for her. I always wonder what could have happened if she didn’t have those two horrible injuries. Maja was a bit on slow track those days because of her boyfriend and volleyball didn’t seem her first priority. Maybe we would be watching Ana leading Serbia. Who knows.

    The plan was that Maja would retire fron NT (and possibly volleyball in general) after London and Ana would take over. But then the London Olympics ended in a total disaster for Serbia and Maja decided she wasn't going to leave on such a terrible note, Ana got injured and figured she'd rather spend her summers resting than training full time only to sit on the bench, and that was that.

    Đerisilo did start as OH but converted to OPP pretty soon, by the following season already if I remember well. That nasty shoulder injury in 2007 really derailed her career and she was never the same after that.

    At that time Terzić was sometimes accused of giving preferential treatment to players from Crvena Zvezda, and the "victims" were Vesna Tomašević and Sanja Starović in particular. Back then, Starović was considered a bigger prospect than Đerisilo and I sometimes wonder if her career would have turned out differently had she had a more prominent role on NT.