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    main problem of Serbian team is head. Every coach should be able to use player on right way and to find way how to motivate players and boost team with confidence to present best possible. When you have such two strong attackers in team as Mihajlovic and Boskovic (Brakocevic) you need to boost they confidence that they are best. If in crucial moments this two players hit out or get blocked than is clear that confidence is not on highest level. Me being Serb and seeing this weak mentality of player makes me really unhappy. They lost to US only because they went in match with mind set that US is better, Murphy is nothing better than Boskovic and non US outside hitter is stronger that Mihajlovic in attack. If we compare this two team player one on one Serbia will eventual come out as winner, but Us has for decades already that opinion about they self that they are best and that's why they wining most strong matches.

    Malagurski didn't have place in this team of Serbia, no quality to be there, every player who was in WCH is better than Malagurski. If Brakocevic decide to not play for Serbian team any more it will make any difference, Boskovic is playing in this moment on higher level that her. And let's not forget, Brakocevic in right side and Nikolic left, not to compare.

    i learned that when Boskovic was 13-yo, Turkish team Galatasaray discovered her and asked her father for nationalization of Boskovic..her father assented to that and the job was about to be done but at the last moment,Serbian side came up and stopped the realization of that! :gone:

    and how did Serbian side came up and stopped realization of her nationalization????

    If somebody want to change nationality no country can stop that, or volleyball federation etc...

    Outside of topic: I like Karl Bildt, too bad European countries think more about money than secuirty otherwise Europe would not be so passive about what Putin is doing /by the way I make difference between Russia and Putin /. Invading foreign countries and taking territory should not stay unpunished otherwise it could happen everywhere. Furthermore, Both USA and RUSSIA signed a contract to keep Ukraine whole if the country surrender its nuclear weapons. Now the whole world saw that the only sure defense is to have nuclear weapons. No state will ever again surrender its missiles after that breach from both sides /Obama is not better than Putin/.

    Yeah, you are right that EU is all about money, but US is also and any other country. We had a lot in last 2 and half decades crazy politics and wars in middle of Europe. Around half million Serbs were forcibly evicted out of their homes in Croatia and Kosovo and EU an US or any other country didn't do nothing to help Serbs. This genocide stayed unpunished!

    who ever is saying that is for sure spreading rumors that are not true, first of all, Destinee play with Tom Logan for couple years in US team,last year was 2012, in 2013 she was pregnant and Logan was not playing and this season Logan is not with US team (some say she retired although she never confirmed) and Hooker is not there, so don't see reason she was kicked out.

    Its just so many things said here and most are not true, what is actually going on we can just guess.

    what fight with boyfriend? She finished her season there, actually she nail it, if she was not playing Osasco will not win. And Italy being mediocre league now is not big waist for her.
    Not having her in team Karch will not have difficult mentality but also will not have strong scoring machine, and neither of her subs are even close to her. You get some you lose some.

    say that again, somebody who was MVP of Grand Prix and best spiker in World Cup and 2012 Olympic games is not yet international proven ??? And some how Kelly Murphy is siting on the bench in Novara, really great reasoning.

    kondzio I think he meant another strong OPP... Then Obmochaeva and those 2 and Kazan would be as strong as before..

    no they will not, Montano is great player but is not Gamova. Larson needed 5 years to win champions league, so you can blow her importance how much you want but she is not key player of team.
    She is just one of players needed to win champion league, but Gamova is main reason to win, and fortunately for Kazan she decide to stay one more season.

    that way looking on sport is really wrong, first of all, 3 players left team that were in first 6, not one. For sure that Kazan will hurt, how much we will see next season, but I will go back again to what I said in beginning. Kazan will hurt more when Gamova decide to retire or to leave team, than now when Larson decide to leave them.

    I think Some dont know what "key player" means. Key player is a helping player/players to leader player in a team .Plus,key players do many trash job. with that aspect,Key player was Larson (plus Del Core) not Gamova.Gamova is the leader player.

    Individual whose knowledge, creativity, inspiration, reputation, and/or skills are critical to the viability or growth of an organization, and whose loss may cripple it

    Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.…person.html#ixzz377HVprUK

    Don't think that Kazan organization is crippled by Larson leaving it. :)


    Yeah, Garay with 7% attack is really hard to find it, specially having her playing against Russian tall player/s (not a lot towers in Turkey)!

    By the way, Larson is not good spiking player!

    Kazan has only Gamova and Del Core. Middle is not so strong with Borodakova, Yurieva (Hendzel) and Malkova and for OH spot they lost Larson-Burbach, which was key player :whistle: their Liberos also don't look as convincing as it was, because Ekaterina Ulanova (Kabeshova) has taken a break recently :wavy:

    hehe, Larson was key player, Kazan will not hurt so much for Larson as for Libero.

    Key player in Kazan is Gamova and she is staying there, so I don't see Chemik wining over Kazan or Rabita any spot in that group.