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    All teams deserved to win this title, BUT AL RAYYAN.

    Al Rayyan is a big Joke, supported by the FIVB. In no other sports are happenning such ridiculous things, that Teams getting a wild Card/ signing new Players for just one week. It makes no sense.

    Qatar (the whole Nation) is a joke, but the biggest Joke will come in 2022

    I really don't understand why rabita didn't play more friendly games befor final 4. They could have gone to italy or turkey or even russia to play against diferent teams in order to have some hight level games befor final 4.
    We Know it´s hard to win at home when you organize the final 4 but you have to put all the chance on your side. Sometimes it´s not enough but at least you tried.

    And for Starovic it was maybe not her best idea saying the day before the semi final "we are the best team" when you face kazan and that nothing else could motivate more gamova than this kind of statement.

    Rabita is playing a funny league, with some games a month. they will never win any titel, if this funny league getting more serious

    And you also have to ask, if other Teams are willing in the end of the season to Play against retort clubs

    Rabita is a Joke - fits perfect to thie Country/ Holiday Lague in AZE.

    Hopefully next year, this Final 4 wont be played in AZE again. This Final 4 should be played in the heart of Europe, or where Volleyball is not a Joke

    The Asian Games are more important than the Volleyball WORLD CHMAPIONCHIPS?????

    Btw, The Volleyball World Champs are not the only Tounament - The Basketball World Championchips " Women" will also start in this Period (27th of September)

    Do they have no clue to start the Asian Games, when no other big Competition takes place??

    It seems that in Brazil this rule will disappear in upcoming season :thumbsup: about other competitions I have no idea, but I hope that we'll stay with 25 points ^^

    They have recognized, that it makes no sense and i don`t believe that this stupid Rule will have a future here.

    It already starts a the U23 World Championchips, where the Coaches decided not to Play with 21 pts.

    is there a final decision, what happens to this stupid rule in the future.

    European League again with 21 pts? Other international Competition?

    Will there be some European Leagues like the Brazil Leagues to use this Rule in the next season?

    The tournaments in League are without sense.

    If They played once a week maybe They would have better results in Euro zone plus if We add new Players in almost every Team per 2-3 weeks.. "Teams" are without a stable composition and orderliness.

    I don`t understand, why they don`t do it like the Russian League. they`ve also have (only) 8 to 10 Teams. Or they led Play the "JUNIOR NT" in the League.

    This Chaos only happens, because the AZE Volleyball Federation have no clue about Volleyball. Without a history in Volleyball, how will you build up a Systems. Plus Club owners with no behaviour > this is the result.

    If the CEV would ban f.e. IGIsadchi, they guys would rename IGISADCHI in LOKOMITOVE and LOKOMOTIVE in IGISADCHi and "IGISADCHI" is back!!!

    Why?? Why Igtisadchi deserves it? Girls are so strong and nice players!!

    The time will come, when the THAI Players get the info, to leave the Club. I was wondering, that the Club owner allowed them come back after the "Story" with the SEA Games, although they had a Agreement by signing the contract. They`ve had luck, that there was no important game. If yes and they decided to leave for the SEA Games (where also the reserves from Thailand could win the titel), all the Players would be in Thailand now.