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    According to there is nothing said yet in Tore's case. But taking Negro would be so silly. Even if this season was bad, I still like Aleksandersen. To add is, that Radecka is on Impel's wishlist. :wall: I hope it won't work, I just finally want a really good setter in Wrocław.

    You are not on time. Grabowski said that Tore is leaving

    No, she is not. I would ask based on what? Your subjective assessment? Then yes. What did she win in the last years both in club & NT levels? We have Naz, Tomkom, Glass, Antonijevic and many other brilliant setters, but honestly I have not seen any spectacular achievements from Skorupa YET.

    So what does Antonijevic win in her career? :cheesy:

    Hi Dutchman, but Dijkema is sitting on the bench all this season ;)

    Agree, Bjelica has been underperforming lately, Kowalińska had to replace her many times, but she didn't impress me much :whistle:
    maybe it would be better if Chemik also gets rid of Ognjenovic and look up for someone more creative - Wołosz or Skorupa would be good idea, but Kasia is in Italy and afaik she has contract with Rabita. IMHO it'll be better if Wołosz will play outside Poland unless Chemik or Atom builds a strong competitive team for next season. And key point is hiring strong offensive OH who can replace Glinka - and here's a problem because there's lack of good offensive OHs in Poland - we have younger ones like Wójcik or Kurnikowska... having strong Polish S may open a road to find strong offensive OH abroad ^^ and I wonder what they do with Malagurski...

    Hi Kondzio, you wonder they do what with Sanja?

    My type:
    Wołosz, Radecka
    Skowrońska-Dolata, Miros
    Werblińska, Wójcik, Kurnikowska, Skowrońska(Krzos)
    Tokarska, Bednarek Kasza, Efimienko, Trojan
    Sawicka, Durajczyk

    What about Podskalnaja and Moroz?

    Hi Max, do you know something about Impel transfers? :cup:

    Luckily Topic had only 1 year contract :dance4: