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    if that Russia needs to win with 23 points at the worst is true then 17 points left for semi finals..

    i thought the direct Duell will Count if Poinst are equal.

    But right now, Russia is on a good way to win with more than 23 pts

    I think If Gamova played against those annoying and noisy chinese young girls, she would have hit some of them and said "Sh*t up" (in Russian obviously) already :rolll:

    world champs are comming, but maybe an other russian Girl will use the chance :box:

    Another Montruex Tournament almost under exclusion of fans.

    embarrissing, considering which Team taking part. As someone in an other thread told, Volleyball in Switzerland is less popular.

    The Championsleague Games of Volero, even against Kazan were half filled.

    Under such circumstances, you have you have a generous Sponsor, otherwise it`s a deep losing bargain

    this is the first NT-related major competition for this year and the club seasons for 2013 have just ended (many players are abroad instead of their home country). of course, there won't be an updated NT team photos yet. so let Tony be. ^^

    that`s what i am saying. so no need to post older pics, if there are no updated Pictures. it`s the same, as if you would post a Picture from Last years Confed Cup, with Players, who aren`t in the Team anymore.

    Tony keep on uptade here. You do great job :flowers:

    Don't listen People who have something to Your work. As You see They do nothing useful here.

    We´re in 2014, not 2013. Either up to date or nothing. Old Pictures just waisting space

    That sounds like a joke... because the best players of these teams (ISR, HUN, SLO, MNE) are NOT playing their local leagues :rolll:

    This results just show how most of NT in Europe are in a similar level and they can beat each other (except top teams)

    BTW, Spain is playing with a new generation of players and, of course, missing a lot Jéssica Rivero and María Segura (both injured).

    It`s no joke. Pure realism!! U have Bokan in Montenegro, that`s all. Look at the past, even with Bokan, Montengro had no chances. And now beating Spain?? Montenegro is a small Country, with just a few Clubs, no good Juniors/youth Teams and they are now able to beat Spain 3:1. Even if Spain is missing few good Players, this Nation should be able to compensate this and beating such small nations like Montenegro. And Montenegro is missing good Players like Peruncic, Jackic, Vujadinovic >> That makes this defeat even worse.

    Ok France have some Problems, but playing at home and such a Performances is not french like.
    The players have no leading role in their Clubs, it`s almost like in Switzerland, where Local Player (Volero) are just sth like "Staffage". And so, you will never reach a better Level.

    Israel has many players from different countries..

    Israel has many players from different countries..

    That`s no excuse...Israel lost to Hungary 1:3 yesterday in a clear way.

    France seems to be nothing, already 2 weeks, when they were defeated by Romania 2 times 0:3.

    Montenegro and Slovenia left no chances to Spain

    Israel left no chnces to France

    The downfall of 2 big nationas. No potentinal in good Players. That happens, when the league is full of foreign Players and local payer don`t Play any big role in their Teams

    Christine Anthony from Curacao in the past during WCHQ got 41 pts and 37 pts in one match.

    She is unique.

    u find on every lower Level an unique Player (s).

    In our 7th class Football league, there are also some unique Player for this league, but at the next Level, they are nothing Special anymore