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    I'd say it's one of the least scary faces she made in Ankara :rolll:

    And it probably won't be as scary as the wax figure she's about to get in her hometown, judging by the quality of other sculptures in that unfortunate museum. Stay tuned.

    Ah yes, I was just about to say that maybe you meant her. You're not the first one to have a mix-up of that kind, don't worry:


    Anyway, yeah, a great player she was!

    I guess you mean Milena Rašić?


    She was given a summer off this year so she could have a proper rest after 10 years on NT. She'll be back next year for the Olympics. In club volleyball, she plays for Vakifbank.

    I think it's just Cansu Hate rearing its ugly head. After Boz served an ace to tie it at 11 everything before that was erased. Anyone's game at that point. Serbia had their share of brain farts down the stretch, too. Honestly, Serbia looked more scared to me than Turkey, but Turkey had a serve fault, a big hair bad receive, a sketchy low set and finally a net fault, none of which involved Cansu. Somebody had to lose. It was great match!

    OMG :rolll:

    Cansu shouldn't be getting any blame for that point, because even if she really had blocked Ebrar's view or distracted her or whatever, which frankly is impossible to know given everything literally happened in a split second, ultimately it wasn't her choice. It's not like she randomly decided to have a little chit-chat with her coach in the middle of the rally. He was the one who called her over while the ball was in play. It was a risky move regardless of what his intentions were, but it's a risk HE was willing to take.

    Talking about the setter blunders, that inexplicable low set to Eda at 13-12 (which BTW is eerily similar to what Wolosz did at the end of the 4th set at the OQT in Wroclaw!) was much worse, because it was an actual conscious decision that didn't go well. But then again, it was just one point out of fifteen. There were some gifts on the other side, too.

    Really, there should be no finger-pointing. If there ever was a match that could have gone either way, it was this one.

    I guess Lozo will also play as OPP if needed and I expect Blagojević to skip the first few matches.

    I just hope they'll play well and make everyone work hard against them.

    SportKlub will be showing this tournament, so I hope for some good volleyball between the top teams! :)

    I think one of the turning points of the match was Terzic's attemps to delay the play at 7-4 in the fifth set while Ebrar Karakurt serving. Crowd was wild, team was pumped and another good service would probably killed Serbia. This forced Ebrar to make mistake.

    Is that why so many Turkish fans are going crazy on Instagram claiming that Terzić and the referees "stole" the victory from Turkey? I found it really weird.

    Although, had the roles been reversed and Turkey won, I can pretty much guarantee that tons of people in Serbia would be blaming the referees too, so there's that.

    Guidetti was doing that all game long and it worked perfectly. I know he often gets criticized for his manic substitutions, but I really believe it was extremely effective this time. It kept throwing Serbia off and never allowed them to really settle in the game, as every time they thought they had Turkey figured out, someone else came in to shake things up. Also, every single Turkish player was pumped up to 250%, so whenever someone's energy level dipped a bit, another player could take their place and boost it up. It almost did the job.

    I was a bit worried about this season, because I wasn't sure if they would be all in mentally after becoming the world champions. And it turned out to be true, a lot of them said they indeed had trouble motivating themselves. Also, several long time players left the team, which I didn't expect and I don't think we'll ever truly get to the bottom of it, which must have affected the team chemistry.

    But in the end, the two main goals this season (Olympic qualification and the Euro title defence) were achieved, even though the team never played more than 75-80% of their abilities on average (which was to be expected, for the reasons mentioned above), so they should feel pretty good about themselves.

    What I liked about this ECh compared to WCh was that it was much more of a team effort. This time you very rarely felt the tactics amounted to nothing more than "Give the ball to Tijana and get the job done", everyone was involved. It's not that Tijana was bad, far from it, it's that it wasn't necessary for her to go full beast mode all the time. Apart from that terrible SF, Brankica had a great tournament and a lot of times she was the go-to player instead of Tijana. I don't know what I like better about her, her crushing attacks from the back row or those lacer-precise tips when everyone expects a huge spike. <3 Maja was making her MBs busy and they delivered, and even Buša and Blagojević got their fair share of action in attack.

    I agree that Mina Popović had her big breakthrough at this event. She reminds of Nataša Krsmanović, not in their play style as they're obviously very different kinds of players, but their demeanour and the way they carry themselves on the court. They're not flashy, they're rarely in the center of attention, but they get a hell of a job done. Terzić always insisted that Nataša's biggest problem was that she didn't believe in herself enough and it's time the same with Mina, but IMO that started to change as the tournament went on and her play was getting better and better, she was clearly feeling more confident and you could tell she was starting to believe that she deserves to be there. Hopefully she'll continue going in the same direction. She doesn't have the advantage in sheer height, but her timing in blocking is excellent, and if she continues to work hard and improve, she'll be right there alongside Rašić and Veljković.

    Now, some negative points. The team's inability to close out sets was really frustrating. I think that basically in every single game there was at least one set where they either threw away a really big lead or failed to seize the opportunity and make a difference when the momentum switched to their side. That's something to be worked on for the next season, when big things await. Also, they were leaking service errors again, which I hoped we had left in the past.

    I was expecting Lazović to have a bigger role after her impressive summer in VNL, but it's clear that Terzić doesn't trust her enough yet. And to be fair, when she got the chance against France, she didn't use it. Still, she'll have plenty of opportunities in the future and this was certainly another learning experience for her. It's similar with Maja Aleksić.

    And finally, a BIG shout-out to Silvija Popović - her son started school last week (God, time does fly, it feels like yesterday that Terzić said she was skipping the 2012 NT season due to "personal issues"), and she wasn't there to be with him on his first day. That's quite a sacrifice and I'm so glad she was rewarded in the end!

    Just got back from the public reception of the Serbian team. I find these things tacky and never go, but this time I felt like I really should be there, after what they did yesterday. Also, I kinda feared that very few people would show up, as these "welcome back champions" things are getting stale. However, considering the circumstances (their plane was late so the whole thing started after 10 PM, awful cold weather, rain) it was a decent turnout and the atmosphere was nice. You could tell how much it meant to them.

    Buša got a really big applause. :dance6:Brankica is a total goofball and you can feel her energy from a mile away. She was the most cheerful of the bunch. In the end I waved at her and in my mind, she waved back at me. :lol:<3

    It's awesome how unfazed she is by everything. A botched reception? A spike straight into the block? An awesome dig? A sneak kill off the block when absolutely no one expects it? Nothing gets in her way! She's like, move along, nothing to see here. And it's exactly that type of personality that can sometimes deliver big under pressure. It's also worth remembering that she was also responsible for Serbia's comeback against Italy last year, with that fantastic save on Egonu when she looked unstoppable.

    She is improving and I'm glad she's justifying being called up for NT. Not too long ago some people were saying she only gets selected because Terzić has hots for her. :roll:

    A fun tidbit: on Saturday, Bianca Andreescu won the US Open. On Sunday, Bianka Buša won the ECh in volleyball. Sometimes, nomen est omen!

    Brazil is already in Japan. I wonder when Serbia will depart? They will have no time to even get ready especially if there's some kind of celebration for them arriving tomorrow. I'm glad not all of them are going.

    There will be a public celebration tomorrow night at 9 PM in downtown Belgrade and those who get selected for World Cup will be leaving on Wednesday.

    TBH, I think all of them would rather forfeit that duty now. :D

    I still can't talk about the actual match, because God dammit. I'll just say I really, really wish it hadn't ended with a net touch.

    Some random musings:

    - Terzić's comments after the match: "We have never played in anything that even resembles this atmosphere. This was pure hell. There was no way to communicate with the players. To be able to win this kind of match really shows the character this team has."

    - Ivana Đerisilo was in the studio (looking gorgeous!) and she must be a really cool-headed person, as she still looked relatively normal after the match, compared to Anja Spasojević last year who looked like she had suffered at least two mental breakdowns during the WCh final. :lol: I think she'd make a good guest commentator and I hope she gets invited more often.

    - Milena Rašić tuned in live from the hall and confirmed she'll be back on the team next year. She also praised Zehra a lot.

    - The medal ceremony felt anticlimactic AF and I'm really not a fan of this format.

    - Tijana as the MVP was a lazy choice, but I don't really think that there was a totally dominant player throughout the whole tournament this time. Personally, I'd give it to Maja.

    - Mina Popović BETTER BE on the All Star team when the CEV announces it!

    God, I'm exhausted. This somehow managed to be even more nerve-wrecking than the WCh final last year, although IMO it wasn't as well played a match as that one. This one was so tough to get through, the ECh '11 final is the only thing that really compares, and this was even more dramatic as the tie-breaker went to the distance as well. Yeesh. Congrats to both teams and thanks for giving us such show, but I really, really, REALLY need a break now and I don't think I'll be paying too much attention to World Cup. :lol:

    This would have been a total thrashing had Brankica brought her form from the previous matches, or at least kept her level from the first set. But her level dropped down a lot as the game went on, and she never managed to quite get back in the game. It happens to her sometimes. Hopefully this will fire her up for tomorrow, because she'll need to do much better.

    Stefana is probably my favorite player, but to be completely honest, I think Mina Popović deserves a place on the All Star team together with Eda this time. :flower:Of course, it's still not over yet, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

    Russia will play the World Cup with the same squad that played at the ECh, there will maybe be only a few changes.

    Fetisova will be replaced by Yulia Brovkina.