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    Since this tournament will surely be the last chance of Thai volleyball girls. So I want to leave some massages.

    The world might not remember them as Olympic qualifiers. But, please, remember them as true fighters who gave everything they got to pursue their dream.

    I am wholeheartedly proud of you, girls.
    You did your best against Korea today.
    It is not important anymore whether you will qualify to Rio or not.
    Because, for the sake of fair play volleyball, you have already show how to fight with spirit and sportsmanship.

    So, Thailand’s WCH roster: Thatdao, Ajcharaporn, Kanthong, Bamrungsuk, Phomla, Pannoy, Kotruang, Thapachot, Tapaphaipun, Guedpard.
    I cannot recognize the one between Kongyot and Malika and the one next to Nootsara.
    Going to be quite an experience for the relatively young team supported by two old hands (Chaisri and Malika).
    Why such a move?
    Which team is Kiattipong going with? :rolleyes:

    M_COTOX is not reliable source at all. The roster for both WCH and Asian Games are not officially announced, even if there're lots of rumours around. :dance6:

    FYI, according to the interview from Kiattipong, the best line-up of Thailand NT will go to Asian Games. It provokes storm of protests amoung Thai VB fans, of course.
    But we're stiil wait and see.

    Plus, Kiattipong will coach Thailand B team at WCH. And abt your question, the one between Kongyot and Malika is Bundasak, our young promising MB. She has quite impressive blocking skill, but her attacking should be improved in the future. While the one next to Nootsara is Sanitklang, 23 years old libero, she is expected to be our 3rd L.

    Cannes' Policy abt foreign player sounds definitely good for Ebata. :rose:
    If she can improve her reception skill at Cannes, it'll be advantages for Japan NT so far. Seeing that her offensive skill is quite impressive for Asian spiker.
    And that chance to ply in CEV CL is so amazing :cheesy:

    Quoted from "kondzio"

    I wonder if she plays as non-receiving OH or OP ^^
    I guess she will play as outside hitter receiving

    I don't think so as well. In Hitachi, she always plays as non-receiving OH. Plus in NT this year, with the controversial MB1 system, she plays as OPP while Saori and Risa become receiving OH.
    So it migh cause some problem in receiving line, using Ebata as receiving OH.

    No Thai players play in Europe if I remember right. The national team could improve further by playing tougher competition.

    For the 2013/2014 season, apart from Nootsara, Onuma, Wilavan, Pleumjit and Wanna (They all played in Azerbaijan), then the answer is yes. :rolleyes:
    But we still not so sure abt the next season though.

    ์Oh! then it's not good news for Faucatte at all :what:

    I can add player's names on your 5 question marks, kondzio.

    3rd row : Khatthalee Pinsuwan (OH/1994), Jutarat Muntripila (OH/1986), Tichaya Boonlert (S/1997)

    4th row : Wanida Kodruang (OH/1990), Supassara Boonsri(MB/1994), next to Soraya is Hattaya Bamrungsuk (MB/1990)
    And the last one is Chutima Srisaikaew (MB/1991)

    About the roster of Thailand NT in WCH and Asian Games, unfortunenately, we may find a really big surprise here.
    According to the interview of senior official in Thailand Volleyball Association, they've planned to send the best 6 line-up of Thailand NT to Asian Games since they want to reap the AG medal for the first time. Then, the rest of NT plus other newbies will join World Championship in Italy.

    This idea is highly controversial among Thai VB fans and many people totally disagree about, of course.
    But it's not the ultimate decision until the rosters of both tournaments are officially announced. Hopefully, it may be wrong.
    :aww: :aww: :aww:

    Most Valuable Player Award : Risa Shinnabe (Hisamitsu Springs)

    Fighting Spirit Award : Miyashita Haruka (Okayama seagulls)

    Best 6 Awards :
    Risa Shinnabe (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Nagaoka Miyu (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Saori Sakoda (WS - Toray Arrows)
    Iwasaka Nana (MB - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Mai Yamaguchi (MB - Okayama Seagulls)
    Miyashita Haruka (S - Okayama Seagulls)

    Best Libero Award : Tsutsui Sayaka
    Best Receive Award : Arisa Sato

    Best Scorer : Saori Sakoda (Toray Arrows) --- 543 points
    Best Spiker : Lauren Paolini (Hitachi Rivale) --- 49%
    Best Blocker : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous) --- 0.87 per set
    Best Server : Ishii Yuki (Hisamitsu Springs) --- rate 16.3
    Best Serve Receiver : Risa Shinnabe --- 72.7%

    Best Rookie Award : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous)

    Kim can keep her attacking standard in almost every type of set from the setter. This is why there is no serious prob in FB with the setter...I mean thay can win the mathces eventually.
    And I can see this in Korean NT as well...current setter is not that good from my viewpoint.
    But I agree that Glass's standard is better than her performance in this match. Just CEV CUP tourment might not enough for her to perform well.

    Cannes do their best indeed. I really appreciate it. :flower: :flower: :flower:
    Quiet obviously, Vakif is the best club in the world right now. But today Cannes show that they are at the same level (in their home, of course)
    It's very differrent from Cannes that I saw last week.

    and congrats to Vakif. :drink: